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AirForce Condor Bounty Hunter Blue PCP, Spin-Loc

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AirForce Condor Bounty.

These are the two suppressor styles we use on AirForce Bounty Hunter air rifles. We cannot guarantee which suppressor will be on the gun you get.

Spin-Loc tank is shown -- it's an optional upgraded tank. Your gun comes with a non-Spin-Loc tank. Your gun has the Spin-Loc collar so you may use a Spin-Loc tank with it.

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  • 0.177" (4.5mm)

    Caliber: 0.177" (4.5mm), Stock: Synthetic, Handle: Ambi, .177 gun, flash suppressor & thumbhole stock (accessories are unmounted)

  • 0.20" (5.0mm)
  • 0.22" (5.5mm)
  • 0.25" (6.35mm)

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  • Made in the.
    Made in the USA, with German matched barrels.
Includes gun, thumbhole stock* & flash suppressor. Pyramyd Air will thread the muzzle (1/2x28 threads) to accommodate the flash suppressor (suppressor style may vary somewhat from our photo). The threaded muzzle will also accept a silencer.

*The new Spin-Loc tank includes an adjustable buttplate. When we add the Bounty Hunter thumbhole stock, the buttplate becomes non-adjustable because we drill a hole in the buttplate to anchor the TH stock.

  • AirForce Airguns Condor Bounty Hunter air rifle
  • Precharged pneumatic
  • Single-shot
  • Power adjustment wheel
  • Lothar Walther barrel (1:16 twist)
  • Removable 490cc air tank
  • 3,000 psi (206 bar) max tank pressure
  • Tank has pressure-release valve
  • 11mm dovetail for optics mounting
  • Gun is made of aircraft-grade aluminum & space-age polymers
  • Incl. thumbhole stock & flash suppressor (all are unmounted)
  • Gun is built in America
  • Shipment will be delayed by 24 hours (or one business day) because our tech dept must thread the muzzle

NOTE: The .20 cal. pellets are slightly longer than the .22 cal. pellets of the same weight. Therefore, they drag in the barrel a little more and produce lower velocities. The quoted figures (showing the .20 cal. gun shooting slower than the .22 cal. gun) are actual test figures and are correct.

You'll need an adapter to fill the reservoir with air. The type of adapter depends on how you plan to fill your gun. A scuba tank will require a different adapter than a hand pump or carbon fiber tank. If you use a hand pump, the type of adapter you need depends on the brand of hand pump you use.

The .177-caliber Condor has a special tank valve spring. If you plan to attach other caliber barrels to your gun, you may want to buy a tank made for the other calibers (.20, ,22 & .25 calibers use the same tank). If you use the .177-calIber tank with the other smallbore calibers, you'll experience a drop of 50-100 fps in those calibers. However, if you buy the .20, .22 or .25 caliber but plan to also attach a .177-caliber barrel, you must buy a .177-caliber air tank. If you don't, the tank valve spring will not close fast enough, and all your air will be dumped.

AirForce Airguns Condor is one of the most powerful smallbore airguns made today. A powerhouse with authoritative knockdown power. It's ideal for hunting and pest elimination. But that's not all. Because of the adjustable power, you can shoot it indoors by dialing down the velocity. The Bounty Hunter version comes with a special thumbhole stock insert and a flash suppressor (does not silence the gun). Besides being impressive in power, the Bounty Hunter setup makes this gun all the more impressive in the looks department!
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Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity1450 fps
Barrel Length24.0"
Overall Length38.75"
Shot Capacity1
Cocking Effort5 lbs.
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
Scopeable11mm dovetail
TriggerTwo-stage non-adjustable
Suggested forHunting
Trigger Pull3.0 lbs
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerMultiple settings
Weight6.51 lbs
Cylinder Size490 cc
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3.0 3.0

3.0 3.0

1.0 1.0

By Louis from USA on 2015-12-28
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Things I liked: tI got gun it was missing lower stock pyramid air took care of it , however the gun shoots like 3 feet low , I tried 2 scopes and 3 rings I called pyramid air he suggested buy a weaver windage adjustable rail and a few weaver mounts ,I am waiting for them to come in to see if I can get gun to shoot all scopes maxed up and @ 50 yards it misses a 1 foot target and hit dirt 3 feet low , I am hoping this resolves it or possibly a bent barrel?

Things I would have changed: less noise and scope rings mounted to barrel

What others should know: it is powerful gun shoots 32 grain pellets @ 1200fps with 3000psi wheel maxed , the wheel only adjusts 100fps in this gun , unlike the air airs s510 goes from 930 to 560 fps


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Rick from USA on 2014-03-29
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3.52 ratings

Things I liked: After owning Ben. Marauder in .22, AF Condor SS in .22, Gamo Cat .177, the 24 " Condor BH was a pleasant surprise. It is more accurate & more powerful.

Things I would have changed: The thumbhole stock is sharp & cramping for my hand; however, no hand is the same as another.

What others should know: My opinion is personal. But not talking about value alone. I like the fact AF air arms are user flexible, repairable, & easy to mod. Changing the caliber or all of it make it more fun for me.

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By Ryan from USA on 2011-12-11
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5.01 rating

Things I liked: Power and accuracy are great. On power 10, 43.2 Eunjins are exiting at 915 fps@ 200bar with a ragged hole at 25yds-30yds opening up around 1/2 inch at 40yds.

Things I would have changed: The crummy trigger shoe being plastic sucks. It really makes an otherwise great looking gun very cheap. Also, the machine work on the threaded barrel gets a big minus from me. Whoever cut the threads apparently didn't look at them to notice that the whole center section is stripped off from balling. At first I wanted to return it but I'm easy going. Also, the "flash hider" is aluminum and has a place for a set screw- but no set screw! Whoever is subcontracting this muzzle work needs a good smack!

What others should know: The trigger is not what I would call crisp. It is a little spongy, but it is a hunting gun not a target gun so it may take I little bit of getting used to. Just be prepared to feel a little creep before the hammer drops. This may get better after it breaks in.

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  • Francisco from USA asked:

    Does anyone have the figures for the maximum shots at the minimum power levels along with the chrony velocities for the 0.177? Thanks

    • Benjamin from USA asked:

      What is the real difference between the Ecape and the bounty Hunter. It seems as the BH has a bigger tank and muzzle. Dose the Ecape really make 45fps more.

      • Stanley from USA:

        The Escape does have the smaller tank and it is said that it has a redesigned valve producing a little more power. Other than that they both use the same 24 inch barrel in two calibers only 22 and 25 .The Bounty Hunter looks different because the shroud is longer by 5 inches making the barrel look smaller , but the same barrel is used on both. Then a flash hider is threaded on the end of the barrel ( for looks only does not make it quieter or hide any flash ) With different pellet weights and a reworked valve F.P.S. figures could be 45fps more or less on the Escape ? One thing to remember the Escape is nothing more than a Talon-P with a longer barrel and reworked valve ( same concept ). Check out the Talon SS Airforce shortened the shroud gave it a smaller tank , offered it in 25 caliber only then tweeked the valve and wallah you have the Talon-P, a real thumper on anything it hits. I have all three and really like them. It only goes to prove how flexible these guns are. One is a variation of the other.

    • Steven from USA asked:

      how well do the 30gr .22 piledrivers work in this?

      • Stanley from USA:

        You won't know until you try them ? I'm sure the condor has more than enough power to propel them. It says magnum springers or PCP" s.

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    AirForce Condor Bounty Hunter Blue PCP, Spin-Loc with quick-disconnect connector (1M)

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    Airgun Academy Episode 38 - PCP Filling Systems

    Item Description

    AFU20437B-BH [PY-2311-4640]
    .177 gun, flash suppressor & thumbhole stock (accessories are unmounted)
    Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
    Max Velocity1450 fps

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