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Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup, Shrouded

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Benjamin Bulldog .357.

Add a sling loop on the buttstock of the gun and forend for easier carry.

Skeletonized trigger and safety.

Accessory rail under the barrel.

Sidelever and integral manometer (air pressure gauge).

Benjamin Bulldog .357 shown with optional scope and rings.

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  • Benjamin Bulldog .357 bullpup
  • Precharged pneumatic
  • 5rd auto-indexing rotary clip
  • Sidelever
  • 28.00" rifled barrel
  • SoundTrap baffle-less trapezoid-shaped sound suppression
  • 26" long Picatinny optics rail
  • 5.50" long Picatinny accessory rail
  • 2-stage non-adjustable trigger (stage 1=2 lbs., stage 2=3 lbs.)
  • Manual safety
  • 36" long
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • 3000 psi max fill pressure
  • 340cc reservoir
  • 10 max shots per fill (going from 800 fps down to 670 fps and from 3000 psi down to 2000 psi by shot 10)
  • 7.70 lbs.
  • Reversible bolt -- switch from right to left side (with our special service)
  • Foster male quick-disconnect
  • 800 max fps with a 145-grain Nosler bullet (910 fps max with a 81-grain pellet)
  • 200 ft-lbs. max with a 170-grain bullet
  • Includes Swab-Its, 6 Nosler eXtreme bullets and lube

When you look for optical accessories, the Bulldog's manual states this: "Use of 37mm tall (Absolute Co-Witness) rings, widely used with the AR platform, are recommended." You may also use other sighting systems suited for AR platforms.

If you've always wanted a bullpup airgun, this is the one you should get! The Benjamin Bulldog in .357 is shrouded. That means this pup has a big bite and a small bark!

Not only is it a repeater, but it's built with accessorizing in mind. You can put a flashlight, scope, bubble level and/or laser on your rifle and be ready for any situation that arises from dawn til dusk. In fact, any optical accessory made for the AR platform can be fitted to your Benjamin Bulldog .357.

If you've been looking for a compact airgun that won't scare quarry after the first shot, get the Bulldog .357. Because this is a big bore gun, you're no longer limited to smaller pests and game. One pest that's destroying much of American farmland is the feral hog. And the Bulldog is a great tool for eradicating them. You can also take smaller pests and game at further distances than you would with smallbore airguns.

If you're left-handed, don't forget to order our service to switch the sidelever to the other side of the gun.

Our tech department did some velocity testing, and here's what they found using an 81-grain JSB pellet. The reservoir was filled to 3,000 psi for this shot string. The ending pressure was 1,900 psi:

Shot 1: 897
Shot 2: 908
Shot 3: 903
Shot 4: 892
Shot 5: 882
Shot 6: 876
Shot 7: 864
Shot 8: 848
Shot 9: 833
Shot 10: 817
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youTube video
youTube video
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Caliber0.357 /9mm
Max Velocity910 fpsMeasured with 81 grain ammo
Muzzle Energy200 ft/lbsMeasured with 170-gr. ammo
Barrel Length28.0"
Overall Length36.0"
Shot Capacity5
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
TriggerTwo-stage non-adjustable
Suggested forHunting
Trigger Pull3.0 lbs
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill10
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
Weight7.7 lbs
Cylinder Size340 cc
See manual
See schematics

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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By matthew from USA on 2018-12-17
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Things I liked: Potential for power is very good. Currently have mine shooting .358 sized 150 grain cast bullets at 928 FPS. Very simple to operate and work on. The magazine easily accepts the heavier bullets and is very simple to load.

Things I would have changed: One major failure point with the platform is that the cocking lever is aluminum and will bend and even break with the hammer spring turned up. Replaced the lever on mine with a hand made steel lever and now it functions flawlessly. The air tube could have been just a few inches longer to allow for more high powered shots. Integrated shroud really does not quiet the report much at all and could easily have been addressed with a few baffles and some wire mesh surrounded by felt. Needs several barrel supports along the barrel that would fit snug into the shroud.

What others should know: I have had great success with cast bullets. The Benjamin Noslers were about a 2 inch group at 50 yards and are extremely overpriced. JSB .35 pellets did not perform much better. A cast .358 slug of 125 grains or 150 grains performed the best with a tight 5 shot group of 0.42" at 50 yards. If you plan on getting big power for hunting deer definitely plan on using larger slugs. There are numerous air gun aftermarket dealers that have parts that can boost the power, silence the report, and improve accuracy. I am quite pleased with my bulldog currently at 286.8 FPE.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Scott from USA on 2018-10-03
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Things I liked: well i did a ton of research on my first pcp rifle i had got a 22 swarm an the hatsan 30 cal most powerful break barrel ,so wanted to move up alot ,i have now gone out 2 times an shot 140 rounds Aprox each time ,this thing is a power house for what you pay for .i meen i did alot of youtube videos ,an reading about the rilfe ,i think even crossman did not relize how powerful; of a rifle they made ,not for dispatching squirrels for me the 22 would be all thats needed ,this is for bigger game like racoons fisher cats white tails hogs,so ok i was just shooting cans an some metal gongs from 50 yards an 88 yards ,someone had a 12 gauge shell duck taped to the wood i took the shot many times an about the last 5 shots ,i will be darned i hit it ,lucky shot i know but made my day ,couse i got some dialing in to do ,got used to de cocking it ,an also that you can re cock on the shoulder ,its kinda like getting used to the hand pump ,its technique,i like everything about the bulldog ,fun an fun

Things I would have changed: well i guess the way it cocks for faster shots when shooting at a charging hog ,but that cab be mastered with time ,an will be ,other then that i would not change a thing about the bulldog,shoots pellets bullets arrows an who knows about rubber bullets,guess time will tell if it can shoot them ,asked crossman they found it interesting ?? but said they only have used lead ,will let another try it first,goes with ,what air gunner may wont to know ,i think it could be all around multi tasking rifle ,would not change that

What others should know: i shot many bullets an pellets with no trouble ,i had some 120 grain an 140 grain bullets i got from a seller on ebay that got jammed 3 times out 7 ,they claim to be re sizeing a 38 ,wont buy them again ,otherwise hunters supply from 95 grain to 190 all work great ,power drops after 5 shots depeding on grain weight,but like said 88 yards to the 12 gauge shell was impressive,again i just dont think it for snal game ,there are to many choises for small game this is for 50 pounds on up to 300 pounds an 420 pounds hogzilas ,do your home work then buy the bulldog ,this is a rfile that when your warranty runs out there are upgrades for this ,that makes it well a PB ,so its a bit loud ,but wont leave you deaf ,i did not need hearing protection at all ,it makes crack that will be heard,but not like a 308 ,shot it all day no ring ,its not a bang its twang ,so if someone is in the house they wont hear it hardly at all, i had asked crossman about rubber bullets for SD ,they found it interesting


4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By Roger from USA on 2018-01-10
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Things I liked: I like a manual safety instead of an auto set safety. I don't want to have to turn the safety off for each shot. Especially when hunting. I like the quick disconnect filler as opposed to a probe so I don't have leaky o rings. I like the pressure gauge where it is easy to see. I like the fact it tells you when you are out of pellets so you don't shoot air at something.

Things I would have changed: The rail is a little low compared with the stock. Even high scope bases weren't enough, but a spacer fixed the problem. I like a higher mount than many people so it may work for others just fine.

What others should know: This is more powerful than I thought. Using 71 grain lead bullets meant for the 380 pistol I was using it with great effect on rabbits. A coyote went trotting by and I figured I had the wrong gun, but it was what I had. A guess of how high to hold and lead and the coyote leaped in the air ran a short distance and dropped in the weeds. I measured the distance at 88 yards. The bullet had gone clear thru the chest taking out the lungs. I don't know who was more surprised, me or the coyote but it sure did its job.

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  • Avis from USA asked:

    How loud is it in decibels? Is it backyard friendly? How does it compare to a 22 rimfire?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Compared to a super sonic .22 LR, it's a little quieter in terms of dB. But it's still not backyard friendly. Over 110 dB last I tested.

  • Durwood from USA asked:

    Has anyone tried Lee Precision six cavity .356 hand/cast molded bullets in their Bulldog?

    • Sean from USA asked:

      Anyone Hunting with this in Massachusetts?

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      Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup, Shrouded with quick-disconnect connector (1M)

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      Item Description

      BJ-BPBD3S [PY-3592-6921]
      Benjamin Bulldog .357, shrouded: Big bite, little bark!
      Caliber0.357 /9mm
      Max Velocity910 fpsMeasured with 81 grain ammo
      Muzzle Energy200 ft/lbsMeasured with 170-gr. ammo

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      Benjamin Bulldog .357.
      Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup, Shrouded
      10-for-$10 Test!.
      10-for-$10 Test!
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      20-for-$20 Mount/Zero Scope!.
      20-for-$20 Mount/Zero Scope!
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      Right-hand bolt moved.
      Right-hand bolt moved to left
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