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Large Selection, Order CO2 Air Guns Online Today

While firearms make use of gunpowder to propel a projectile, some air guns simply use compressed gas, such as CO2. Families that have a tradition of going hunting or target shooting may choose to teach a youngster the basics of aiming a gun and shooting by using a CO2 air gun. One of the advantages of CO2 air guns over single-stroke and multi-pump models is that less effort must be expended to use a CO2 air gun. This can make it easier for youngsters to begin target shooting with their older siblings or parents. In addition, the ammunition is less costly than it is for other firearms.

Manufacturers of CO2 Air Guns

Among the manufacturers of CO2 air guns are Beeman, AirForce and Magnum Research. Many of the CO2 models are pistols, but there are some rifles available from manufacturers like Benjamin and RWS. The Benjamin Discovery gives shooters the option of connecting a CO2 source to the rifle or using it as a pre-charged pneumatic air gun.

In addition to CO2 models, there are many pistols and rifles available for plinking and casual shooting. Marksman offers both styles of air guns, like the Marksman Laserhawk 2026 rifle and the Marksman 2000 pistol. Buyers may also opt for soft airguns like the CO2-powered airguns from Crosman and Tactical Force.

Interested buyers will find many air gun models at Pyramyd Air. In addition to CO2-powered models, we offer a selection of pneumatic models, including single-stroke and multi-pump styles.