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Education / Training Evanix Renegade double-action rifle Part 5

Evanix Renegade double-action rifle Part 5

by B.B. Pelletier

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Today is the day many of you have been waiting for. Let me be the first to tell you – the news is very good! The Evanix Renegade rifle is a real shooter. However, it’s a repeater, as well as being capable of double-action fast firing, and there are some things you need to know.

I scoped the rifle with a Leapers 4-12×44 Mini-SWAT scope with sidewheel parallax adjustment and a 30mm scope tube. With that accomplished, I headed to the range, taking a hand pump to fill the gun.

The range was relatively quiet, as the air clears ahead of Hurricane Ike. The winds were variable at 5-10 m.p.h. with no great gusts. The target was set out at 40 yards, because the Renegade is a long-range hunting rifle. It took 10 shots to get zeroed, with the first two at 10 feet and then a cylinder full at 20 yards. Once the target was moved to 40 yards, two more shots were required to get on target.

Beeman Kodiaks
I’d thought Beeman Kodiaks would be good in this gun, but they turned out to have a quirk. Remember me saying some of their skirts were so large the pellets would barely seat in the cylinder (pellets are loaded skirt-first in this rifle)? That meant that some Kodiaks seated deeper in the chambers than others, and that’s never good for accuracy.


When the pellets are seated at different depths (like this), you can’t expect accuracy. This is caused by skirts that are slightly too wide for the chambers because the pellets are loaded at the front of the cylinder, skirt-first

Double-action shooting results
However, I did get one good cylinder of Kodiaks that I shot double-actyion at 40 yards. Now, I’m not Chuck Connors and this blog isn’t Hollywood, so the group you’re looking at is a real one shot double-action at 120 feet.


Five double-action shots at 40 yards. These Kodiaks went into a group measuring 0.901″. They’re below the bull because I didn’t bother sighting for double-action.

I didn’t do any more double-action shooting because I really wanted to see what this rifle can do. With the great single-action trigger-pull, why mess around with double-action? Yes, I would use it for a fast follow-up shot; but at 40 yards and beyond, it’ll take some learning to know where to aim, because the aimpoint changes with the velocity of the pellet. As you’ll remember from the earlier testing, Kodiaks vary by over 100 f.p.s.; past 30 yards, that’s going to make a big difference where they land.

I tried a cylinder of JSB 15.8-grain pellets just so I could tell you about them. They went supersonic and grouped in 4″. No further testing was done. Obviously, Crosman Premiers, which are even lighter, would also have gone supersonic on this day, so I didn’t try them. The JSBs fit the chambers better than the Premiers, so they may have been faster despite their heavier weight.

Eun Jin
Ahh! The pellet the rifle was designed for. You would expect the Eun Jin super heavyweight pellet to shoot the best on high power and it did, but not before some learning took place. At first, the best I could do was just less than 1″ at 40 yards. That’s not bad; but when I can shoot just as well in double-action, I know I can do better with a crisp single-action trigger. I shot and shot; as I did, the answer revealed itself to me. The Renegade has a real “sweet spot” between 2,500 psi and 2,000 psi where everything comes together for Eun Jins on high power (single-action). Once the gun was in this pressure range, it simply could not miss! You’ll get only 12 shots in this narrow power band; but when you want to thread the needle, this is the way to do it!


Five single-action Eun Jins at 40 yards. This is an average group.


Five more single-action Eun Jins. This group is a little better.


Five more single-action Eun Jins. The pellets just kept landing in the same place, once I found the secret.

The shooting was getting very routine, so I adjusted the scope and fired one last group. It turned out to be the best one of the day!


Best group of Eun Jins measures 0.603.”

There’s SO much more testing I could do with this rifle that it staggers the imagination, but I believe we have at least explored the performance enough to know where it falls within the ranks of PCPs. I’ll test one of the other three Renegades next.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

57 thoughts on “Evanix Renegade double-action rifle Part 5”

  1. B.B.
    .603 at 40 yds, YIKES! This seems to be one heck of a rifle. Thanks for all the reports on it!
    I have never been able to get Eun Jins to group well with any gun. Does it take a high powered PCP to make them work? Have you got them to shoot this well in anything else?

  2. B.B.

    That is similar groups I got with the AR6 with the Eunjins. Very impressive, and very loud.. about the same power, accuracy and noise level as the Condor on high, but a six shot repeater and wood stock, wow, can’t wait for the low noise model…. or maybe I’ll try to find a “bloop tube” that would fit it…

    That is an issue, though going back and forth between double action and single action, with the different fps.. you sort of have to pick one or the other..

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  3. Model 25 question – is there any reason (functional or collectible) why Plymouth guns are more desirable than Rogers guns? I believe the Plymouth guns I’m looking at all have painted (not engraved) receivers.

  4. Vince,

    Plymouth, MI, is where Daisy was founded and grew up. They didn’t start painting their guns until 1952 and it phased in after that, so not many Number 25s were ever painted.

    Daisy relocated to Rogers in 1957.

    Plymouth guns are more desirable because in general they are made better.


  5. B.B.

    That is good news about the noise level of the Renegade, I just assumed it was as loud as the AR6, but now that I think about it, with less power, it would be less loud..

    Looks better all the time…


  6. B.B.

    I’m entranced by the fact that the S410 gets hundreds of shots on low power. How many shots per fill could you expect from a good 10m rifle like the Air Force Edge or S400? I see hand pumping as really breaking up a shooting session, so I would want to go as long as possible without it.


  7. Volvo,

    Thanks for watching for me, but I have a 124D coming from Billy Lo when he gets back from the Nationals.. I asked him to shoot some video of him and his friends shooting it and his other ones I’m buying too, hopefully.. He said he and his friends were going to shoot some video of each other at the nationals for me too..I hope one of them is using the USFT he said he would sell me after the contest.. Whoopeee!!! now that’s worth collecting.. and a “preemo” Daisy 25 set with a blog attached.. I’m a very lucky guy…

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  8. cowboy dad here…off topic.
    I went into my local shop and looked at their 747 and Diana 5g.
    Here’s what I found.
    The Diana is listed at 450fps for the Canadian model…I’m assuming they use a softer or shorter spring.
    I figured that for twice the price it just isn’t worth it and will go with the 747. As was mentioned yesterday I am really pleased with the 853c rifle so I’m sure I’ll be happy with the Daisy pistol.

    Now for the biggie b.b. I will definitely be placing my order with Pyramid. I had my 7 year old with me and the guy acutally said, no word of a lie that there “were great pistols for kids because they couldn’t hurt a flea”.
    I’m actually considering reporting him to our local walk in police station…maybe a constable could at least go over there and impress upon him how ir-responsible he is being when he comes up with crap like that.

  9. Cowboy dad. Just a thought on the clerk’s comment abnout the pistol being perfect for kids cause the cann’t hurt someone Maybe a little education from you to him would get you another advocate airgunning. Like I said just a thought.

  10. With all that brainpower that clerk is exuding, he’d probably put the barrel against his own head–just to show you!

    As shooters, we get very little respect in most gun stores.


  11. BB,

    You got me hooked — .603″ at 40 yds. That’s 5x better than my finely tuned clunk. I was formerly ecstatic about my inital 3″ group at 50 yds…offhand with Crosman points! I figured it was close to my .22LR 2″ (offhand/Walmart special ammo) at 50 yds and that a little work would get it into shape. Now more practice is needed…Chuck Connors is one of my heroes — great marksman and good father to boot:)!

  12. Matt,

    The Edge is being developed to give 100 good shots per fill. Most 10-meter rifles give 125 and the Walther that gets filled to 4,350 gets 300.

    As I said in the blog today, I filled the Renegade with a pump. It isn’t debilitating.


  13. B.B.

    Not debilitating but potentially distracting. Anyway, 100 shots is plenty for me.

    With double-action revolvers are you generally able to cock the hammer manually for a single-action type trigger pull?


  14. Hi All,

    If you go by a scuba store in your normal routine travel, (I go right by a scuba shop to get supplies for the mill)…then it’s hard to beat the ease. The cost is only $5 per fill for me. I get 2,000 or 3,000 shots per tank, and another 1,000 when I switch the adapter to the Discovery, (2,000# fill) after the 3,000# fill guns are done with them.

    With all the guns, and hope of selling air to customers, the tanks are a must for me..

    It is very nice to fill and be shooting again, in 20 or 25 seconds.. (if your tank is next to
    you) But then again, what about your exercise? hmmmm, I get lazier every day it seems…

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  15. Matt,

    Most double-action revolvers can also be fired single-action, but there are exceptions. A few small defense revolvers can only be fired DA.

    In pistols, the DAO (double action only) is a design concept that has caught fire. I own a Kel-Tek 9mm that’s DAO.


  16. Wayne,

    My brother-in-law lives in Houston and got slammed. But after it left Houston, it hung a right and headed into Arkansas. The Dallas-Ft. Worth area I live near is just now getting the edge of the storm. A little rain and not much wind.

    Thanks for asking,


  17. B.B.

    YEAH For YOU!, I’m sorry for your brother-in-law, and all the others in the way.. I have an Aunt and Uncle in Houston…. I haven’t heard from yet, with the phones down..


  18. Matt61,

    I got Josh to agree to a showdown at noon today… he’s bringing in the IZH61 and we will set up at 20yds indoors and out… I will try to do a video, but we don’t have the camera we want yet, so it won’t be long or very good. We will also take some still shots of the results…

    So, your wish is my command! great sir!


    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  19. BB,
    I have been trying to refinish the stock on my storm xt. So far, the stock was sanded down and stained with a red mahogany finish. I put 2 coats of polyurthane on it, now it is beautiful, but sticky. Could laminating the stock fix that, how do you do it. I found some nice custom stocks that made me drool on springgunning.com. Also how do you texture the grips.
    Shadow express dude

  20. B.B.

    I just read that the storm is the size of the entire state of Texas. Glad you’re okay. I hope your gun insurance is updated. That’s something I was moved to do after the fires here in northern California.

    Wayne, alas I’m not anywhere near a scuba store. Good man with the showdown. Let me know the results. Let’s also say that I’m working on a little secret assistance on behalf of the IZH 61 team. You’ll see.


  21. Matt61,

    Then lucky for you, you can get the pump and become muscle bound like B.B.

    Josh and Nate showed up, but Chris, our photo guy, said his girl friend was more important than us… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I can still take pictures of the boards, but they won't get posted to a UTUBE until monday, when he gets back..

    Nate tried out the Condor and AR6 for the first time, he ended up shooting the AR6 a lot more, actually got 3" – 6 shot groups on double action firing at 22 yds. several times… nothing but the 28gr Eunjins worked for him. He is totally sold on that rifle.. He like the condor too.. And knocked down the 3/8" hole FT target a lot as well.

    Josh will write a report on the IZH61, Monday or so I hope, he had to go pickup his kids, after the shoot out.. But I'm sorry to report, it wasn't close. The 61 wasn't scoped, so we put Josh's target at 12 yrds and the S410 with a mere 6x24x50AO leapers on it at 22 yrds.
    After that, Josh put the leapers Bug Buster on the 61, and spent 30 min. adjusting, and we started over, at the same distance, except I moved my easy chair back 2 yards.

    I set the S410 power adjuster to barley over half, filled to 205 bar and the first shot I spent over the crony… 971fps with JBS Exacts 8.4 gr. Then I sat down in the chair and tested a shot on a non contest 1" dot, another to be sure. and then 7 more on the first contest 1" dot.. then a 10 shot mag on 11 more 1" dots, only twice off the edge, but the group was still 3/4" or less… I was at 65 bar and still no loss of POI… so I put up two of the 1/2" dots below the others and put 5 on each of them. Then another mag. and back to the crony to find 741fps. The gauge was at 52 bar.
    THAT IS 130 SHOTS WITH OUT LOSS OF POI.!!! and no valve lock to boot!

    I'm starting to believe this walnut Air Arms S410 I got a month ago, is a special one… It gets more shots, and the power adjuster adjusts clockwise for high, whereas the last two that the mags. broke on in less than a week, adjusted counter clockwise for high. I have no idea why…

    I'm never selling this one, it might be very special indeed. And PA is sending a new part for it..

    The IZH61 did 404fps with beeman laser 6.5, but was more accurate with the hobby 7.0. His groups were 1-1/2" or so, and he was never really happy with the scope. It seemed to be moving or something.. We have to do it again after he gets sighted in better. His best groups were with the open sights, they were 1" a few times.

    Not a fair contest.. The Air Arms S410 costs 10 times the IZH61, and in this case, in my opinion, preforms like it. Even though the magazine advance broke, and I have to take it out each time and advance it by hand, I still got shots off at least as fast as Josh, but of course it was not a speed contest.

    Wayne, Josh and Nate

    Ashland Air Rifle Range & Rentals

  22. B.B.,
    Please explain why CO2 left stored in an airgun “may damage the seals” as my Crosman owners manual states. My attempts to Google this issue are so far fruitless. Thank you.

  23. Shadow express dude,
    I’m not BB, but may be able to help a little. I hope you put the poly on in light coats with a light 220 grit sanding between coats and that you waited the specified time between coats (almost impossible not to do that if you’re sanding b/t coats). If so, just give the poly some time to harden up — may take a week before its really good. Low humidity and high heat speed up the process a lot — usually put it over a heat vent in the winter, but outside is a good choice in summer, if its not too humid.

    A laminated stock is made of many layers of thin wood and/or other materials “glued together”…it would be another stock altogether, not something you could do to your existing stock.

  24. B.B. & All

    I wonder how the 2008 National Field Target contest went the last two days.. I tried a search and couldn't find any results yet. Any one know anything?

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  25. BB,

    I tried and failed to find your blog on what is wrong when a scope is not looking at the same point as the bore. My rifle shifts from left to right at different ranges. How do I go about it? I have optical center at 20 yards. It is a mess at all other ranges. Thanks.


  26. David – scope,
    Check out this series of articles for answers to most scope problems.


    One possible reason is that your scope is not centered right-to-left in relation to the barrel bore. Because most mounts only clamp from one side, and dovetail widths vary, this off center condition can easily happen.
    Another cause is that the scope is slightly rotated in the mounts.

  27. David

    Yes your scope is probably not aligned with your bore. Read these two articles:



    You probably need to optically center your scope and get adjustable mounts.


  28. Vince,

    The “barrel” you refer to is called a shot tube. Use that term when talking to Daisy guys or they won’t understand you.

    Shot tubes are interchangeable to a very high degree and a post-1952 tube will fit a pre-1952 gun.

    Make sure it has the outside wire spring before loading it with steel BBs, because if it doesn’t, it was meant to be used with lead shot, only.


  29. goodguys,

    Your Crosman owner’s manual had to pass through Crosman legal review, where the focus is not on operation but on safety and liability.

    By leaving your gun charged, you are leaving it loaded. It doesn’t damage seals – it preserves them.

    Now, that said, there are some older Crosman guns like the 38T and 38C that can be damaged by leaving them charged. So you have to know which models this applies to.

    And, no, I can’t give you a list. It’s a trial and error kind of learning experience.


  30. David,

    The others who answered you got it right – you DO NOT have optical center at 20 yards. You have coincidence at 20 yards! Big difference. By that, I mean that the flight of the pellet and your reticle happen to coincide at 20 yards.

    You described a classic example of a reticle and bore being out of alignment. The only solution is to optically center the scope and then use adjustable mounts to center the reticle during sight-in.

    You have been showered with information so I will wait for you to process what you’ve been told and ask the next questions.


  31. WD40 is the best, except for 3n1 and my special mix of HD30W and diesel:). Haven’t yet had a firearm rust or otherwise function abnormally when maintained with any regularity regardless of the products used.

  32. BB and All,

    Thank you so much for the replies. I have confirmed my receiver tube, where the dovetail is cut is drooping on close inspection, resulting in my scope NOT aligned with my bore. It is a serious flaw in the way my rifle was made. All this time I thought I had a good one since my groups were tight at 20 yards.

    Airgunning is progressive learning here…continuing education thanks to this blog and the readers.


  33. I actually don’t use WD-40 on firearms or air rifles but was amazed on how well it did.
    I tried to clean out a 10/22 magazine with WD-40 and loaded it afterwards. I was about 14 at the time. When I finally got around to using the Ruger, about 4 out of 10 rounds did not fire. Could be I just used too much?


  34. That is an interesting test, but I’m surprised they didn’t include “Break Free” in it.

    I would have really liked to see how that compared to the others.

    – The BBA –

  35. B.B.

    Regarding your problem with the Kodiacks;

    "some of their skirts were so large the pellets would barely seat in the cylinder (pellets are loaded skirt-first in this rifle)"

    I have the same problem with a couple different pellets with my AR6 pistol.

    When that happens, will pushing them all the way down, so that they're all flush, fix the problem?

    Or will they still fail to be consistent due to lack of uniformity with the skirts causing them to all exit differently
    because of the way the riffling will be engraved in the pellets, & possibly different velocities too?

    – The BBA –

  36. B.B.

    Funny you say that, because that's exacyly what I've been doing.
    (Rolling the skirts on a hard surface.)

    However, I've been pushing them ALL the way down to the bottom of the cylinder.

    (Like the TWO pellets in the picture of the loaded cylinder above.)

    However, from your last reply, I'm taking it that this is wrong?

    In other words, you're saying to push them down JUST far enough so the HEADS are flush with the TOP of the cylinder.

    (Like the FOUR pellets in the picture.)

    This would be leaving a gap between the skirt of the pellet & the bottom of the cylinder.

    Am I reading that correctly?

    If so, what kind of a difference does it make by pushing them in JUST flush with the top, rather than ALL the way to the bottom?

    – The BBA –

  37. Yes,

    As close to the TOP of the cylinder as possible. They don’t like a large distance to travel before entering the bore. Firearms are the same, and many custom accurization jobs for revolvers involve cutting off the end of the cylinder and setting the barrel back to meet it.

    It has to do with how fast the bullet of pellet slams into the rifling, and it’s even true in rifles with long leade on their chambers.


  38. You know I should have figured that out, because I almost did that mod to the S&W 627 Classic Hunter I used to have.

    Man I wish I still had that gun!
    .357 magnum but on the N frame, 5 1/2" stainless, non-fluted cylinder, wide checkered target hammer, & custom Rosewood grips.
    Simply gorgeous & a great shooter!
    The other popular mod for that gun, was changing the timing & cylinder to make it a 7 shot.
    Personally I preferred it as a six shooter, because with that large non-fluted cylinder, you could put some REALLY HOT loads through it, & it would still shoot like a Cadillac! Smoother than any 686.
    If you've ever shot one, you know what I'm talking about, & if you haven't but get the chance… DO IT! 😉
    They were a limited addition & came out back around 1990. S&W really did a nice job with that piece. It turned a lot of heads, & EVERYONE wanted to shoot it & for their friends to shoot it too.
    I didn't mind, because I got to shoot their guns too & got to try a lot of nice pieces. It gave me the chance to shoot some really nice Colt Gold Cups & my first Sig P226.
    I'm not a huge fan of 9's but that would be one I'd consider. The first time I shot that 226, I emptied the whole clip in one 1/2" hole at 25 feet.

    Anyhoo, back to about the distance of the cylinder & barrel… I didn't think about that applying to airguns, but when I think about it, it makes sense.

    Once again, you're wisdom is making me just that much more knowledgeable of an airgun enthusiast.

    Thank you for explaining that.

    – The BBA –

  39. B.B.,

    With the Renegade series available, why does Evanix keep producing the AR6? In single action, does the AR6 have a better/smoother trigger pull or more power than the Renegade?

    Also any possibility the Koreans will make these guns available in shrouded barrels?


  40. Loren,

    If you look at the descriptions of both of the rifles, you'll see that they say apprx. trigger pull IS different, but who knows how accurate that is?

    It says; Apprx. Trigger Pull: 5.00 lbs for the AR6, & Apprx. Trigger Pull: 3.00 lbs for the Renegade, & is the same on the carbine version.

    Now I don't own nor have I shot either of the rifles, but I CAN tell you a little something about the pistols that might give you a little insight.

    Remember… From here on, I'm talking about the pistols.

    I have not shot the Renegade, so I can't say anything about the trigger, but I do have an AR6 & I would venture to say, that they are probably pretty close if not the same as far as the trigger goes. But again… That is just MY guess.

    Now to what I know!
    (Or strongly believe. lol)

    The way I see it, you have two guns that have three major differences.

    1) The AR6 pistol is more powerful.

    2) The Renegade pistol gets more shots per fill.

    3) They are opposite of each other in regards to the power level, depending on which action you shoot them in. S/A vs D/A.
    The AR6 is more powerful when shot D/A & the Renegade is more powerful when shot S/A.

    With that said…

    Since they are both loud & powerful… to me, it just comes down to what you want out of the gun, & for the most part, what you want out of the trigger action.
    More power on S/A or D/A?
    Because the other differences can be dealt with.
    (Read on & see below.)

    Allow me to clarify…

    (And B.B. please correct me if I'm wrong.)

    The AR6 pistol IS more powerful, BUT…
    from MY experience, I cannot seem to get 12 usable shots from it.

    The Renegade pistol WILL get 12 usable shots & even more. On PA's site, they claim "Up to 20 powerful shots per fill".

    BUT… This CAN be achieved with the AR6 as well, simply by shimming the firing pin with a small faucet washer cut down to fit inside where the hammer strikes.
    It would take a little experimenting with the thickness to match the Renegade's shots per fill & fps, but I'm pretty sure that you could get pretty close, considering that they have the same size air reservoir.

    So, if you put aside the "all-important" more power of the AR6… In my humble opinion, it REALLY comes down to your preference of whether you want more power in S/A mode or D/A mode.

    The reason I say this, is because they BOTH come with two 6 shot clips, & personally, I'd rather sacrifice a little power, to be able to use all 12 shots.

    Also, I prefer to have the more powerful shots being in S/A mode for accuracy, so I tend to prefer the Renegade.
    Because for the little power advantage you gain with the AR6, it doesn't make up for not being able to use ALL 12 shots & then some, like you can do with the Renegade.

    So in summary;

    If you take all of that into consideration, along with the fact that you CAN get more shots, & more QUIET shots simply by shimming the firing pin of the AR6 as it comes out of the box… you'll see why I say that it really comes down to which trigger action you prefer, if you don't NEED to have the MOST powerful pistol.
    And I'd bet that would apply to the rifles too. 😉

    With the pistols, what are we really talking about here? 100fps – 150fps difference on a 850fps – 1,000fps gun?

    I wish I had a Renegade pistol to do some testing with. I think it would be interesting to put it against shimming my AR6 pistol & seeing some real numbers on my chrony.

    Lastly, to address your loudness issue.

    B.B. said it well. These things ARE monsters! A shroud is NOT going to do much, other than make it look cooler.

    However… If you shim the firing pin with a small faucet washer like I said above, you WILL get a MUCH quieter gun!
    Granted the velocity WILL be lower, but you will get a lot more shots per fill, AND be able to shoot it in your backyard with the neighbors calling the police.

    Give it a shot! (Pun intended. lol)

    Hope that helps,

    – The Big Bore Addict –

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