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Ammo AirForce EscapeUL: Part 2

AirForce EscapeUL: Part 2

by Tom Gaylord, a.k.a. B.B. Pelletier

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The AirForce EscapeUL is a lightweight PCP with the Escape powerplant. Everything has been modified to save weight.

Today, we’ll look at the accuracy of the new .25-caliber AirForce EscapeUL. This is the ultra-lightweight version of the Escape rifle and has most of the Escape’s power but is more than a pound lighter. The Escape is already lightweight, but at just 4.25 lbs., the EscapeUL is a real featherweight.

The day I chose to test this rifle was very cold, with a threatening breeze that soon picked up to a 20 m.p.h. wind. I did all of my shooting between puffs and gusts.

EscapeUL Tom at bench
It was a cold day that grew windier the longer I shot. But the EscapeUL did itself proud!

Full power
Because this rifle is so potentially powerful, I decided to test it all-out with the first 2 pellets. The power adjuster was run up as high as it would go and the tank was filled to 3,000 psi. The first pellet I tested was the heavyweight 43.2-grain Eun Jin pointed pellet. As you’ll recall from my tests of the Escape, I’m shooting 5-shot groups instead of 10-shot groups because the velocity decreases with every shot. At 50 yards, I can keep 5 shots in a good group, but trying to do that for 10 in a row opens things up. There are still 10 good shots on a fill, but you have to change your aim point to use all of them.

The first group measured 1.866 inches between centers. That’s with a pellet that produces from 70 to 80 percent of the power of a .22 long rifle bullet, so it’s plenty potent. The Eun Jin pellets are not the most accurate in these rifles; but for power on target, they’re pretty hard to beat.

EscapeUL 50-yard Eun Jin pointer target
Five heavy Eun Jin pointed pellets went into 1.866 inches at 50 yards on max power.

Next, I refilled the rifle and tried the same thing with the 35.8-grain Eun Jin dome. This time the group opened to 2.506 inches between centers. In light of the heavier pointed pellet’s accuracy, I don’t think I would use this pellet in this rifle.

EscapeUL 50-yard Eun Jin domed target
Five Eun Jin domes made this 2.506-inch group at 50 yards. This is not the pellet for this rifle — at least not on full power.

Experience comes in handy
I’ve said many times that a shooter can adjust these AirForce rifles so much that you’ll never be able to test everything; but, fortunately, there’s a better way if you have some experience to go on. And I did have some experience because I’d already tested the Escape rifle. While it does have 6 inches less barrel and a thinner barrel to boot, the rest of the EscapeUL is pretty much the same as the Escape. I felt that if I went in the direction that gave some success with the Escape, it might work with this rifle, as well.

JSB Exact King
I knew that the Lothar Walther barrels in AirForce rifles like JSB pellets, and in .25 caliber the JSB Exact King pellet is a real performer. When I tested the TalonP pistol, the King was one of the best pellets, and you know the Escape rifles are all based on the TalonP platform.

I also knew that I should reduce both the starting air pressure in the tank and the power setting to do well with the King. But I wanted to see if it could handle the full 3,000 psi; so, the tank was filled to the max, but the power setting was dialed back to setting 8. I started shooting and was so successful that I kept right on after the fifth shot. Eight shots went into 1.61 inches at 50 yards. I would have shot another 2 shots but this time the air pressure had dropped to 2,000 psi on the built-in gauge, and I thought the next shot might go somewhere else.

EscapeUL 50-yard JSB King target 1
Eight JSB King pellets went into this 1.61-inch group at 50 yards. They were going so well I couldn’t stop shooting!

Next, I tried the Kings with the same power setting (8) and a starting air pressure of 2,600 psi. I shot just 5 pellets that went into 1.209 inches at 50 yards. That was definitely the best the rifle had done to this point, but I’d seen even better accuracy from the Escape, so I decided to shoot these pellets again.

EscapeUL 50-yard JSB King target 2
When the fill pressure was stopped at 2,600 psi and the power setting was on 8, five JSB Kings went into 1.209 inches.

A second group of Kings with the same fill pressure and power settings produced a 1.526-inch group. That was still good, but I felt the rifle could do even better. It was time to switch pellets.

EscapeUL 50-yard JSB King target 3
Five more JSB Kings on power setting 6 with a 2,600 psi fill made this 1.526-inch group.

Predator Polymags
Ton Jones has done more testing than I with these rifles, and he likes the Predator Polymag pellet the best. Even when he knows the Eun Jin pointed pellet produces more energy, he trusts the Predator Polymag to go where he shoots. That was the next pellet for me. I filled the tank to just 2,500 psi and set the power at 6.

I expected a good group, but I wasn’t prepared for how good! Five Polymags went into 0.622 inches at 50 yards. Despite the cold (20 degrees F) and the winds that were gusting to 20 m.p.h., this hollowpoint pellet was drilling them in!

EscapeUL 50-yard Predator Polymag target 1
Predator Polymag pellets are definitely the ones for this rifle. Five went into 0.622 inches at 50 yards.

Predator calls their Polymag a pointed pellet, but I call it a hollowpoint. The point is just a plastic tip that’s glued in place. The pellet acts like a hollowpoint on game, so I call it one regardless of the plastic tip. Just a little quirk of mine, I guess.

That first group was stunning. By now, the wind was blowing all the time, and my day with air rifles had ended. I did shoot a final group of Polymags in the wind, waiting out the gusts and shooting when the wind was down to about 5-10 m.p.h. The same setting and fill pressure was used. This time, 5 pellets landed in 1.298 inches at 50 yards, and I can truthfully say it was the wind’s fault. However, this group is still the third best of the day, which says a lot for the Predators in a reasonable wind. I think Ton is right — this is the best pellet for the Escape rifles, but you have to lower the power and fill pressure.

EscapeUL 50-yard Predator Polymag target 1
Although this group is larger, it was shot in the wind. Five Predator Polymags went into 1.298 inches at 50 yards.

More to do
As with the Escape rifle, I’m not done with the test just yet. I need to get the velocity figures for the best pellets, power settings and fill pressures so we have some idea what this rifle can reasonably do in the field. Before I do that, I want to try the EscapeSS first.

Summary so far
Most shooters will look at the Escape’s raw power and choose it over the EscapeUL on that basis, alone. But I look at the light weight, compact size and the stunning accuracy of the EscapeUL and think it would be my pick, so far. From the standpoint of muzzle report and recoil, there’s very little difference in these 2 rifles. Both are loud and both kick like a rimfire rifle — perhaps even more. But there’s still one more rifle to test.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

64 thoughts on “AirForce EscapeUL: Part 2”

  1. Go figure! I never even considered a ‘gimmick’ pellet to be accurate, especially with all that plastic out front. I’m glad you did, looks like I need to keep an even more open mind.

    • For the amount of work it must take for a design like that to be manufactured, and consistently! , I don’t know if they should be called the gimmicks anymore.. some brands aren’t making them as well but the design seems to have proven itself

    • As I think I commented elsewhere, the Predator’s design gives you most of the aerodynamics of a pointed pellet while shifting the center of mass back to where it might be on a target wadcutter. And notice the nice clean wadcutter type holes they produced <G> The mass may be less too, so one might get some higher velocity (even if PCPs work better with resistance from heavier pellets).

    • I have a sealed tin of the Polymags that I acquired in a trade. They have just been collecting dust because I too, had discounted. Every time I read this blog and the reader comments, I learn something.

    • wow i’d never guest that the ploy mag would make groups like that . i shot them in my rws 48 and my gamo extreme 177. and thought they suck because of the cal.

      • buy the way im looking to sell both guns the rws 48 and the gamo socom extreme and looking to get the escape 25 cal you know any body who looking for some spring guns

  2. Wind Chill Factor.

    The main thing that strikes me in this report are conditions for shooting. Whether you think the groups are good or bad we need to understand shooting conditions to put them in perspective. Let’s pretend to be scientists for 30 seconds.

    I live in Colorado and spend lots of time in the Rocky Mountains. In order to dress and pack for outdoor activities you must know the forecast for temperature AND forecast for wind. They go hand in hand. One without the other can kill you since you’ll be ill prepared. This combination of forecast for temperature and forecast for wind is called the Wind Chill Index.

    There are two wind chill indexes. The old one developed by several PHD’s that spent time in the Antarctic that developed formula’s and tables that were accepted and created standards that are still recognized today by most scientists. The new one was developed by geeks with computers that used questionable input to create an index that indicates across the board warmer indicators than the previous table. Because this table has been formed on dubious input but is gaining in popularity many have alleged its part of the global warming conspiracy.

    I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m merely pointing out that there are two index’s.

    To the real soul of my post…on the old index at 20 degrees and 10 mph wind you’re in a 3 degree temperature environment in the old index and a 9 degree temperature on the new index.

    B.B. Glossed over this in his report but I respectfully submit that this median temperature along with the gusting wind indicates a much more accurate gun than could perform on this day.


    • I was just going to throw this out there. I talked about the weather and how it can change in the blink of a eye in the Midwest.

      Tuesday the high for the day was 80 degrees and light wind. Wednesday’s forecast is High in the mid 30’s with wind gusts up to 35mph and 80 percent chance of snow.

      That’s almost a 50 degree change in temperature over night.

      So I do believe also that BB could of probably shot better groups on a day with better weather.

      And dog gone it BB did you forget that lube again?!?

        • BB
          Ok I was wondering if you would remember this time out. I don’t like to oil the pellets either but I’m still curious to know if it makes a difference.

          And I know you already did a velocity test. But maybe you can post some chrony numbers if you test the lube along side of the pellets velocity without the lube. That way it gives something to compare to. And then also do a accuracy test of course. Just a thought.

    • I always used to wonder exactly how people converted the subjective sensation of being cold to numbers. Whether you are feeling cold in Antarctica or being a computer geek, what is the interface between the feeling and the numbers and how do you know that you’ve got your interface right? (By they way, a mathematician in the early 20th century named Kurt Godel proved that all mathematics are based on some unprovable assumptions, so I guess some arbitrariness is unavoidable.) I guess I was motivated to ask this having lived in Illinois and Minnesota for many years. Anyway, the best answer I got was from a meteorologist after a talk. His explanation was something like the movement of wind across your exposed skin speeds up the process of evaporation. Evaporation is an endothermic process which consumes energy. It’s the basis of the sweating mechanism whereby the body exudes water to lower internal body temperature. Anyway, apparently it is possible to correlate wind speed with evaporation with energy loss and to set up a scale comparing perception with different evaporation rates. That seems to be the science. Kind of interesting.


  3. Im surprised to hear the recoil and report are as you say, I guess I was under the impression that the powerful pcps were still very subtle. The valve opens air comes out and less the moving parts and combustion. Is it a loud pop of extra air behind the pellet? I’ve used various msp’s but never any powerful pre charged.

    • RDNA
      My .25 cal. Marauder kicks. But its extremely quiet. With the stock baffles in the shroud and no add on devices. Well just a spring added and the shroud slid forward about 6 inches. And just to throw this in also. I believe sliding the shroud forward helped reduce the barrels harmonics (vibrations). And it shoots all day long at 60 fpe (foot pounds of energy). It can shoot up in the 80 fpe if I turn the power up.

      Lloyd Sikes from the airgunlab is making me a add on custom aluminum air tube for my .25 Marauder. It will add extra air volume to the gun. That way I can turn the power up so I can get a good shot count with the extra air it uses for that extra fpe.

      Oh and if I take the factory shroud off the gun and shoot it turned up to the 80 fpe and your standing next to the gun when it fires it will ring your ears big time. Definitely a loud crack when it shoots with the high fpe tune.

    • RDNA,

      These rifles are just as loud as rimfires. They probably peak with fewer decibels, but the duration is longer, so they sound just as loud.

      And the recoil is very pronounced. These guns let you know how powerful they are!


  4. And, why B.B., what a big scope you have! Talk about optics, must need you a four foot level to set that bad boy up! Let me know when your done with it, would ya?

  5. Hey twotalon.

    Maybe this test BB just did with the Predator Polymags may give you some information that you talked about before. They seem to be doing good in the Escape. Maybe they will compare to the Predator Metalmags.

    If those Metalmags shoot as accurate as BB’s results with the Polymags I think they will be what you were looking for. Sounds like the Metalmags could do some damage.

    I checked the PA site for both pellets and they have both in stock. But the Metalmags are only available in .177 and .22 cal. I haven’t tryed the Polymags yet. So I was glad to see BB’s results.

    Oh and I believe the 2 pellets were comparable in weight to each other. I guess Im going to have to get me a tin of the .177 and .22 cal. Metalmags to try the next time I order pellets.

    • GF1

      My Talondor (.22) wants to get them all in the same hole at 35 yds with a MV of 1045 fps. My 97k (.177) shoots them very tight as well .
      It looks to me like it depends a lot on which tins I am working from.
      One tin may shoot very good, the next only fair at best, and the next may throw 1 out of 5 out of an otherwise good group.


      • TT
        I don’t know if you ever tryed the Gamo rockets before. But I had the same result you just talked about. I really liked the way they performed when I got a good batch. But when I got that batch that would keep throwing the flyer’s; well I don’t care for that at all.

        But on the other hand the lead is soft that they use to make the pellets (well softer than I’m use to) and with that little bb they put in the front of the pellet works out nice. When it hits it mushrooms out nice. I used them on starlings in .177 cal. in my Marauder that was making around 990fps (feet per second) with them. All I can say is when they hit I knew it. They made a loud pop when they hit the bird and it was down instantly. And I never seen a exit wound on any starling I shot with them. I think the pellet moved around inside after it hits the bird.

        • GF1

          I have or had some of those things around here somewhere that I got when our old ChinaMart was selling out a bunch of stuff. I think I only tried them in a couple rifles. Not particularly impressed.

          The most impressive impact sound is when you smack them in the heaviest part of the wing, or dead on the breast bone. A “Texas heart shot” makes the least noise.


          • TT
            I bought them all up at the local store by me when they did that. And yep that’s exactly how they shoot. And I’m not crazy about the random flyer’s at all.

            So do you think the Metalmags will have a chance with the ground hogs.

            • GF1

              Will have to see how they shoot. I know that Exact 16 gr. are questionable because they flatten and slide off very easy. If they shoot good, then I will try them with the S500 . Hopefully the metal points will dig in and help crack their skulls.

              Yesterday might have been a good day for some shooting, but had a lot of things to do. Today resembles a blizzard.


              • TT
                Same way here but I think the snow they forcasted missed us. Which doesn’t hurt my feelings any.

                But Yep I wish I would of been off work yesterday. It was nice out. And I guess I will have to wait til the weekend; but I got some secret testing to do on my .25 cal. Marauder that I cant wait to do. So all I can say is hurry up and get here Friday.

                • GF1

                  Today we have had everything EXCEPT good weather. Even the starlings have not been around. Got blowing slushy slop in large quantities. The snow blower will not work in this stuff.

                  Really need to get the 500 out and see what it can do. Results so far look very good.


        • Ive had good groups with the rockets, and you might not have noticed but usually the little bb will continue through, or bounce around. Really destructive. Either way they expand great and the 9.6 grains is a good mid-weight pellet, they carry really well. I like them but hardly use them because certain target areas aren’t suitable as that little bb can ricochet something wicked.

  6. Sorry to be off topic, but I have very good news that are worth to be spread. The IWA 2014 (European counterpart to the US Shot Show) revealed that the German airgun makers did not rest on their laundrels.

    First, Diana: The make a very well looking breakbarrel airgun which is equipped with a gas spring:
    Second: Walther built an underlever model of the well-appreciated LGV that may rivel the Tx200!. Here you can have a look:

    Third – take a seat, BB – Feinwerkbau introduced a predecessor to the venerable FWB 124. Here you fin d a miniature photo:

    I know I sound like a Geman airgun advertising guy right now, but I think these are great news that deserve to be spread. These are not just some old airguns with a new stock and a bunch of picatinny rails on each side. These are new inventions that are made to compete against the growing quality of Crosman, Gamo etc. Looks like 2014 is going to be an interesting year for all fans of top-notch airguns.

  7. BB.
    I am glad to see that you are going to report on the EscapeSS soon. I have been waiting patiently for that one. Please depart from the others and test it in a .22 version and also comment on its relative noise compared with the Escape and EcapeUL. Thanks

    • tabrown,

      I do plan on listening to the report, to compare it to the other 2 rifles.

      And just for you I will install and test a .22 barrel on it. I didn’t do that with the others because the Condor does the same thing with similar power. But I haven’t tested a .22 barrel on a TalonP, which is what the EscapeSS is, so that will be interesting.


  8. Please excuse me from posting “here”. I’m technologically challenged, and can not figure out “where” to ask a question concerning the repair of my rifle. Respectfully, I would like to post it here, just to get it out there, I’m late for work, but don’t want this opportunity to get away from me; this is a great site, I have learned a ton in just 10 min’s. of browsing. It’s got my juices flowing with interest to say the least. My challenge:
    I have a Feinwerkbau / Oberndor Sport 124 4.5 .177
    I screwed-up in the process of putting a new Air-Seal. >Actually found a company in Canada that had the seal for this gun. Germany, emailed me the schematics, but I screwed up in a hurry to start shooting again. Anyhow,
    Spring got away from me, (came apart like a bullet), and sheared the small stop that controls the “safety/trigger” operation.
    When you cock the gun, it will potential fire by barely touching the trigger…really just bump the gun. IT’S DANGEROUS. Please; can you recommend someone to weld a bead / shape/, and rebuild this part I sheared-off. I’m thinking a tig-welder kinda guy could pull this off easily. My local Gun shops don’t have the attitude or interest, because it’s an Air Rifle. Its a beautiful rifle, very accurate, fun to shoot. Please help 386 846 2722 / sgunter1@cfl.rr.com

    • Sporehopper,

      what country are you located in? And for the record, you responded to exactly the right site – the current blog where tens of thousands of other enthusiasts will read your comment and hopefully be able to help you.

      Fred DPRoNJ

      • SporeHopper, better to have a new part then to have it welded, especially one that is in interaction with safety or trigger, if you cannot find the part through the manufacturer I would replace the entire trigger assembly. If you can find an airgunsmith that could machine that specific part if you really want to keep it stock or something. But yeah I wouldn’t suggest a welded sear or anything else in that area.

    • Sporerhopper,

      Of course the FWB 124 is obsolete, so there are very few new old stock parts left. And a replacement trigger will be nearly impossible to locate.

      Here is an article in which I had a trigger TIG-welded for a muzzleloader from the 1860s, and it still works today. I say go for it.



      • Sorry, I should’ve stated that was just my opinion and was based on that I don’t really trust welds, I kinda feel its like super glue for metal working, as I’ve seen a lot of guys that THOUGHT they could weld, sometimes injury resulting- though never was it gun related. I also didn’t pay attention to the type of gun you said as I saw a newcomer with a dangerous trigger/sear malfunction and thought to steer on the side of caution. B.B. is correct of course as he has loads more experience then I, and certainly with repairs. Safe shootin’

  9. What a surprise from the polymags. I have not had much success with them in my rifles. However, it was the only pellet you shot in this test at power setting 6. Your previous tests on the other models proved that the accuracy improved with the lower power settings. In the escape ul, I’ll bet that the USB kings perform as well or better at power level 6. Once again, you’ve proven that we can’t have max power and max accuracy at the same time, at least not in this model, and how experimenting with the adjustments and pellets is the key to finding out what’s best for each person.

  10. Good morning all,75 temp.yesterday,today snow and 16 tonight,yepi skippy!Kentucky?Why do I stay here? BB,I have been waiting for this report not because I am going to run out and buy one but I like anything Airforce.First of all I am surprised how well those predator’s did! For whats its worth on Predators as a hunter.I tested them as do at 80 feet with every new pellet I order.I use this simple test to check for penetration and pellet expansion.Also 80” is a real world distance for squirrel hunting give or take some feet in the woods.I try to keep all shots humane like this because every thing has nerve endings and fell pain if a bad shot is made. OK got off subject again but had to say that because its just wrong to see if ya can just hit something just to say you did it craws off taking hours to die.That why I am hoping these poly-mags will be as nail driving as jsb’s.Back to the 80′ test with five one gallon water jugs lined up strait in a row.The P-mags expanded from 6.35 mm to a whopping 8.50 mm at that distance! TO me that’s impressive! the penetration if I remember I think it went into the third water jug.Buy the way the setting is 8 and fill is 2500, 12” barrel talonP likes nothing other then this setting or it starts to misbehave with uncontrollable daycare fits,gota feed this baby what it likes or it will let you know by upchucking pellets everywhere but that one inch circle that you gotta hit if your a hunter.Hers my point with the ploy-mags up to date with the talon P.They would shot a nice tight pattern then surprise one or more would go visit out side the inch.Can’t have this! I guess JSB’s will spoil you.You gotta hit the head and JSBs will do it everytime.So i was extremely impressed with the expanding mushroom of P-mags and a there near acceptable ability to put um were they need to go,but on the other hand they would be devastating on chest shots.I did shot a few squirrels side shots into the chest and let me tell you this things are so powerful that they are close to 22 long rifle hollow points in the damage department! Not a good idea for a heart lung shot because you will be throwing away destroyed meat! So your saying whats my complaint if there so deadly? simply gut shooting something as I have done because their are to many flyer’s is not something I find I can in good sportsmanship and live with myself that all.So BB,I hope these poly-mags preform in this 24” barrel that I should be getting next week as they did for you on this test.BB ,I hope you will test the Baracudas 31.02 grains because that’s the second best pellet the talon seem to eat.They are close runner up to the JSB, and in the redneck water jug test baracudas will penetrate into the fourth jug at 80” along with decent reliable accuracy.Some may wonder why don’t I test at the point blank range to see what the real Maxim penetration is? Easy,cause I ain’t never had a critter nibble on the end of my gun barrel yet,it all happens from 120”to around 40” when hunting and I want to know whats going on at that distance on the receiving end.Its raining and I’m stuck inside and sorry for the lone input here hope I did ramble to much.Good day all.

    • That is all very good information, a real world expansion test, hunter etiquette and importance of shot placement, and a good set-up for testing our own pellets for real life hunting efficiency. Nothin I didn’t enjoy reading!

    • steve
      I hope you mean 120′ to around 40′ not (“) inches. Because if you mean inches that’s gettn’ pretty close to barrel nibbln’ if you ask me. 😉 Sorry I just had to say that. I will be quiet now.

      • gunfun1,that’s why i could never be wrighter cause typing has never been something I was good at.YES I mean “FEET” thanks for pointing that out.Ive always in my head when thinking airgun shooting distance’s in feet rather then yards because airguns carry much less then fire arm which is always referred to in yards.To me every 20 feet with a airgun is considered as worthy of calculation were as with a powder burner,no big deal until many yards are behind the bullet at mock 2 or more.Feet are to me a much more persice measurement because the same ballistic accrues as powder burning except in much a shorter distance.Feet to me is more detail then yards in my world of airguns.Lets say at 100 yrds. most airguns are done in,but most powder burners are just getting started so to me yards are in order.I often think of a pellet as a basketball.Bare with me,I’m rambling.But say a shot with a basketball at 60 feet,now visualize a baseball thrown also at 60 feet ”baseball being the powderburner”. The basketball is going to have much more drama going on at 60 feet because it would have risen and fall across the line of sight much faster then the baseball at the same distance.So all of this happened in feet very close to me compared to the still speeding baseball that has not even cross the line of sight yet until 100 yrds is up if that’s were it was sighted in at.The rest of the world can use yrds.in air gunning but old country boy just keeps feet in his head cause in my world that’s were the action is.My only two airguns I shoot will plaster the small three circle on a good day at 100 yrds.But for me its lost most of its foot pounds and I love seeing how close I can get to a critter before I pull that trigger.Thanks Gunfun ! enjoy your replies

        • Thanks steve. And I will have to say I enjoy reading your replies also. And I do agree that air gunners should talk in feet not yards. Well all I can say is as long as we know what were talking about is all that matters.

          Oh and some of them squirrels in my neck of the woods are ferocious. Them sons of guns will attack if they feel the urge or something. I had one run down the tree and out on a limb and jump right over my head and skedaddled butt out of there full speed ahead on the ground. So from now on I keep a little distance from them. And that’s another reason why I don’t like using a pellet that throws a flyer. When I hunt these little critters I want the shot to count. For safety purposes you know! 🙂

          • Gunfun!,I thought I was the only one to be attacked by a p….. off squirrel! Few years ago my best Friend(my dog) treed one up a very small tree and that little rascal jump for my face and I swear his little chisel teeth were wide open as he tyred to make a plastic surgery patient of me! I slap him away just in time so he could go home and tell his little nut chewing buddies about how big nuts he had.And last year dressed in full camo setting under a tree waiting, I spit on one just because I could because he was headed up my leg if I had remained still.And last about twenty years ago while deer hunting I was setting at the end of a old downed tree and this squirrel came down to me withen arm length so I couldn’t help it and I gave him a Sugar Ray Lenard jab to the nose.He never really figured it out cause at that moment he did recognise me as a human.But man he cussed me for ten minutes so I had to move and hunt else were but it was worth it because I’ll probably never get to slap another again but I’m hoping.And almost forgot, one did run over my chest years ago while I fell asleep on the ground deer hunting.He never knew what I was and I never heard him coming.If squirrels could ban together with there BB guns,no one would set foot in the forest! And if deer could shot back or just throw knife’s,no on would walk out alive! I’m grateful aren’t you?

  11. B.B. certainly looks cold. I would say that unless you are going to be carrying your gun for long distances, that light weight is not particularly relevant and may even be a liability for shooting.


  12. Hi B.B., I’ve been waiting a long time for this report ( having a pacemaker challenge)! I certainly hope that you’re going to expand this test, with your usual fine chrono data & accuracy performance for other .25 cal. pellets ie.: JSB King, H&N Baracuda & Benj. Domed, with your power settings. Not that I expect to duplicated your power settings, but that I can compare my results with yours. I’m also experimenting with my TalonSS/P (Talon SS on steroids) in .22 cal. ~ very interesting!

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    It's important to know that due to state and local laws, there are certain restrictions for various products. It's up to you to research and comply with the laws in your state, county, and city. If you live in a state or city where air guns are treated as firearms you may be able to take advantage of our FFL special program.

    U.S. federal law requires that all airsoft guns are sold with a 1/4-inch blaze orange muzzle or an orange flash hider to avoid the guns being mistaken for firearms.

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  • Expert Service and Repair

    Get the most out of your equipment when you work with the expert technicians at Pyramyd AIR. With over 25 years of combined experience, we offer a range of comprehensive in-house services tailored to kickstart your next adventure.

    If you're picking up a new air gun, our team can test and tune the equipment before it leaves the warehouse. We can even set up an optic or other equipment so you can get out shooting without the hassle. For bowhunters, our certified master bow technicians provide services such as assembly, optics zeroing, and full equipment setup, which can maximize the potential of your purchase.

    By leveraging our expertise and precision, we ensure that your equipment is finely tuned to meet your specific needs and get you ready for your outdoor pursuits. So look out for our services when shopping for something new, and let our experts help you get the most from your outdoor adventures.

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  • Warranty Info

    Shop and purchase with confidence knowing that all of our air guns (except airsoft) are protected by a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product page.

    A warranty is provided by each manufacturer to ensure that your product is free of defect in both materials and workmanship.

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  • Exchanges / Refunds

    Didn't get what you wanted or have a problem? We understand that sometimes things aren't right and our team is serious about resolving these issues quickly. We can often help you fix small to medium issues over the phone or email.

    If you need to return an item please read our return policy.

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Free shipping may not be combined with a coupon unless stated otherwise.

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