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Air Guns Dan Wesson pellet revolver: Part 3

Dan Wesson pellet revolver: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Dan Wesson pellet revolver
New Dan Wesson pellet revolver.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • First shot — H&N Finale Match Pistol
  • Air Arms Falcon
  • What I know now
  • Qiang Yuan Training
  • What we have learned

Today we look at the accuracy of the new Dan Wesson pellet revolver. I think I’m going to take a different direction for this test. Instead of just testing several pellets, I’m also going to look at whether flush-seating or deep-seating works best. Once I find out, I’ll stick with the one that works

I’m shooting at 10 meters off a sandbag rest. Naturally I’m shooting all shots single action (cocking the hammer before each shot). I will only shoot 6 shots per target, because loading this revolver takes some time.

First shot — H&N Finale Match Pistol

I started with 6 H&N Finale Match Pistol pellets with 4.50mm heads. They were loaded with their bases flush with the base of each cartridge. The first shot landed 3 inches low and 1.5 inches to the right. It was time to adjust the rear sight. I learned there are no click detents in the sight adjustments for either direction, but amazingly I got the sights on target with the first adjustment. That was luck — nothing more.

The next 5 shots landed in the bull in a group that measures 0.539-inches between centers! It is the smallest group of the test and it tells me all I need to know about this revolver. It is accurate!

Dan Wesson pellet revolver Finale flush
Five H&N Finale Match pellets seated flush made this 0.539-inch group at 10 meters.

Now it was time to see if deep-seating the pellet makes a difference. Indeed it does — though in the wrong direction. Six deep-seated pellets made a 1.917-inch group that shifted to the right. I will try one more pellet seated deep and if it does the same thing, I will seat flush from now on.

Dan Wesson pellet revolver Finale deep/
Six deep-seated H&N Finale Match pellets made this 1.917-inch group at 10 meters. This is too much of a difference to disregard.

Air Arms Falcon

Six flush-seated Air Arms Falcon pellets made a 1.763-inch group at 10 meters. The group is well-centered on the target, but one shot landed high. All the shots looked perfect at the release, so this is probably not the best pellet for this pistol. But I was still curious to see what deep-seating might do.

Dan Wesson pellet revolver Falcon flush
Six flush-seated Air Arms Falcon pellets made this 1.763-inch group at 10 meters. This may not be a good pellet for this revolver. Let’s see what deep-seating does.

The next 6 were seated deep into the cartridges and grouped in 2.745-inches at 10 meters. Five of them are in 1.163-inches, so maybe this pellet is worth a second look, but not today.

Dan Wesson pellet revolver Falcon deep
Six deep-seated Air Arms Falcon pellets made this 2.745-inch group at 10 meters. Five pellets are well-centered and much tighter, so maybe this is a pellet to come back to.

What I know now

Deep-seating doesn’t help accuracy in this revolver. It isn’t worth the additional effort. Just seat them flush and save your time.

Qiang Yuan Training

The last pellet I tried was the Qiang Yuan Training pellet. I didn’t bother seating this pellet deep. I just shot them seated flush. Six pellets made a group that measured 1.053-inches at 10 meters. That’s pretty good and the pellets are centered pretty well, so this is one I would use. But the H&N Finale Match Pistol pellets are the best so far.

Dan Wesson pellet revolver Qiang Yuan Training flush
Six flush-seated Qiang Yuan Training pellets made this 1.053-inch group at 10 meters. This is a second pellet to consider for this revolver.

What we have learned

First, we learned that this Dan Wesson revolver likes its pellets seated flush with the base of their cartridges. We also learned that this revolver is quite accurate. It has a crisp single action trigger pull that should please most shooters. It’s on the heavy side, but the crispness counters that, I think.


All the pellets tore the target paper. Putting tape behind the paper would have been a good idea.

The sights are also quite good. They appear sharp to my old eyes that have floaters and mild cataracts, according to a recent eye exam. And they adjust well, though without the feedback of click detents.

I’m going to rate this Dan Wesson as one of my picks. As long as you understand what it can and can’t do, I think this revolver will please you.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

39 thoughts on “Dan Wesson pellet revolver: Part 3”

  1. Made some progress today!
    Confirmed that both the NPistol and 1077 are sighted in and finally got the 2240 and Gamo green dot making music.
    Also been pluggin’ along on this Powermaster66, I just rubbed the barrel shroud down with XXX fine steel wool to preserve the plum patina. It’s going back together as we speak.
    BB stop fell out.

  2. Thanks B.B., have the pistol with 6in barrel. This pellet version looks like a wonderful training tool and wintertime triggertime in the garage fun for me toy. Always been happy with the pistol (except for the bark when feeding it magnum loads)… Wish you had not said that bout the trigger… Ignorance is bliss. But a long time ago the devil talked me into a TX200 and a D54 and 2nd gen Talon SS and Mrods. Now i am hopelessly ruined regarding triggers. i blame you Sir! i am going to stick with the girl i brought to the dance. She just needs a few thousand more rounds to smooth out the trigger…and a playmate in .177 to retrain me.
    Seriously will have to get the co2 version but what would really get me using the powder burner again would be light SWC small game load that I could reload. Been intrigued by your reloading articles like the 32-20 etc. Would this pistol be appropriate for this? Been wanting to do this ever since .22 became scarce. No experience reloading, but was intrigued by your recent reloading blog.
    Thanks- Matt

    • Matt,

      Which reloading blog are you referring to? I reloaded for a Ruger Security Six snubbie in .357 for many years and had it running at light .38 Special levels. It’s so easy to do!

      Before I got Edith involved in .45 ACP and pistols, I used the light .357s to teach her to shoot.


  3. Thank you for this series and the past series on the Dan Wesson line of pellet revolvers. I have enjoyed them very much and came real close to getting one the 2. With pellet revolver options, this line stood out. Since I do not do well with open pistol sights (not clear for me) laser mounting options would be paramount. Solid mounting and under barrel would be ideal. A laser built in the grip would be nice but might be difficult with right side removable panels. Still, something to think about. Toss in a L/W barrel and boost the power a bit. I know a lot goes into bringing out a new model, you have explained that well. Even changes to the same model takes time and cost money.

    I have the Beretta 92FS and love it. Yes, it cost more. Point being I guess, there might be a market for a “high” end pellet revolver, with all the bugs worked out. For looks, the Dan Wesson line has it in spades, for me anyways. Perhaps if someone other than ASG would put there efforts there?

    At any rate, those are my random ramblings and wishes. Wishes aside, there is no argument that pellet revolvers are advancing by leap and bounds.

    (parts 1+2 not linked above?)

    Good day to all.

    • Chris,

      Like you, I also have the Beretta 92FS pellet pistol and like it a lot. It’s very accurate. I received an email from Pyramyd AIR saying that Umarex is releasing a new Beretta M92A1 blowback BB pistol. It might be another one to consider adding to the collection.

        • Reb,

          The Pyramyd AIR listing under New Products says it is switchable between full and semi auto. I’m less concerned about having the option for full auto and more concerned about how accurate it is. I have the KWC made Swiss Arms P92 semi-auto blowback BB pistol, and out-of-the-box, it was shooting an inch or two low of the aim point. I think the groupings were OK for a blowback BB pistol, but I had to put a laser on it and sight it in to shoot to my aim point. I’m hoping this new Beretta 92A1 is accurate and shoots to the aim point in semi-auto mode. Although my Beretta 92FS has “made in Germany” painted on the slide, the pictures of the 92A1 don’t show a clear indication of being made in Germany.

        • Reb,

          The PA description looks a bit sketchy. Still, 18 or so shots on full auto? On a CO2? Sounds like a drop of 100fpe in one magazine in a few seconds. My 92 grips get cool on 8 shots in double, and they are wood. Still, one can not argue the fun factor!!!! 😉

            • Reb,

              My version only shoots pellets. I don’t there is anything that shoots pellets on full auto, is there? If there will be anything, I would imagine it be a PCP. Still, then you would be limited to the shot string/fps that gives you the best accuracy. And what if a pellet jammed due to going to low on pressure and they kept stacking in the barrel? That would be a mess.

                • I was actually transferred to him regarding kits for converting a Tippman 98.
                  He said that was the original concept but that it was too involved a process for average consumers to get satisfactory results.
                  I still have dreams of converting it to shoot either pellets or roundballs.

                • Mike in Atl.,

                  Thank you for that! Notes made and (will check out more). I did watch the video. Wow! Too bad no accuracy close ups were shown. I would have to take out a loan to keep feeding that thing! 😉 Chris Within range, no critter would stand a chance.

                  P.S. Took a look at some of the comments below the video….let’s just say,…they are not so family friendly,….un-like here. BB’s site has me spoiled. Yea, I can go there, but I like sifting through facts and not the BS.

                  Thanks again for your time.

                  • Actually if it is only full auto it would be fun to shoot a few times, if on the other hand if it can be fired single shot and is accurate, then 100 rounds without reloading might make it a nice plinker/target shooter. They say about 600 fps and the barrel is rifled so it could be quite accurate.

                    But at about 12 rounds per second you just point the destruction at what you want to hit and its all good.

                    You Tube videos almost always have poor comments sorry, should have sent you directly to the source; https://air-ordnance.com/smg-22-tactical-p-964.html where you can view the videos and other info.

                    • The problem with accuracy has a lot to do with the fact that the gun fires from an open-bolt so there’s always mass reciprocating throughout the firing cycle.
                      Another option is the barrage barrel.

      • Cstoehr,

        I sent you a nice reply but it vaporized. I had trouble with mine after 3000+ shots. Tore down and re-lubed. Working great now. If you ever have issues, hit me up and I will try to help. I will look up the M92A1.

        Thanks, Chris

        • Chris,

          I haven’t shot my 92FS in a while, but the last time I did, it was shooting OK. The only problem I had with it so far was a minor problem of the slide screw coming loose and letting the slide come off when I opened it to change the magazine. When I started this hobby, I never thought my collection would get as large as about 30 airguns. So I have a lot of options for my shooting pleasure so that no one gun gets worn out.

          • Sounds like you are in good shape! 30 is a bunch. You rotate all those on an even somewhat regular basis, and I don’t think you will ever wear one out. I would not/can not say mine was worn out. In fact I could see nothing definite. It is not uncommon for new guns to lack lube. So maybe me going over and above the usual, just put it over it’s limit? At any rate, it’s well made and it’s working fine now.

            Enjoy your collection. Chris

  4. Nice, this accuracy beats some rifles I’ve shot. This is why I wish more pistols shot pellets, though I also understand that makes it more complicated on the assembly line and more expensive at the register.

  5. Ok B.B.
    Grandbabies off to school. Just me and a cup of coffee. You got me, apparently I was catching up on blogs during the holidays and ran down a rabbit hole. Thats what I like about the blog! Probably followed another readers link and ended up in 2008. I read about it day before yesterday, don’t you remember it? All kidding aside, sorry, your labors are very much appreciated. If I remember correctly It was a red handheld Lee press and you were loading a 160 gr? .45 hand cast lubed, in a .45 long, over two yellow scoops of unique 7.5gr?? Russian primers for 800 or 900fps. Almost sure I screen captured. Will find and figure out how to post a link -Matt

  6. B.B.,

    Wow! A 0.539-inch five shot group at 10 meters? That would mean a ten shot group in the neighborhood of 0.75 of an inch! If I am not mistaken, this 715 sits in the rarefied air of the earlier ASG Dan Wesson pellet revolver 8 incher and the Umarex S&W 586. Repeating air handguns this accurate are special indeed.

    Dagnabbit, B.B., you’ve already picked out my next birthday present for me.

    Thanks very much for the report nevertheless, ;^)


  7. I just received the notice from PA about pre- order for Hatsan Gladius bullpup. Does anyone know anything about it yet? Does Crosman know about this ? As someone mentioned last week here, it would be great if they( Crosman) would bring out the Bulldog in .177, .22,and .25 cal as well as the ,357. Just curious!!

  8. Ahh ha Found it!

    See I was down the rabit hole

    October 19th 2010


    I remember reading about you teaching Miss Edith to shoot. i’m going to look that up and re-read it. Vaguely remember one mentioning reloading .357 also. Think I may be better off getting .177 and setting up range in garage and hiding from kids. Haven’t touched a trigger in 8 months. Need to make it happen.

    Nope we’re not keeping track, just stealing good ideas, your safe! Our memories are not that great. Apparently pictures help. Besides it was 200gr at 950… See perfectly safe.

    All the best for this New Year -Matt

  9. B.B.,

    I see that you have a problem(or maybe it’s not a problem) with floaters, those dead skin cells on your eyes. I have those as well and they can be a real problem for me when I’m bench rest target shooting. In fact they drive me nuts at times, especially when there is more than one of them.

    The problem is that just when I have my shot lined up one or two of them float right in front of the crosshairs and blur my vision. I have to blink my eyes and start over. I guess it’s not so much a problem as it is a pain in the neck.

    It doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue with open sights though, at least not for me.


    • G&G,

      “Floaters” are small, free floating (in the vitreous humor/fluid), detached fragments of the retina or other solid formations inside the eye. Often they are out of the path between the crystalline lens and the retina, but sometimes a floater will pass between the two, partially obscuring one’s vision. My father described his floaters as occasionally making it seem a shadow was passing in front of him or in his peripheral vision.


  10. I have been looking for some H&N Finale Match Rifle .177 Cal, 8.18 Grains, 4.49 Head Size from Pyramyd AIR for a couple months. They are still out of stock. Do they only make the match pellets at certain times of the year?
    I have read that this is one of the go to pellets for the Walther LGM-2 and want to give them a try.


      • I’ve still got a supply of both Pistol and Rifle Finale Match for my FWB602. The Pistol version seems a tiny bit better (probably because my 602 was slightly detuned so it could be owned in Canada without the need to have a license, something I didn’t have at the time I purchased it used). The 602 liked either of them markedly more than any other high quality pellet I tried. I hope I can get my hands on more of them when I run out!

        As of the pistol, if they made the same mechanism and quality available in an older style with blued metal and wood grips (e.g. S&W Model 10 or similar) I probably already would have yielded to temptation and bought one. Maybe it’s a good thing for my bank account that they haven’t!

    • Big Iron,

      They are one of the best pellets in almost any pistol/revolver but so are the Finale Match Pistol as well as the RWS R10 Match pellets. I think you can still buy the R10s. I use those most of the time.


  11. Well, I had the Powermaster 66 together long enough to get two five pump shots outta it but the striker is no longer under the influence of the bolt.
    I’ll have to get back in it before I can test it but it’s a good looking and solid old classic that should be able to give my Airmaster a run for its money.

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