by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Dan Wesson pellet revolver
New Dan Wesson pellet revolver.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • First shot — H&N Finale Match Pistol
  • Air Arms Falcon
  • What I know now
  • Qiang Yuan Training
  • What we have learned

Today we look at the accuracy of the new Dan Wesson pellet revolver. I think I’m going to take a different direction for this test. Instead of just testing several pellets, I’m also going to look at whether flush-seating or deep-seating works best. Once I find out, I’ll stick with the one that works

I’m shooting at 10 meters off a sandbag rest. Naturally I’m shooting all shots single action (cocking the hammer before each shot). I will only shoot 6 shots per target, because loading this revolver takes some time.

First shot — H&N Finale Match Pistol

I started with 6 H&N Finale Match Pistol pellets with 4.50mm heads. They were loaded with their bases flush with the base of each cartridge. The first shot landed 3 inches low and 1.5 inches to the right. It was time to adjust the rear sight. I learned there are no click detents in the sight adjustments for either direction, but amazingly I got the sights on target with the first adjustment. That was luck — nothing more.

The next 5 shots landed in the bull in a group that measures 0.539-inches between centers! It is the smallest group of the test and it tells me all I need to know about this revolver. It is accurate!

Dan Wesson pellet revolver Finale flush
Five H&N Finale Match pellets seated flush made this 0.539-inch group at 10 meters.

Now it was time to see if deep-seating the pellet makes a difference. Indeed it does — though in the wrong direction. Six deep-seated pellets made a 1.917-inch group that shifted to the right. I will try one more pellet seated deep and if it does the same thing, I will seat flush from now on.

Dan Wesson pellet revolver Finale deep/
Six deep-seated H&N Finale Match pellets made this 1.917-inch group at 10 meters. This is too much of a difference to disregard.

Air Arms Falcon

Six flush-seated Air Arms Falcon pellets made a 1.763-inch group at 10 meters. The group is well-centered on the target, but one shot landed high. All the shots looked perfect at the release, so this is probably not the best pellet for this pistol. But I was still curious to see what deep-seating might do.

Dan Wesson pellet revolver Falcon flush
Six flush-seated Air Arms Falcon pellets made this 1.763-inch group at 10 meters. This may not be a good pellet for this revolver. Let’s see what deep-seating does.

The next 6 were seated deep into the cartridges and grouped in 2.745-inches at 10 meters. Five of them are in 1.163-inches, so maybe this pellet is worth a second look, but not today.

Dan Wesson pellet revolver Falcon deep
Six deep-seated Air Arms Falcon pellets made this 2.745-inch group at 10 meters. Five pellets are well-centered and much tighter, so maybe this is a pellet to come back to.

What I know now

Deep-seating doesn’t help accuracy in this revolver. It isn’t worth the additional effort. Just seat them flush and save your time.

Qiang Yuan Training

The last pellet I tried was the Qiang Yuan Training pellet. I didn’t bother seating this pellet deep. I just shot them seated flush. Six pellets made a group that measured 1.053-inches at 10 meters. That’s pretty good and the pellets are centered pretty well, so this is one I would use. But the H&N Finale Match Pistol pellets are the best so far.

Dan Wesson pellet revolver Qiang Yuan Training flush
Six flush-seated Qiang Yuan Training pellets made this 1.053-inch group at 10 meters. This is a second pellet to consider for this revolver.

What we have learned

First, we learned that this Dan Wesson revolver likes its pellets seated flush with the base of their cartridges. We also learned that this revolver is quite accurate. It has a crisp single action trigger pull that should please most shooters. It’s on the heavy side, but the crispness counters that, I think.


All the pellets tore the target paper. Putting tape behind the paper would have been a good idea.

The sights are also quite good. They appear sharp to my old eyes that have floaters and mild cataracts, according to a recent eye exam. And they adjust well, though without the feedback of click detents.

I’m going to rate this Dan Wesson as one of my picks. As long as you understand what it can and can’t do, I think this revolver will please you.