by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Brodax revolver
Umarex Brodax revolver.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • Installing the CO2 cartridge
  • Using the new eye
  • The test
  • Next — Hornady Black Diamonds
  • Umarex BBs
  • Daisy Match Grade Avanti Precision Ground Shot
  • Bottom line

I think you all know how I feel about this Brodax revolver from Umarex. At first sight I thought it was odd-looking and even cartoonish in appearance, but after shooting it in the velocity test I fell in love with the feel. I said then that if the Brodax is an accurate gun, it will be a keeper. Today we find out whether that’s the case.

Installing the CO2 cartridge

This time I remembered that there is an Allen wrench inside the left grip panel to tighten the piercing screw on the CO2 cartridge. As always, I put a drop of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of the new cartridge and it sealed instantly when it was pierced. I was ready to test.

Using the new eye

This is the first test in which I have used my eye after it was repaired following the detached retina. Remember, folks, I was blind in this eye before the surgery. My binocular vision has not returned completely and things still appear strange to me, but I was able to see the front sight. The eye isn’t as clear as it was before the detachment, though. I estimate my vision is 20/50 in that eye, with moderate cloudiness from a cataract. Still — I can focus on the front sight blade, which is all that is necessary for accuracy.

I did find that I had to close my non-sighting eye though. It was showing me a competing vision of the front sight that was disturbing. By the end of the test, though, I found it possible to keep that other eye partially open. In time I think I will be able to keep both eyes open when sighting once again.

The test

I shot the revolver from 5 meters, which is the traditional BB-gun distance. I sat on a chair and rested the gun on the UTG Monopod rest, which most of you know is a rock-solid rest for the field. All shooting was single-action (hammer cocked for each shot to make the trigger light and crisp).

First up — Daisy BBs

First to be tested were Daisy Premium Grade BBs. As I fired I couldn’t see where the BBs were going, which either meant they were in the black or they were missing the target altogether. Thankfully, it turned out to be the former.

Remember the problem I reported in Part 2 about the BBs falling out? One of the 10 Daisy BBs fell out during this test, so my group is ony 9 shots instead of 10. That was the only BB that fell out in the entire 40-shot test.

Nine BBs went into a group that measurtes 1.123-inches between centers at 5 meters. The group is fairly well-centered, and most of the shots are in the bull.

Brodax revolver Daisy BB target
Nine Daisy BBs went into 1.123-inches at 5 meters fropm the Brodax. One BB fell out of the gun.

This was a good start. The Brodax was shooting where it looked, which is a plus when the sights are fixed. And the trigger was still very smooth, though when shooting for accuracy I could feel all of the pull weight that eluded me in the velocity test.

Next — Hornady Black Diamonds

The next BB I tried was the Hornady Black Diamond. These fit the circular clip much better and none fell out while shooting. Once again I could not see the BB holes while I shot. And, when I examined the target after finishing, I was pleased to see a very nice group. Nine of the BBs went into a tight 0.59-inch group. Shot 10 (I have no idea which one it actually was in the series) opened the group to 1.036-inches. There were no pulled shots that I could see, so this group is representative of the accuracy for this BB.

Brodax revolver Black Diamond target
Ten Hornady Black Diamond BBs went into 1.036-inches at 5 meters, but 9 of them are in a tight group half as large. This is potentially the best BB I tested in the Brodax.

Umarex BBs

After the Black Diamonds I tried a clip opf Umarex BBs. The Brodax is theirs, so maybe they know something? Ten BBs went into a 1.449-inch group that was both the largest of the test and also spread out horizontally. I have no idea why that was; the shots were all as good as I could make them.

Brodax revolver Umarex BB target
Ten Umarex BBs spread horizontally to make a 1.449-inch group. There were no called pulls (shots fired as the gun moved).

Daisy Match Grade Avanti Precision Ground Shot

The last BB I tried was the Daisy Match Grade Avanti Precision Ground Shot. They fit tighter in the clip and I hoped they would produce a smaller group. Ten went into 1.144-inches at 5 meters. That was the third best group in the Brodax.

Brodax revolver Precision Ground Shot target
Ten Daisy Match Grade Avanti Precision Ground Shot went into 1.144-inches at 5 meters from the Brodax. Not as good as I hoped.

Bottom line

The Brodax is a clear winner in my test. It shoots to the point of aim and groups good enough to roll tin cans and other targets of opportunity at BB-gun distances. Given the super-fine grip, light crisp trigger and the low cost, I have to consider it a best buy among BB guns!