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Air Guns Umarex Brodax CO2 revolver: Part 3

Umarex Brodax CO2 revolver: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Brodax revolver
Umarex Brodax revolver.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • Installing the CO2 cartridge
  • Using the new eye
  • The test
  • Next — Hornady Black Diamonds
  • Umarex BBs
  • Daisy Match Grade Avanti Precision Ground Shot
  • Bottom line

I think you all know how I feel about this Brodax revolver from Umarex. At first sight I thought it was odd-looking and even cartoonish in appearance, but after shooting it in the velocity test I fell in love with the feel. I said then that if the Brodax is an accurate gun, it will be a keeper. Today we find out whether that’s the case.

Installing the CO2 cartridge

This time I remembered that there is an Allen wrench inside the left grip panel to tighten the piercing screw on the CO2 cartridge. As always, I put a drop of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of the new cartridge and it sealed instantly when it was pierced. I was ready to test.

Using the new eye

This is the first test in which I have used my eye after it was repaired following the detached retina. Remember, folks, I was blind in this eye before the surgery. My binocular vision has not returned completely and things still appear strange to me, but I was able to see the front sight. The eye isn’t as clear as it was before the detachment, though. I estimate my vision is 20/50 in that eye, with moderate cloudiness from a cataract. Still — I can focus on the front sight blade, which is all that is necessary for accuracy.

I did find that I had to close my non-sighting eye though. It was showing me a competing vision of the front sight that was disturbing. By the end of the test, though, I found it possible to keep that other eye partially open. In time I think I will be able to keep both eyes open when sighting once again.

The test

I shot the revolver from 5 meters, which is the traditional BB-gun distance. I sat on a chair and rested the gun on the UTG Monopod rest, which most of you know is a rock-solid rest for the field. All shooting was single-action (hammer cocked for each shot to make the trigger light and crisp).

First up — Daisy BBs

First to be tested were Daisy Premium Grade BBs. As I fired I couldn’t see where the BBs were going, which either meant they were in the black or they were missing the target altogether. Thankfully, it turned out to be the former.

Remember the problem I reported in Part 2 about the BBs falling out? One of the 10 Daisy BBs fell out during this test, so my group is ony 9 shots instead of 10. That was the only BB that fell out in the entire 40-shot test.

Nine BBs went into a group that measurtes 1.123-inches between centers at 5 meters. The group is fairly well-centered, and most of the shots are in the bull.

Brodax revolver Daisy BB target
Nine Daisy BBs went into 1.123-inches at 5 meters fropm the Brodax. One BB fell out of the gun.

This was a good start. The Brodax was shooting where it looked, which is a plus when the sights are fixed. And the trigger was still very smooth, though when shooting for accuracy I could feel all of the pull weight that eluded me in the velocity test.

Next — Hornady Black Diamonds

The next BB I tried was the Hornady Black Diamond. These fit the circular clip much better and none fell out while shooting. Once again I could not see the BB holes while I shot. And, when I examined the target after finishing, I was pleased to see a very nice group. Nine of the BBs went into a tight 0.59-inch group. Shot 10 (I have no idea which one it actually was in the series) opened the group to 1.036-inches. There were no pulled shots that I could see, so this group is representative of the accuracy for this BB.

Brodax revolver Black Diamond target
Ten Hornady Black Diamond BBs went into 1.036-inches at 5 meters, but 9 of them are in a tight group half as large. This is potentially the best BB I tested in the Brodax.

Umarex BBs

After the Black Diamonds I tried a clip opf Umarex BBs. The Brodax is theirs, so maybe they know something? Ten BBs went into a 1.449-inch group that was both the largest of the test and also spread out horizontally. I have no idea why that was; the shots were all as good as I could make them.

Brodax revolver Umarex BB target
Ten Umarex BBs spread horizontally to make a 1.449-inch group. There were no called pulls (shots fired as the gun moved).

Daisy Match Grade Avanti Precision Ground Shot

The last BB I tried was the Daisy Match Grade Avanti Precision Ground Shot. They fit tighter in the clip and I hoped they would produce a smaller group. Ten went into 1.144-inches at 5 meters. That was the third best group in the Brodax.

Brodax revolver Precision Ground Shot target
Ten Daisy Match Grade Avanti Precision Ground Shot went into 1.144-inches at 5 meters from the Brodax. Not as good as I hoped.

Bottom line

The Brodax is a clear winner in my test. It shoots to the point of aim and groups good enough to roll tin cans and other targets of opportunity at BB-gun distances. Given the super-fine grip, light crisp trigger and the low cost, I have to consider it a best buy among BB guns!

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

46 thoughts on “Umarex Brodax CO2 revolver: Part 3”

  1. Just as a thought…
    I bought the new Colt (Umarex) “Python” which is clearly the same revolver with some not-too-different-mostly-cosmetic details. It uses the same rotary magazines as the Brodax for BBs but has the capability to shoot pellets with alternative metal rotary magazines. An Interesting variation in itself, but in a completely uncharacteristic move for myself, I actually read the directions first.
    It turns out that can be occasionally a useful behavior.
    It would seem, with two different magazines, metal vs plastic, one of them is to be loaded from the front, the other to loaded from the rear. Who would have thought?
    Not wanting to disturb yor scientific method, I won’t divulge which is which, but you might want to (not too) exhaustively look into this variation.

      • Hi BB, I hope you do test the plastic Python that shoots both bbs and pellets. I have read your posts long enough to know that the non blowback Makarov is the considered pretty much the standard for bb pistol accuracy. When you got that small group with the Hornady Black Diamonds in the Brodax, I thought “Hey maybe the Makarov will have some competition . I like my Makarov, how ever with my poor eyesight the thin front sight is hard for me to see. I can get tighter groups with my Tanfoglio Limited then the Makarov . For a person with limited play money , I have great hopes for my Brodax which is on Fed Ex truck somewhere . 🙂
        Best wishes

  2. Glad you doing this well. A mid-50’s guy at work had that surgery done and was still holding his head down 2 months later. Obviously, you had much better results. I am very glad.

    • Chris,

      When I was in the doctro’s office the day after surgery, the person who drove me there found an article on him in “People” magazine in his office. Apparently he is the top Retinologist in the southwest.


      • B.B.

        Wow that’s a stroke of fate. But the proof is in the pudding. Glad you are doing so well. I hear the feral cans rattling in fear all the way in Illinois! 😉 Take care and God Bless!

  3. I knew this Brodax was going to be a cool little can killer.

    I would right off the bat put a laser on it if I got one. That is if it shot pellets instead of bb’s. But after putting that good green laser on my .22 caliber Talon SS it made that gun a whole different gun. I use the scope at longer distances or plinking. But can still easily hit my steel spinners at 50 yards with no problem with the laser. From the bench with the bipod the laser makes it a way easy gun to shoot. Actually to easy. And now I can even get on target at night if I get those nightime pests showing up. A accurate gun with a laser is a good combination to make for a easy shooting gun is the best I can say.

    So Umarex if your listening make a pellet version. Knowing them as fast as they seem to turn out new guns all the time maybe they will have a pellet version tomorrow. I would buy that Brodax if they made it.

    • GF1

      I’m still struggling with the M8. It had been awhile since I had checked it out and the absence of open sights is a big negative for me personally, plus the only scope I have for the job is a decent sized 3-9×32 and I’m afraid it will move. I’m also wary of the breech block pin… But I’m probably going to still take a chance on it. I did find my catalog. I didn’t mention earlier because I thought my wife had pitched it…

      • PH
        Maybe the M8 isn’t the gun for you then.

        What are you mostly going to use the gun for is what I’m wondering. And does it have to be a spring gun. There are other guns out there.

        But I have to say this. The trigger on the M8 is probably one of the better triggers out of the box on springers in that price range. And something else is the scope will try to move on a dove tail. But there is scope stops and such that can stop that problem. Scope movement is common on springers and nitro piston guns.

        I hear you mention that you like the HW30 if I’m remembering right. That would be a excellent gun to save up for and get. I had a HW50s and it was a very nice gun to shoot. Has a great trigger and is light weight and does have open sight as well as the dovetail for scope mounting. The HW50s has a little more power than the HW30 but basically the same guns.

        I myself if I was getting a break barrel gun again it would be the HW30 even over the HW50s. It will be a more enjoyable gun to shoot. Easier to cock and a smoother shot cycle. Plus there is tune kits made by Vortek for the HW30 and HW50s verses the M8. If you ain’t got a lot of money to spend and you want a gun to last for years and only buying one gun. I would get the HW30. But that’s me.

        And remember you can use that discount code on the back of your catalog. And also Pyramyd AIR has that 20% off deal and free shipping over $150 going on now. But some items excluded. Oh and hide your catalog. 🙂

        • GF1

          Well, you pretty much have me pegged already. I’m looking for a very smooth shot cycle with possible vortek upgrade. My main use will be informal targets (10 meter through 25yd ish) and can killing at hopefully 35-40yds Max. I don’t really want to sit there and adjust my sights whilst just plinking different cans at different ranges. I wanna settem up and knockem down and rollem around a little.

          I am pretty much stuck on a spring gun. I have two fine pumpers but they just don’t get shot much when I’m by myself. My Diana 36 and 45 pretty much have the upper power level niche covered. (For what I need now) I am going to venture to the darkside in a couple years.
          I want to be able to hand this rifle to anybody that has shot a rimfire rifle and have them hit a can. Limited hold sensitivity and recoil. I want to cock easily for all day and I want something to pass on to the next generation. My nephews will be shooting age in a couple years. I list my all my snauby criteria and the list shrinks dramatically. I think the HW30S is really the only rifle I can count on? If I already had high quality rifles and still had some money I wouldn’t even be hesitating on the M8. But I need a go to and I gotta have something I can trust for a lot of years. Even more importantly I need something quality that I can effectively take care of and maintain. Any input is greatly appreciated. 🙂

  4. Ok after reading 103David reply about the metal clip that shoots pellets or the plastic clip for bb’s in the Python.

    It made think about barrel diameter and about smoothbore or a rifled barrel. The description of the Python says smooth bore.

    Is there a rifled barrel version of the Python? And if using the metal clip that shoots pellets in the Brodax is there going to be a problem with the pellet fit to the barrel? Maybe they use a smaller diameter smooth bore barrel in the Brodax and bb shooting Python that could cause a pellet fit problem.

    • GF,
      Yup, Pyramyd now has these Pythons in two flavers (plus the herd of additionals you noted.) These two stand out because they’re incredibly reasonably priced ($50 and $55 before discounts) and they really look like a real Python. I know because I have a real Python and the comparison is quite exact, unlike the other Python semi-clones which charitably look more like Dan Wessons on a good day, or a Python with a hunch-back on most other days. To be fair, the Dan Wesson varieties are indeed really good, metal and all so that part of my commentary is just esthetic opinion.
      As we know, opinions may vary.
      Anyway, the works of this Python are essentially the same as the Brodax, which is why the alternate metal pellet mags fit. The other differences are the rifled barrel and the pellet capability, neither feature shared by the less expensive version… But the smooth bore ain’t bad.
      My opinion here is, unless one’s finances are truly dire, spend the minimally larger amount of buckaroos and buy the “dual-fuel” version and shoot pellets.
      In any case, the fabulous price-points of all three of these make it difficult to say no, even if they’re actually less than perfect.
      But not too much less. My only real criticism is they’re really light…too light. The long barrel (on the six inch Pythons) are very whippy and coupled with the long, slow hammer-fall make it hard to hold the (VERY) important sight picture. Reminds me of learning to shoot a revolver after semi-auto pistols all through my military years. But with practice, one’s education increases.
      For the record, real Pythons also have a long, slow hammer-fall and like anything from Tom’s TX200 to a Sten, most others have their own particular behaviors. Umarex, in the European market, also has 4 inch and two and a half inch versions. Since my real one is a somewhat rare 3 inch, I’ll probably get one of those when they show up.
      Once one gets the knack of revolvers, I think they’re more fun than the various semi-autos anyway. The Army does’t agree with me on that point, but they’ve been working on revolver replacement since that pesky Little Big Horn business.

      • 103David
        I myself would rather have the cheaper Brodax and shoot it with the steel clip and pellets. Even with the smooth bore that the Brodax has. Main reason is I just don’t like bb’s.

        So if the Brodax will shoot the pellets I can see myself getting it. And I’m not getting it for realism. I’m getting it more for just plinking and getting my hand on a pistol which I hardly ever do. Plus I’m going to be cheating a bit. It will get a laser on it. And I will have to say. The ferral cans better watch out I’m thinking.

        So if anybody has tryed pellets in the steel clip in the Brodax I would like to hear how it does.

      • Hi 103 David and Gunfun1. Thank you David for your observations. I just ordered the Brodax with cost somewhat as a factor. I have a almost new S&W 327TRR8 that leaks C02 like crazy. Of course it is out of warranty. I even tried BB’s Barrs auto transmission sealer on it to no avail. Please bear with me a minute. That thing cost over $100 and now it is non user repairable .So if the Brodax becomes a leaker, not so much money for another paper weight. I hope Gunfun1 gets one of these critters and gives us a report using the metal clips and pellets. The ricocheting with steel BBs can be a problem so maybe the lead BBs may be safer.
        Shoot safe guys

        • Harvey
          As cheap as the Brodax is I think I will get it and the steel clip and try some pellets out of it.

          Still got a fair amount of Co2 cartridges just sitting around from when I was into Co2 guns.

          You see what I’m doing don’t ya. I’m trying to give myself a reason to get the Brodax. 🙂

          • Hi GF1 and the group. The bottom line is that we can afford to try it and it looks cool . The only powder burning revolver I have is a Ruger Single Six, so I really ought to shoot air revolvers more to gain experience handling them.
            Have fun

              • You may have better luck shooting domed or pointed pellets. I am thinking of the clip to barrel indexing. After all we are talking about a $40 pistol and wonder how precise the indexing will be. In my younger days I shortly owned a Iver Johnson break open 32 and that silly thing sprayed lead every where around the magazine 🙂

                • Harvey
                  I know I have 4 different brand round nose pellets in .177 caliber and some wadcutters too.

                  Will try them and see how close they are to sticking out. Then may try some pointed pellets.

                  But I do know this that the wadcutters work pretty good in my smooth bore Crosman 760. So maybe they will do good in the Brodax.

                  We are about to find out soon though. Actually can’t wait to see how it does.

                  • Where we live it takes about 8 to 9 days to get stuff delivered from Pyramyd AIR. I just use the cheapest shipping here in western Idaho. Been re-reading the posts. I think the addition of the red/green sight will help with the light weight of the pistol. I plan on using a red dot sight and that thing will add some mass to the pistol. I am sure you will find a pellet in your collection that will work. Good luck and accurate shooting.

                    • Harvey
                      Wow really 8-9 days. I sometimes get it in 2 days but mostly 3 days from Ohio to Illinois useing the cheap shipping. And I’m glad of that. I get impatient waiting for a gun or parts and pellets when I order. I’m one of those people when I order I want it now. And I will say Pyramyd AIR has been pretty good with orders I have made through out time.

                      And I’m probably going to shoot the Brodax with open sights mostly. I want to do rapid shooting at multiple targets and throwing cans in the air and shooting them. By time you try to get a dot sight or even a laser on a flying can you will be to late shooting to hit. You have to be in front of it. Bit I will still put a laser under the barrel for can and spinner popping.

                      I use to shoot a semi-auto Beretta air soft pistol in the basement at my other house. Used open sights and a laser under the barrel on it. Had paper targets hanging from the ceiling at various hieghts from the floor and at multiple locations. Had a lot of fun rapid firing the clip empty with that gun. At the paper targets.

                      So this Brodax will bring back some memories I hope. But this time outside at some different kind of targets. I’m looking forward to it.

                  • Hi GF1
                    I am wondering how the metal clips and pellets are now working. Can you shoot pellets now in the Brodax ? Also did you do the BB test, using the metal clips ?

                    • Harvey I posted some e results but I think I posted about it on that days blog.

                      But yes the metal clips are working great with pellets in the Brodax.

                      I tryed a bunch of different pellets and 10 yards out to 20 yards. The JSB 8.4 grain pellets did the best. I could hit a soda can out at 20 yards but they were all over the can. And that was on a very calm day. And 15 yards really seems to be about the farthest out it likes. I can keep about a 2″ group out at 15 yards.

                      I have shot it more since then. And found that single action shooting is more accurate than double action. I was dry firing the pistol single action and double action. And in double action if I’m holding the gun in one hand and unsupported the muzzle of the gun shakes or vibrates back and forth from side to side. In single action I don’t see that. It’s much smoother in single action.

                      So I have went back through and tryed all the pellets over again in single action and at 15 yards and in and pretty much all the pellets stayed in around a 2-1/2″ round group.

                      So for my can plinking it is great.

                      Oh and steel bb’s fall right out of the metal clips. And when I do load the pellets in the metal clips I have to take a Bic pen cap and use the pointed round end of the cap to slightly seat the pellets. They will fall out if you don’t. And if you seat them to far they try to fall out the front. But if you seat them right you will feel a little click when they seat.

                      But that’s about it. You mentioned you got one and was going to try the metal clips. Did you?

                    • Oh and I should mention I get 110 good shots put of a cartridge.

                      It sure uses Co2 sparingly. But still makes good power right to the end.

                      It’s a nice gun for the money that’s for sure. I like it.

  5. Hello Gunfun1 and the group. Pyramyd AIR has a whole herd of Colt Pythons. Several all metal ones in BB and Pellet versions, plus some black plastic ones. Here is a link to the one I am considering.

    Colt Python .357 CO2 Pellet/BB Revolver
    Hope this link works. If not just do a search for Colt Pythons. For $10 more then then the Brodax, you get a rifled barrel, adjustable rear sight, both pellet and BB clips. One concern I have with this type of revolver and CO2 system is that when the gas valve fails, the gun is junk, where as a lot of semi automatics, you can just order a new magazine. Of course the magazine may cost near the cost of the Brodax or plastic Python.
    It is super to see BB shooting again. Good show BB and be careful.

    • Harvey
      I was mostly wondering if the Brodax barrel was sized more to fit the he smaller bb diameter. Pellets in .177 caliber are a bigger diameter than bb’s. So thought maybe there could be a tight pellet in the barrel situation happen if using that steel Python pellet clip in the Brodax.

      • OK, I follow you now, and perhaps that could be another BB post. For bb pistol accuracy, is it better to get a smooth bore dedicated bb pistol, rather then those pistols that shoot both bbs and pellets ? I have 2 such pistols. The Crosman Vigilante and the Smith and Wesson M&P 45 . They both work fine, but generally I get tighter groups using pellets in each of them, shooting at bb gun 15 ft ranges.
        Best wishes

    • K7ugshooter:

      I have an older Colt Python that I purchased used. It did not come with a box or instructions. The 2 clips that came with it were for BB’s. Do you know if the metal pellet clips and pellets will work with this gun?

      I’m tempted to purchase a couple of the pellet clips and give it a go. I assume I’m not going to have pieces of gun flying all over.


      • HI Jim,
        I really do not know, but since it is a older Python, it is anyone’s guess. It seems that the newer Colt Python that is mostly plastic and comes with both bb and pellet clips is a very new addition. So far there is just one review for it, and the guy complained that BBs would not stay in the clips.


  6. As for the looks of this gun, it looks very modern with the underlug and rails, so we may be seeing more of this. Now that I’ve found a small private range, I am bursting with reactive target ideas. Thrown pine cones, resealable targets, clay pigeons. Things get more interesting closer in.

    B.B., with the strict standards of the field target shooters, the money savings in pellets seems to go out the window. But I can understand the drive for perfection. I was curious to see how the finally-perfected Matt61 ammo would do in the M1. Overall poorly, but some groups were tantalizing. The fact that some of these were at shorter range makes me wonder if my eyesight has become a limiting factor for iron sights at 100 yards.


    • Matt61
      If you don’t have anything around your new shooting area that could get hit from a ricoche. Try some ping pong balls placed out in various places. They go flying nicely when hit. And what I mean by ricoche. Is the pellet hitting the ping pong ball and flying off in a different direction. I think the ball is so light that it allows the pellet to get knocked off before it has a chance to penetrate the ping pong ball.

      But anyway you will have to tell us about your shooting area and what kind of targets you end up trying.

  7. BB
    Glad to know your eye is returning to usable condition and from the groups you shot shoulder back to as close to 100% as possible in no time at all. Its very good you just happen to have such a world class eye surgeon right in your area that did the repairs to your eye.

    I am not mush of a pistol person myself but recently bought a Beeman P 17 and have to say it is a pleasure to shoot and as usual more accurate than I am with a pistol.

    Glad all is getting better with your eye.


  8. GF1

    Got some blood with the FWB today . Took 4 starlings off the suet block out back .
    Had a great feel to it .
    Shamefully close distance, but still greatly rewarding .


    • TT
      That’s good. Sounds like your FWB is doing good. And I’ll tell you that little 1377 that I turned into a rifle with a Discovery stock and parts has taken more starlings and black birds than my other air guns. Well it seems that way anyway. Happy with it.

      And long story short after trying to deter a pest for a couple weeks now with other means. My Talon SS put a shot right between his beedy glowing eyes from my green laser. Was out at 35 yards. He was DOA soon as the pellet hit. Was a 35# racoon. He didn’t even twich after he was hit.

      Since I put that laser on it has become my favorite fast acquisition gun at 50 yards and in. It will shoot out at farther distances no problem with the scope. But it’s just crazy to pick up the gun put at my waist and point and shoot. No more trying to find the target/pest in the scope or red dot. See the target and point and shoot. And just like that. I like it.

  9. BB
    I wrote to you the other day about getting the Brodax as a Christmas gift from my wife. I love it and it is pretty accurate and it probably would be more so if a guy with younger eyes were shooting it. I did hit a plastic pop bottle cap 4 times at 35 feet so not too bad. Mostly i just tear paper and pop cans. I am getting about 70 shots per co2 fill,depending on how much time between shots. Okay there is my 2 or 3 cents worth of review of this inexpensive bb revolver. I am waiting for my Dan Wesson 2.5 inch revolver to come any day,looking forward to it!

    I pray you have a very blessed 2017, BB. Happy New Year buddy.

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