by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

ASG X9 Classic
ASG X9 Classic.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • The test
  • ASG Blaster BBs
  • The eye is sharp
  • Hornady Black Diamond BBs
  • Recoil
  • H&N Smart Shot lead BBs
  • Evaluation

I had to go out of town suddenly today for a family emergency and I don’t know when I’ll return. I will do the best I can with the blog. Fortunately I shot and took pictures for today’s report before this happened.

Today we look at the accuracy of the ASG X9 Classic BB pistol. Let’s get to it.

The test

I shot from 5 meters using the UTG Monopod to rest my shooting hand. Because this pistol uses a lot of gas, a fresh CO2 cartridge was installed at the start of the test.

ASG Blaster BBs

First up were ASG Blaster BBs. I learned how to load the magazine in this part of the review and it went a lot easier than in Part 2. Put the BBs in the channel of the magazine with the follower pulled all the way down. Then tip the mag slightly back and they roll down to the hole, where they drop into the mag. Loading is much faster and easier that way.

Ten Blaster BBs went into a 2.189-inch group at 5 meters. The group is open and generally round. I don’t think Blaster BBs are right for this pistol.

ASG X9 Classic Blaster target
Ten ASG Blaster BBs made this 2.189-inch group at 5 meters.

The eye is sharp

Incidentally, if you are wondering, my right eye (sighting eye) is razor-sharp. I am seeing the front sight perfectly. The bull is a little fuzzy, but that is exactly how it should be with a handgun held properly.

Hornady Black Diamond BBs

The next BB I tried was the Hornady Black Diamond BB. I didn’t watch the group as I shot — just kept sighting and shooting. When it was over there were 10 shots in 1.287-inches. That was the best group of the test. Notice that the BBs went close to the point of aim, which was 6 o’clock on the bull.

ASG X9 Classic Black Diamond target
Ten Hornady Black Diamond BBs went into 1.287-inches at 5 meters. The best group of the test.


I mentioned in Part 2 that the blowback of this pistol is very realistic. Well, that came through very clearly in this accuracy test. I think the X9 Classic makes a very good trainer for a Beretta 92FS/M9.

H&N Smart Shot

The final BB I tested was the H&N Smart Shot lead BB. These are larger and sometimes do very well in BB pistols. In the X9 Classic 10 of them went into 2.298-inches at 5 meters. That was the largest group of this test. Clearly the Smart Shot BB is not for the X9 Classic.

ASG X9 Classic Smart Shot target
At 5 meters the X9 pistol put 10 H&N Smart Shot lead BBs into a group measuring 2.298-inches between centers.


The ASG X9 Classic is a very realistic BB pistol that copies the M9 military pistol closely. The realism is good and the blowback is among the heaviest I have ever tested.

Accuracy is adequate, if not stunning. But I think at the distance this pistol will be used it’s all that’s required. Consider using Hornady Black Diamond BBs unless you find something better.

The use of gas is high, but that goes with the heavy recoil I think. I don’t like that the magazine floorplate must be removed each time a new CO2 cartridge is pierced. But that is a small inconvenience in a very realistic action BB pistol.