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CO2 Sig Sauer P226 X-Five pellet pistol: Part 1

Sig Sauer P226 X-Five pellet pistol: Part 1

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Sig P226 X-Five
Sig’s P226 X-Five pellet pistol.

This report covers:

  • PELLET pistol?
  • The quiet reader
  • What’s an X-Five?
  • Back to pellets — features
  • Sights
  • Trigger
  • Blowback
  • Safety
  • Grip
  • Magazine
  • Slide and frame
  • Size and finish
  • Summary
  • Note to Sig

If it sounds like this blog has turned into one long commercial for Sig, don’t blame me! They are the ones who keep on bringing out significant new airgun products. Today we begin looking at the Sig Sauer P226 X-Five pellet pistol.

PELLET pistol?

That’s right, sports fans — this pistol shoots lead diabolo PELLETS! Don’t get it confused with the Sig Sauer P226 X-Five BB pistol that looks very similar. I have already gotten confused a couple times, so I know how easy it is.

The quiet reader

I’m starting this report today for the quiet reader. He’s the guy who has commented that he would sure like to see each BB pistol I have tested in a version that shot pellets. The belief is since pellet pistols have rifled barrels they will be more accurate at greater distances. I think that’s true, as long as we bear in mind that a repeating pistol with blowback will never be as accurate as a dedicated single shot pistol, when all other variables are the same. But in all probability a rifled bore should put the pellet pistol ahead of a smoothbore BB pistol at distances of 10 meters, or so. That’s the hope, and that’s what I will be testing.

What’s an X-Five?

Sig’s P226 is a military sidearm, and the X-Five started out as a custom hand-fitted competition version of the gun. The Five refers to the barrel length in inches and this pistol is single action only — both in the firearm and pellet versions. You can’t tell by looking at it, but the Sig X-Five is meant to be an alternative to a 1911, for those who don’t want a 1911. Instead of a single-stack 8 + 1 in .45 ACP you have 19 +1 in 9mm.

The most significant thing for me, though, is the accuracy. Several reports I have read say the X-Five accuracy is on-par with the Sig P210 — a legendary pistol! The X-Five is rated to put 5 shots into LESS than 2-inches at 25 meters (27 yards). And they call ME the Great Enabler! With accuracy like that, which is in the same ballpark as my Wilson Combat 1911 CQB, do they think I can resist? Guys, it’s getting harder and harder to be me anymore!

Back to pellets — features

Okay, we aren’t talking about a firearm today. This is a pellet pistol. At a retail of $120 I know there hasn’t been any hand-fitting work done to the action. BUT — and this is a big but — this pistol has some FEATURES! For starters, there is a fully adjustable rear sight! If this pistol will group, you can move that group where you need it to be.


Besides the rear sight adjusting, there are no fiberoptics to be found anywhere on this pistol. Apparently someone at Sig has actually fired a handgun at some time! On the X-Five Tactical, which I think this pellet pistol copies, the sights are tritium night sights. I have those on my Wilson Combat 1911 and they do work. I pull the pistol out of the nightstand drawer every so often to see the glowing dots.

You won’t get $100 sights on a $120 pellet pistol, but there is a white dot on the front post. That post is also squared for target shooting, if that’s your pleasure.


More features. The X-Five is single action only. Yes I am aware that one version of the firearm (the Allround) has both a single and double action trigger, but I believe the version Sig has copied here is version they call the X-Five Tactical. It sure looks like one.

Anyhow, a single action trigger is going to be lighter and crisper than a double action trigger every time. I have tried this one and, while it isn’t super crisp, it is light. Can’t wait to try it on targets!


And the all-metal slide blows back fully on every shot, cocking the hammer for the next shot. Unfortunately the slide does not remain back after the final shot has been fired, so that’s something you have to pay attention to.


The safety is manual and ambidextrous. It will feel very comfortable to all 1911 shooters. I found it a bit stiff to put on, but it comes off with thumb pressure. It should become smoother with use.


What doesn’t feel the same as a 1911 is the grip. This grip is molded rubber that conforms to the hand. Even though the magazine is double stack for the firearm, they kept the grip width down to a reasonable level, so it doesn’t feel like you’re holding a 2 by 4.


The mag is a drop free stick mag (yes — for pellets) that houses a 20-round belt. You’re going to get as many shots with the pellet pistol as firearms shooters.

Sig P226 X-Five magazine
The X-Five magazine holds 20 shots in a revolving belt.

Slide and frame

As mentioned the slide is all metal. But the ejection port is just an impression in the metal, because what has to eject? Those who want absolute realism in their air pistols need to be aware of that.

The frame is metal, too. A Picatinney rail under the frame and ahead of the triggerguard is the perfect mounting spot for a light, a laser or both. The frame is long enough that the light needn’t stick out ahead of the muzzle.

Size and finish

The X-Five is a large air pistol. It’s fully the size of a 1911, plus it weighs 46 ounces with a CO2 cartridge installed. The finish is all black, like the X-Five Tactical firearm.


The X-Five pellet pistol is a realistic action pistol for those who have been asking for one. It’s large and in charge and I have no doubt it will fit any holster that’s made for the firearm. This is going to be an exciting airgun to test.

Note to Sig

Sig — please stop innovating for awhile! I need to catch my breath and get some money back in the bank. The firearm version of this pistol is now on my bucket list!

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

42 thoughts on “Sig Sauer P226 X-Five pellet pistol: Part 1”

  1. Looking forward to the shooting test. I have the P320 airgun and I have nothing but good things to say about it. It’s light, has heavy blowback and I don’t experience any jams with the meisterkugeln pellets. Crosman pellets another story though, lots of jams. I’m keeping my eye on this one for now.

  2. B.B.,

    Since the magazine is advanced by slide moving due to the blow back action, does the magazine need any lubrication to facilitate its function? If so, what would be a good lubricant? Silicone grease?


    PS: Section Grip Last sentence: “Even though the magazine is double stack for the firearm, they kept the grip width down to a reasonable lever (level), so it doesn’t feel like you’re holding a 2 by 4.”

    • RR
      Yep I’m interested for sure. I want to see if it’s got a nice blow back. I’m hoping so.

      And yes with these action guns I still prefer a pellet version over a bb version even with blow back. And I do want the blow back so that bump is there to somewhat simulate the firearm version. That’s the whole purpose for me is to see how accurate I can shoot the nlow back gun.

      This should be a fun test to watch.

  3. I will have to say there is one thing that caught my attention when I was reading the description on the PA page.

    Nothing wrong with the description. It’s got a rifled barrel so that’s good. But what concern’s me is that it says it shoots bb’s or pellets.

    What I have seen is that usually bb’s fit loose in the holes you push them in. Or bb’s fit good and pellets are tight to push in.

    Tight is good on the pellet fit. But to tight can slow a gun down. And sometimes cause the pellet to not feed true to the barrel. Well and also if the pellet fits too loose in the hole. Both things can cause accuracy problems.

    So BB when the time comes can you see how bb’s and pellets fit the holes.

      • BB
        Ok thanks.

        You can just let me know what you think of the pellet fit.

        I can fix tight but fixing loose fit of a pellet is the problem. So I would rather have the tighter fitting pellet situation than the looser fit.

  4. I have the B.B. version of this pistol. It’s very well done. I like that it’s DA / SA both just like my CZ firearm pistols. It’s reasonable accurate for a B.B. gun. The magazine looks and feels (weight) nearly identical to the firearm. It’s a terrific training tool!

    St. Louis, MO

  5. If any readers live in central Indiana hit me up I’m interested in starting a club. there is a strong possibility of developing a FT course at a public shooting facility.

  6. BB
    Nice write up – I am looking forward for the shooting results with this beautiful X-Five. Also, curious about what you find out in the SIG factory tour. This are indeed exciting times for airguns fans!

  7. B.B.,

    Thank you for your report on the Sig P226 X-Five Pellet gun.
    This Pellet version will let me practice in my basement range and perhaps even in my backyard. Please report on what your ears tell you about neighbor friendly level. CO2 says probably basement only with all my gun hater liberal neighbors.

    I have shot many versions of this Sig 226 platform. Of the platform type the X series is the one I find most to my liking for many reasons but most of all for it’s trigger group selection and trigger adjustability. The Sig P226 X-Six is however by far the most INTERESTING (I know all caps is shouting…but the X-Six is a weapon to shout about!). The piece ranks up there as a 2.5 – 5 cm 50 meter accuracy shooter. If you haven’t looked throughly into the X series you need to get a shooter at Sig to let you try some while you visit. Please, please invite me to come along!!!


  8. B.B.,
    Does the blow back cycle the magazine or does pulling the trigger cycle it (advance the pellets)? Reading the review to date off of PA, most complain about a heavy trigger, yet one or two say it’s light (like you did). Some say the trigger advances the pellets. Makes me wonder if an improvement might have been made? If the trigger does not advance the pellets, that would be great. When you say single action trigger, then I take it the hammer is cocked by the blow back of the slide? I don’t know of many pellet pistols that are true semis.
    Also as with pellet pistols being more accurate than the bb clones that don’t seem to always be the case. If memory serves right, the Colt SA BB pistol you tested firing pellets in it did as well or better than the pellet version. But I may wrong.
    Looking so forward to seeing how this one plays out. Thanks for reviewing her for us!


    • Doc,

      I am a pistol shooter. So I think the trigger pull is light.

      I think the people who think it is heavy are comparing it to a soecial trigger. When compared to a nice 1911 Colt single action trigger it is in the ballpark. Not as light as a Wilson Combat trigger, but lighter than many 1911 clones.

      Compared to a $1,400 X-Five firearm trigger I am sure this one feels heavy. But those guns are hand-fitted.

      The slide does cock the hammer with each shot. I am pretty sure the takeup slack in the trigger advances the magazine belt, and there is almost no resistance. Maybe after I begin shooting pellets I will know more.


      • I know that in the MCX and MPX the trigger pull advances the belt in the magazine. I think it is similar to a DA revolver. It may be the same in this pistol because it works for them without a redesign.

      • B.B.,
        That is good news (for me anyway). Single action pull on a 1911 isn’t bad at all to me either. I’m glad the hammer cocks the trigger. I can’t see advancing the belt/ammo/pellets being that bad. On my Daisy 45 (4500), pulling the hammer back, the trigger still lifts up the pellet elevator (my description of it anyway) and I find that isn’t bad at all compared to letting the trigger cock the hammer too. I really can’t wait to see if this girl shoot well now. I hope it is “accurate” for what it is. This could be one heck of a plinking pistol!


  9. B.B.,

    Now, this is interesting. I have been considering the p320 lately and I see Hobbyman77 says good things about it.
    I will carefully review your 4 part series on the p320 with this report on the p226. I am bound to have one of them before long, to enjoy while the warmth of summer is with us.


  10. B.B.,

    Love your blog…..Thanks for all your insight!…..I purchased the original Sig Sauer 226 from Pyramyd, SIG-A-226F177B [PY-3691-7104] SIG Sauer P226CO2 pellet pistol, 16rd mag, blowback,/product/sig-sauer-p226-co2-pellet-pistol-black?m=3691, a few years ago. Looks like this is an updated model? Can you compare the 2 models also?

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