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Competition Air Arms S510XS Ultimate Sporter with Laminate Stock: Part 4

Air Arms S510XS Ultimate Sporter with Laminate Stock: Part 4

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Air Arms S510XS
Air Arms S510XS Ultimate Sporter with Laminate Stock.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Meopta MeoPro Optika6 3-18X56-scope: Part 1

This report covers:

  • Finish the sight-in
  • First JSB group
  • Hoity-toity!
  • So-the JSB pellets?
  • What to do?
  • First up — Air Arms 16-grain Field pellet
  • Air Arms Falcon pellets
  • What now?
  • Discussion
  • Summary
  • PS

I’m taking my time with this report because I’m testing three top-of-the-line products together. Of course the main report is about the Air Arms S510XS Ultimate Sporter with Laminate Stock, but I have mounted a Meopta MeoPro Optika6 3-18X56 scope on it in Sportsmatch 30mm high adjustable scope mounts. Everything I am testing is the best of the best. And in Part 3 of the S510 report I spent a lot of time explaining how I adjusted the rifle and also how I mounted the scope and sighted it in. Today we see the fruit of that work as I begin testing the rifle for accuracy at 25 yards.

Finish the sight-in

You may remember that in Part 3 I showed you two shots at a target from 12 feet. They were to sight-in the rifle and to adjust the Sportsmatch rings with enough droop to compensate for the rifle’s natural tendency.

S510XS Ultimate Sporter sight-in 2
The sight-in target I showed you in Part 3.

Well, I used that same target to finish sighting in. Starting at 10 meters I fired five pellets and adjusted the reticle to bring them up to where I thought they should be at that distance. In my experience a pellet that’s one inch low at 10 meters will be spot on at 25 yards. I thought I had the shots fairly well centered at 10 meters, but when I backed up to 25 yards the shots were off to the left.

I had planned showing you that target and talking though what I did, but it looked too confusing after I was done. So I just dialed in some correction and shot five shots at 25 yards. And by the way, I’m shooting the JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy pellet.

First JSB group

Wouldn’t you know it — the first pellet blew the dot (the 10-ring) in the target bull away. In the past I have powered through that because the scope reticles were thick enough to center the bull more-or-less. But not this time. This Meopta scope is so fantastically clear that I had turned on the illumination to watch the red dot in the center of the 9-ring. And my shot had just blown away half of that ring! So, I had to guesstimate where the 9-ring was and I was certain that caused my first 5-shot group to grow unnecessarily.

S510XS JSB group 1
The Air Arms S510 rifle put 5 JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy pellets in 0.374-inches at 25 yards. A very vertical group!

Okay, BB can learn. I adjusted the scope up by 7 clicks and shot another 5 of the same JSB pellets. This time the aiming point remained clear but the group isn’t that much smaller. Five JSB Exact Jumbo Heavies are in 0.331-inches at 25 yards.

S510XS JSB group 2
Five JSB pellets went into 0.331-inches at 25 yards. This is also a vertical group.


Well, listen to BB! He’s complaining about a 5-shot group at 25 yards that’s a third of an inch between centers. Get him!

You wanna know why I’m complaining? I’m complaining because I am seeing things through this fabulous scope that I have never seen through any scope before — not a Nightforce, not a custom Hakko — not even a Leupold scope that was custom-built for field target. This Meopta scope is C-L-E-A-R!!!

I’m complaining because, for the first time in my shooting career I can SEE that I can do a much better job! I could have stopped after the word SEE, because that’s what’s happening. I can see that tiny red dot of illumination inside the 9-ring on the target that is 0.217-inches (5.5mm) across, and I can see it so clearly that, if I concentrate, I can keep the dot inside that ring. In fact I can keep it on top of the 10-ring that’s the same size as the dot (0.5mm/0.01968-inches) about 80 percent of the time. This scope isn’t good — it’s FABULOUS!

Even with 32-power scopes I can’t see as clearly as I can with this one that stops at 18 power. I imagine this is what the world looks like through a Swarovski scope or one from Schmidt and Bender.

So-the JSB pellets?

These JSB pellets are not right for the S510 I am testing. They are wonderful in a lot of other airguns — just not in this one.

What to do?

I needed to find some pellets that show the real capabilities of the S510 and a crazy thought hit me — what about Air Arms pellets? Now some folks may think that because the tin says Air Arms that they make them, but of course they don’t. JSB makes them for Air Arms. As I understand it they are made on dies that Air Arms owns. So why not give them a try?

First up — Air Arms 16-grain Field pellet

The first pellet I tried was the 16-grain Air Arms Field pellet. The second shot went into the same hole as the first and right then I knew I was onto something. But, after 4 pellets had gone into 0.139-inches (I measured it), I got flustered and forgot how to shoot. I “pulled” the last shot and opened the group to 0.181-inches. I am not kidding! I got so focused by the potential of this rifle/scope/mounts setup (and so mesmerized by keeping the red dot over the 10-ring) that I was embarrassed by this “horrible” group. And, I really did “pull” the last shot to the left of the main group.

S510XS AA 16 group 1
Five Air Arms 16-grain domes. I was actually embarrassed by the large size of this 0.181-inch 5-shot group! I didn’t use the trime for scale because I thought the group was too big. The left side of the group is a pellet I “threw” on my last shot.

Air Arms Falcon pellets

The second Air Arms pellet I tried was their Falcon. This time it was even worse, because it was even better. This time the first 4 pellets went into 0.11-inches. Only because I was looking through that Meopta scope could I even tell the group was growing. And, sure enough, on shot 5 I got so flustered that I threw it high and right to enlarge the group to a whopping 0.345-inches! This time you can see the flier that I swear I threw there. I was sniping the trigger.

S510XS AA Falcon group
Yeah — I know it’s massive but what can I do? Five Falcon pellets went into 0.345-inches at 25 yards. The high right hole was the last pellet that I threw.

What now?

Okay, I am now as flustered as a teenaged boy on his first date. But I wanted to finish this test strong, so I selected the 16-grain pellet to shoot a final 10-shot group. And I did fabulously for the first 7 shots. In fact 9 of the 10 shots are in a round 0.17-inches. HOWEVER — shot number 8 wouldn’t go off until I jerked the trigger back. That one shot opened this group to 0.307-inches at 25 yards! Imagine that! I’m, upset at shooting 10 pellets into 0.307-inches at 25 yards.

S510XS AA 16 group 2
Ten pellets made this 0.307-inch group, but 9 of them are in 0.17-inches!


We are not done with this test. Oh, no! In fact we are just getting started. Remember how I had to learn to relax with the Stoeger springer? Looks like I gotta do it all over again with the S510.

Being this close to real quality is a definite change for me. I feel like at any moment I will be asked to get out of the Rolls Royce and climb back on my bicycle again. So, I be draggin’ my feet.


Gee willikers!


Hafta do this again real soon.

85 thoughts on “Air Arms S510XS Ultimate Sporter with Laminate Stock: Part 4”

  1. B.B.

    When you are talking about accuracy, this is it!


    I want a gun that can shoot a 1/4 inch group at 25 yards. I know then that I am the limiting factor.
    If the gun can only shoot a one inch group at 25 yards, I grabbed the wrong gun from the gun rack!
    Now if Meopeta would only make a H FT friendly reticle and have a 16X marking, every serious FT shooter would have one! I might have 2, lol.


  2. B.B.,

    Well?,… where to even begin a comment? Well done first of all. The scope sounds like the cat’s meow. You are making me wish that I was currently in need of a new scope.

    Back to the “relaxing” bit eh? 🙂 It made a huge difference for me when I discovered it (was told about it) and everything just fell into place. Easy in concept,… not quite a easy as one may think.

    Since the group centering was off/left at 25 yards from the 10 meter,…. do you plan to shift the scope/barrel axis relationship via the adjustable Sportsmatch rings? Seeing this,… is it safe to assume that a group would be further left at 50 yards as currently adjusted?

    Those rings are sweet and perfect for just such a situation.

    Good Day to you and to all,…. Chris

  3. BB,

    LOL! I understand. I remember what it was like when I first took my HM1000X out to Lloyd’s range and after zeroing and a few practice shots, I settled down and shot a one inch group at 100 yards. That was with a “lowly” Hawke 2-7X32 on top.

    It also helps me to appreciate what you do. I do understand how difficult it is to shoot an air rifle such as this and then objectively review a Wang Po Whazitbang 3000SE in such a manner that someone with no experience in airguns (newbie) can understand.

    I personally struggle with that. How do I remain objective when discussing the merits of various air rifles that this newbie is considering when my nose is so high in the air all I see are the clouds? I try to keep in mind my search for my first air rifle. I remember the Roanoke show where I finally decided which air rifle would be my first. For a good bit I dithered back and forth between a used Gamo CFX and a new 397. You were there. I came over to your table. You were trying to sell two Kral copies of the Gamo CFX. I was not impressed with them.

    For a little longer I struggled with my choice until I remembered the article you had written concerning the Gamo CFX. It went home with me that evening and I never regretted my choice.

  4. BB ,

    As most enthusiasts know Air-Arms pellets are made by JSB . But Air-Arms owns there own dies , therefore uniformity is better controlled . I have some customers who only want the Air-Arms branded pellets for this reason . That is good to know about the clarity of the MEOPTA scope . It is all about the resolution in lines per MM that makes great optics . Power is way less critical than resolution and clarity . Enjoy that rifle !!

    • Gene,

      I am enjoying everything! I knew the S510 would be accurate. But I was unprepared for how a better scope can allow me to be more accurate.

      I believe the S510 will be accurate with many different pellets. Now I’m going to adjust that trigger yet again and see if I can get it lighter to stop my sniping.


      • B.B.,
        Great report. For those of us new to shooting, please describe what it is that you are calling “sniping”, and how adjusting the trigger or other things that may reduce it’s affect on accuracy. – Don

        • Don,

          That’s a good question. I was using jargon that I shouldn’t use.

          Sniping, when referring to target shooting, means pulling the trigger at the moment you think the sights are aligned. It ruins accuracy because pulling the trigger also moves the gun. I made it even more jargon when I said “sniping the trigger.” I should have said sniping the target by pulling the trigger, or just sniping the target.


      • B.B.,

        First: nice shooting.

        Second: “I imagine this is what the world looks like through a Swarovski scope or one from Schmidt and Bender.” Seriously! (I have refrained from posting about scope to rifle ratio because historically most Airgun zealots have the need to keep costs down. BUT, The Godfather of airguns has never looked through one of those? Nor a Zeis, a Kahles, a March or some of the other US $3,000.00+ scopes?!?!?! That needs to be on your Bucket List Tom; and I’m talking about owning one. Yes they are in the money is no object buyers realm but they are also in the realm of informed buyers who can make use of the improvement in optical performance. I’ll bet your group would have been smaller with the right S&B or any of the other brands I listed.

        Third: You may want to start talking about percent reduction in group size when you get down to group sizes less than say, 0.40″ (10.16mm) because it makes the group size reduction more clearly understandable.

        Fourth: Considering the above suggestion I was able to almost to the hundredth inch predict your group size when you didn’t blow out your POA. Check my math and you will see what I mean ;^)

        Finally: I was taught that an accurate rifle typically deserves a scope that is three times the basic cost of the rifle! I realize that prices do not reflect quality in all cases but in most optics it still remains true. So you see that puts you right in the entry level S&B (comparable scopes) with this rifle. You know you want one….


  5. B.B.,

    I’d blame those fliers from my excitement if I was the one shooting those groups! Then again what else should one expect when using one of the best rifle, mount and scope combinations on the market


    PS: Introduction Second paragraph Second sentence: “And in Part 3 of the S510 report I spent a lot of time explaining how I adjusted the rifle and also how I mounted thje (the) scope and sighted it in.”

      • B.B.,

        Resistance Is Futile!!!!!!,…. as Edith used to say. 😉 Just commit to it already! 🙂

        Plus,…. for you get this “gaga” over something and given your vast knowledge and experience with all sorts of air guns,… and scopes,…. and rings,…. you should have sold yourself already.

        I imagine that you are leaving your pocket flashlights at home these days? Why? It is apparent that you are still “glowing” from the session! 🙂


  6. BB ,

    You could go a little lighter on the weight screw , but You could also try turning in the 2nd stage screw a little bit about 1/16 to 1/8 turn . It is the back screw in the trigger blade . Sometimes the 2nd stage can have a bit of creep , that will definitely help with getting a glass rod break . At this point of splitting hairs it is worth a try .

  7. If you can get that excited about it then it must be pretty special. Sometimes, the old saying “You get what you pay for” really does apply.
    Glad to hear there is more to come on this report.

    • Jim,

      I don’t know why but I sorta had a feeling this was going to happen. I had hoped so much that the FX Dreamlight would turn out this way, but now I have a rifle that does what I want it to do and it’s coupled with a scope that’s the best I’ve ever seen. Woohoo! 🙂


    • Brent,

      Yes, it does. The series that this scope is in has 25 different reticles available and several are mil dot.

      I wish Pyramyd AIR would carry this one. It’s not for everyone, but there are folks who want the best and I think this is it.


      • B.B.

        I am seriously looking at one of these scopes for my .25 FX Royale. My bench shooting has improved enough that I feel a quality scope would make a difference.

        They are not cheap though – will likely have to sell my services on a street corner to be able to get one …might take me awhile to save up doing that! LOL!

        • Hank,

          The last scope I touted this much was the UTG 4-16 Bubble Leveler, which I said at the time was the clearest scope I had even looked through. I handed that scope to many people who all seemed to agree — without me telling them what I thought.

          This one goes well past that. I tried my darndest to resist buying this scope, but when will I ever see one as clear? I don’t have the money for a Swarovski or a Schmidt and Bender and like I said above, nothing else I have looked through is as clear.

          I plan to try it ion my ASP20, too!


          • B.B.,

            Now that you mentioned the ASP20, I have noticed that the synthetic stoked version is available in P.A, with or without the Whiskey3 scope. I have been waiting for this combo to show up and now that it is available I am a bit scared about picking the wrong one.

            Have you had the chance to compare the two stocks in terms of weight, and accuracy/harmonics? Also, any opinion about the scope in the combo?



  8. Super report B.B.!

    Some really fine shooting!

    This is the kinda rifle I like – if the shot is off, well I know it’s not the equipment LOL!

    I am getting into longer range (50 yards +) bench-rest shooting and am looking at the FX Smooth-Twist X barrel system. Is there any chance that you could do a series of reports on a .25 caliber FX Crown for the people who are into bench-rest shooting? Would be appreciated.


      • GF1,

        Thanks for the offer but think I would have problems getting that one across the border.

        I’m considering a new rifle, as I mentioned, probably an FX Crown although I have been looking at the AA S510 for years and now that they are regulated its back on the high-interest short list..

        Immediate requirement is for a quality scope for my .25 FX Royal and if all turns out well I will likely stay with that.

        • Hank,

          If you can swing it,.. get it. We trust B.B. after all. 😉 I would have one if I were in the market for one, for sure. 550-750 US from a quick look this AM. I would (for sure) get a Christmas tree ret. down under myself. Love the Athlon FFP that I have,.. which has that ret..

          You like the FX’s eh? The Impacts were the predominate gun at the P.A. Cup I do believe. I have no opinion myself,…. but if you see something a lot in competition,… I will give it a second look to be sure.


          • Chris,

            I am talking to myself here as I am sorting out my thoughts…

            The Impact and the Crown offer easy, repeatable external adjustments (hammer, port and reg – with a supporting gauge) and the Smooth Twist X barrel system which makes changing calibers and twist-rate possible. Think these features are ideal for somebody who needs multiple calibers; needs tunability to shoot a variety of pellets/slugs; needs intimate control of settings or just likes to be able to twiddle all the knobs to see what happens – I probably fall into the last category LOL!

            IMHO, these features are beyond gimmicks and marketing ploys – FX has come up with a very adaptable platform and if you can only afford one rifle and want to be able to flow with the technology (talking about airgun slugs here) then you can chose their bullpup or their conventional rifle. Both are high-power, high shot-count tack-drivers. Being old school, I much prefer the Crown, each to their own eh?

            My Royale lacks the convenient adjustability and overall flexibility of the Crown but is a proven long range performer. Once my skill is up to snuff I may see about tweaking the settings and tuning harmonics but for now I am happy with it as is – the rifle is designed and factory tuned to the 25 gr JSBs and it is shooting them very well so it’s best not to mess with a good thing (reminder to self!).

            There is a Hawke Vantage 4-12×50 on the rifle right now and it is great for hunting but I think that a higher magnification target scope would be better for bench shooting. Changing the Royale from a hunter to a bencher will cause a minor shift in assigned roles in the gun cabinet but that would not be a big issue and I can cover that base ok.

            Will probably make a new horizontally laminated stock (similar to the AR20 stock) so RidgeRunner may get his wish for a blog series about that. I’ll have to see.

            Since getting back into airguns I have been lucky to have acquired some really fine rifles. Now that my shooting interests have “matured” and I have become more focused I will keep a few of the rifles I shoot a lot and sell the rest to get a dedicated long-range bench rifle – unless I win a lottery and can have my cake and eat it to LOL! Guess that you went through the same considerations when You decided on the Red Wolf.

            Think I will be spending the winter researching and watching the technology before committing to anything. Thanks for listening eh! Done babbling!


            • Hank,

              Yes similar to you then,… and now. My choices were dictated by ambi in all ways of ergonomics. I shoot rifle left,….. so that took a huge amount of the offerings off the table right out of the gate. Some,… I just did not like the looks. I do like the flexibility aspects that you mentioned.

              I believe it was on the HAM site,…. but they were getting better groups at 100 than they were at 50 yards (as best I recall). Why? The longer the bullet spun,… the more stable it became. I am behind on my studies and keeping up. 🙁 Correct barrel twist rate also factored in.


              • Chris,

                I’ve just started researching slugs and that is an interesting article – especially this part:

                “We have been working with FX Airguns on slug gun development. FX SmoothTwist barrels are specifically designed to shoot pellets – much improved performance is available with a dedicated slug barrel and FX is working with us on that.”

                Without a skirt, slug size to barrel size is critical – hope the manufacturers settle on a standard size and not get all stupid-propriety on us!

                Very interested to see where this goes – it might be easy to justify another .25 caliber rifle!

                I believe that the gap in the receiver on the Crown has already been made wider to allow easier hand-feeding pellets – just might have been designed for the longer slugs as well – how convenient!


                • Hank,

                  There has been talk here and else ware of FX working on this for some time. DS modified the twist for the Safari I do believe. It is a tweaked Red Wolf with 25% more power and is intended to be more slug friendly. HAM has been doing a ballistic series over that past few months (worth a look) and slugs were a part within that.

                  Good luck on finding out more. Keep us posted on anything you turn up. My general sense is that it is in the mid/late development phases currently and that several makers are rapidly racing each other.


                  Here is the links. Note that there is (2 pages) of “technical archives”, but they all appear to be there. Some very interesting reading with lots of data, graphs, charts and such.


  9. BB
    So now we are all sparkly inside with the performance of the gun and scope. Can we try a dot sight on it now?

    I have had surprisingly good luck with guns that where accurate with dot sights.

    The dot sight will get you all sparkly in another way. Especially with this gun I’m betting. 😉

      • B.B.,

        It is almost going to be impossible to get a manual transmission in the very near future : (
        in anything!!!
        Bumper to bumper commutes, Infotainment systems are driving sales has given us cr@ppy drivers who need lane keeping, auto-braking and automatic parallel parking assist systems.


        • Shootski
          Before long nobody will be able to do anything.

          The ones that survive will be gods.

          That’s scary ain’t it. God does have a plan. And again us little humans don’t see it.

            • BB
              Ain’t got time for that.

              Did anyone ever tell you are ate up.

              Here this is what I’m talking about.

              “A DOT SIGHT!!!!!!!!????????

              What’s next — an automatic transmission in the Ferrari? Training wheels on the Hog?


              That was a ate up comment.

              How about searching what ate up means.

              I made my comment very diplomatically. Maybe you’ll understand at some point in time.

                  • Gunfun1,

                    I think the problem with ate up is that it has been around long enough that unless it is say, the St. Louis usage or the US Army usage. Ate Up unfortunately now means way to many different things to different people in different places. I jumped on the idea that you thought B.B. was saying something less than brilliant but in a really funny way! See it all depends on the listener knowing your context and paying attention.

                    I Could be totally Out to Lunch on that! Say WHAT!


                    • Shootski
                      I see you searched it. I was surprised that it included St.Louis in the definition.

                      I live and grew up around the St.Louis metro area as they call it. I guess that’s why I know what it means.

                      Here I’ll say it this way so I don’t get in trouble here using cuss words.

                      It could say something like this. “Your Flubbed up.” Get rid of the L, then replace the two b’s with a C and a K.

                      That’s what “your ate up” means around here.

      • I humbly mention that, for years now, every F1 and WRC race is won with “automatic” transmission, somehow. Yes I know their technology is state of the art, still… And all the units of special forces reply on precise shots using dot sights. It finally comes down to what you invest on.

  10. O.k. I really appreciate everyone’s opinion about perfect gear, perfect shooting ability. It seems that most of the guests here are really on a high level.
    B.B. is there a chance to have, once again maybe, an article about the basics with low level gear and conditions? “Relaxing” thoughts brought these ideas on the surface. Chris USA and R.R. would describe my feelings better than me I believe. In any case this is a great series about great airgun gear that anyone, in this area of interest, would really love to own/use.

    • Bill,

      You have been around long enough to know that I usually test the lower end stuff. And I really beat the drum when I find some of it that’s good — like UTG scopes or the Diana 34, etc.. Today was just a departure from my normal beat, and it worked out well — unlike my experience with the FX Dreamlight a few months ago.

      Now then, explain to me what you mean by the “basics with low level gear.” And I don’t understand the conditions part. I guess I just don’t understand what you want. I’m willing to do it — I just need to know what it is.


      • Trying to make a point in a few words for a big subject doesn’t help me at all.
        I obviously had also in mind your report on the other side of the spectrum, see Stoeger, and I didn’t make my thoughts clear.
        I wish you’d make one more series about the basics of shooting. Where terms like relaxing before the shot, sniping, pulling a shot, use of different types of sights etc, every basic information that is, would be brought up AGAIN. General Rules, all together… It just came out when you took the Rolls Royce for test drive.
        I know, many years now, that you deal with the lowest and the highest gear as well.
        By the way I for one have enormous respect for the simple feeling of joy for testing such great items like these three.

    • Bill,

      Thanks for the mention. I am basic,… that is for sure. I was laid off for a year after the company crashed and was re-forming. I was 99% sure I was getting called back and spent the Summer relaxing and shooting,… and researching,… and learning. And learning some more. I never shot better. So,…. that is one “key”. Learn all you can and try it out. You try enough and before long you will know what works for you and your equipment.

      Second,…. pay up if you can and you will generally get a better product. But,.. (a BIG but),… not always. It is a general trend that usually plays out in your favor. Doing your homework and looking at reviews helps that a lot. Actual owner comments can be golden,… here or else ware. There,… you will see a trend. 1% issues or 75% issues?

      Third,… an over sprung springer is going to give you a fight. You may find the right hold/rest etc. to make it work and you may not. A PCP will be much more forgiving. So will a single pump and a multiple pump. I am very happy with my Maximus in .22 and it is not exactly “high end” anything.

      Fourth,…. it is a learning process. You can pick up a lot from top end sights on expert powder shooters and air gun sites. Plenty here. Relaxing is not as easy as you may think. Total focus is not as easy as you think. Blocking (everything) out is not as easy as you think. If you have ever been “in the zone” before,…. then from then on you will know if you are in it or not. Nothing wrong with just plinking either. Often,… that is when you will make some impactful realizations.

      Fifth,… Learning is nothing if you do not at least try to put what you have learned into practice to experience it for yourself.

      I have had a very busy Summer and may have shot/had a session,… maybe 10 times. Maybe closer to 5. It does not matter if I pick up a low end, medium or high end gun,… I (will not) be shooting at my best with any of them. I am not in practice.

      Sorry for the ramble,… but I have been where you are at and thought that maybe something that I offered may be able to help you put some perspective on your quandary.


      • Thanks a lot Chris. And on behalf of B.B. because your points could be included in the blog series I would like to see. Along with any other useful information before, while and after picking an airgun, or any gun for that matter. The post “which airgun should I buy first” had a great impact on me also and brought my thoughts to light.

  11. Off topic,… but I was very surprised to see Colt’s announcement of no longer selling AR’s to the public. I think the price on used AR’s just went way up!

    I am still trying to wrap my head around that move.


    • ChrisUSA,

      There is much more to that story to unfold.
      It is not as most of the media is trying to report it.


      I just had a chance this past week in St.Louis to sit in on a Trevor Moawad presentation. Trevor is the co-founder and CEO of Limitless Minds; Success is in the Simple. My biggest takeaway beside a sore neck from nodding too much was that neutral thinking is the real deal, negative thinking is 10x worse than we think and positive thinking is way too overated and actually hurts most human performance almost as much as the negative.


      • Shootski,

        Thank you for shedding some new light on Colt. Lack of production capacity for new contracts makes more sense. I do try to get some regular conservative news perspective in my diet, tv or radio. The regular news I watch for local events, weather and a general sense of what the national status is. Amazing the difference between the two. Then again,… maybe no surprise at all.

        Interesting thoughts on thinking. I can safely say that I am middle of the road and have been all my life. I never quite trust either extreme when encountered in people. Often checking my perspective,.. being open to all information and maybe most importantly,…. reading for anything “between the lines” keeps me pretty grounded.


        • ChrisUSA,

          Thinking is overated in shooting! We need to do enough correct repetitions of the shot cycle to gain automaticity only then can we have the required focus on the conditions-sights-target-trigger activation.

          The Trevor presentation was actually aimed at Olympic/World Class athletes who don’t think but rather just perform. That is the key to making it look effortless. I was in St.Louis last week for the annual US Aquatic Sports Convention and lucky enough to get to the presentation. Moawad has presented to many Pro Sports teams and Special Operations Forces. His entire presentation would be very good for Airgun shooters since he had drills to both show how poor folks are at FOCUSED effort with and without distractions or observers (prefer to shoot alone?) as well as to train to get to the level of focus to be World-class. The little voice inside all of our heads needs to be listened to and then controlled if not silenced to keep it from sabotaging our shooting.


          • Shootski,

            Yes,… when I was able to shoot nearly everyday,….. there was much less thinking and much more intuitive/automatic action. That only came from (lots) of trigger time/practice. Simple as that. And yes,… I learned what I needed to do to properly shoot and practiced that early on. It is all too easy to forget or start falling back into a bad habit without steady practice.


  12. Off topic,…. but may be of interest to those that wear glasses,…

    A short while back I got a new (slightly adjusted) scrip for bifocals. The arms length vision was “off” from the previous pair. I was told that when reaching a “certain” (reading vision) correction point,…. that the arms length vision will be off. Solution? Lined trifocals. They work great. My vision appears to need reading and near/close/arms length correction,… but little to nothing for distance.

    It is taking a slight bit of getting used to,…. but better for sure. It took a weekend of switching the pairs off and on to be sure and me then going back to inquire. I would have appreciated that they would have told me that I was at/have reached that point and a tri might be in order.

    Just sharing,….. Chris

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