Springfield Armory XD-M compact blowback BB pistol: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

The XD-M BB pistol from Springfield Armory.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • The test
  • The magazine extension
  • Daisy BBs
  • Dust Devils
  • Smart Shot
  • Trigger pull
  • Blowback
  • Summary

Today we look at the accuracy of the XD-M compact blowback BB pistol from Springfield Armory. As I told you last week, I had cross-threaded the end cap of the magazine and stripped the threads, so Pyramyd Air had to send a replacement. I received it last Friday, so I loaded a cartridge in preparation for today’s test. Naturally I used a drop of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of the CO2 cartridge when it was installed.

Alas, the cartridge was empty this morning when I started the test. So I installed a second cartridge, and this time I lubed it with ATF stop leak. In 12 hours I will test the gun to see if the cartridge is still holding. {Note: No such luck! This cartridge leaked down in 3.5 hours!}

The test

I shot seated from 5 meters (16 feet 5 inches) and used the UTG monopod for a rest. I shot with a 6 o’clock hold until discovering that didn’t work.

The XD-M sights are perfect for bullseye shooting. The front fiberoptic doesn’t even show up when the target is illuminated brightly. The rear notch is wide and fits the wide front sight perfectly.

The magazine extension

I discovered why the BB pistol has the magazine extension that was shown and discussed in Part 2. The firearm has a removable magazine well to make loading the mags easier and faster. The mag extension on the BB pistol takes the place of that.

Daisy BBs

First to be tested were Daisy Premium grade BBs. The first shot told me there was a problem when it landed an inch below and to the left of the aim point. The group wasn’t too bad, with 10 Daisy BBs going into 1.427-inches at 5 meters. But to hit a soda can at the same distance I would have to hold on the upper right corner of the can.

The XD-M pistol put 10 Daisy BBs in this 1.427-inch group at 5 meters.ย  I backed the camera off so you can see how low it is.

Dust Devils

Next to be tested were the new Dust Devil Mark II frangible BBs. For this target I held the top of the front sight above the top of the rear sight. That is a way of elevation the sight picture when the sights don’t adjust, as these don’t.

As I was shooting this group it looked pretty good. The final 4 shots all went into the same hole. I thought I had a good one to show you. But when I collected the target I saw that one or two shots had landed low.

This group measures 3.775-inches between centers, with eight or nine shots in 1.704-inches. Given that I was holding over when I shot it, it isn’t too bad.

prinmgfield XD-M Dust Devil group
The XD-M put 8-9 out of 10 Dust Devil BBs in 1.704 inches at 5 meters, despite having to hold the front sight high in the rear notch to get the elevation.

Build a Custom Airgun

Kruger targets

The Kruger BB-gun targets I used were ideal for this test. The BBs tore good holes in them because they are printed on stiff paper.

Smart Shot

The last BB I tested was the Air Venturi Smart Shot lead BB. These are much heavier than steel BBs, so I knew they would impact low on the paper. I used the same holdover sight picture as for the Dust Devils, but Smart Shot impacted two inches below and to the left of the aim point, nevertheless. They did group well though. Ten went into 1.625-inches at 5 meters with the holdover sight picture.

Springfield Armory XD-M Smart Shot group[
All 10 of the Smart Shot went intro 1.625-inches at 5 meters.

Trigger pull

There aren’t many BB pistols with trigger pulls as light, crisp and nice as the one on the XD-M I am testing. The two-stage trigger stops at stage two and breaks crisply with 2 lbs. 14 oz. of effort. It only the pistol shot to the point of aim!


The blowback is extremely realistic! It kicks like a lightweight .22 rimfire pistol. However, when I tried this for this report while writing about it the gun was out of gas โ€” After just 3.5 hours!


In my opinion the Springfield Armory XD-M has little to recommend it. It is realistic and the blowback is very snappy, but there were problems with both magazines and the gun doesn’t shoot to the aim point at 16 feet.

If you own the 9mm XD-M Elite firearm then perhaps the BB pistol would be a good companion. Otherwise there are plenty of other lookalike pistols that do much better.

30 thoughts on “Springfield Armory XD-M compact blowback BB pistol: Part 3”

  1. One of these days a marketer who joggles the elbow of the engineer to hurry up production is going to have to pay for the Piper. Why else would this be released? It’s not the first in any category, nothing radical about the design. The assembly line should get a thorough going through to prevent these products from coming out.


    • “In my opinion the Springfield Armory XD-M has little to recommend it.”
      Yes, B.B. smoked out another bad one; PA was smart to drop it; and you can see a review of the mags here:
      While it looks like they got 2.5 stars, the only actual reviews are 2 one-star reviews…sad.
      I think Siraniko nailed it as to how this thing came out,
      “…a marketer who joggles the elbow of the engineer to hurry up production…”
      Perhaps when I retire I’ll go and work for an airgun manufacturer…for FREE!
      That way, the management can’t complain that I’m costing them too much money when I try to get them to turn out products that airgunners will actually be happy with…thereby increasing their sales. =>
      Have a great day, and stay safe,

      • Hank,

        My Mommy taught me that if I cannot say something nice, do not say anything. Well, yes it is true that I do not always follow those instructions, but I try. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • RR,

          Was just trying to be nice – like, I appreciate it if someone points out that I have food on my face ๐Ÿ™‚

          Funny that you should say that – was thinking that exact thing when I decided not to comment about this pistol. Seems that it was designed as a “replica” and not a “shooter” (I get better accuracy with my slingshot).

          Have a good one eh!


  2. Brent,

    You say you have a Maximus Euro and a buddy bottle. If you can fill the bottle yourself, you are good to go.

    What would the Avenger get you? A multishot magazine? Personally I like a single shot as it forces you to make every shot count. A rubberized butt pad? That would be nice, but that can be fixed. Regulator? Chris has one in his. Accuracy? Lothar Walther makes some nice barrels and they are not that expensive.

    When you get your Avenger, I would really appreciate you sending your Maximus to RRHFWA for a long vacation.

  3. Hi again guys! As promised, I again tested two Daisy Buck 105s: an oldy (~20,000 shots) and a new one (~600 shots) to determine effect of FULL magazine, this time w/twin 10-shot groups each. From my notes:
    The old Buck: Results: FULL mag groups are ~17% smaller, ~SAME distance off PoA, ~22 degree angular shift
    The new Buck: Results: FULL mag groups are ~40% larger, and ~50% farther off PoA, but still same angular shift

    Looking at the summaries, I’d day there was nothing substantially different. A bit, but the two guns DID vary….

    • Barrika,

      Maybe I missed it before,… but what is your thinking when you are testing a “full mag” with the 400 shot capacity full VS just 10 bb’s dropped in? More gun weight? Less jumping around? More accurate?

      Also, when you say mag.,…. there is no actual magazine, correct? It is just bb storage in the tube that surrounds the barrel, right? The bb’s load into the tube 1 at time from that tube, right?

      Also, when you say “larger, farther, smaller, same”,…. that is compared to what? A not full magazine?

      Also, what do you mean by “angular shift”? Like the shots grouped at 6 o-clock this test and then grouped at 3 o-clock on the next test,… in relation to the bull/POA?

      I just want to make sure I am following you correctly.


    • Barrika,
      Thanks; I like my (relatively new) Buck 105; it is my “garage gun,” that sits out in the garage so I can plink away at the feral soda cans in the yard whenever the mood strikes me. =>
      Take care & stay safe,

  4. When I check, PA is still listing four models for pre-order. Bi-tone and black in 3.8โ€ and 4.5โ€ with full size grips. The bi-tone caught my eye because the front and rear sights are clearly different color than the slide. How do they fix these in the slide dovetails so they arenโ€™t adjustable? Anyone have one they can look at?

    Iโ€™ve shot these (firearm versions) a fair bit. An HS2000 almost 20 years ago. Should have kept it. Still have several of the Springfields. Nice guns.

    Which brings me to why someone might buy one of these bb shooters. For me, quiet plinking with familiar feel and controls and to introduce a newbie to guns. Again quiet, but without the dreaded โ€˜recoil boogeymanโ€™. The newb can concentrate on fundamentals before graduating to the 9mm.

    And speaking of recoil. BB used a rest for accuracy testing. Do you suppose if the gun is allowed to freely โ€˜blow backโ€™ the poi would get back up where it needs to be?

  5. BB,

    Sorry you had another dud. It has to be more fun testing guns that work properly.

    Under Dust Devils..That is a way of elevation (elevating) the sight picture when the sights donโ€™t adjust,…


    • Half,

      You said a mouthful.

      Many think that B.B.’s job is the best in the world. He gets paid to test things that shoot, mounts, tunes, optics, etc! Although I’m sure it’s fun when all the planets line up and the item works as advertised or as it’s supposed to, the reality is that he’s trouble shooting, fixing, constantly ordering replacement parts, etc.

      Not sure I have the disposition or fortitude to endure a steady diet of dealing with all these problems.

  6. Umarex makes a gun that looks a lot like a Springfield XDM called a XBG. It is a non blowback BB gun that gets lots of shots and is accurate (20 shots in about 2 1/2 ” @ 13 yards). I have three of them and none shoot to the point of aim, but you can buy a T.A.C. folding rifle stock for it that will accept a sighting system on its top rail. PA sells the pistol for $30 and the Conversion Kit with gun for $53.It’s a fun little gun in both configurations.




  7. Chris,

    The check piece is from a L96 airsoft sniper; the cover is from a Bass Pro cheek piece set, the knob for the hamster is from Lowes and the air-stripper is is from Hatsan, available from PA. It may help with accuracy but it does seem to lower the report a bit.

    I had money for either the Huma regulator or a buddy tank and I chose the buddy tank for portability for field target matches. With a 6 cubic foot tank, I get 12 refills at 2000 psi.


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