S&W model 29 .44 Magnum BB revolver: Part 5

SW 29
S&W model 29 BB revolver from Umarex.

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This report covers:

  • The test
  • My backstop
  • H&N Excite
  • Taped the targets
  • RWS Superdome
  • Observations
  • Air Arms Falcon
  • Crosman Black Widow
  • Summary

Today we look at the accuracy of the S&W model 29 BB revolver shooting pellets. This is a test you readers asked for, so sit back and enjoy!

The test

For this test I moved back to 25 feet. If you are going to shoot pellets you want to do it from farther away than 16 feet, which is five meters.

I used a sandbag rest on my MTM shooting table to rest the airgun. This stabilized the revolver more than the UTG Monopod rest. The long barrel rested on top of the bag and I shoved the revolver into the bag for stability. I was able to shoot with the handgun held at arm’s length which made the sights look right.

I shot 6-shot groups at 10-meter pistol targets, using a 6 o’clock hold on the bull. And I shot single action all the time.

My Backstop

I used a tall thin box filled with rubber mulch for today’s test, as well as for the BB test in Part 4. It’s just 4-inches deep but large enough that I don’t need a backer board when I shoot close. It works perfectly and stops everything cold. It doesn’t take much to stop BBs at 400 f.p.s.

H&N Excite

First to be tested were H&N Excite pellets. As reader Roamin Greco told us, the Excite pellet is a great value for the money, and they did quite well the first time I tested them.

Six Excite pellets went into 0.939-inches at 25 feet. The group is inside the bullseye, which is very good. And as it turned out, this is the smallest group of the test. So Excite pellets were worth trying!

model 29 Excite group
Six Excite pellets went into 0.939-inches at 25 feet when fired from the S&W model 29 BB pistol.

Taped the targets

The next two pellets are domes and I thought they would not put clear holes in the target paper, so I put a wide band of Scotch brand packing tape (not the stuff with the threads running through — the clear stuff) in the back of each bullseye so the pellets would cut sharper holes. It didn’t work. The holes were still ragged and the tears were larger because of the tape.

Shop SIG Sauer Airguns

RWS Superdome

Next to be tested were six RWS Superdome pellets. They made a 1.568-inch group at 25 feet and this group was very well-centered.

As you can see there are really two separate groups that I can’t explain. I noticed no difference in the sight picture for this target compared to the others.

model 29 Superdome group
The S&W model 29 put six RWS Superdomes into a 1.568-inch group at 25 feet.


I must say that with the sandbag rest the revolver is much steadier. And the trigger is also getting smoother. I believe it does smooth with use.

Air Arms Falcon

The last pellet I tested was the Falcon from Air Arms. Sometimes they are quite accurate. Other times not so much. This was one of the other times.

The model 29 put six Falcons into a 1.923-inch group at 25 feet. It is the largest group of the test. And once more the tape on the back of the target led to tearing.

1model 29 Falcon group
Six Falcon pellets made a 1.923-inch group at 25 feet.

Crosman Black Widow

Now for something different. I knew someone would ask me to test BBs from 25 feet, now that I had a steadier rest, so I just did it. I chose the Crosman Black Widow BB that seemed to be the most accurate in the Part 4 test.

I did nothing different for the Black Widows — just shot them like the pellets with a 6 o’clock hold. Six of them made a 1.266-inch group at 25 feet and they are very well centered. In fact three of the BBs are in the center of the bull. This target was not taped in back.

model 29 Black Widow group
Six Black Widow BBs made a 1.266-inch group at 25 feet.

Well, the BB out-grouped two of the three pellets I tested today. Doesn’t that say something?


That’s it for the new S&W model 29 BB revolver. It’s very realistic looking and a hoot to shoot.

71 thoughts on “S&W model 29 .44 Magnum BB revolver: Part 5”

  1. BB,

    This pistol seems very egalitarian whether you shoot BBs or pellets. So for somebody looking for a revolver to practice with this seems to be a good one especially if the trigger gets better later on.


    PS Section The test 2nd paragraph 4th sentence: “I was able to shoiot (shoot) with the handgun he;ld (held) at arm’s length which made the sights look rigft (right).

  2. BB
    So, I’m getting ready to pat myself on the back for paying attention to the blog over the years and figuring out the Black Widow BB should shoot well in this pistol and ordering a bottle with the pistol. But I decided to check for sure and low and behold next to the bottle of Black Widows is a new bottle of Black Diamonds. Turns out I forgot I ordered the Diamonds for the claimed higher FPS and precision in manufacturing in hopes of good accuracy. What BB is intentionally oversized a bit?

    Glad it shoots well. Just for the heck of it, I wonder what would change if a pellet could be installed directly into the barrel, and remain there of course, as far as accuracy and fps? Kinda like bypassing a PCP mag for better accuracy.
    Interesting ?
    The finish is really outstanding. reminds me of the finish on colorized coins.
    Bob M

  3. Good morning, B.B. and readership. I want to ask for suggestions for reactive, BB-safe, indoor targets. My goal is to make this as fun as possible for my short attention span 8 year old. I will use the frangible BBs, but still want to be as safe as possible. I’m thinking, knocking some marshmallows off a cardboard plank. Any other ideas for my indoor, RedRyder, shooting gallery?

      • Thanks, B.B. That sounds like it would be fun to watch them shatter, a bit easier to sweep up, and may be less attractive to critters. I just thought of a few more ideas: spent shotgun shells and small water balloons filled with air not water.

        Thanks for the shout out about the Econ II pellets.

        I am glad you found a thinner box of rubber mulch to be effective for lower powered airguns.

        I am thinking of a shooting gallery where I will use thinner boxes filled with rubber mulch for the side walls and back and then either hang targets across the front on a string or wire or straighten out a coat hanger and insert it into the walls on either side. I will have to play around with it between now and the big day.

        • Roamin Greco,

          Gummy Bears
          I was at Helenikon Air Base staying in the contract hotel, Apolon Palace, during a divert from the boat for weather. I was beat and just needed some sleep when the plink, plink, plink plink began from the room next door. Even ear plugs didn’t cover that PLINK. So I got up and knocked on the door to ask if the plinking could stop. A guy answered the door holding a bb gun and on the dresser behind him stood a row of gummies and a whole bunch of gummies scattered but laying down behind them. A rolled towel was laying behind the carnage.
          He said he had only a few more bb and he would be out of ammo until he got to the store the next day.

          I shoot Teddy Grahams outside; but only the ones that don’t have their arms raised.
          If they are fresh and have been kept stored in a dry place they make a great PUFF when hit by a pellet.
          I eat the ones that have their arms up; Dang cowards!


          • Shootski, what a great story. When were you there? My Uncle was a US Green Beret who went to Greece after the Vietnam War to train Greek paratroopers. He was born in Greece and emigrated to the US as an orphan during the German occupation or a bit later. But he was a native speaker, so it was right up his alley. He passed away a few years ago, but he was a piece of work!

            Gummy Bears would be great! And the Teddy bears are doomed either way, this summer. No quarter!

            I have a great idea. For every gummy bear hit, one gets to be eaten as a reward. Positive reinforcement.


    • RG
      Cereal works good. Fruit Loops is what I remember using. We would tie them on a string and tape the string to the ceiling. That way you could hang them at different heights and distances.

      Hang you 3 or so old bed covers and a wal to the floor and that makes a good back stop. If any bb’s make it through the blankets they usually won’t bounce back through at you. And we hat a brick wall in the basement so wasn’t worried about the bb hitting the wall. If needed I would just put a new coat of paint on the wall.

      Obviously it depends on the power of the bb gun. I forgot what gun you said you got your son.

        • Roamin Greco,

          Ran out of Reply opportunities above.
          The Apollon Palace Hotel is on the beach in Vouliagmeni, South just outside of Athens proper. I made frequent stops in various spots in Greece from 1976-1990’s; I would guess if I added them up I lived in Greece for over a year all together. Loved the food, drink and enjoyed some of the (Greek and tourist) women drawn to Glyfada especially. For most of the time it was a hotbed of spies, lies, and collections of dangerous people from all over in general.
          Green Berets “training” Greek Nationals…great cover story!


          • Nice! I will have to throw an old Drachma coin down on the targets I share from now on.

            As far as cover stories and spies, I guess we’ll never know. My Uncle took a lot of classified stuff to the grave with him…or so he said.

  4. “Six Excite pellets went into 0.939-inches at 25 feet when fired from the S&W model 29 BB pistol.”
    Sweet! It’s really nice to see that she shoots as good as she looks. It looks like this pistol turned out to be a great trainer as well as an all-around “fun gun,” and we always need more of those. 🙂
    Take care & God bless,

    • Thanks, GunFun1, you must be a crack shot with a bb gun to be shooting at Fruit Loops. Ever shoot one through the hole? I am visualizing a western movie starring Jimmy Stewart where they had this shooting contest and they throw this O-shaped brooch in the air as a target, and Jimmy shoots, and the crowd thinks he missed. But then Jimmy says he shot through the middle, so they put a stamp across the hole and he puts one through the stamp! So that’s what you made me think of. GunFun1 shooting the holes outta Fruit Loops with his trusty Red Ryder. ;o)

      Seriously, I will put up some clothesline and hang some blankets as you suggest. Thanks.

      • RG
        I shoot the hole out of fruit Loops all the time. You don’t even see the Fruit Loop move. And nobody is going to ever tell me different. 🙂 😉

        Oh and another is oyster crackers. Take a needle and thread and string a bunch together and hang them up.

        And while I’m thinking since it’s Christmas time. Remember when they use to do the same with popcorn and string the Christmas tree for decoration. Well save the popcorn string afterwards and you have instant reactive targets.

        • I like your ideas for reactive targets: popcorn, cereal, oyster crackers. I like those ideas for shooting outside in the back yard so I don’t attract mice into the basement. Thanks for all the ideas.

          • RG
            Oh ok the clean up. Me and my girls would sweep it up and I would use the shop vac to finish.

            Oh and another thing we did is hung note book paper from a string on the ceiling at different heights and distances. It wasn’t a reactive target, well maybe a little bit. They would move a little when hit. But what was nice is you could see where you hit and basically no clean up.

            And one more thing we did was put 2 or 3 rolls of toilet tissue on the floor in front of the hanging blankets. That made for a nice indoor reactive target. But you still had clean up to do afterwards. But that was fun to shoot at. And actually the more you shoot the more reactive they became.

            And another put some styrofoam cups on the floor in front of the blankets and shoot away. They where fun reactive targets.

            So there’s a few indoor targets for you all to shoot. If you try any let me know and have fun. 🙂

  5. Hi BB,

    I’ve continued with my “accelerated wear” program on the SA engagement, and I think I’m down under 5 pounds now. It feels a LOT better than it did out of the box. I haven’t yet tackled the trigger aftertravel problem–that’s next.

    Just finished another shooting session. The SA group isn’t yet quite where I think it should be, but it’s getting there, and nicely centered. The DA main group was a 1″ rathole, about 1″ left, with outliers out to about 2.5″. 42 shots SA, 48 shots DA, for a total of 90 shots on one cartridge–not too shabby.

    I’ll continue to work with it. I really want to like this gun.


    • Snake
      Here’s a trigger stop I made for one of my pistols.

      It’s hot glue from a hot glue gun. I then trimmed it to size with a razor knife.

      I just did it temporarily to see how the gun felt with it. Well guess what that had to be at least 7 years ago if not more I did it. Guess what. It’s still on there and working great.

      • Hi Gunfun,

        That looks like a great solution to the problem. Looks like I’ll have to get a glue gun! Thanks for sharing it.

        I have an Erma/EXCAM RX22, which was a cheap Walther PPK lookalike that happens to shoot at least as well as a real PPK if not better. It had a horrendous aftertravel problem, too. I made a trigger stop out of common epoxy putty. It looks like butt but it solved the problem and has stayed on all these years (close to 30 by now).

      • That’s a good idea for another airgun I have that has a lot of trigger travel. So you just let a pile of hot glue harden and then cut it to size with a razor knife? Do you use more hot glue to stick it on? That sounds like such a simple way to see if a trigger stop would help accuracy.

  6. On a real semi-auto installing a rubber pad to reduce trigger travel may have the same effect as the currently advertised AR-15 FRT, Fast Return Trigger. If you like to listen to Rock & Roll.

    • Way to GO Bob!

      You have opened The Can of Worms on this trigger post…LOL! Most all exclusively single shot airguners have no idea of the Short Reset Trigger as another MAJOR factor in the Life and Times of a Trigger Finger until or unless they venture into semiautomatic rifles or automatic pistols.

      Great fodder for a weekend blog however! This could carry over for the entire remainder of 2021.


  7. Hi BB
    Well, it’s been a few years since I made a blog entry here, no reason really apart from disliking the new format which I found hard to navigate! I am getting used to it a bit more now.
    So back to the blog. I have been following your report on the S&W M29 BB Pistol and recieved mine a few days ago. I found a CDN online seller whose prices were more than reasonable. No exchange rate, no brokerage fees, no customs fees, and no other various and sundry seller fees for whatever and it ended up being cheaper than importing from the US.
    The gun is as discribed and as I’m a big boy with large hands I have no problems with weight and trigger pulls.
    I have to laugh at some of the other ‘well known’ reviewer’s whose only cons were the grips creaked a bit – as he held it up close to his ear. (Rub a little Ballistol or WD40 on the inside edges of the grip where it creaks. Give it a few minutes and the creaks will go away. Butter or marg will work just as well. Test a small area first as sometimes these oils can melt plastic. Or just use the pistol – it will eventually break in.)
    I have shot a few co2 cartridges with pellets’s and was not impressed but cleared up most of the problem with a bit of use. Familiarization seems to be the key to shooting this gun well. Barrel cleaning pulled out a little swarf, but not much. Mostly just black fouling on a .177 mop soaked in lighter fluid. After about 6 mops they were coming out mostly clean. I have seen this before on both European and American airguns. A final mop with a light spray of silicone then a dry mop will work for for about 100 shots with no further cleaning needed. Don’t use any kind of chemical lead remover! Base your cleaning intervals on accuracy and when it starts to fall off give the barrel a good polish per the above. You need to leave a film of lead on the bore to level the microscopic humps and hollows so leave a little black fouling on the bore
    As I will only be putting pellets through this pistol I will not expect to see any kind of decent accuracy for at least a couple hundred break in shots – yes – even a smooth bore needs to be broken in with a little lead fouling
    I’m using Crosman SAA pellet shells and they fit perfectly. Absolutely no wiggles or missfires on freshly loaded shells so far. The only FTF pellet problems have been when the co2 is getting low and, well, mia culpa, today I realized a batch or 2 of the pellet shells had been loaded last spring. Some of the pellets may have siezed into their grommets since then. Now I’ll make sure I load the shells only before shooting.
    I have also been looking for a holster for the M29 and so far most cost more than the gun!
    Much to my delight I found the Dan Wesson holster for the 8” DW model is a perfect fit for the M29. The retention strap didn’t even need any adjustment.
    This holster is moulded ballistic nylon and costs around $25 from Pyramid Air. Item code ASG-17350 (PY-A-4619).
    With the matching web belt Item Code Lenyl-ZA950 (PY-A-1642) I can easily carry the M29 across my chest or under my left arm in an almost vertical hang. Very comfortable and never gets in the way when sitting. Cheap, Big Box Store web belts with the elastic cartridge loops hold about 25 rounds each and are easily carried over the left shoulder and under the right arm as bandoliers. Sort of a Pancho Villa look – but it works.

    • Redrafter
      Well a nice little back on the blog reply today. 🙂

      And really that long. I remember the Beeman Chief I think it was called that you got at one time. Or something like that. And your shooting range by the stream or creek. Or maybe I’m just like way off and lost.

      But glad your back.

      • Hey Gunfun1
        Youv’e got a good memory. The range on the creek bottom is still there and used a fair amount during the warmer months. The QBChief is still going accurate and strong as well on that 50 yard range. The walkabout range with all the hanging steel targets is well used for co2 pistols a couple thmes a week. At 50 yards the big 2.5”thick gong and all the other asst’d rubber targets still get a good workout with my .22LR guns. .22 cal is the largest cal. that I allow down there now.
        Basically the range is now designated a 50 yard airgun range.
        Cheers Redrafter

          • Hey Gunfun1
            Nice. To hear from you and yes I have a few new guns since last we talked. Here they are with some quick thoughts.

            .177 Maximus. 10/10

            Barra Cowboy – Inaccurate and poorly designed. Resold real quick.

            Umarex Steel Strike – great little sub-gun. I bought it specifically to keep birds off my roof at 5AM. Shot in full auto mortar mode the noise of BB’s on the metal roof does a great job of scaring them off. Otherwise pretty accurate for a military style co2 BB gun

            Legends M1A1 – one of my nicest airguns.

            Artemis .177 Full Power/CR600W – nice mid power co2 plinker.

            Dan Wesson 715 4” – nice pellet plinker

            Smith & Wesson M&P 9 M2.0 – a nice BB plinker

            7” Schofield No. 3 – presently being defarbed to look like a gun that rattled around loose in a tool box under the truck seat for a hundred years. It’s a work in progress.

            S&W M29 – It’s turning into a lovely pistol the more I shoot it.

            So that’s about all. They come and some can’t cut the cake so they go. Some get put on the (to be) defarb shelf and end up being a favorite like my Sig WTP which turned out just beautiful!
            Nice chatting with you and

        • redrafter
          Well it sounds like still been having fun with all those new air guns.

          And same here. Getting a collection again too. Going to have to pick some pretty soon to let go too.

  8. Shootski or is it Shooski now?
    Well I’ve been trying to be good and have been a blog spectator for a while now.
    But I fell off my AA Wagon ( Airgunners Anonymous ) and bought another airgun. This one.
    What the hell, I can always quit anytime I want ! 🙂

    Got involved with the family of my old shipmate with Alzheimers and made a new friend, his brother, a retired ‘Air Traffic Controller’ and he likes his Glock, among others. Ex Army. Small world.

    • BobM,

      Glad to hear you are helping take care of a Shipmate. Ask your new buddy if he likes the SNAPPY trigger Reset Spring on his GLOCK(s)?

      It turns into shooski when I have had an extra finger or two of Crown Royal CASK No.16…Those Canadians sure know a thing or two about (aboot) blending Whiskey!


  9. Folks, it is December 18 just one week till Christmas. I found this poem on the web and it is quite touching.

    600 Miles

    I’m going home for Christmas,
    Six hundred miles away,
    My trunk is full of presents,
    I will, give on Christmas Day.

    I know that Mama’s waiting,
    She’ll be there by the door,
    Her arms outstretched, to hug me tight,
    That’s what she’s waiting for.

    Daddy cut a Christmas tree,
    It’s up, with colored lights,
    With ornaments, we’ve had for years,
    It truly is a sight.

    My sister put on tinsel strands,
    And things, she made in school,
    Mama’s baking cakes and pies,
    I know will make me drool.

    I’m going home for Christmas,
    I’ll see my Uncle John,
    I’ll enjoy his tales of yore,
    As he goes on and on.

    Granny, Grandpa will be there,
    At each end of the table,
    Cousin Betty might be there,
    But only, if she’s able.

    I’m going home for Christmas,
    I know it will be fun,
    I’ll get to share, my love and care,
    With each and every one.

    When dinner time is over,
    Then gifts, beneath the tree,
    I bought some for everyone,
    And they’ll have some for me.

    Alas, my Granny, Grandpa too,
    And Betty, Uncle John,
    Mama, Daddy, sister too,
    Each one, has all gone on.

    I’m going home for Christmas,
    In memory and smiles,
    As I sit in my easy chair,
    And go six hundred miles.

    ~~Ron Bliss

    Merry Christmas.

  10. Chris USA wrote a Night before Christmas poem about air guns some time back. I saved it but I guess it got lost with my other phone that got messed up.

    Maybe Chris will see my post and still have it and post it.

  11. Let’s not forget to count our blessings this Christmas and remember when we think we have it tough, there are others out there who had and have it worse. Remember the Reason for The Season. A Blessed and Merry one to all of you, in advance – hope we all receive the gift of health, one which keeps on giving.

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