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The .25-caliber JTS Airacuda Max: Part Four

Airacuda Max
Airacuda Max from JTS.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

This report covers:

  • Removed the shims
  • Sight in
  • The test
  • H&N Hunter Extreme
  • Trigger
  • Refilled the rifle|
  • JSB King Heavy Mark II
  • JTS Dead Center
  • Summary

Today we look at the accuracy of the .25-caliber JTS Airacuda Max at 25 yards. It’s been some time since we looked at this rifle, so I read reports two and three, to brush up.

Removed the shims

The first thing I did was remove the shim from the rear scope ring because I couldn’t get the rifle to shoot low enough in Part 3. The UTG 4-16X44 Mini SWAT scope is mounted in two-piece UTG 30mm Max Strength medium rings. Since I left the base of both rings on the rifle and was careful to leave the upper half of both rings on the scope, the removal of the shim took about 10 minutes. And when I finished and the scope was snugged down again, the reticle was in perfect alignment.

Sight in

I took one shot from 12 feet to make sure I would be on paper at 25 yards and then I moved back to 25 yards for the test. It took three more shots to complete the sight-in.

The test

I shot the same three pellets today as I did in the Part 3 test at 10 meters. Today was ten-shot groups from 25 yards with the rifle resting on a sandbag. I loaded the pellets into the circular magazine, but since the last shot doesn’t stop the rifle from being cocked and fired again, I counted the shots.

I adjusted the cheekpiece so my cheek weld was perfect, per the instructions of Kirsten Joy Weiss. The cheekpiece only had to rise about one-quarter inch to make this happen.

H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme

First up was the .25 caliber H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme. At 10 meters the rifle put 10 of them into a 0.181-inch group. Today at 25 yards ten went into 0.607-inches. That was larger than expected.

JTS Hunt Extreme
At 25 yards the JTS Airacuda Max put 10 H&N Hunter Extreme pellets into a 0.607-inch group.

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In Part 2 I mentioned that the trigger had just a little creep in stage two. In Part 3 I noted it was gone. Today it also could not be felt. In fact the trigger broke before I was ready several times, though never when I was not on target.

Refilled the rifle

After the first group the rifle’s reservoir was refilled to 3,200 psi, because we know there are just 20 good shots per fill.

JSB King Heavy Mark II

The next pellet was the .25-caliber JSB King Heavy Mark II. This pellet kept going intro the same hole until shot six when the group began to enlarge. In the end ten Kings made a 0.229-inch group at 25 yards, proving that this JTS Airacuda Max can really shoot. In Part 3 nine of the ten pellets went into a group that was too small to measure.

JTS King Heavy
At 25 yards the JTS Airacuda Max put 10 JSB King Heavy pellets into 0.229-inches.

JTS Dead Center

The last pellet I tried was the 25.39-grain JTS Dead Center dome. Ten of them made a 0.557-inch group at 25 yards. This pellet loads hard and smooth into the Airacuda — the same as it loads into the .25-caliber Benjamin Marauder

JTS JTS Dead Center
The Airacuda Max put ten JTS Dead Center domes into 0.557-inches at 25 yards.


The .25 caliber JTS Airacuda Max has proven to be an accurate and reliable precharged pneumatic air rifle. It’s very similar in most performance respects to the Benjamin Marauder. The price is very reasonable for all the features you get. If you do make the decision, buy a supply of JSB Exact King Heavy Mark II pellets to go with it.

23 thoughts on “The .25-caliber JTS Airacuda Max: Part Four”

    • You’re not alone, friend. Wouldn’t call it “miserly,” but simply ensuring you get your money’s worth. Which is why FM thinketh a .25 Marauder would be a good choice for iguana euthanasia. Those beasties are not that easy to dispatch unless you nail them with a head-shot and hit their tiny brain. The one gun not yet used on them is the HW30S – afraid there is not enough power there for a quick, humane job.

      • FM,

        Thankfully, I do not have an iguana problem here, though I am considering a .25 to fill the gap between my .177s and .22s and my .457. I am not sure I need to fill that gap though. I had a .357, but it was not large enough or powerful enough for larger critters, although it was superb for 100 yard target shooting.

        If I had to deal with iguanas, I would likely go with a .25 myself and a Marauder would be a superb air rifle.

        No, I personally would not shoot any critter with an HW30S. It is great for feral soda cans though.

    • I would pick the Marauder. In the long term I think it will be more durable, and replacement parts, aftermarket mods and support are readily available.
      David Enoch

      • David,

        Oh, I would also. All of the reasons you listed, plus it is made in USA. I try to stay away from that China stuff. What happens when we finally tell them where to go and how to get there?

        I also do not like supporting Xi and his bunch.

  1. Tom,

    Did the H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme pellets load easily or did it need some extra pesuasion?


    PS Section JSB King Heavy Mark II 1st paragraph 2nd sentence: “This pellet kept going intro (into) the same hole until shot six when the group began to enlarge.

  2. B.B.,
    In: JSB King Heavy Mark II
    Caption says
    “At 25 yards the JTS Airacuda Max put 10 (H&N?) King Heavy pellets into 0.229-inches.”
    Perhaps JSB deserves the credit and not H&N?


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