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    3.0 3.0

    By Andrew from USA on 2011-04-29
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    Things I liked: All metal construction. Availability.

    Things I would have changed: Make it work out of the box. These are finicky magazines. You shouldn't have to disassemble new magazines or modify them to work properly. This has been an on going problem with the Falcon series guns.

    What others should know: I was lucky to have an original factory magazine that works flawless. I purchased several of these replacement magazines from different vendors and find that each one needs to be played with in order for it to work correctly. I have a Beeman Falcon C and out of 6 magazines only the original factory mag that came with the gun worked correctly. I had to disassemble each of these new mags and add a small ball bearing into the center hole in order to get the rotation to work smoothly enough so the rifle could advance to the next chamber. After all the design changes to magazines that these rifles have gone through you would think they would get them to work. Don't make the mistake I made and try to adjust the timing of the rifle itself. That had nothing to do with these mags not rotating. It is a simple matter of the engagement causing pressure against the cylinder which in turn jams against the back plate of the mag housing. I found by inserting a small ball bearing that was just slightly over sized to the center hole in the cylinder, it kept the cylinder from grinding against the back plate. No need to try adjusting the ratchet on the rifle and messing around with the timing. I went through hell trying to figure this out and in the end it was a simple fix. Too bad the factory can't just do this from the start. Make the rotation smooth and you won't have any jamming or misfeeds. Since making this modification I have not had any troubles with new magazines. I just purchased 2 more. 10 minutes of smoothing out the rotation and they work fine.