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    By Airgun Papa from USA on 2016-01-23
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    Things I liked: The ability of this pistol to put ASG Blaster BB's into very small groups! The power level: this gun is shooting hard at 55 degrees! I can't wait for a 70 degree day to chronograph this thing and see what it is really going at. For now, I am shooting from my shop which is very cool due to the near freezing temperatures outside. It is really hitting my pellet trap with authority. I also plan to shoot at 10 yards from a rest and measure groups. I will report on both the velocity and group sizes when weather permits the testing. There is also a unique method of piercing the CO2. The piercing knob pivots so that you can adjust it to the powerlet and then push it into the recess of the holder and it locks in place while being pierced. It takes a time or two to learn the proper amount of initial snugging up before you push it in place, but it works great. Do not attempt to put the CO2 in place, install the magazine and then try using the tool to tighten the piercing knob. It pivots out.

    Things I would have changed: The pistol was not perfect having a few malfunctions early on which required me to compensate for the feeding problems, but it is far better than expected at this price point. Even then, I did not have problems in subsequent use. Given that consideration, I would not change but one thing: the BB follower in the magazine is too small to be operated by fingers. If you use the Allen end of the supplied tool you can pull it back readily but it sometimes slips off and slams back. It appears to me it is at least made of metal. I have had others from UMAREX that were plastic and broke soon after this occurred a few times. If this follower had a small hole in it, you could fit that small Allen tool into the hole and have secure control of the whole process of pulling it back and locking it in the recess. For now, I am backing it up with my other thumb so that if it slips I am catching it and not allowing it to slam home.

    What others should know: On the first CO2 cylinder with it freshly loaded, I had a few failures to feed due to the fact that blow-back pressure was moving the follower back into its locking recess and a BB was jammed outside the magazine in the slot the follower tracks in. This would occur in the first several shots of a fully loaded magazine with a fresh CO2. I started to return the pistol due to this but the groupings of the BB's were so small on the target shooting free-hand at 6 yards (less than 3/4" consistently) that I kept shooting. After the first several shots from the first two magazines it no longer occurred. It did not re-occur on the next CO2 cartridge. If it had persisted, I had already determined I would short load the magazine to only 14 BB's on the early shots so that the follower would not be blown back into the recess. My pistol also shot 1-1/2" high at 6 yards, and since there is no adjustment for elevation this was another concern. I installed a laser sight on the rail. Problem solved.