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Hatsan 125TH Air Rifle Combo, Black

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Hatsan 125TH Air

Hatsan's Quattro 2-stage match trigger lets the shooter adjust the pull weight, pull length of the first and second stages, and the length of trigger travel.

The shock absorber system (SAS) reduces felt vibration.

Hatsan's Triopad buttpad includes 3 spacers so you can adjust the length of pull. The honeycomb buttpad absorbs recoil.

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  • Hatsan's two-stage match
    Hatsan's two-stage match trigger offers three-point adjustment to control the trigger load, firing cycle positions, and trigger travel.
  • Hatsan's SAS (Shock
    Hatsan's SAS (Shock Absorber System) reduces vibration and increases the life of the gun, optics, and accessories.
  • TruGlo's fiber-optic front
    TruGlo's fiber-optic front sight adjusts for elevation; rear sight adjusts for windage & elevation.
  • Hatsan 125TH (thumbhole) air rifle
  • Spring-piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Muzzlebrake for extra cocking leverage
  • 2-stage adjustable Quattro trigger (adj. for trigger-pull weight and travel)
  • 11mm and Weaver optics rail
  • Fixed TruGlo fiber optic front sight (red, 0.600")
  • Fully adjustable TruGlo fiber optic rear sight (green, 0.035")
  • Anti-beartrap mechanism
  • Automatic safety
  • Monte Carlo buttstock
  • Raised right-hand cheekpiece
  • SAS (shock absorber system) that reduces vibration
  • Triopad rubber recoil pad with 3 stock spacers to adjust pull length
  • Black synthetic thumbhole stock with raised right-hand cheekpiece
  • 9.30 lbs. (gun only)
  • Includes 3-9x32 Optima scope, mount, scope lens covers and hex wrench

The Quattro trigger is available only on Hatsan-manufactured guns! Adjust the 2-stage trigger to your shooting needs.

The 125TH is ideal for plinking, shooting spinners, popping paper targets and dispatching small rodents at close distances.


Please note: the cocking force for this air rifle is approximately 50 lbs.

See manual

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Caliber.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity1250 fps
Barrel Length19.6"
Overall Length47.4"
Shot Capacity1
Cocking Effort50 lbs
Front SightFiber Optic
Rear SightFiber Optic
ScopeableWeaver & 11mm dovetails
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
Suggested forSmall game hunting/plinking
ActionBreak barrel
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
Weight9.3 lbs
See manual

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4.0 4.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Joe from USA on 2016-02-26
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Things I liked: Hard hitting with 30+ FPE at the muzzle. Love the thumb hole stock, but wish it was wood. I purchased two of these guns for me and my brother.

Things I would have changed: I own all three of the Hatsan 95 Vortex models, and roached all three scopes. I didn't even bother to install this one, but put on a Centerpoint 3-9x40AO instead, after breaking it in. The piston seal was defective from the factory on my gun as well as my brother's gun. Within 150 pellets the velocity on 19.91gr pellets dropped from 795 FPS, down to 720FPS. I tried to get PA to give me a new seal rather than return the entire gun, but when they said no I just purchased a Falcon-811 from them for $10.95 and changed it myself. I also de-burred the slots in the receiver and gave it a flush and lube job. After this "tune up" the H&N Field Target Trophy 19.91 gr pellets are now flying at a consistent 825FPS, with 29.95 FPE. If Hatsan would just move up to a proper sized seal and clean up some of the burrs from manufacturing, their guns could command more money. I would like to see them return to using thrust washer on the spring follower, instead of a thick plastic and metal washer.

What others should know: This is a very nice shooting gun for a magnum air rifle, and highly accurate with bother sights and a decent scope. I'm 65 years old, 6'1"and weigh about 205#, and I have no problem cocking this gun and shooting 100+ pellets in an evening. A smaller person might have a problem if they were not as strong as me, but the cocking is not overly prohibitive. If you can do your own tuneups on air guns, this will be a serious magnum, rifle for you. With a good seal and proper tune, this will be a go to gun for varmit control.


4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By Mike from USA on 2016-01-29
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Things I liked: This is a very decent "springer" type of .25 cal air rifle, for the price. An good price for an beginning med. sized bore rifle. The fit into my shoulder & hand is outstanding. The pellet hits like a run away freight train, so putting down any game should be of no problem with a decent shot.

Things I would have changed: The recoil is a very big surprise if you are not ready for it, then it has to be the weight. I would not want to be "humping" this through the woods on a long hunt. Then there is the noise of the spring uncoiling during the firing sequence & the piston slamming home. The scope could be better with a large dia. scope or be able to put a peep sight on it. Does it come in a "Gas spring"?

What others should know: This is a big heavy, loud firing rifle, and very long too. But if you are used to this type of issue, then I would recommend this rifle. I am shredding cans at 30-40 yards with in 2 days of shooting, so I fully expect 50 yard + shots to be of no problem. [And I'm still breaking in the barrel] But you had better eat your "Wheaties" when "cocking" or breaking the barrel open. Your are will fell it after several shots. But I do STRONGLY recommend this rifle.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By christopher from USA on 2016-01-24
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Things I liked: Thumbhole stock is perfect for this gun especially because of the weight, it makes it much more stable. The gun is very very powerful, this is my first magnum springer and it lives up to it. I found that my gun shoots best with the jsb 25.39 diablo & ploymags 26 grain, they are the most accurate and delivery a hard punch. I found that the heavy 31 grain H&N hit much harder then the others but only out to about 25 yards, they start to drop off quickly. This gun is a powerhouse, it blew through 1/2" plywood i had behind my target and kept going.. so make sure u have a good backstop. I have taken about 4 squirrels, 2 rabbits & a fox with this gun all avg 30 yard shots and man do they kill quick. I have a Gamo silent cat .177 that i have killed many critters with but none have died as humanly as the .25 delivers and for 200 bucks it can keep up with some pcp guns.

Things I would have changed: the scope is just not great for this gun, i swapped it out for a center point 4x16 mill-dot and its deadly accurate. But ther again 99% of air rifles come with crappy scopes so... i wish they would just knock off 30$ for that cheap scope and call it a day. Great gun though!

What others should know: Overall very happy and yes it does take time to get used to the gun as any gun but i have found that pressing the gun a little tighter to my shoulder takes care of the spring recoil and barrel raise. 25 yard shots that i can cover a dime with is as best as u can ask for with a pellet gun. This is NOT a air rifle for a beginner or a young hinter, it is just to powerful. Ending, this is the only air gun i will hunt with from now on, also check all the screws and bit after about 200 shots, nothing to worry about but mine were a little loose, just need a phillips head and ur good to go.


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  • justin from USA asked:

    What pellets does this work best with (.177)? Can it kill a beaver with a head shot and can it do at least a 4" group using premier domed hevy 10.5gr. At 50 yards?

    • Stanley from USA:

      Although i don't own this particular model i do have the (125 sniper in 25 caliber) I would highly recommend the crosman premiers.177 caliber 10.5 grain in the cardboard box they are accurate out to the range your talking about and then some. My Gamo Hunter Extreme .177 does very well with these pellets .Im sure you could kill a beaver with these pellets and group at least 4' or better.

  • Brett from USA asked:

    Will the .25 have enough power to kill a turkey?

    • Mike from USA:

      If the kill zone is only the head and neck region (which it should be) any caliber will have no problem killing a turkey. Accuracy, not power is key. Most any air rifle easily completely penetrates the head or neck. My Benjamin 342 on 4 pumps goes right through at 30 yards easily. I don't feel body shots should be attempted with any airgun.

    • Robert from USA:

      Youtube Air rifle turkey hunt, they were taking big toms with this rifle in .25 out to 40yards.

    • mrmrogden from USA:

      That kind of depends on what kill zone you are going for and what type of pellet you use and if you have the skill, is it legal where you live & is it ethical? Range, FPE delivered at that range and small kill zones for a springer. 20yds sounds about right.

    • Jerry from USA:

      I wouldn't recommend going out past 20 yards for turkey

  • frank from USA asked:

    i am missing a retaining pin on the back of the receiver area where there are 3 now only 2 my fault i lost it. where can i get one at

    • Tyler from USA:

      You would have to contact Hatsan USA.

Item Description

H-125TH177 [PY-2676-5270]
Incl. 3-9x32 scope, mount and muzzlebrake
Caliber.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity1250 fps

Compatible with Hatsan 125TH Air Rifle Combo, Black