by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

The new EBOs is a loud, powerful BB submachine gun.

Well, this report is somewhat overdue, but I’ve been waiting for some of the new RWS BBs to test for you, because of some good things I’ve heard about them. Looking at these BBs under a 10x loupe, they appear smoother than even the Daisy precision ground shot made for the 499 BB gun.

I plan to test this shot in several ways for you with guns we have a baseline on. But that will be later. Today, we’ll look at the Umarex EBOS velocity. And velocity it has! The specs say 540 f.p.s. and by golly that’s what I saw!

The EBOS is run by a battery-powered electric motor, so many of you are considering it as a replacement for the Drozd. I’m no expert on the Drozd, but I’ll report on the EBOS as it operates similar to the Drozd and let you judge for yourselves. What I mean by being run from a motor is that the firing function is controlled by that motor. The power that propels the BB comes from CO2, of course, and the EBOS uses the big 88-gram CO2 cartridges that give hundreds of shots. But the electric motor takes care of firing the gun once you pull the trigger.

A word on loading
The EBOS has a large BB reservoir that’s used to fill up a smaller forced-feed magazine located on the left side of the gun when you take action to fill it. When it’s full, you have up to 24 shots available. After that, you must manipulate the larger reservoir to refill the magazine. This process goes very quick and easy with no jams noted in my test. If you take the time to look inside the large reservoir when it’s empty, you can see the hole that connects it to the BB magazine, so you’ll know what to do to load the gun. But no worries — both loading and unloading are easy!

Get ready for magnum power with the EBOS, because it really delivers on its promises. While that may evoke some smiles, it also means you must take extra care to prevent ricochets and bouncebacks, because they’ll be both painful and dangerous. Eye protection is mandatory for everyone in the area and the eyewear MUST be a pair of certified safety glasses. Regular prescription glasses will turn to dust with a single shot from this gun.

For this test, I shot into a Quiet pellet trap, because a regular BB trap like the Crosman model 850 is a little on the light side for a gun this powerful. Please understand that I was shooting at less than 24 inches from the trap in my office. When I move back to 15 feet for the accuracy test, I DO plan to use the Crosman 850. But, at this close range, the velocity is too high for a steel BB that could rebound. I waited between 15 seconds and 30 seconds per shot. The one time that I shot a shot right away, the gun lost 20 f.p.s. Remember the lesson of the cooling effects of CO2.

Daisy zinc-plated BBs
The first BBs tested were Daisy zinc-plated BBs. They averaged 539 f.p.s., and the spread went from 528 to 548. So, right there, the EBOS met its advertised velocity. By the way, that works out to a muzzle energy of 3.29 foot-pounds.

Crosman Copperhead BBs
Next to be tried were Crosman Copperhead BBs, which are a little smaller and a trifle lighter than the Daisys, though both are listed at 5.1 grains. Copperheads averaged 523 f.p.s. and ranged from 503 to 532 f.p.s. This was the BB that I shot right away after the last shot, which gave me the low reading of 503 f.p.s. They produced an average 3.1 foot-pounds of muzzle energy.

RWS Match Grade BBs
That’s quite a claim in the name of these BBs, but after examination I must say they look as uniform as ball bearings. Pyramyd Air doesn’t carry them at the moment, but that could change. These BBs all weigh 5.2 grains, with no variation. In the EBOS, they averaged 504 f.p.s., with a spread from 498 to 521 f.p.s. We’ll see how well they shoot in the accuracy test, plus I’m going to test them in the Steel Storm and the HK MP5 as well.They produced an average of 2.93 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle.

Shooting impressions
The EBOS trigger is very smooth. It’s a long single-stage pull with no warning before the break. You’ll feel some recoil with this gun, as there’s so much gas pushing out the barrel with every shot. The fastest rate of fire goes higher than an M3 grease gun, so the gun is very controllable. I believe it’ll be an easy gun to hit with. And I like the sights. Although the stock pull is okay at 13.75 inches, the rear sight notch is too close to the sighting eye. However, I think I may get some good accuracy from this gun because of these sights anyway.

The EBOS is powerful and loud! Respect the power and shoot safely at all times. Don’t use hard backstops such as trees, because the BBs will bounce back wildly. And, enjoy the noise! On the fastest rate, which is 500 rpm, the bursts sound very realistic.