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Competition Sharp Ace Pan Target: Part 2

Sharp Ace Pan Target: Part 2

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Sharp Ace Pan Target
Sharp Ace Pan Target is a sidelever multi-pump 10 meter target rifle.

Part 1

A history of airguns

This report covers:

  • First test
  • Problem
  • Test 2
  • Test 3
  • Test 4 trigger pull
  • Test 5 trigger pull consistency
  • Test 6 power
  • Summary
  • Photo gallery

This is my last chance to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I decided to give you an early gift. Today I will test the Sharp Ace Pan Target velocity, and you can talk about it all weekend!

First test

For the first test I chose RWS Hobby pellets. This is the velocity test and Hobbys are one of the lightest lead pellets around, so they are ideal. Obviously you wouldn’t compete with Hobbys, though their accuracy could surprise us.

In this test I will pump the gun a specified number of strokes and record the velocity. I thought I would start with 3 pumps, but when I saw the velocity produced from just 3, I knew I could start with less. I tried a single pump but the pellet remained in the barrel, so 2 strokes turns out to be the minimum.

Stroke…Velocity (f.p.s.)
12…………Did not finish

Wow! Now we know this rifle is a full-power Ace that gives nothing away. And we know that it has more than enough power to shoot targets on just 3 pumps.


Why didn’t I finish? Because the plastic hand grip on the pump handle cracked and I didn’t want to damage it further. I removed it from the pump rod, but the thin rod is painful when the effort gets high.

I was upset about this until, on examination, I noticed that the crack wasn’t new. An attempt to repair it has been made before. The crack goes around three sides of the handle. I may have enlarged it in this test, but it was already there.

Sharp Ace Pan Target pump grip
I stopped pumping when I noticed this crack in the pump handle grip. It goes around three of the four side of the grip.

I will look for a way to repair this. I’m looking at options now. One way or another the grip will be repaired and I won’t use the original plastic grip handle, as it is too brittle and weak.

What I learned from the first test is the rifle doesn’t need more than three pump strokes to function as a 10meter rifle. Now that the grip handle is off the pumping will be harder because the pump handle is shorter, but three strokes should present no problem.

Test 2

In this test I want to see how consistent the gun is. I will pump each of 10 shots three times and see how they register. Hobby pellets again.

The shots with Hobbys on 3 pumps averaged 633 f.p.s.. The string is below.

Shot……Velocity (f.p.s.)

That is a 57 f.p.s. velocity spread, which is way out of profile for both a target rifle as well as for a multi-pump pneumatic of any kind. Granted the distance to the target is only 10 meters, but we still want more consistency than this. At the average velocity this pellet generates 6.23 foot-pounds! On just three pumps! The velocity at 11 pumps generated 13.77 foot-pounds with this light pellet. With a heavy pellet this rifle is probably capable of 16-17 foot-pounds.

Test 3

This test engendered a second test at just 2 pumps per shot. Would the rifle now be more consistent?

Shot……Velocity (f.p.s.)

This test opened my eyes. After the first shot the next 9 stayed within 21 f.p.s. And the gun seems to pick up speed as it shoots, so perhaps a warm-up is called for. I might also try the 10-meter test both ways (two pumps and three).

Test 4 trigger pull

I said I would measure the trigger pull for you on varying pump strokes. That’s this test.

Pumps……trigger pull (oz.)

So, the trigger pull does increase with the number of pumps. There is wizardry involved, but the laws of physics still hold sway. This raised another question in my mind. How consistent is the trigger with the same number of pump strokes? Like in a match — would the trigger remain consistant?

Test 5 trigger pull consistency

This test I will pump the gun twice and test the trigger pull. I’ll do that 5 times, and then the same thing on three pumps.

Two pumps
Shot……trigger pull (oz.)

Three pumps
Shot……trigger pull (oz.)

The trigger is close to the same on 2 pumps and 3, except on 3 it is slightly heavier. On 2 pumps the trigger varied by 0.6 ounces from the lightest to the heaviest pull. On 3 pumps it varied by 0.7 oz. It was about one ounce heavier on 3 pumps than on 2. Five ounces equals 141.75 grams, for those on the metric system. So the Sharp Ace Pan Target trigger is slightly heavier than a world-class 10-meter rifle trigger that might break at 50 grams.

Test 6 power

I know some of you are thinking of this as a powerful hunting multi-pump. So now I will test it for extreme power. That means shooting heavier pellets. I’m not trying to set any records, for there are none to set. But we all want a fair idea of what the rifle will do.

Given the strain on the pump linkage, I will pump 10 times, only. I don’t want to ruin this collectible air rifle just to see what it will do.

Pellet……………….Velocity……………Energy in foot pounds
JSB Exact 10.3…………815………………………15.2
Premier heavy…….……812……………………….15.38
Baracuda Match……..…815……………………….15.64
Sniper Magnum………..703………………………..16.46

The 10th pump registered 52 lbs. of effort on my bathroom scale. While that isn’t the most I ever recorded, it certainly is a lot of work. The record for pump effort that I have seen was a Sheridan Blue Streak that Greg Fuller boosted to over 25 foot-pounds on 18 pumps. The final pump for that rifle was 100 lbs. And pumps 4 and 5 of the Daystate Sportsman Mark II were 54 and 77 lbs., respectively.


That is the most complete velocity test I have ever seen for any Sharp Ace — to say nothing of the Ace Pan Target. Let’s hope some collectors will come out of the closet and share their results.

Photo gallery

Reader RidgeRunner asked for some detail photos in this report, so here they are.

Sharp Ace Pan Target bolt
The bolt handle sticks straight down when the bolt is closed. It’s hard to grasp with the peep sight eyeshade in the way.

Sharp Ace Pan Target pump head
The pump head is adjustable for length to maintain maximum power throughout the life of the rifle. Notice the brass fitting that is self-lubricating.

Sharp Ace Pan Target pump linkage
The pump rod even adjusts at the pump linkage! And there’s another brass fitting.

Sharp Ace Pan Target butt plate
The adjustable butt plate.

Sharp Ace Pan Target loading trough
The loading trough has easy access.

That’s it. Merry Christmas!

76 thoughts on “Sharp Ace Pan Target: Part 2”

  1. B.B. & the rest of the gang

    Wish you all a Very Happy & jolly Christmas.
    Thank you Sir for all the great articles & you and the other guys for being so helpful & informative. I’ve learned so many lessons from this Great Blog. Good shooting & God bless you all!

  2. Merry Christmas to B.B. and everyone enrolled in his Airgun Academy.
    Looking forward to another year of education !
    I see the Airsoft world is being treated to metal framed, wood stocked, replicas of the Springfield 1903A3 and M1 Garand. Perhaps we may see crossovers one day? … and Gletcher is releasing a blowback P08 and NGT-F six shooter in .177
    Bob M

    • Bob M,

      From what I have learned here in a couple of years is that replica’s often show up in the Airsoft world first. Why I am not sure,….. but the fact that they have made it that far is a pretty good indicator that we will see them show up in the bb/pellet rifle world. Cheaper to get them finished 85% of the way and out to market I suppose. Then complete the final 15% for the conversion to bb/pellet.

      • Steve,
        Your comment went right over my head. Not sure what you are referring to. The Gletcher pistols are for sale right now on another ‘Airsoft’ site (Ev…). The P08 does not look like a renamed Umarex and has brown grips. True it’s not a ‘pellet’ pistol with a 6″ barrel if that’s what your looking for, we all are !
        Or is it the blowback verses recoil term?
        The term blowback will forever remain in my mind as receiving every third beer for free !!

  3. Maligayang Pasko sa Inyong Lahat! (Merry Christmas to All!)

    I am grateful for all the knowledge I have gained through this blog not just by reading it but also through the comments with the other readers. Thanks to all for sharing your knowledge.


  4. BB,

    Thanks for the photos! It is indeed a very well made rifle. It is a shame the plastic handle is broken. I do hope you manage to repair it.

    I too noticed that this old girl likes to be warmed up a bit before she settles in. When shooting target this may not be an issue, but if you are hunting that could be a bit of a problem. I guess we will just have to wait and see how well she groups after you fix her back up.

    This does seem to be what so many have been clambering for, although FX has had one out for some time. I myself keep thinking about adding an Independence to my collection, but then I realize that when I am out hunting I will not be taking that many shots. Why carry the extra mass?

    I guess a high quality multi-pump could round out a collection nicely, but I myself am trying real hard not to do that. It’s not easy. 😉

    • RR,

      🙂 No,.. it is not easy. I have given some thought to the topic as well. I think that I would prefer a powerful (.22/800-900 fps) single pump pneumatic. Even if it took a lot to get that 1 pump. The sighting and data collection would be a chore,… but after that it would a good hunter for squirrels and bunnies. Magazine please. Adj. butt and cheek please. Ambi and light please. I don’t want much do I? 😉

      I would have to really commit to cleaning and eating critter’s before I went for it though. The Maximus is looking good enough. Speaking of bunnies,… I can not tell you the last time I have seen one. I think the rising coyote population is taking it’s toll on them. Take care.

      • Chris,

        No, you do not want much at all. I have known of only one SSP that came close to what you wanted. It was a prototype that Webley was preparing to bring to market just before they went belly up and sold out.

        It was not actually a true SSP but a hybrid SSP and sproinger.


        I myself do wish they had brought this to market. I am certain it would have made quite a dent in my wallet, but hey…

        • RR,

          Thank you for that. WOW. (I encourage all to watch the short, VERY GOOD video if you are the least bit interested in the concept of a powerful SSP.) It does not look light. It does look good. It also looks like they pulled out ALL of the stops on concept, engineering and innovation. Very beefy linkage. It looks like it would have been 1000$ plus.

          Thanks again! I guess I will just keep dreaming. The Maximus is looking better all the time.

          • Chris,

            You should probably double that price. It was indeed very well made. Unless it was well constructed, it would not last long. The gentleman shooting it is exerting a lot of force on that lever. If you dig around you can find a short animated video showing exactly how it works. Basically, you compress the air AND at the very end of the stroke you are compressing a spring. When you pull the trigger it releases the spring and piston head to compress the air even further and then opens the valve. That is how it achieves 12 FPE.

            Having such a complicated system plus a cocking mechanism liability lawyers would cringe about pretty much doomed it.

            I too am seriously considering a Maximus. What a superb, light, inexpensive, easy to use PCP air rifle. It is one of the few air rifles that Crosman has done right.

            • RR,

              I see at the end of the video comments that it did achieve 19 fpe with some internal mods. and the same pump effort. Oh well,….. it is all a pipe dream now. What is clear is that is not easy and conventional building will not work. Thanks again. That was a real treat to see.

      • Chris U
        I’m pretty positive if you got a Maximus you would like it.

        Plus I would like to know if anyone else is having as good of luck with their .22 Maximus as I am. Buldawg has a .177 and he likes it. I think the Maximus that Vana2 has is .177 also.

        So if you get a .22 Maximus I want to hear about it.

        • GF1,
          I might be interested in a trigger upgrade,…. but as I recall,… you could live with yours. I have hopes of a repeater, trigger upgrade cheek riser and adj. butt plate someday,…. but as Grandma always said,… wish in one hand and * in the other and see which ones fills up first. Yea,…. see was a “pill”,.. but always spot on and none better.

          By the way,… back to work on 1-23 with no loss in pay. Easier job. That is my Christmas. 6 months “vacation” ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. However,….. I did get some good shootin’ in! 🙂 Much to be thankful for.


          • Chris U
            Glad to hear your going back to work. It drives me crazy if I ain’t got a job.

            And don’t know what your plans would be to use a Maximus for if you got one. But as far as mine goes it’s been a really good gun. And yes the trigger is livable. It’s not a Tx trigger by any means. But you can tell when the shots going to break.

            And the price is good and they are pretty light guns to carry if you plan to get out in the woods.

            Oh and you mentioned rabbits. They sure ain’t around anymore like they were when I was a kid. And I do see them out where I live now in the country. And we do have a coyote problem where I’m at. But yep would probably be more rabbits if the coyote population would diminish. And the hawk’s get alot of critters and such too.

              • Chris U
                And mine is a real accurate gun.

                Here’s something else since you like filling with your buddy bottle.

                The Maximus works on 2000 psi down to about 1000 psi. So if you get your buddy bottle to low to fill your Marauder you can still fill a Maximus a bunch of times till your buddy bottle gets down to 2000 psi. If I remember right from the Discovery I had when I was filling from my Bengamin buddy bottle I could get about 6 fills from 3000 psi on the buddy bottle to 2000 psi.

                So that’s another benefit of a lower fill psi gun.

                You know I’m trying to get you to get a .22 Maximus don’t you. I want to see if that new barrel Crosman puts on the Maximus is what’s making mine so accurate. Or did I get lucky. 🙂

              • Chris,

                You missed my point. You start talking about a Maximus and then you describe a Marauder. What happens so often is we, myself included, see a nice, inexpensive air rifle and we start wanting it to have all of the features of a more expensive air rifle, but we want them for free, not just price wise, but all of those features make it physically larger and heavier.

                Now, if we had just taken the time to look around, we would have likely found the air rifle we were originally looking for. The Maximus IS what I have been looking for. It is a very nice looking, lightweight, accurate air rifle that is well suited for plinking, pesting and small game. Not only is it well suited for what I want, it is a great air rifle for my grandson to grow into.

                I have spent several years looking long and hard at a Marauder and came very close to buying one on several occasions, but I always hesitated because it was not exactly what I wanted. I could have bought one and modified it into what I wanted with a new barrel, stock, etc. or I could just buy something like a RAW HM1000X for about the same cost.

                Don’t get me wrong, I am not being critical. Sometimes the joy of some of these air rifles is tinkering with them. That is part of why I bought the Webley/Hatsan Tomahawk. I want to tinker with it to see if I can make it into a decent sproinger. It looks nice. Now if I can make it shoot nice. It does not do too bad actually, but I think if I can cut back on some of it’s magnumness it might do better. We’ll see.

                • R.R.,

                  You are right of course. It will be Spring before I spring for anything. As for modifications, adj. comb and butt would add little weight and cost if done from the factory. The mass/weight of the plastic would be near same. As for a magazine, that might require a complete re-design of the breech area. I will probably just go for it as is. I think I would be happy enough.

  5. BB,

    A thought on the handle issue. Perhaps you and Otho could construct an aluminum handle that you could install on the cocking arm for when you want to shoot this old girl and then reinstall the repaired plastic handle when not in use?

      • Hi B.B.

        I was thinking about the repair to the plastic pump handle. It’s difficult to see how the original repair was done but I guess that it was done with epoxy.

        To repair a break like this I would remove the old adhesive and clean-up the break so that it closes well then flush the area with alcohol to remove any grease/oil to prepare for gluing.

        For an adhesive, acetone would be my first choice and CA my second.

        I like acetone because it creates a very strong joint by “melting” (most) plastics then evaporating to leave the joint fused together – kinda like welding. You need to test a small drop to see if the acetone works with that particular plastic. Testors used to sell small bottles for model making, most hardware stores carry acetone in their paint department.

        Plan B would be thin “Crazy Glue” if the joint is tight or Gel if there are gaps.

        Any unevenness in the repaired joint could be finished with epoxy. I have been using UV cure resins (Bondic and Loon products) in this application with very good results.

        If all goes well, a final sanding with 600 grit sandpaper and polishing with “rotten-stone” should leave a nice smooth finish.

        Hope this helps.

        Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all!


      • B.B.
        If you are interested I would be up for trying to 3D print a replica handle.

        With some basic measurements and your photography skills you could probably get me enough detail so that I don’t need the physical part.

  6. B.B.,

    I was so sorry to hear that the pump handle cover broke. You mentioned the lever is now shorter,… indicating that the handle added length. That sounds like the stress point. It sounds as if a longer lever and a handle that acted as only a cover would have been the best. The pre cracked/repaired handle also seems that it would have been something to be divulged by the seller. Buyer beware being the take away from that. I hope you can find a good solution. 3D printing perhaps?

    The rest of the testing was interesting. The pump effort per # of strikes was revealing. Most interesting was the trigger effort per # of pumps. WOW. I had heard this phenomenon discussed,.. but your test really drove it home. The other thought that occurred was that the power potential and the sights being a bit of a mismatch. Fine for target at low power, not so good for hunting at higher power. And again,… the trigger effort. All in all, quite the mish-mash of an air gun.

    Thank you for the fine report and the extra effort and discomfort put forth due to the broken handle.

    Merry Christmas one and all. Enjoy, have fun, be safe. Chris

  7. Merry Christmas B.B. and all blog readers.
    Have a blessed Christmas and may all our dreams come through in 2017.
    My dream is for a multi pump like this one with the pump assist and a 2.5 to 3.5 lb sporting trigger.
    Crosman Santa, are you listening? I promise I will be a good boy.


  8. B.B.,

    A Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season to all here.

    B.B., In order to continue the test you might try small diameter pipe insulation surrounded by an outer layer of slightly larger pipe insulation on the pump handle. Align the slits in the insulation such that they are on the rifle side of things.


  9. I agree, a very merry christmas to BB and all the readers. I thank all for the nice coments and advice. Having a new M-rod has used up the budget for quite some time. My wish from the land of lakes is for nice days to be able to send some pellets downrange.

  10. I would be interested in insight as to the name of this air rifle. Sharp I get. Ace I get. Target I get. “Pan”,… not so much. Surely it has a meaning, history or background. Thanks,…. Chris

    • Chris

      One of the definitions of “Pan” is all-inclusive, especially in relation to the whole of a continent, racial group, religion, etc. Kind of like the way Pan-Am(erican) Airways used it.

      In the context of this airifle I believe Sharp would be referring to the whole of target shooting in their use of “Pan Target”. That would be my guess anyway.

      Congrats on the new gig BTW. Being out of work for an extended period of time really blows, for those that have never tried it.

      • SL,

        Thanks for the ideas. I spent about a half hour searching and was hoping to find something in the Japanese culture. Your idea makes sense in that it is capable of wide range of fpe.

        The job is not new but rather the same company. Been with them about 20 years. Nothing else came close to pay. Plus, it is Q.C. related which I did for about 15 of those 20 years. It will be easier in the sense that it will be less physical than floor production. So yes,… I feel blessed. The old company got ran into the ground hard and the new one is getting a good foot hold again. All of that takes time. It is nothing to takes 6 months to go from bid to final approval and building can take over 10 months on bigger units. (large industrial H.V. electrical switchgear)

        Thanks again and have a good holidays,….. Chris

  11. Merry Christmas to everyone! This blog is always a bright spot in my day! I’m buying a house so I thought it was over for airguns for me this year but Santa delivered an airgun find in one of the pawnshops that I frequent. I found a Winchester M4 CO2 air rifle at a price that I couldn’t pass up. A little pellet picky but seems to like Crossman Destroyers and H&N Field Targets surprisingly. It’s funny that you don’t any success with the Field Targets, BB, because they seem to be one of the top pellets in every gun that I try. And you are leaving me the Pan Target in your will, right, even though I’ll probably be too old and arthritic to pump it by the time I get it.:) Really appreciate all the effort that you put into this column and the back and forth that goes on.


  12. For all,…

    Twas the night before Christmas, just hanging around ~ The pellet’s were flying, one holers abound

    The ammo it dwindles, of this I am ‘ware ~ So some I must save, to shoot the next year

    So out came the cloth, and wiping ensued ~ As B.B. has taught us, it keeps them like new

    Tired and weary, I stumble to bed ~ The smell of Ballistol, still fresh in my head

    Now maybe the fumes, the nog or the brew ~ As slumber crept up, strange dreams did ensue

    First up was small pistols, dwarfed by huge scopes ~ What could be the purpose, of none.. I would hope

    Next was the pellets, some even had teeth ~ The ad clearly said, “they’ll chew right through meat”!

    From there it got worse, a nightmare it seemed ~ so many strange things, what did they all mean?

    I sprang from the bed, feet hitting cold floor ~ My heart started slowing, bad dreams were no more

    Groggy and shaky, I poured a strong cup ~ The nog and the brew, I just might give up

    I clicked on “The Blog”, and soon it is clear ~ With B.B. and all, I’ve nothing to fear

    So blessings I counted, all big and all small ~ To be part of this crew, is the best gift of all

  13. Hello BB and Fellow Air gunners
    First I’d like to thank BB for another year of informative blogs, and interesting airguns such as this Sharp Ace Pan Target. I enjoy reading about unique airguns that came and went with scarcely a notice from the majority of air gunners, but also pioneered features that made it possible for us to enjoy the technical wonders available to us today. Thank you for your hours of research, labour, and purchasing airgun models so we might learn to appreciate our unique hobby in greater depth.
    Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. The comments on this blog range from beginners questions to expert advice on a host of topics. I’m constantly amazed by the number of knowledgeable readers who readily add a piece to each blogs puzzle.

  14. Merry Christmas BB and all other fellow air gunners!!
    BB, can you help me identify a ball tank air rifle made in the 1800s or the early 1900s? We are having a Christmas quiz. My knowledge of vintage air guns is limited only to giradoni and weatherhead and Walter company. 🙂

  15. Wishing you all a most Merry Christmas and a Happy Holyday, from rainy Maui.

    My airgun Christmas this year was modest: a new-model Umarex PPK/S and 500 H&N Excite Smart Shot BBs.

    I be one happy airgun buggah, you betcha!

  16. I have a new sharp tiger side pump here in Indonesia and find it to be quite accurate. The current Sharp sales flyer shows an Ace sidepump with three different options for a stock. The plastic version of the stock looks remarkably similar to the Ruger explorer.

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