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Accessories Pump-Assist Benjamin 392: Part 3

Pump-Assist Benjamin 392: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Pumu-assist Benjamin 392
The Benjamin 392 pump assist is an interesting side street in the hobby.

Part 1
Part 2

A history of airguns

This report covers:

  • Crosman Premier
  • RWS Superpoint
  • JSB Exact Jumbo
  • Whadja get?

Today we look at the accuracy of the .22-caliber Benjamin 392 with pump-assist. I tested the rifle at 10 meters off a rest using the open sights that come with the gun.

Crosman Premier

We will begin with Crosman Premier pellets, that I expect to be one of the most accurate in this rifle. Shot one landed high on the bull at 11 o’clock, so I left the sights where they were.

Ten Premiers made a group measuring 0.577-inches at 10 meters. It’s not the best I have ever done at that diostance, but for a 392 it’s acceptable.

Pumu-assist Benjamin 392 Premier group
Ten Crosman Premiers went into .0577-inches at 10 meters.

RWS Superpoint

Next up were ten RWS Superpoints. This is a pellet I have not tried in a multi-pump, as far as I can remember, so I didn’t know what would happen. Alas — it wasn’t that good. Ten Superpoints landed in a group that measured 1.174-inches. The group is scattered all over the place. Obviously this is not the right pellet for this air rifle.

Pumu-assist Benjamin 392 Superpoint group
Ten RWS Superpoints made this 1.174-inch group at 10 meters. Not a good pellet for the 392 pump-assist.

JSB Exact Jumbo

The final pellet I tested was a JSB Exact Jumbo. This was the pellet I thought might be the most accurate, though to be so it would have to edge out the Premier. Ten pellets made a 0.748-inch group that is ironically shaped like a frown.

Pumu-assist Benjamin 392 JSB Jumbo group
JSB Exact Jumbos did not best Crosman Premiers. Ten made this 0.748-inch group at 10 meters.

Are there other pellets the 392 likes even more? Probably. But accuracy isn’t why I own this air rifle. I own it for what it is — a multi-pump that almost was, but never caught a break. A multi-pump that’s easy to pump.

Whadja get?

I’d like to hear about your special Christmas gifts today. Not the socks and sweaters — just the good stuff. Or maybe it wasn’t a gift you got but onw you gave. Please share.

Today’s report is short because I wrote it last Thursday, so I could spend time with my sister who came for Christmas. I still owe you the video of the 392 being pumped, so don’t despair!

68 thoughts on “Pump-Assist Benjamin 392: Part 3”

  1. Very nice Sirankio hope he enjoys it for a long time.
    I sent a vintage Crosman Mk1 .22 with the crosman soft case, off to a friend in the U.K. For a Christmas present.
    He sent me a UK made vintage Webley Hurricane, full kit, in the box with the scope and scope mount.
    Now just to wait until it gets here..

  2. Nothing new on this end. I did however count my blessings for already having the M-rod, TX, LGU, 499, Red Ryder and 92FS and all of the stuff to make them useful. As a “celebration”,… I put 10 shots through each at my indoor 24′ and 41′ “ranges”. I love that extra noise that comes from shooting indoors. The Maximus in .22 is looking like it might be the next “gift” to me.

    It was nice to see P.A. posting the prize winners and their choices on how to spend their prize money. One fellow ordered like 30 different types of pellets which I found amusing. But,.. like B.B.,.. I too am anxious to hear what everyone received.

    (B.B.,…. some might be interested as to how many pumps you used in the report. Perhaps an edited addition?)

  3. B.B., et al,

    I gave my shooting buddy, Doug, a Crosman 1077 which he likes very much. It fills a niche in his collection and it impressed him with its clever design, accuracy, and power. It is very much a gun for all ages, and one for the ages…
    I gave my wife a Sig P238 carry pistol. She was thrilled. I love having a wife who is an Air Force veteran. She appreciates a lot of “guy stuff” and loves fighter aircraft, particularly the venerable F-4 which she worked on (ground radio maintenance).
    I’m still waiting to purchase that new spring rifle. Had pretty much decided to go with a Diana 52 when you began the review of the new Umarex Throttle. Seems as if it might be as much fun for $300 less, and well made.
    Hoping you and the all the readers have a super New Year!!


  4. Long ago my friends and family agreed to stop exchanging gifts so that we could forgo the stressful and expensive shopping ritual and concentrate on what is important–getting together to enjoy each other’s company and take in as much tasty food and drink as possible.

    However one of us occasionally cheats. My brother did this year and gave me a very nice Samsung tablet, from which I am participating in the blog this morning. Thanks bro!

    Also, despite the fact that I was bad this year and didn’t deserve it, I bought myself a Feinwerkbau 300S last month. Oh my goodness, the trigger on this rifle is to die for.

    Now that’s out of the way, spill the beans BB. What did you get?

  5. Bought a Mossberg 590 9 shot Tri-rail shotgun to shoot in Three Gun Matches next summer. I shoot the Heavy Metal Division which requires a pump gun. I have been using a Winchester Model 12 but it only holds seven. Of course, it has other uses too. 🙂


  6. Durring the unwrapping of gifts, my wife let out a, “there’s a spider scream.” My son in law steped up to the occasion with his newly unwraped fly shooter and saved the day as the family cheered.

  7. B.B. Thank you for the great info. You always inspire me to record and take note of the things that work best on a given rifle. On 12/22 still working with my CV pcp I changed the pellets I had been using to the R10 8.2g For the first time I have a .217 grouping for 10 shots.
    My friend Fred has the Benjamin which I hope to try. As I am not accurate with these types of rifles ( practicing my artillary hold) I look forward to testing the pellets you mentioned.
    Look forward to your articles. Hope your new year brings many good things your way.

  8. I bought myself a Walter CP88. Much to my disappointment and surprise it was not very accurate compared to my 2240 and my two Beeman P17. The later pistols could should a dime group in my basement at 15 yards. Two inch grouping was the best the Beeman CP18 could do even after trying six different pellets from different manufactures and weight.
    The CP88 is ascetically very pleasant to look at and to hold. It’s a pistol I wanted to like and felt proud to own. But the accuracy was the fly in the ointment.
    Sent it back to PA and waiting for a replacement.

    Hope all here had a very Merry Christmas


  9. Tom,

    I had a very nice surprise present under the Christmas tree, thanks to Tom, Ms. Marsha, my wife and brother in law. At the 2016 Texas Airgun Show, I saw a Crosman 1701p on Tom’s table that I wanted but the price was more than the cash that I had on me. The gun disappeared off the table and I was told that it was sold to a nice young man. To my surprise, I received it as a Christmas gift. Susan (Mrs. Qwerty) had called my brother in law, who said to get it for me for Christmas. Tom agreed to take a check and Ms. Marsha helped Susan sneak it out to car without me knowing about it. Surprise!

    Tom, thank you for helping them surprise me! Also, please thank Ms. Marsha for us.

    Tom, was this the 1701p that you used for the three part blog on the Crosman Silhouette? From what I can see of the partial serial number in the photo in Part 1, the one that I received matches the serial number of the one in the photo.


    With everything going on yesterday, I have not had a chance to shoot it. I’m heading out to see what I can do with it.

    Tom, thanks again.


  10. Hope everyone had a happy Christmas.
    Ours was about perfect. It has been an unseasonably warm winter up here with next to no snow on the ground, not at all normal for Edmonton.
    But on the 23/24 we got a minor dump of about 9cm of snow, so a very pleasant (though cold, -20c) Christmas. And what to me is perfect is the temp is supposed to rise in the next couple of days so by New Years much of it will melt…I’ve had enough winters now with lots of snow and I’m not a big fan of driving in it, or shovelling from the walks.
    As I mentioned a week ago my Christmas present to myself was a Sharps Carbine. Won’t be here for another week…can’t wait.
    The boys each received a G&G 1911 airsoft (CO2). All metal with blowback, they rival the quality of my Umarex 1911.
    After a couple of years with no new air or powderburners under the tree we made up for it this years.
    Looking forward to a great New Year, wishing you B.B. and all your readers a happy and prosperous 2017.

  11. Umarex’s Walther PPK/S BB pistol. The bride said to buy my own present (we’re old enough and long-married enough to not try to surprise each other at Christmas most of the time 🙂 ), and I jumped on the PPK/S as soon as Pyramyd got them back in stock. Been wanting a real PPK since I saw my first James Bond movie as a kid, and figured this was the next-best thing now that I’m retired and “playing with air guns”.

  12. Got a few day early Christmas gift I’ll call it.

    Got a TechForce 99 underlever. Really a nice solid gun for the price anyway $99.00. Shot it and with the tryed and true JSB 15.89’s. But no good luck. So decided to try some Crosman Premier’s I have l laying around from the past. Still no good.

    At that pointed I was disappointed. And I got thinking. What the heck for the price. It’s got a terrible kick for the shot cycle and hard to cock and crunchy.

    So I opened it up. Just as I expected. The gun seriously had 6 inches of spring preload. Yep I cut it. It now has about a 1 inch preload. Lubbed the spring up a bit and put it back together.

    Now it’s easy to cock, no more crunchy cocking and a nice little bump from the shot cycle. And no chrony but I did test in to a 2×2 at about 8 inches away. Shot it right next to the pellet I tryed when I first got it. Guess what now the pellets going about a 1/8″ deeper than it was.

    And the big part about is now the gun will hold a bit under a 1″ group at 50 yards with the JSB 15.89’s and a bit over a inch with the Crosman premier’s.

    But it went from a gun that I was saying to myself why did I buy another cheap springer to wow this is now a completely different gun and surprisingly accurate and enjoyable to shoot.

    Well that was my Christmas other than a house full yesterday. And yes we had some fun shooting.

    • Hey, its not just you:
      Too much preload!

      I still shoot the thing and it’s fun–stays in my “office” in the barn lot where I am most of the time, so I can grab it and blow away a mischievous overripe tomato or marauding can at a minutes notice. I did have to tighten up/swell the piston seal (with tape around button) a few years after rebuild due to wear, but it turned out to be all it needed.

      • BG
        Thanks for the link to your blog. I read through it a couple times just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

        Luckily my gun didn’t have the canted action in the stock. And I didn’t take the piston out of the gun so I don’t know if the one I just got has a leather or synthetic seal. You think the way it is now days they would go to synthetic. I guess now I should of took it out to see. Will have to see if it starts wheezing at me when I cock it to know if I should but some drops of RWS silicone oil in the transfer port hole.

        But it really is a nice gun for the price. Kind of reminds me of the Weirauch hw97 and Diana 46e underlever I had. And here’s the scope I put on mine.

        • Mine was pretty early and generic best industries, even shipped with a tin of the famous Chinese free pellets. The TF branded ones are generally better in quality control! But, I learned a bunch with that one and probably shoot it about as well as any gun I own :).

          • BG
            I’m still wondering if my 99 has a synthetic seal. I imagine if I do a little searching without having to take it apart again I can find out.

            But I have been enjoying it for sure. I am glad I got it.

            • Mine was leather originally, but I think some more recent ones have synthetic. The real trick to taking those apart is getting the trigger back together, really kind of a miracle in terms of minimal parts count, but not intuitive at all, at least for me… On the other hand, either seal works fine if intact!

              • BG
                I didn’t look at the trigger other than making sure the little pins didn’t slip out of place.

                And yep I’m thinking that the 99 probably has a synthetic seal. But then again you never know now days.

                But I’m not worried about it right now unless it starts shooting funny or something. Just going to shoot it. And have fun with it. Got it mostly for plinking with a occasional best bird thrown in here and there of course. 🙂

      • BG

        That was an excellent guest blog! Though I have read much of the archives for blogs written before my time here, that one slipped past me. Thanks for the link.

        I too have a Tech Force 99, but I bought it off of Vince Brandolini if memory serves, so I think it was tuned when I got it. Vince can’t hold a rifle without tearing it down and putting it back together better than it was before.

        I am a little unclear about your comment about “tape around button”, and was wondering if you could elaborate.

        • SL,
          Thanks. It seems like several ages ago, doesn’t it?

          The apex seal i used has a big countersunk hole in the middle, and at least in my case is held on by a tapered post, which I was calling a button. The seal wore around the outside so I wrapped the post inside the hole in the seal with a couple of layers of tape and put the seal back on it, which was just enough to make the outside of the seal tighter against the cylinder wall and restore performance. I read about it somewhere and figured it would be fun to try before getting a new seal, but it has lasted pretty well :). Does that make sense?

          I bet a Vince tuned tf99 shoots good! He was (is?) great resource on Chinese and Spanish airguns, not so hoity toity he wouldn’t do what he could with them.

          • BG

            OK, that explains it. Makes sense now, thanks for clearing that up.

            And yes it seems like ages ago, but at the same time like it was only yesterday. It’s funny how the memory works with things the mind seems to favor.

            A Vince-tuned TF99 certainly does shoot good! I have never had an urge or a reason to want to open it up if that tells you anything. His knowledge of these inexpensive springers is expansive. Relums, Fast Deers, Haenels, Xiscos, Gamos…you name it, he seemed to know them all inside and out. Of course he is too danged modest to call his efforts “tuning”. He will tell you he just tinkered with it to see how it worked and then put it back together.

            Like so many that have come and gone, I really miss his posts. But on the upside you are still here and I am always happy to see you posting. That line about your office being in barn put a smile on my face.

  13. BB and Friends
    I gave my best friend of almost 60 years one of my older stocked Weihrauch HW77’s in .22cal. topped with a Hawke 4-12×40 Airmax scope. Ray now lives about 3 hours from me on 5 acres of land, so we still see each other quite often. He always admired, and would choose the HW77 whenever we got together and the inevitable plinking competition would break out.
    Not only does he enjoy plinking, and target shooting, he is also an avid gardener who relies on the food he grows to get himself through the winter months. In the past few years he has been plagued with a rabbit problem caused in large part to immature people buying bunnies for their children at Easter. The soon unwanted full grown rabbits are dropped off in the countryside around the larger towns with the idea that once in the wilderness, said rabbits will easily fend for themselves. Not only are these rabbits destroying his gardens, but the coyote population has risen proportionally as well, threatening his chickens. This practice has become near epidemic for rural land owners, the majority of whom enjoy vegetable gardens as well as planting flowers, shrubs, etc. as landscape projects. The real irony is my Ray and his neighbours are the ones branded as barbaric when they are forced to deal with the problem by shooting, trapping, etc.
    Anyway, to step down from my soapbox, Ray is now the proud owner of an airgun he has long coveted, but could never afford to buy. It was a way I could tell him how much our friendship has meant to me over the years.
    I hope everyone on this blog who celebrates Christmas had a festive, and memorable holiday and I wish everyone a healthy, and happy 2017.

  14. I ordered myself a Webley Tempest .22 yesterday from PyramydAir. They are not in stock but are supposed to come in the 29th. I have been watching some videos and everyone who has the new Tempest made in Turkey seems to be getting 400 fps or better instead of 350 like the UK ones. I wonder if mine will do the same?

    I’m thinking about ordering some lighter pellets, as I only have some JSB’s that are 18 grains for my Diana 350. Do you have any recommendations? Should I go really light? I noticed there are some .22 caliber pellets that are under 10 grains.

    Looks like you are getting a Hurricane which is a lot like the Tempest! Oh and today I open up my e-mail and I have a code for 13% off….. right. Do they send that out the day after you order something just to mess with you? lol

  15. Well got some interesting results from a experiment I tryed today.

    Took 10 JSB 15.89’s and flared the back of the skirt open with the cap of my Bic ink pen. Did the same with 5 JSB 33.95’s for the .25 Marauder.

    Shot 5 of the flared 15.89’s in the Maximus then 5 of the flared skirts in the TechForce 99. Then took 10 pellets right from the tin. Shot 5 in the Maximus and 5 out of the 99. All at different targets of course and at 50 yards. Did the same with the 33.95’s out of the Marauder. 5 flared and 5 unflared.

    The results. The Maximus and Marauder shot pretty much identical groups with flared and unflared pellets. The TechForce 99 shot better groups with the flared pellets than with the unflared pellets.

    I believe the pcp guns have that hard initial hit of air that flares the skirt and seals it in the barrel. The 99 spring gun just don’t have the same instant hit of air like the pcp guns.

    And yes I will flare the skirts for the 99 from now on when I shoot it. It did make a noticeable difference in the groups and in my opinion worth the little effort it took to flare them.

    • GF1,

      Cool test. I think your conclusions make sense and maybe a suggestion for all springers if someone cares to do it. That 99 looks pretty fine for the money. That one has slipped under my radar. Way to go on the chop job. 6″ huh? Can we all say “excess”! 😉

      • Chris U
        I was expecting like 3 inches of preload on the TechForce 99 from the way it was shooting and the shot cycle it had. And of course the hard cocking and crunching.

        But was surprised when it was 6 inches. That’s just way crazy preload. Guess they was trying to send the pellet to the moon or something. 🙂

        But yes did for sure make a difference flaring the skirt of the pellet in the 99 group wise. I think that’s also helping engage the pellet to the rifling if the head of the pellets not fitting as well as it could. Maybe can say it’s a poor man’s way of getting the pellet to fit the barrel better. Sure didn’t cost me anything really.

        Maybe you should give it a try in the LGU and Tx and see what happens. I would be interested to know if it improved the accuracy on your spring guns.

        • GF1,

          Remind me if I forget,…. and I will. At 41′ for the max. indoor this Winter,…. it is a bit of a time waster. 25 or more yards and things would start to show up. I did think of the possibility of a poorer barrel on the 99, same as you. For 99$, what can you expect? Still, I am impressed for 99$. Not that I am going to run out and buy one,…. just saying,.. not bad.

          • Chris U
            I just commented below also.

            Maybe it will help lower powered pump guns or Co2 guns that shoot pellets.

            You have those kind of guns you could try it out on too. The 880 and 760 I believe you have. Also your Co2 powered pistol that shoots pellets.

            • GF1,

              880 and 760?,….. don’t you remember?,…. I gave those away the day I got laid off to the guy the hauled my tool boxes home,….. for his Grandkids. From the stories he told me,… you would have thought it WAS Christmas for those kids,… in JULY! So in a very long round about way,…. I guess I did have an air gun “giving” Christmas story! The 92FS presses into clips,… so once they are in,.. they are in. On pellet to barrel scenarios though,.. I think it has merit.

              • Chris U
                Now that you say that I do remember you giving them away. See good for you. 🙂

                And it could help your Co2 pistol too. Remember there still needs to be a good seal of air at the back of the pellet in the clip to that rubber seal that the Co2 passes through. There should be a way the barrel engages the front of the clip too. So maybe the skirt fit is even more important on a Co2 gun with a clip. Don’t know just thinking out loud ya know.

                • GF1,

                  Yea,… to see the look on his face,.. his stories,.. and his oldest (10?) even calling me up later that evening to personally thank me,…. it was all worth it and then some! It is a good feeling that has definitely stayed with me all year. Pellets, b.b.’s, boxes and all paper work. That is what it is about. That is like when we were talking about the Lottery a long time ago,….. take a Mil. and then look around real good for where to spread the rest. For sure,…. one does not have to look very far. We are blessed.

    • Chris U
      And you know what. Just thought of this. Maybe it will help flaring the skirts of the pellets with lower velocity pump guns or lower amount of pumps used. Maybe even might improve Co2 guns that shoot pellets.

      Haven’t tryed it with pump or Co2 guns yet. Might do that tomorrow. I’m off all this week so should have time to try it.

  16. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I have picked up several new toys over the past few months, so nothing under the tree this year. However, I was able to get someone else to order a Walther Terrus. I took a couple of rifles to a good friend’s house last week, and we shot in his basement. He’s a fellow Army vet, and regular firearm shooter, but no air rifle experience. He liked the air rifles so much he asked me what he should get to start teaching his 13 yr old son. It was too late for delivery by Christmas, but the UPS man should be dropping off their new Terrus tomorrow. I really think he got the bug in a big way after our target session. That’s a pretty good present in my book.

    Jim M.

  17. Nice to read how many of you gave such special gifts to old friends and family. I tried the same thing. My two 40-something sons tease me frequently about my “BB guns”. This from men who left airguns behind in middle school. Anyway, I decided to rope them into at least family shooting times with two HW50S rifles under the tree. An HW30S for the daughter-in-law and an HW 45 for my wife completed the package. Now to set the scene, I had no assurance any of these people would even cock and shoot one time. Wonder of wonders, everyone was delighted with the surprises. We even skipped the traditional Christmas croquet game to shoot paint balls, spinners and Shatter Blasts. Yes, its warm in coastal Texas.

    Needless to say, I am tickled they jumped in so enthusiastically. I hope they shoot out their new Champion rim fire traps. Next family gathering, I look forward to more shooting. Maybe even some friendly competition. And the grandchildren watched and asked questions. I wish I had a picture of the 2 year old in safety glasses. A double bonus if they take up shooting when a little older.

    Thanks for this venue to share my story with people whom I know understand how much this means.

    Happy New Year to all,


    • John
      Sounds like fun. That’s what usually takes place on the holidays or birthday partys around my house. People show up and we shoot air guns mostly. But get the firearms out to. They usually bring there latest and greatest gun they got so it can be tryed out. Or should I say so they can show it off. 🙂

      I have a 16 and 19 year old daughter and they both have been shooting since they where about 7 years old. They always want to shoot. That’s pretty well how every weekend goes. It wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t get to shoot.

      But glad that your family enjoyed their airguns. 🙂

  18. I have a Diana 350 magnum and am thinking about trying to tune it myself. Is this a bad idea? I am fairly mechanically inclined, but I have never taken an air rifle apart. Can anyone tune one so that it shoots gentler or is there an art to the science?

    • Docteur Ralph.

      Is this a bad idea? No, but be sure you know what you are getting into before you begin.

      I am fairly mechanically inclined, but I have never taken an air rifle apart. Then you have a lot to learn. Each gun is different, so there is very little that’s generic I can say.

      Can anyone tune one so that it shoots gentler or is there an art to the science? Yes, anyone can tune an air rifle and, yes, there is an art to it. Have you read the several long reports I have written about tuning spring-piston airguns?


      • No, have not read your reports. I am kind of a newbie to this site. I have always had air rifles, and instead of outgrowing them like others as I got older I bought an RWS 34 and really started enjoying them. Now that I have started to read this blog I realize there is a lot more to it than I ever realized. I would really love to have a state of the art gentle giant tuned 350 magnum but I guess I should study on it a while. Do you tune rifles?

  19. B.B.,

    I’m a day late to the conversation, but my Christmas gift (which I always pick out for myself each year) is a very lightly used Gamo Compact with, drumroll, a lefty grip! It had to be for sale for my Christmas gift.


  20. Hi BB,
    I hope you and everyone else had a nice Christmas. I bought myself a Airmax PCP pistol for Christmas. I left it boxed up about 3 weeks until Christmas. I look forward to playing with it.

    David Enoch

  21. I look forward to seeing what you bought. I plan to make Malvern and Texas shows. I am sure they want to hold the Texas show again.

    Good luck getting your eye healed up. I know it’s hard to accuracy test airguns with an eye problem. But, a little eye problem will not keep you from being an airgun historian and promoter.

    David Enoch

  22. BB My wife gave me a Brodax revolver for one of my gifts,it’s a cool little revolver,fun to shoot. I got lots of pellets,shoot and see targets and co2 in my stocking,I’m blessed with a wife that knows me well. I pray you had a good Christmas with your sister and have a very blessed New Year BB

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