by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Gletcher Stetckin APS BB pistol
Gletcher’s Stechkin blowback BB pistol.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • The test
  • Daisy BBs
  • Correction to the hold
  • Hornady Black Diamond BBs
  • Air Venturi Copper-Plated Steel BBs
  • What gives?
  • Last group
  • Summary

This will be an interesting report. I had something astounding happen in this accuracy test, so let’s begin! Today we are looking at the accuracy of the Gletcher Stechkin APS BB pistol.

The test

I shot from a seated position at 5 meters from the target, using a UTG Monopod as a hand rest. Each group was produced by 10 BBs. I shot the pistol in the single-action mode for every shot.

Daisy BBs

I consider Daisy Premium Grade BBs to be a standard among premium BBs. They are no better than other BBs, but I have confidence that they are uniform and usually perform reliably.

In this pistol, however, that wasn’t the case. At 5 meters, 10 Daisy BBs went into a scattered group measuring 4.431-inches between centers! Look at the arrows in the picture to see where the outliers hit.

Gletcher Stechkin pistol Daisy target
Ten Daisy BBs made this 4.431-inch group at 5 meters! The arrows indicate BB holes. Not so good, is it?

Correction to the hold

I had been resting the front part of the pistol’s frame on the rubber band sling of the monopod, and, when I saw this target, I thought that might not work so well. So, with the next BB I changed my hold. This time I rested my wrist on the rubber band sling and held the pistol freely in front of the monopod. Let’s see what happens.

Hornady Black Diamond BBs

Next up were Hornady Black Diamond BBs. As these shots were fired I saw a hole to the right of the bull growing slowly. Was that where all the BBs were going? Surely not! That is as accurate as any BB pistol I have ever tested.

When the 10 shots were finished I went down to the target and saw all 10 had hit within a 0.735-inch group. That’s not just good — it’s phenomenal! Obviously (I thought) the new hold was what made the difference. I started inventing new universes for us to inhabit and prepared a long lecture on the importance of testing different holds. I love my job!

Gletcher Stechkin pistol Hoprnady target 1
Yep — that’s 10 shots in 0.735-inches at 5 meters. This Stechkin pistol can shoot!

Air Venturi Copper-Plated Steel BBs

The final BB I tried was the Air Venturi Copper-Plated BB. After seeing the previous group, I was now prepared to finish my lecture. I would even shoot another group of Daisy BBs after that, just to cap things off.

And then it happened. The Stechkin put 10 Air Venturi BBs into 5.198-inches at 5 meters. That’s using the new hold I was going to lecture on! What was going on?

Gletcher Stechkin pistol AV target
Well, that didn’t go like I expected! There are 8 or 9 BBs in 5.198-inches at 5 meters. Where the other(s) went is anyone’s guess.

What gives?

Shucks! I hate it when I have a whole lecture prepared and then it turns out not to be relevant. What is happening? If I was shooting pellets I could believe that one pellet shoots a lot better than the rest, but a steel BB? I’ve seen some steel BBs do a little better than others before, but never as dramatically as this time. Only one thing to do now. Shoot another group with those Hornadys. If it is tight as well, then it’s the BB and nothing else.

Last group

This group was of greater interest to me than any group I have shot since I tested George’s Diana 34P for the last time. I was very careful, but I had been careful on all the previous groups, as well. And that 5+ pound trigger wasn’t helping things, I can tell you.

This time 10 Hornady Black Diamond BBs went into 0.821-inches at 5 meters! Astounding! It’s the BB, and nothing else!

Gletcher Stechkin pistol Hornady target 2
This time 10 Hornady Black Diamond BBs went into a group that measures 0.821-inches between centers at 5 meters. The BB hole on the right is torn out toward the right (arrow), as are several other holes. This was the first BB to hit the target and I saw the tearout happen, so the group appears larger than it is.


First I will say that this Gletcher Stechkin BB pistol is one of the most accurate BB pistols I have ever tested. The pistol is a gas hog and has a heavy trigger, but it can shoot, with the right BB. Will all Stechkin BB pistols shoot this well? Who knows? If you like this gun, get one. I think it’s a good one.

Next I want to say that I never stop learning in this hobby. If I hadn’t seen the results of this test in person, I don’t think I would have believed them. I won’t hold it against you if you don’t believe them, either.