by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Dust Devil box
Air Venturi Dust Devils will hit the market in a few months.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • The test
  • Daisy 499
  • Colt Single Action Army
  • Loading problems
  • Red Ryder
  • Conclusions
  • Summary

On Monday I got my right eye laser cleaned, so now it is back to as good as it will get. That means I can start doing accuracy testing again. For today’s report I tried the AirVenturi Dust Devil frangible BBs in three BB guns with three different feeding systems.

The test

I shot at 5 meters seated and used the UTG Monopod as a shooting rest. I shot five shots per target only because this test was very long. Let’s get started.

Daisy 499

The first gun was the Daisy Avanti Champion 499, which we know is the world’s most accurate BB gun. With this gun I used Avanti Precision Ground shot, because it is made especially for the gun. The use of any other premium BB in a 499 is a waste of time and money, because only this shot allows the gun to do what it does. Predictably, five BBs went into a group that measures 0.202-inches between centers. The group is high and left of the bull, so I must have bumped the rear sight. But I did not adjust the sight during the test.

Avanti shot target
The 499 put 5 Avanti Precision Ground Shot into 0.202-inches at 5 meters.

Now it was the Dust Devil’s turn. They rolled down the barrel in a fraction of a second, compared to the 3 seconds the Avanti shot took. No premium BB has ever equalled the accuracy of the Avanti shot, so I didn’t expect the Dust Devils to, either. And they didn’t. Five Dust Devils went into a group that measures 0.666-inches between centers. That is about what other Premium BBs would do in a 499. There is some irony in that group, let’s see if you readers pick up on it.

Dust Devil target 499
The 499 put 5 Dust Devils into 0.666-inches at 5 meters.

Colt Single Action Army

Next up was the Colt Single Action Army CO2 revolver. My model of that revolver is the blued steel one that is no longer offered, so I linked to a similar one. It’s an artillery model with a 5-1/2-inch barrel, and I used the same pistol in the velocity test in Part 2.

This time I used Daisy Premium grade BBs for the comparison. Five went into 1.005 inches at 5 meters, which is about right.

Daisy BB target SAA
The Colt SAA put 5 Daisy BBs into 1.005-inches at 5 meters.

Loading problem

Next up were the Dust Devils in the SAA. Before I tell you the group I will describe a small problem I had. With this revolver the BBs are loaded into the base of a realistic cartridge that is then loaded into the gun’s cylinder in the conventional way. Two cartridges lost their BBs as I was doing this and I found them in my hand after loaded the gun. I had to remove one cartridge and substitute another to hold that BB in securely. The other cartridge held the BB on the second try, but I could tell it was loose, so I handled the gun carefully. If you are going to shoot a cartridges revolver with Dust Devils, the fit of the BB in the cartridge is something to consider.

But when it came time to shoot the Dust Devils, they out-shot the Daisy BBs in this gun. Five went into 0.845-inches at 5 meters. That’s pretty darn good.

0Dust Devil target SAA
Dust Devils surpassed Daisy BBs in the Colt SAA. Despite feeding issues, they were more accurate, putting 5 into 0.845-inches at 5 meters.

It’s looking good for Dust Devils at this point. Now let’s test them in a Red Ryder.

Red Ryder

First up were the Daisy BBs. You can’t get more brand conscious than that — Daisy BBs in a Red Ryder! Five Daisy BBs went into 1.489-inches at 5 meters. I was shooting a brand new Red Ryder — the same as what you would get if you ordered one today.

Daisy BB target Red Ryder
Five Daisy BBs from the Red Ryder went into 1.489-inches at 5 meters.

Now it was time for the Dust Devils. I was hoping they would do okay and they did. Five went into 0.605-inches at 5 meters. That was the best group for the Dust Devils of this test and the worst group of Daisy BBs.

Dust Devil target Red Ryderr
Best group of the test for Dust Devils. Five shots in 0.605-inches at 5 meters.


The Dust Devil BBs proved more accurate that Daisy Premium Grade BBs in today’s test. They also functioned well in two of the three BB gun actions. Only in the cartridges of the Single Action Army were they a little loose.

Dust Devils will probably always be loose in cartridge BB guns. Check this before you plan to use them.


So far I have tested Dust Devils in a forced-feed BB magazine (Daisy 25), a gravity feed mag (Daisy Red Ryder), a single shot that uses a magnet (Daisy 499) and a CO2 cartridge gun (Colt SAA). There are more magazines and actions to test, but from what we have seen so far, the Dust Devil works as advertised.