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Air Guns Air Venturi Dust Devil BBs: Part 3

Air Venturi Dust Devil BBs: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Dust Devil box
Air Venturi Dust Devils will hit the market in a few months.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • The test
  • Daisy 499
  • Colt Single Action Army
  • Loading problems
  • Red Ryder
  • Conclusions
  • Summary

On Monday I got my right eye laser cleaned, so now it is back to as good as it will get. That means I can start doing accuracy testing again. For today’s report I tried the AirVenturi Dust Devil frangible BBs in three BB guns with three different feeding systems.

The test

I shot at 5 meters seated and used the UTG Monopod as a shooting rest. I shot five shots per target only because this test was very long. Let’s get started.

Daisy 499

The first gun was the Daisy Avanti Champion 499, which we know is the world’s most accurate BB gun. With this gun I used Avanti Precision Ground shot, because it is made especially for the gun. The use of any other premium BB in a 499 is a waste of time and money, because only this shot allows the gun to do what it does. Predictably, five BBs went into a group that measures 0.202-inches between centers. The group is high and left of the bull, so I must have bumped the rear sight. But I did not adjust the sight during the test.

Avanti shot target
The 499 put 5 Avanti Precision Ground Shot into 0.202-inches at 5 meters.

Now it was the Dust Devil’s turn. They rolled down the barrel in a fraction of a second, compared to the 3 seconds the Avanti shot took. No premium BB has ever equalled the accuracy of the Avanti shot, so I didn’t expect the Dust Devils to, either. And they didn’t. Five Dust Devils went into a group that measures 0.666-inches between centers. That is about what other Premium BBs would do in a 499. There is some irony in that group, let’s see if you readers pick up on it.

Dust Devil target 499
The 499 put 5 Dust Devils into 0.666-inches at 5 meters.

Colt Single Action Army

Next up was the Colt Single Action Army CO2 revolver. My model of that revolver is the blued steel one that is no longer offered, so I linked to a similar one. It’s an artillery model with a 5-1/2-inch barrel, and I used the same pistol in the velocity test in Part 2.

This time I used Daisy Premium grade BBs for the comparison. Five went into 1.005 inches at 5 meters, which is about right.

Daisy BB target SAA
The Colt SAA put 5 Daisy BBs into 1.005-inches at 5 meters.

Loading problem

Next up were the Dust Devils in the SAA. Before I tell you the group I will describe a small problem I had. With this revolver the BBs are loaded into the base of a realistic cartridge that is then loaded into the gun’s cylinder in the conventional way. Two cartridges lost their BBs as I was doing this and I found them in my hand after loaded the gun. I had to remove one cartridge and substitute another to hold that BB in securely. The other cartridge held the BB on the second try, but I could tell it was loose, so I handled the gun carefully. If you are going to shoot a cartridges revolver with Dust Devils, the fit of the BB in the cartridge is something to consider.

But when it came time to shoot the Dust Devils, they out-shot the Daisy BBs in this gun. Five went into 0.845-inches at 5 meters. That’s pretty darn good.

0Dust Devil target SAA
Dust Devils surpassed Daisy BBs in the Colt SAA. Despite feeding issues, they were more accurate, putting 5 into 0.845-inches at 5 meters.

It’s looking good for Dust Devils at this point. Now let’s test them in a Red Ryder.

Red Ryder

First up were the Daisy BBs. You can’t get more brand conscious than that — Daisy BBs in a Red Ryder! Five Daisy BBs went into 1.489-inches at 5 meters. I was shooting a brand new Red Ryder — the same as what you would get if you ordered one today.

Daisy BB target Red Ryder
Five Daisy BBs from the Red Ryder went into 1.489-inches at 5 meters.

Now it was time for the Dust Devils. I was hoping they would do okay and they did. Five went into 0.605-inches at 5 meters. That was the best group for the Dust Devils of this test and the worst group of Daisy BBs.

Dust Devil target Red Ryderr
Best group of the test for Dust Devils. Five shots in 0.605-inches at 5 meters.


The Dust Devil BBs proved more accurate that Daisy Premium Grade BBs in today’s test. They also functioned well in two of the three BB gun actions. Only in the cartridges of the Single Action Army were they a little loose.

Dust Devils will probably always be loose in cartridge BB guns. Check this before you plan to use them.


So far I have tested Dust Devils in a forced-feed BB magazine (Daisy 25), a gravity feed mag (Daisy Red Ryder), a single shot that uses a magnet (Daisy 499) and a CO2 cartridge gun (Colt SAA). There are more magazines and actions to test, but from what we have seen so far, the Dust Devil works as advertised.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

60 thoughts on “Air Venturi Dust Devil BBs: Part 3”

  1. BB–My first answer was off the top of my head. 666 is the number of the beast that comes out of the sea in revelations. I will leave it to any biblical scholar to add more information, if they wish. Most of my religious friends go with my first post. Perhaps you should try some more groups and try for a .999 group? —-Ed

  2. BB,

    I love riddles!

    For me the pattern of the dust devils is the clue. It looks like they sprayed around the point of impact defined by the Avanti Precision, but never hitting real straight. They cannot do that as the are loose in the barrel.



  3. B.B.,

    For some reason, as soon as I got home yesterday, the Dust Devils popped into my mind,.. and low a behold an article today. What a coincidence. I find it amazing that the Red Ryder out shot the 499 with the Dust Devils. I have both guns, so that would be an interesting test.

    I do not have any action pistols that use a cartridge,.. but could you speculate as to why they Dust Devils fit looser? The bb diameter would be the first thing I would look at. I would think that there would be some sort of semi-pliable rubber or plastic insert in the base of the cartridge, and if so, I find it interesting that they would not be forgiving to a very slight diameter/shape difference. Perhaps the inserts are not very pliable, or take a “set” over time if left loaded? Perhaps quality issues with the cartridge/insert ID control?

    All in all, I look forwards to trying them, when they become available.

    Good Day to you and to all,…. Chris

  4. Good to hear the laser eye cleaning worked out. I just had my right eye cataract removed a little over a week ago and I can finally shoot rifles again. My left eye only has a bit of a cataract so far so pistols were still alright but the right eye was severe – as is apparently common if you get one when you’re relatively young (46) like me. Before I had the surgery my right eye had gotten so blurry in a matter of five months that I may as well have smeared a thick layer of Vaseline over the right lens of my glasses. Everything is so sharp, bright and clear now that I’m still kind of amazed at how well it worked. The doctor tells me that if I do ever get another build up the procedure is just a laser rather than the wholesale lens replacement I just had so the future looks bright (no pun intended).

    The Dust Devils seem like a great option especially if you’re shooting outdoors or don’t have a duct seal trap. I would be interested to see if they work in the spring pressure vertical magazines of the layout used in the Umarex MP40, Mauser C-96 etc. The reduced chance of ricochet would seem particularly desirable with those automatic “BB-hoses.”

  5. BB,

    It looks like GunFun1 put the two together for the riddle of the day.

    I may have to end up getting some of these to try in my 99. I do have a question though. Will the adhesive in these break down over time in the outside weather or in water, sort of biodegradable?

  6. B.B.,
    Since these are fragile, is it safe to “assume” these are softer than steel bbs? What I’m getting at, do you think they would be “easier” on rifled barrels? I was thinking of my pumps (Crosman and Daisy) that can shoot bb’s too. I don’t because the barrels are rifled.
    Second question, on the Single Action Army that the dust devils were lose in, didn’t you also test that gun with pellets? If so, could the larger diameter pellets have ever so slightly “enlarged” the insides on the cartridges? I have been wondering if a steady diet of pellets would do that at some point.

    • Doc,

      I don’t think we can assume these will be easier on rifled barrels. They may have an abrasive property I’m not aware of.

      I don’t remember if I used that single action (I have several) for pellets or not. I guess that could happen over time, but maybe not in the brief time I would have tested it that way.


  7. I am glad to hear that your eye has improved BB. Besides looking forward to more of your great shooting reports, there is a bit of selfishness in my comment; being your age I may have to go though that sooner rather than later.

    On the Dust Devils, I share your opinion that these frangible BBs could give a push to air pistol action shooting. The precision is there and being lead free and less prone to ricochet makes a ‘garage range’ feasible. If you have the opportunity, it would be very interesting to see how these BBS perform when fired from a 1911 (with recoil, of course) at metallic reactive targets. Like Coduece’s perhaps? Just sayin’.

  8. BB,

    Out of the Red Ryder, these little Devils really left the Daisy BBs in the Dust. 🙂

    I’m glad to hear that your eyes are better. I watched the American Airgunner episode on YouTube last week where you were shooting against Rossi and Tyler and those guys and I have to say that your eyes must have gotten a lot worse after filming that or you set a very, very high standard on your shooting. You were the only guy shooting a springer. You were the only guy shooting open sights. And you were not using any artificial support and you still managed to shoot within one pellet diameter of those other folks at 50 YARDS !! If your procedure is going to enable you to shoot better than that I’M gettin’ one done!!

  9. Off topic here but thought you would like to know this. Went to see the movie, “I, Tonya” today and guess what .22 the actress playing little Tonya was using with her father? That Remington model 33 you talked about, BB back in January. I only recognized it because of your blog! Also, the movie was very entertaining and funny in parts.

    Fred formerly of the DPRoNJ now in GA

      • Typical of being an old codger – usual aches and pains but if I start cataloging them, then I’ll be just another old guy talking about what hurts. Being able to tell when a change of weather is coming is not all it’s cracked up to be. What I miss is not being able to go to the range due to the month of inclement weather we’ve had here in Georgia and riding my bicycle (getting soft in my old age – don’t want to ride when it’s in the 30’s). I am excited about Sig’s new break barrel and can see one in my future along with one of the new compressors!

        Fred formerly of the DPRoNJ now in GA

        • Fred
          Hey I ride a Specialized Allez road bike, a trek mountain bike, and I’m restoring a vintage 1978 Raleigh Grand Prix the bike I wanted as a kid. Bikes have helped my knees tremendously.

          • That’s really interesting! I was a big bicyclist growing up and then got into motorcycles. I returned to bicycling in my late 50’s, however. My road bike is a Fuji Newest 1.0 from 2011 and last year I decided to try mountain biking and bought a Cannondale Trail 3 – what the bikees call a “hardtail” (no rear suspension, only front ). Still haven’t found anyone to ride with that I can keep up with. All these girlie-men bicycle riders have no muscle bulk or body fat and go like stink. They need to drink more beer.

            Fred formerly of the DPRoNJ now in GA

  10. GunFun1 & others interested in the Gauntlet

    I came across this YouTube site that has several nice videos done on the Gauntlet. In one of the videos the guy demonstrates a weakness in the air stripper design which fails. In another video he shows how he designed and made a barrel support band on a 3-D printer. He also has a video on disassembly. He sells the items he designs and makes with a 3-D printer. If your buying a Gauntlet this is a worthwhile look see.

    • Geo
      Pretty cool video.

      And you know that peice that is on the end of the barrel that supports the shroud. I have drilled the side holes out bigger in it on Marauder’s and still used the shroud. I actually picked up accuracy doing that. I originally was after a quieter report and ended up with both. And when I look at the Gauntlet the shroud resembles the Marauder. And also I didn’t have a barrel band on a couple of my .25 caliber Marauder’s and had zero problems with them. The barrel band is there only to protect the barrel if it encounter’s a heavy bump. It actually doesn’t contact the shroud on a Marauder.

      Oh and my .177 Gauntlet will be here tomorrow. Already got my Hawke 2.5-10 magnification sidewinder scope ready to mount on it. Problem is it will come after I go to work and I work 2nd shift. So won’t get to mess with it till Friday morning.

      • I thought his videos were pretty descriptive. Did you watch the one where he disassembled the entire rifle? He found a lot of burrs that needed to be cleaned up. He also found the hammer to had a very rough finish and polished it down. I thought you, being one who likes to get into the guts, would like these videos and they show some things that are probably common to most of the Gauntlets being shipped right now. He did say that for $300 is was still a very good buy…just needed a little TLC to make it even better.

        I look forward to your reports on the Gauntlet.

  11. Entirely off topic…

    Attended the NRA-sponsored Great American Outdoor Show Tuesday. At least one Sig P365 is on my “Gotta have” list. Maybe a second if my wife likes it.

    Was able to handle and the new Sig ASP20 air rifle as well as the P 320.

    A lovely young woman was filling my buddy and me in on all of the details of the rifle and pistol as well as some of Sig’s plans for airguns. Her knowledge was impressive but her obvious enthusiasm for the products added punch to simple information. Turns out that she is the Product Manager, Dani. Kudos to Sig for putting senior staff in front of the public. I own one Sig and have been impressed by the quality of their products. Seeing and handling these new air guns has mightily impressed me.

    I now have two springers, one NP and a Maximus (PCP). The Davemyster generously supplied me with a nice variety of pellets and I’ve bought a few more. When Spring arrives I plan to tackle the Gamo and massage it (and me) to some level of repeatable accuracy.

    My current plans are to sell one springer (Walther model 55), the cheap NP gun and the Gamo. That will leave me with the “tool”, the Maximus, that I was looking for several years ago when I bought the Gamo. Indeed, a long and winding road.

    All that said, I may have to have a Sig ASP20. That trigger was so good and so adjustable with little fuss. The trigger settings are eight “clicks”. Once a setting is chosen it is locked down so there is no drift over time and use. Dani said to cock and “fire” it. Firm but manageable cocking effort, excellent trigger. There was very little recoil. The recoil felt much like my Walther 10 meter gun. Impressive.

    Glad to hear that your eyesight was brought back.

    Chris, Took one too bold squirrel off our bird feeder with the Maximus. Sooo nice, you’re right, it’s “keeper.”


  12. Important information.

    I personally tested the Dust Devil BBs in many air guns.

    I found the DD BBs did not feed in following 3 air guns:
    (1) MP 40
    (2) ISSC 22
    (3) Ingram ASG M11.

    Hopefully this info is useful if you plan to shoot Dust Devil BBs in the above 3 air guns.
    If I find issues with other air guns, I will certainly pass it on.


    Dust Devil BB Inventor

    • Aspenparis,

      Bumps in the road are to be expected. Of most interest,… is what are (your) thoughts as to why they did not feed well in those model’s? I am not familiar with any of those air guns, so I am of no help there. Could it be that the band is locking up the bb’s in some sort of fashion,… or something else?

      B.B.’s test of the RR and the 499 was most interesting. I have both, and the RR shoots like crap compared to the 499. That was a real surprise, of which I have no explanation for.

      Your thoughts?,….. Chris

  13. Chris,

    As per the MP 40, I found the mag. severely double stack the BBs. Actually, we found that about 40 steel BBs work reliably in this BB gun as appose to the max. capacity of 60 BBs.

    Well, Tom had 4 BBs very close together (Daisy 499 test), one BB opened up the group substantially, oh well.
    All in all, we are very pleased with the accuracy we are achieving.


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