Marksman model 70
Marksman model 70 breakbarrel rifle.

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History of airguns

This report covers:

  • My plan
  • The trigger story
  • Back to the report
  • Sight inserts
  • The test
  • Predator Polymag
  • Third Polymag group
  • RWS Superdomes
  • JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy
  • Rear sight adjustment
  • Discussion
  • Summary

Well, I’m certainly getting some mileage out of this airgun! I was going to tune her next, but reader Roamin Greco asked me to test the accuracy of the latest tune and I agreed. I also read the ending of the last report and saw that I was going to try the Perfekt trigger, so several new reports have opened up.

My plan

After you see what happened in today’s test I think you will agree that a test with the rifle scoped is in order. After that I will install the Perfekt trigger, which came to me in the box with the rifle I thought Weihrauch had sent them out that way, but the fellow I bought the rifle from corrected me. Here is that story.

The trigger story

I bought the rifle from Dale Beckmann. He also sent me a set of sight inserts for the rifle, and in so doing he told me the story of the PerfeKt trigger.

“That being said, there are a couple of things I wanted to clear up regarding the trigger assembly. I ordered those guns in August 1992 (29 years ago!) They were advertised with the Record trigger group. They came with the Perfect trigger installed. I called Marksman to bring this to their attention and they immediately sent me 2 of the Record trigger assemblies with instructions on how to replace them. Pretty straightforward, drop the action, remove the old trigger group, drop in the new one.

I sent you both triggers because I ran across the Perfect trigger while going through a box of gun parts looking for something else. I thought it would be useful to you in your testing.

Also, the reason it went unfired all those years was it was to be inventory in a sporting goods business that never materialized when I relocated back to the mainland. The model 70s and several other guns, archery equipment, and related accessories all were in storage for over 20 years. Since it doesn’t look like the business is going to work out, at least in the way I thought, it might be time to release some of these items. 

 I had recently planned on selling off some of this stuff, but I’ve been involved in some other projects. I just didn’t have the time to properly market these items. Hopefully, I’ll be able to focus my attention on these items and “find” them good homes, so to speak, in the upcoming months.

 I still have the .177 model 70.  It has been fired, but it’s in the same condition as the rifle you received (box, papers, etc).

I shot a model 58-S silhouette variant back then. It was the only example I’ve ever seen, and it’s what caused me to become a Marksman dealer.

I wish I had that gun back but, who knew what was ahead for me (and the air gun industry). My life took a different turn and the rest is history. 

Still, I have no regrets. I’ve been fortunate to do the things and know the people I’ve met along the way.

Oh, I just wanted to give you a heads up. There’s a set of front sight inserts headed your way. I’ll put these in an envelope to make it harder for them to escape.

If you know of someone who is “worthy” of the other Mod 70, you might direct them my way. I’m willing to throw my standards out the window for the right price.

No surprises there…”

Back to the report

So Roamin Greco asked me to test the accuracy, now that the rifle is back to almost its highest power. That seemed reasonable, plus I just like shooting this rifle.

Sight inserts

So when the inserts arrived I installed a square post up front. That messed up the sight picture. Before any of you tell me to switch the rear notch with one that’s more appropriate let me show you what it looks like.

Marksman 70 sight
That’s the rear sight on the Marksman 70. This is what happens when some BSF parts were used. Not a lot of options for the rear sight notch, are there?

The tapered post that the rifle came with is the best front sight insert with this rear sight. So I put it back.

Find a Hawke Scope

The test

Since this is a simple before/after comparison, I kept the test at 10 meters off a sandbag rest. I rested the rifle directly on the sandbag, as before. I shot 5-shot groups so I could test a few more pellets, but I started with the best pellet from the last test.

Predator Polymag

I shot the 16-grain Predator Polymag first, as it was the most accurate in Part 11. Five went into 0.431-inches.

Marksman 70 Polymag group 1
The first group of Polymags measures 0.431-inches between centers.

Well, the success of these pellets lead me to try them again. They hit a little low and left, but the rifle had been apart since I last tested it, so I adjusted the rear sight up and what I thought was to the right. The next group did rise, but went further to the left. The adjustments are not marked on the sights and this is what happens when you guess. Five pellets made a 0.552-inch group.

Marksman 70 Polymag group 2
The centers of these five Polymags are 0.552-inches apart. And the group went to the left instead of the right.

Third Polymag group

What the heck? I wanted to get the Polymags into the center of the bull, so I adjusted the rear sight in the other direction this time. And they went where I sent them. Five pellets landed in a 0.639-inch group at 10 meters. As you can see, four of them are much tighter, which leads me to believe that this rifle is more accurate than these results show. Look at the first group that has the same thing.

Marksman 70 Polymag group 3
The third group of Polymags is the largest, but it did go to the right place. Five pellets in 0.639-inches at 10 meters.

RWS Superdomes

I tried RWS Superdomes next. For some reason they landed much lower on the paper than the heavier Polymags.  Five are in 0.612-inches between centers.

Marksman 70 Superdome group
Superdomes hit below and to the right of the bull. Five in 0.639-inches.

JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy

The other pellet I wanted to try was a JSB dome. I selected the Jumbo Heavy and in the first group the Marksman 70 put five into 0.357, with four in just 0.156. This is the best group of today’s test. The pellets landed low on the target and in line with the center of the bull, left and right.

Marksman 70 Jumbo Heavy group 1
Group one of JSB Exact Jumbo Heavys landed low and in line with the center of the bull.

Rear sight adjustment

The Marksman 70 rear sight adjusts by an inclined ramp that is rather crude compared to detents. I slid the bar two notches higher and shot the second group.

Group two did go higher but still not as high as the bullseye. Like the previous group  there were four pellets in a small hole (0.183-inches between centers) and one stray shot that increased the group to 0.391-inches between centers.

Marksman 70 Jumbo Heavy group 2
The second group of JSB Exact Jumbo Heavys measures 0.391-inches between centers, with four in 0.183-inches.


The rifle shoots very smooth. I suppose some of the forward recoil is gone.

I’m curious how it would do if scoped. I’m also curious how the Perfekt trigger would affect things. To keep things on an even keel I think I’ll scope her first and then swap triggers.


I had no idea where this report would go with today’s test. I’m glad I was able to conduct it. There will  be more to see!