Gauntlet 2
The Gauntlet 2 precharged rifle from Umarex.

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This report covers:

  • The test
  • The pellets
  • Meopta scope
  • JSB Exact King Heavy
  • JSB Exact King Heavy Mk II
  • The Benjamin dome
  • What these tests tell us
  • Still to come
  • Summary

Today I test the .25-caliber Umarex Gauntlet 2 precharged pneumatic rifle for accuracy at 25 yards with the single shot tray. Let’s get started.

The test

I shot indoors from a benchrest at 25 yards. The rifle rested directly on the sandbag. I shot 10-shot groups and loaded all pellets using the single shot tray.

I tested three different pellets today. Since there aren’t as many .25 caliber pellets available, I decided to check something out. I’ll tell you about it as we go.

The trigger still pings before it breaks and that lets me know when the shot is ready to go. I am getting to like that “feature” very much.

The pellets

Last time when I tested this rifle for accuracy at 25 yards it was with JSB Exact King Heavy pellets, Predator Polymag pellets and Benjamin domes. I shot 8-shot groups because that’s how many pellets fit into the rotary magazine.Today I shot 10-shot groups because I was loading each pellet singly. 

I decided not to shoot the Predator Polymags today because in the last test they finished last by a large margin. Instead I shot 10 JSB Exact King Heavy  Mk II pellets. I wanted to see if there was a noticeable difference between them and the regular King Heavys like I saw in the test of the RAW HM1000X, when I shot the .22 caliber JSB Monster Resdesigned pellets, as opposed to the regular .22-caliber Monster pellets.

Gauntlet 2 JSB King Heavy MKII
This is the tin of King Heavy MkII pellets. The Pyramyd Air website doesn’t show this image (with the MKII on the label) — though they do list and sell these pellets.

Meopta scope

I have scoped the Gauntlet 2 with my Meopta MeoPro Optika5 2-10X42-PA scope. Even though it tops out at 10 power I can still see the dot in the center of the reticle against the 10-dot on the 10-meter target. I will be able to use this scope at 50 yards with no problem!

JSB Exact King Heavy

First to be tested were JSB Exact King Heavy pellets. I didn’t bother to sight in because the scope was still on target from the last test at 25 yards. Remember — I am purposely not trying to hit the center of the bull so my aim point is preserved! The scope is adjusted that way.

This time loading with the single-shot tray the Gauntlet 2 put 10 King Heavys into exactly 0.40-inches at 25 yards. In Part 5, shooting from the rotary magazine the Gauntlet 2 put 8 of the same pellets into 0.468-inches. One test is not conclusive, but it seems to me that today the single shot tray won out.

Gauntlet 2 JSB King Heavy group
The Gauntlet 2 put 10 JSB Exact King Heavy pellets into a 0.40-inch group at 25 yards!

Shop Benjamin Rifles

JSB Exact King Heavy Mk II

Now for the big test-within-a-test. I loaded and shot 10 JSB Exact King Heavy Mk II pellets into a 0.52-inch group at 25 yards. Once again, one group in a test doesn’t establish much, even when there are 10 shots in it. But it does indicate that this pellet doesn’t exceed the standard King Heavy pellet in my test Gauntlet.

Gauntlet 2 JSB King Heavy MKII group
The Gauntlet 2 put 10 JSB Exact King Heavy Mk II pellets into 0.52-inches at 25 yards.

The Benjamin dome

In the last test with the rotary magazine, the Benjamin dome was the most accurate pellet tested , by a slim margin. Today it was second to the JSB Exact King Heavy, by a somewhat wider margin. Ten of them made a 0.498-inch group at 25 yards.

Gauntlet 2 Benjamin dome group
Ten Benjamin domes went into 0.498-inches at 25 yards.

What these tests tell us

In many of my 25-yard accuracy tests I talk about the smaller 8 or 9-shot group within the 10-shot group. I even did that with this rifle in Part 5 when the rotary magazine was used. But I didn’t do that today. All the pellets went to the same place, pretty much. That tells you a lot about the Gauntlet 2, right there. This is a hunting rifle that puts them where you want them — at least out to 25 yards.

Still to come

I want to do a 50-yard test with this rifle for sure, but I am backed up on 50-yard tests right now. I think I have six or seven others waiting their turn. The problem is if I go out to the range to test at 50 yards there isn’t enough time to write that report for the next day. So I wait for a Friday, and then the Texas weather has to cooperate.


The Umarex Gauntlet 2 seems to be a very accurate rifle in .25 caliber. I remember the original Gauntlet was also accurate but had the barrel shifting problem that the 2 doesn’t seem to have. Stay tuned for more.