Gauntlet 2
The Gauntlet 2 precharged rifle from Umarex.

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Meopta MeoPro Optika5 2-10X42-PA: Part 1
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This report covers:

  • Remember…
  • Today
  • Meopta scope
  • Four-shot group
  • JSB King Heavy 8 shots
  • Cocking is easier!
  • The trigger
  • Predator Polymag pellets
  • Benjamin domes
  • Verdict?
  • Summary

Great test coming today! I have a lot of stuff to tell you, so refill your coffeepot.

Today I test the accuracy of the Gauntlet 2 from Umarex. Between the last report and this one I talked to Tyler Patner from Pyramyd Air who told me that the Gauntlet 2 was probably influenced by the success of the Gauntlet at the 2019 Pyramyd Air Cup 100-yard benchrest match. The Gauntlet that was modified for that competition made it into the final round, along with $4,000 PCPs! That says a lot, I think.


No, I’m not Mr. Spock, but I do want you to remember that in Part 4 I sighted the rifle in at 12 feet. And then I said this:

I dialed the scope down to 2 power and the parallax to 10 yards and sighted in at 12 feet. Shot one landed low and left, but it wasn’t that bad. RidgeRunner was right. Hey, a blind squirrel…

I adjusted the scope up and to the right. Shot two hit closer to the center and higher. A little more up and right on the scope. Shot three is about where I want it.

The center of the bore is almost exactly 2 inches below the center of the scope and the last shot is pretty close to the same place — two inches below the aim point. Of course I aimed at the center of the bull, but at 12 feet this is where I want the shot to go because of how far below the center of the scope line the bore line is. Next time I can back up to 25 yards and be close to on target.”


So today I set up the rifle at 25 yards and fired the fourth shot from the 8-shot magazine with the rested rifle on a bag on the bench.  I didn’t tell you in Part 4 but I am shooting JSB King Heavy pellets in this first magazine.

The fourth pellet hit the target a little less than an inch below the center of the bull and 1-1/4-inches to the left. I told you guys that this is how to sight in an air rifle, and here is the proof that this way works.

Gauntlet 2 sight in
There is where the fourth shot hit the target from 25 yards. Go back to Part 4 and you will see those first three shots below this one. The aim point is the center of the top bullseye.

Meopta scope

This is another place where we get to see the quality of the Meopta MeoPro Optika5 2-10X42PA scope that I’m testing. I’m shooting from 25 yards and this scope has quarter-minute clicks. That means that 4 clicks moves the strike of the round about one inch at 100 yards, and at 25 yards you adjust the reticle 16 clicks to move the same inch. 

I wanted to move the strike of the pellet up one inch, even though the last shot wasn’t that far below the center of the bull. I purposely did not want to hit the 10 dot because that was my aim point. So if all went as it was supposed to, my groups would be a little high.

The clicks on this scope are precise. I can’t hear them but I sure can feel them. So I did what “the book” says needed to be done. Pay attention readers because this is what a premium scope gives you that you often can’t get in a cheapie.

The pellet also needed to move about 1.25-inches to the right to hit the center of the bull. Once again, I didn’t want that because that little dot in the center of the bull is my aim point. Yes, you can see that dot through this scope when it’s set on 10 power. So I adjusted the reticle 16 clicks to the right. If the scope adjusts as it should my pellets should strike a little high and a little to the left of the center of the bull.

Four-shot group

Now I shot the remaining four .25-caliber JSB King  pellets. Remember, the magazine holds 8 and I’m still on the first or sight-in magazine. These 4 shots went into a group that measures 0.251-inches between the centers of the two pellet holes that are farthest apart.

Gauntlet 2 4 shots
The Gauntlet 2 put 4 JSB King Heavys into a 0.251-inch group at 25 yards.

Did you notice that the pellets hit exactly where the scope was adjusted? That, my friends, is why this scope will not be returned to the manufacturer. I need all the quality scopes I can get!

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JSB King Heavy 8 shots

But 4 shots isn’t what you paid to see, was it? The magazine holds 8 pellets, so now all the rest of the groups will have 8 — starting with this JSB King Heavy.

Cocking is easier!

As I was shooting I noticed that the Gauntlet 2 being tested now cocks easier than before. I said before that it just needed a break-in and that was apparently right.

This time eight King Heavy pellets made a group that measures 0.468-inches between centers, but you can see that third shot is off by itself on the right. I will explain the possible reason for that in a moment. The other 7 our of 8 shots are in a group that measures 0.237-inches between centers. That’s right, seven pellets are in a group that’s smaller than the previous 4-shot group.

Gauntlet 2 JSB King Heavy group
Eight JSB King Heavy pellets went into a 0.468-inch group at 25 yards, but seven of them are in 0.237-inches.

The trigger

Here comes my rationale for that wide shot in the last group. This is a note to myself, but if you get a Gauntlet 2 you may encounter the same thing. I had already adjusted the trigger to a nice pull, but stage 2 still has some creep. However, the last thing it does before it releases is make a pinging sound. I can hear it through the bones in my face.

I noticed that sound while firing the last group, and from this point forward I intended to listen for it. As long as the trigger was squeezed smoothly, that was the cue the rifle was ready to fire. It tells me to get super serious and make certain the dot in the crosshairs is over the dot in the bullseye.

Predator Polymag pellets

Next I tried 8 hunting pellets from Predator Polymag. The trigger was still pinging, which allowed me to hold steady on the center of the bull, but with this pellet it didn’t matter. They made a vertical group that measures 0.672-inches between centers. It is the largest group of the test.

Gauntlet 2 Predator Polymag group
Eight Predator Polymag pellets made a 0.672-inch group at 25 yards.

Benjamin domes

The last pellet I tested today was the .25 caliber Benjamin dome. Eight of them went into 0.448-inches at 25 yards. The pinging trigger is helping me a lot!

Gauntlet 2 Benjamin dome group
Eight Benjamin domed pellets made a 0.448-inch group at 25 yards.


The verdict is — the Gauntlet 2 from Umarex is an improved air rifle. It cocks easier than the first Gauntlet, it’s accurate, the trigger is good, if not great, but I can now predict exactly when it will release.

Is this rifle as good as a .25 caliber Marauder? Who knows? Is toast as delicious as apricots? It seems to be just as accurate, and the pinging trigger tells me what I need to know to wring out the very best it can offer.

I can tell you this — this new Gauntlet can hold its own with any of the improved lower-cost PCPs we see on the market. It has the features everyone wants — save one. The high fill pressure keeps it from those who want to fill with a hand pump. I still have to conduct that test (fill to 3,000 psi and get a shot count), plus I want to shoot the rifle again for accuracy at 25 yards using the single-shot tray.


I am glad that I selected a .25 caliber for this test. And I am really glad that I have the Meopta MeoPro scope mounted. I know I’m giving the Gauntlet 2 it’s best chance to shine and it looks like the rifle is starting to sparkle!