Weihrauch HW 100 S FSB PCP rifle: Part 3

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2

This is the actual rifle I’m testing. Isn’t that wood beautiful?

Before I begin, at the end of this report there is a lengthy Q&A section in which Dr. Mirfee Ungier, wife of Pyramyd Air owner Joshua Ungier, answers a number of questions about protective eyewear and other related shooting issues. Dr. Ungier is a respected ophthalmologist with thousands of successful surgeries to her credit, and she agreed to answer readers’ questions about protective eyewear.

Today, we’ll look at the accuracy of the HW 100 S FSB PCP air rifle I’m testing. Throughout this report, I’ve mentioned how impressed I am with this airgun for various reasons. It has the easiest-loading metal rotary clip in the business. You can see the pellets advance in the clip, and now I know that you can even see them when a scope is mounted. That makes the rifle very easy to manage — like knowing when you’re shooting the last shot. And, then, there’s the trigger! This one is perfect for me. It breaks cleanly at 8 oz. and has a positive two-stage release. I couldn’t ask for more. read more

How about safety glasses?

by B.B. Pelletier

Today, I’m writing about a subject I’ve wanted to address for years — safety glasses.

This report is based on a test that turned out exactly the opposite from what I predicted. I was so wrong that I want the world to know about it.

Are safety glasses necessary?
I wear bifocals. And modern glasses are often made from plastic lenses, especially my Lenscrafters ones. So, for decades I have assumed that plastic is plastic and that my bifocals were just as good as a cheap pair of safety glasses. After all, as cheap as they are, my lenses cost over $100 and the cheapest safety glasses go for as little as $4.95. I thought my lenses were supposed to be shatterproof. So, they should be just as good or better than cheap safety glasses. read more