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    4.0 4.0

    By Mike from USA on 2017-12-17
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    Things I liked: Don't usually add "gimmicky" guns like this to my collection but I just couldn't resist the novelty of shooting two different caliber pellets at the same time. Chinese airguns have come a long way & overall fit & finish is pretty good. Firing behavior is surprisingly smooth & quiet, & although there is a bit of creep in the trigger's 2nd stage it's predictable. The rear sight works quite well but since I have no interest in switching between either caliber before I shoot I'll just leave the valve in place that fires both barrels at once & install a diopter sight adjusted for point of aim exactly between the two pellets. Haven't shot it a whole lot yet but took it out in the backyard & & played around with premiers in the .22 barrel & premier lights in the .177. Pellets hit about 3/4' apart at about 50 feet, accuracy is pretty good & it hits hard. Can't wait to give both barrels to some pest birds!

    Things I would have changed: Knob on valve could be thinner so line of sight could be lower, also as is common on less expensive guns that come with a scope the scope is a real cheapo & i'd be amazed if it held up if it was actually used on this gun.

    What others should know: It's different & it's fun!