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What to Look for in a BB Rifle

BB rifles have come a long way through the years. From the most basic lever action to the newer CO2 rifles on the market, you can find a BB rifle to suit your fancy or suit your target shooting needs.

Most full-auto bb rifles are powered by CO2. This allows for consistent fire for the duration of the CO2 canister. Full-auto BB rifles are typically replicas of well-known firearms that would be impractical to own. But owning the BB rifle replica allows enthusiasts to have all the famous guns they want, at a lower price and to shoot them on a small range or in their backyard.

Multi-pump BB rifles are great for beginning shooters. The power is determined by the number of pumps applied, and the open sights make aiming easy. Some of these multi-pump models look like BB shotguns, but they don't shoot shells. The pumping motion simply charges the air reservoir instead of loading a shell. Pick the combination of looks and functions that you prefer.

If you prefer the cowboy style, go with lever-action BB rifles. The lever will cock the gun and load the BB for each round of fire. These spring-powered, single-shot BB rifles are great for learning shooting basics. Just fill the reservoir with BBs, actuate the lever, aim, and shoot. They couldn't be easier.

If you're still not certain what type of features you want in a BB rifle, read through some reviews to find a top-rated model, select an affordable rifle for your intended use, and buy it online today from Pyramyd AIR.

BB Rifles vs Air Rifles

Air rifle is a general term used to describe a gun that uses compressed gas to operate it, whether that's compressed air, CO2, or nitrogen. BB rifle is the term used to describe an air rifle that shoots BBs. Though a BB rifle is an air rifle, not all air rifles are BB rifles.

BB rifles shoot BBs, a round projectile usually made of steel, lead, or another metal alloy, that is 4.5mm or .177 caliber. BB rifles can be pump-action, spring-powered, CO2 powered, or electric. The velocity of a typical BB rifle is relatively low, usually around 500 fps. This low velocity makes them perfect for novice shooters and kids to learn shooting skills and gun safety. Almost all BB rifles are backyard friendly. They are quiet and don't shoot very far. There is much less danger associated with BB rifles, with the exception that BBs, especially steel BBs, are prone to ricochet, so eye protection is a must for everyone in the shooting area.

Other air-powered rifles can shoot different types of projectiles, such as pellets, round balls, or slugs, depending on the type of airgun. The calibers range from .177 to .72. They are also usually more powerful than BB rifles with a range in velocity from 500 fps to 1200 fps. The most powerful air-powered rifles are pre-charged pneumatics, while the least powerful are powered by CO2.

While they are all great for target shooting and plinking, BB rifles cannot be used for hunting, but other types of rifles often can.

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