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Ammo Ruger Air Hawk combo: Part 3

Ruger Air Hawk combo: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord, a.k.a. B.B. Pelletier

This report covers:

• Ruger Air Hawk velocity retest
• RWS Hobby pellets
• JSB Exact Heavy pellets
• RWS HyperMAX pellets
• New Arlington field target club
• Beautiful course!

Ruger Airhawk Combo

Ruger Air Hawk combo

Parts 1 and 2

Ruger Air Hawk velocity retest
I hadn’t planned to do this test, but the velocity numbers in the previous blog post were so far off expectations that I felt compelled to try it, again. I was curious about the poor velocity performance of the Ruger Air Hawk combo. Someone suggested the breech seal might be too low and others agreed, so I shimmed the seal. It appears to be ever so slight higher now, but the velocity is definitely higher.

Ruger Air Hawi Combo breech seal before shim
Before the shim the breech seal was low and flat.

Ruger Air Hawi Combo breech seal after shim

The shim raised the breech seal slightly.

RWS Hobby pellets
In the first test, RWS Hobby pellets settled into a range of 750 to 810 f.p.s. I didn’t give averages because the gun seemed to be detonating too much.

This time, the range went from 1014 to 1088 f.p.s. Two shots registered 649 and 761 f.p.s., respectively. My gut feeling is that the velocity has increased, but the rifle’s still detonating too much to know anything for sure.

JSB Exact Heavy pellets
The second pellet was the JSB Exact Heavy that weighs 10.34 grains. In the last test, these ranged between 534 and 757 f.p.s. In this test they ranged between 572 and 893 f.p.s., with all but two shots above 623 f.p.s. There’s a definite velocity increase this time; but, again, I can’t be precise.

RWS HyperMAX pellets
The last pellet tested was the 5.2-grain RWS HyperMAX lead-free pellets. Previously, these ranged between 817 and 970 f.p.s. In this test, they ranged from 906 to 1203, with only one not going above 1180 f.p.s.

I think it’s clear that the breech seal was too low during the first test. Raising it with a shim did boost velocity, though the gun is still burning too much oil to tell for sure how much velocity has been gained. When it stabilizes, we’ll have a better idea — but it does seem the gun is on the numbers now.

My next test will be for accuracy at 10 meters, using the open sights.

And, now, for something completely different!

New Arlington field target club
We have a new field target club in North Central Texas. The Arlington Sportsman’s Club has started a field target club, which held their second trial match last Saturday on 10 of the club’s 35 3D archery lanes. These lanes are carved into a wooded section of the club’s property and are ideal for field target matches.

This is the second FT match I’ve attended in the past few years, and I have to comment that the sport is now more popular than ever! When I competed in the 1990s, field target was run by a rigid set of rules that put older and less mobile shooters at a disadvantage. And there were some clubs that enforced offhand-only shooting to the extent that the sport just wasn’t attractive to many shooters.

Today, I see relaxed rules that allow seating and bipods for the rifles, changing everything! The shooter doesn’t have to get into a seated position on the ground and hold the rifle so nothing touches the ground. Now, it’s fun! And I can tell that the shooters are 10-20 years older than they were when I competed in the 1990s. That still puts them at my age — only, now, they’re having fun.

Beautiful course!
The Arlington match director, Chris Simmons, showed me around the course, which was the finest FT course I’ve ever visited. Of course, having those lanes premade by the 3D archers made all the difference.

match directors briefing
The match director’s briefing started early, so the match started right on time.

Chris allowed one point for every target that fell, which is the common way of scoring a match. The Pecan Plantation club I visited some months back allowed 2 points for a target fall and one point for just hitting the target. Either way works fine, but seeing the target fall is what the sport’s all about.

Chris left all the kill-zone reducers off for this match, so every kill zone was 1.5 inches. In the future, that will change. I know these targets seemed easier to kill, but when they have half-inch kill zones and are 25 yards distant, that will change.

The kill-zone reducers were left off all targets for this match.

The match used archery facilities like this tower, which was designated for offhand shots, only. We never had features like this when I was a match director!

You might think that because this is a startup club all the shooters were duffers, but that was not the case. I saw many shooters who obviously knew exactly what they were doing. One man was shooting a Whiscombe JW 70, which is rare at any FT match. And another shot an Air Arms Pro-Sport he received only the night before the match. He got zeroed before the match started and did very well shooting from the offhand position.

Here is a Whiscombe JW 70! How many of these have you seen?

The shooters from the Dallas FT club weren’t able to make this match because they were working on a new venue for their club on the same day. But they’ll attend matches in the future. And I think I may blow the dead bees out of my Air Arms TX200 and shoot a few matches, myself. It’s been over 15 years since I competed; but the way things are run today, this looks like fun!

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

98 thoughts on “Ruger Air Hawk combo: Part 3”

  1. By all means B.B.,get out there and mix it up with ’em! You’ll have fun & may still learn a trick or 2. I sure hope I get to see a few of Ya’ll at the show this Sept.!


  2. The velocity spread with the Ruger just doesn’t seem right to me.

    And BB you should get out there at least once in a while and mix it up at a field target match instead of all this testing you do all the time.

    I Have been trying to stay away from the competition side of air gunning but this field target stuff is mighty appealing to me. I will have to see whats in my area. If there is a event around I believe I will give it a try.

    1/2” kill zones at 25 yards! Well it wouldn’t be competition if it wasn’t challenging. 🙂

      • Very nice looking gun,I really like those transfer port orifices! While going through my QB-36 I noticed a washer behind it’s breech seal. During my research on it I found suggestions not to open the port but to reduce it,I’ll be experimenting with this concept when I get it back together(on this gun it’s possible to do so by opening the action, removing the seal and washer/orifice and replacing with different size washer, then replacing the seal. The seal holds it in place.


      • The lube tune does seem to be necessary, when I did the lube on mine it was loaded with very dirty medium viscocity grease that was terrible, a new breech seal completely changed the sound of it for the better, these things seem to be protocol for getting the most out of these Chinese springers.

  3. I was glad to see someone shooting a Whiscombe. Most people just put them in their gun safe for a few years and then pull them out and sell them to someone else who then puts them in their gun safe for a few years and then…

  4. Tom, we look forward to seeing you about 8 AM, Saturday, August 9 at Elm Fork Shooting Sports – Dallas Field Target Club. We will create a dead bee category if necessary, just for you. Bob, Kevin, Jeff and David have blazed new lanes in the woods near Luna Road. 10751 Luna Road, Dallas, TX 75220

    • JerryC,

      I’m sorry, but August and September are bad months for me. I have the airgun show to work on, another gun show and 10 videos I’m writing and have to be in. After that, I will be available.

      That will give me some time to get a scope mounted on my TX200 and get it sighted-in.



      • BB
        That field target shooting does look like a lot of fun. is there a site that lists all the clubs in the us or do you just have to do a search for you local area. if you have to search in local area what would be a good search phrase or look in phone book for gun club .Any help would be appreciated, I live in Alabama if that helps at all.

        Thanks Buldawg

            • buldawg and Reb
              Got my notification that the Hatsan shipped. No delivery day info yet though.

              And buldawg I answered you on yesterdays blog about the Hatsan 44 QE when you asked if I remembered to order the fill probe adapter. I don’t know if you seen it. Yes I did and the extra clip also. So I should be good for 30 shots with 3 clips now. I hope anyway that the gun will give me that many usable shots. I would be happy with that many. And I can’t wait for it to get here.

              • Gunfun
                I saw that post and replied back to you also. I believe you will get more than 30usable shot out of it for sure, I believe it will be more like 50 myself so you are going to need more mags,
                I hate the wait time myself, but it will get there,


                  • Gunfun
                    Yes I do think you will need at least one more magazine. Although I did just realize that you got the Short barreled version and it only has a 180 CC reservoir. Mine is 230CC reservoir so you may not need another mag but if it is as easy on air as mine is and it being 177 I still think you will want one more.

                    I just wish they made a single shot tray for them because my poly and metal mags will not allow the mag to be put in gun because the tips protrude past the end of the magazines. Since you are getting a Hatsan maybe you could make two at work and sell me one.” Hint Hint”

                    I think I will plant a bug in Hatsan’s ear about that and see if it multiplies.


                  • Gunfun
                    That sound’s good, UPS just delivered my new 2240 from crosman so I am going to break it in a little before I start the parts swapping.

                    Let me know how you like the Hatsan.


                    • buldawg save a few Co2 cartridges for after you swap the parts over. You will find that you will need to add more spring pressure on the striker spring for the hi-pac. And if you sight your scope in after doing the striker spring with Co2 you will be pretty close on sight in when you switch to the hi-pack. Thats if fill to 2000psi.

                      You may need a heavier striker spring if you fill to 3000psi. A hevier spring comes with the hi-pac but I believe it is for inside the valve if you decide to go with the 3000psi fill.

                  • Day after tomorrow or in other words 95 hours from now.Cool! your last post inspired me to hang the Airmaster out the bathroom window.It’s been a little while since I’ve felt stable enough to hit well enough to finish dialing it in for 10 meters.I’ve got that .22 rimfire target set out at the bottom of a 3’x3′ subfloor panel with a 5 bull 8″x10″ 4″targets and I’m stackin’ ’em today!Ill finish after I get cooled off.It looks like we’re in for a twister or 2 so I dare not drag anything out I don’t want wet


                    • Reb
                      I already had 10 powerlets from when I got the Legends P08 pistol awhile back. I probably won’t buy any more because I will be converting it to HPA, but I will use some to shoot it first before tearing it apart.


          • BB
            Since that is the aafta. Could there be other field target matches going on that are not listed through the aafta? They did not show any events around my area or even states that are near by.

            Is there other association’s or clubs out there that list field target events or is that it?

            • GF1,

              AAFTA is the only American organization that I know of. But some of the more recent startup clubs may not have joined it yet.

              The only way to find out is to talk to airgunners on this blog at on the Yellow Forum.

              It might help if you mentioned where you live.


              • Ok thanks BB I will give that a try I guess.

                I’m getting more and more interested in Field target everytime I hear about it. I think if I find something by me I will have to break down and start competing. I wanted to keep the air gun hobby about fun. And I know what competition does to a person sometimes. But every time you cover a event it looks like it would be so much fun. And the people seem to be having a good time.

                I will have to see what I can find.

                  • BB
                    I checked the AAFTA site you sent me the link to and it just so happens that there is a club right here 20 miles away and they are having a shooting event this coming weekend. The club is called ” Mount Cheaha Airgunners” and is part of the AAFTA as MCAFT. They are going to be the site for 2014 national matches this year in conjunction with the Atlanta Airgunners club on OCT 3 & 4th. I will have the national match to go to right here in my home town area and then the North Carolina air gun show two weeks later. October is going to be a good month.

                    Thanks again for that link, they have shooting going on every first and third Saturdays of the month and I will be there this weekend to check it out for sure.


  5. Hi B.B.

    Sorry, but the Chinese Ruger air rifles have a quality that I can not recommend to anyone. (The Ruger firearms have a much higher quality.)

    Since this Ruger air gun copies a German air gun, I would much rather recommend an original Diana, a Weihrauch (HW) or a Beeman re-branded HW. For a few dollars more, you get 10 times the quality related to springs, seals, trigger, sights, accuracy and marksmanship.

    I have had customers with defect Ruger air rifles. The last problem was the ball bearing barrel detent which was fixed in plastic!!! This makes it almost impossible to fix since the ball is under a lot of spring tension.

    I recommended the customer to return it to the dealer. He later told me that when he showed up in the local sports shop with the Ruger air gun, the dealer said: “Oh, it is one of those!” and he immediately slammed it into the dustbin.

    Best regards


    • Im sorry you feel that way, maybe you didn’t see, they’re less then a hundred dollars…. they require some love to get them working but put it in and you get your hundred bucks by a landslide.

  6. I was looking forward to going to Arlington this past weekend. Their facility sounds really nice. As it turned out Saturday was the day we needed to work on the lanes for the Dallas Field Target Club at Elm Fork Shooting Complex in Dallas. Our new area is roomy and will be nice. We have 10 lanes cleared. 8 of the lanes will be in the shade of large oak trees. We also have permission to use our area for Airgun fun days which I am looking forward to.

    I hope everyone in the area will attempt to attend our FT shoot on August 9th.

    David Enoch

  7. What I would think is most disturbing are those low numbers. The high ones are easily explained by the detonations, which is a temporary condition that will eventually work itself out (if nothing breaks before then). But not the low ones – it seems obvious that there is something wrong in the gun itself.

    • Vince, you think it could be sludge in the bore? Just a guess. After seeing a couple Chinese imports, I suspect this to be a problem with many of them.I’d like to know what is causing them but I wouldn’t blame B.B. for not opening it up.It could take months to assure everything’s in working order! I’m glad the breech seal worked out!


      • No question its the gunky lube in the comp. chamber, its like the underside of my 2000 dodge caravan, lol! About the prepaid cards yesterday, I had the thing forever and now that its about to expire they messed me over, just cancel, just cancel they say… while Im waiting for money to go back on it? I don’t think so, but might as well, its obvious its not coming back. I now know how scary these things can be, these people are not banks)though some are, I suggest those( and they end up with way too much information. Securing your identity is serious and any young people reading this, be scrupulous! Anyone that wants your money is guilty until proven innocent.

  8. I really don’t think so, I don’t think that would account for the intermittent low velocities. I suspect Mikeiniowa was right about the damaged piston seal.

      • Reb
        But do we know that for sure it has a messed up seal. Probably but there is other things inside that could be a problem.

        The whole thing is its a bummer that there is something wrong with a new purchased gun. I know the things only a hundred or so bucks. But I still don’t feel I should have to take something new apart to fix it. Maybe mod it to up grade it. But not to make the gun shootable like a gun that I have been messing with in the past. But it does happen with some of the cheaper guns out there. So I guess you just have to be ready and willing to accept that it could happen when you buy it.

        I will say this that I have had several break barrel rifles, spring and Nitro piston. And they were in the mid to upper 200 dollar range and they in no kind of way come close to being any where near the quality of the Weirauch HW50S I finally got. Once you get one of the better guns you can see right away how they are made different then the lower priced guns.

        I guess the old saying holds true. You get what you pay for. And on another note. I guess I wouldn’t be going out and competition shooting with this Airhawk. I would just be plinking with it. And I bet if a person got it for that reason they probably wouldn’t even chrony the gun. When they miss the can because of the velocity shift they would probably think it was the pellets or something. So I guess the gun would serve its purpose for the cost.

        • I was very surprised the leather seal in my QB-36 showed no signs of installation error! I’ve cleaned up the slot for the sear to engage and the end of the compression chamber to prevent any damage during my re-installation.Is there any good reason I shouldn’t reuse the leather seal if I go with a gas spring? I’ve had the piston and seal soaking compressor oil under vacuum for about a week now. No big rush but I’d like to get it back together before my Nephews come back over.


          • Reb
            So you got your QB-36 apart and it had a broken spring. Per BBs directions to me when I built my two B-3s if the leather seal is not torn or damaged just soak it in 30 motor oil and reinstall it.

            I don’t have any info on the spring dimensions or a gas spring replacement, but I do have the old spring out of my B3-2 that I will send you if you want it so you can at least get it back shooting. If you are interested let me know and I will ask Edith how we would go about me getting your mailing address.

            Let me know


              • Reb
                If the QF-2 kit that archer air guns has showed it will fit your QB -36 then yes the spring is the same for the B3s also as that is the kit that I used to build my two B3s with. The spring is 10 inches long and about 3/4 inches in diameter. I think that most all the shanghai air guns used the same parts and the B3s and the Xisico QB -36 are both made by shanghai company.

                I just need to know where to send it. I don’t know if providing that info is allowed on this site. I will post to Edith to find out if we can do it here or how to go about it.


              • Reb
                I left a post for Edith to see how we could go about you providing me where to send the spring and will wait to see what her reply is. As soon as I hear from her and know where to send it I will get it the mail to you.


              • Specs for a standard QB36 spring:
                39 coils, .74″OD, .120″ wire diameter, 10.75″ free length (set)
                Rate: approx. 33 lbs/in

                Industry B3/B4:
                33 coils, .74″OD, .117″ wire diameter, 10.4″ free length (set)
                Rate: approx. 34 lbs/in

                Sure looks to me like it’ll work.

                • Thanks again Vince! Very reassuring! It’s good to know that I’d have to really mess up for it not to work. How about preloading it by the sum of the missing wire dia.x coils?


                  • I wouldn’t. Springs take a set, and oftentimes when a spring is shimmed, it just takes more of a set and winds up where it started, tension-wise. Besides – the B3 spring isn’t gonna be exactly the highest grade of steel, I wouldn’t stress it any more than necessary.

                    Also, I’ve found that when I “down-spring” a gun a little bit, it tends to be a lot more likeable, and I don’t lose as much power as I’d expect.

                    I would just try it as is. You could always shim it up again later….

  9. BB,
    I’m glad the breech seal shim was helpful, but I’m worried you got a lemon. Now me…I would return a rifle with those problems, but I’m hoping you will just fix it with lots of pretty pictures. Wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t though. Either way, I hope you’ll be able to test a healthy rifle. I feel badly because I recommended this one to you.


  10. Back to retro-fitting the QB-36 with a gas spring; It appears this modification has already been performed by several others.Most that I’ve read about have had Benji Titan rams but I’ve been looking for something that’s a tighter fit.That’s the reason I’ve been looking for coil spring and gas spring specs.I’ll be looking up the specs that I can’t get off my old, broken spring today but if anyone knows of a resource I’ll be cross checking them for variances.
    Anyones’ help is encouraged and greatly appreciated! Subject=QB-36-2 coil spring dimensions Please post any ref. material below.


    • #coils: 50
      OD: .731″
      Wire dia: .118″
      Free length (after set): 14.75″

      I tried a generic McMaster-Carr gas spring in my QB36. The spring had too much internal dampening and would not expand quickly enough to launch a pellet. “Sssssssthunk” is how it went.

      • Vince,
        That looks like more than I asked for.I’ll probably go see what Buldawg’s talking about. Thank you for looking it all up and I’ll see what I can do about getting this thing together put that information to use. Too bad about not winning on your gamble and thanks for the heads’up.


      • Assigning acceleration rate is about where I got in over my head and started looking for dimensions on already available airgun springs. I’m pretty sure I had all the information I needed but got burned out on brain work for the day.There’s always tomorrow!


  11. That field target course sounds pretty cool. I once shot a 3D archery course, and it was great fun. It seemed to prove that reactive targets are more fun and seem to enable greater accuracy.

    Okay, I won’t keep you all waiting over my latest range day. 🙂 Everything was just about perfect. I couldn’t believe it. My ship has finally come in. Starting with the pistols, I did my usual palm-sized groups at 15 yards. The .45 ACP was a little tighter than the others but about four inches below the point-of-aim. That is the precise measure of my heeling the gun. Follow-through just never quite materialized even with my 185 gr. loads although I was flinching with great consistency. I find I’m doing significantly better with the SW 686 in .38 special. I was pretty much on target at 25 yards.

    And then on to the main event with the rifles. The Anschutz put three five shot groups into a quarter inch (each) at 50 yards. I was using a rear bag with a squeeze bag on top (in the form of a collar pillow for air flights). No such thing as a fair fight. I’m tempted to say that with this set-up, it’s all the rifle and shooting skill is not involved but that’s not entirely true. When my attention drifted a little bit, the groups opened up significantly. So, it seems that a double-bag set-up minimizes the role of technique but does not eliminate it. Actually, I forgot my special Allen wrench for adjusting the rifle, so the day was not strictly perfect, but this probably did not affect the results.

    Then, onto the main event: offhand. It was a little bit anti-climactic since I was able to hold the black with the open sights. But then I ran my experiment by mounting a 4X scope. It’s like I was home! As soon as the reticle quadrisected the bull, my airgun reflexes took over and drilled in the shot. So, it was the reticle that was holding me up. Now the shots are not just landing in the black but marching aggressively towards the center. I’ve done it! I’ve succeeded in turning my $2500 Olympic rifle into my IZH 61. I think there may be larger implications than just me. If anyone shoots at a shorter distance than my 5 yard offhand range at home I haven’t heard of it unless it is B.B. firing off his b.b. pistol in his office. The Anschutz experience shows just how well airgunning can translate to firearms.

    Onto the next big event at 100 yards with my M1 Garand loads. I had two clips each of three different loads of IMR 4064: 51.5 (the recommended load), 51.0, and 50.5 crimped. The first and third loads had three jams each for 16 rounds, but the middle load had that rifle running like a top. It looks like I’ve found the secret formula. The recommended load was a little hot and the bolt needed to be slowed down. Not only did the 51.0 gr. load work but I even got hints of the 1 MOA performance that the gun is supposed to be capable of. I also rediscovered the magic of this design with its coughing roar as it smoothly bangs away. You want to bank on your designs of genius.

    The crimped load was interesting. With it behaving identically to the higher powder, one might conclude that even my very light crimp is worth a whole grain more of powder. That raises questions about reloading for the Garand. There is a lot of online talk about the original service load. But no one ever mentions the degree of crimping of the loads which was much more than mine. They used to airdrop the ammunition, sometimes without a parachute. So someone with only the recipe data for the service load could be shooting something very different from what was actually used. And that in turn raised the specter of a great Achilles heel that I have been unaware of the whole time. I was worried about damaging the action with my various loads. That was never really a problem since the Garand action is almost invulnerable, but such is not the case with the long-stroke op rod which is notorious for bending under the wrong pressures.

    The reliability of the Garand is not a simple subject–the same as “ergonomics” in this respect. Given the exact right load that could be produced to high tolerances by American industry in the billions of rounds, the rifle would function just about anywhere and gave the impression of great reliability. But once reloaders went to work, the op rod could be bent very easily. That could be why one hears so much about this problem despite the outstanding service record. So, my experimentation with loads actually risked more than I was aware of. On the other hand, my customized rifle may have come to the rescue. Reading Clint Fowler’s site, I see that he has modified the op-rod by installing a special track to keep the op rod from bending. The difficulty here is that the op-rod has a bend built into it, so it’s hard to imagine a track that will fit as the rod moves back and forth. Clint figured out that the bend would lead to a specific kind of deformation, so he created a track in two pieces that will resist the specific kind of bend at each end of the rod. And he guarantees the op-rod for the life of the barrel. This is deep stuff! Anyway, it looks like the pros and cons of the custom job even out in the end. I wanted an education with the M1 and the custom work, and I sure got it.

    At the 100 yard range, I also did more shooting with my scoped Anschutz to see if I could reproduce the results from last time. I could get 3 shots sub MOA easily enough, but 5 would go a little over 1MOA. Wind may have been a factor. Since I can’t get to long distance ranges, I will have to try shooting smaller calibers at the available distance. But it was more fun to use the rifle as an avalanche gun against the berm. I collapsed a couple of very gnarly and fragile erosion formations and then cut down some dirt clods that were breaking for cover. Reactive targets on the cheap.

    On the range, I also continued to enjoy my reign as the schoolyard bully. People keep coming up to ask advice and strike up conversations. I think it must be because of the quality of my guns and maybe the number too. That would be especially the exotic looking Anschutz and the shiny custom Garand stock. They think I’m some kind of salty old shooter. Too rich. I’m the ultimate tightwad and I shoot at 5 yards. Believe nothing of what you see, folks. As an example, a guy came up and said he had a question for me because I looked “experienced.” His ACOG style sight on his M4 was shooting at the next target over on almost the full adjustment, and he wanted to know what to do. I went through the usual about problems with his mount and a need to shim. Then, glancing at my Anschutz sights, I said that my German sight had the left and right arrows switched so maybe he should try the opposite direction. He nodded and left only to come up later with a look of positive adoration. It worked. It must be one of those German sights, he said. Thus are myths perpetuated. Too much I say. Ha ha.


    • Matt,
      You failed to elaborate on what it was that was such a distraction. Maybe the shooter next to you putting holes in your target? Or did Betty Boop show up this time?
      Congratulations on having your airgun training paying off and finding a reticle that works for you! You know better than to give advice that works while at the range. Guru’s never get to shoot because they’re busy answering questions.Just ask B.B.


      • You mean the distraction when I was shooting the Anschutz? Nothing actually. I was firing the full five shot group before checking the spotting scope. I was feeling a little complacent. I let things slide. And then when I checked the scope, the damage was done. No Betty Boop this time. I guess I had my one experience. I notice that the few women at the range are always shepherded very carefully by a male companion, and it is wise not to stare.

        No danger of my dispensing useful information on the range. I believe I’ve used it all up. Mostly I want to avoid people who seem to think that the range is the place to yack. They have an ongoing patter the whole time they are shooting, and I don’t see how they can concentrate.

        Anyway, it really was a good day overall, and I was even able to conclude on another WWII note. It was real Pacific atoll weather in California’s drought-ravaged Central Valley with the temperature over 100 F. A Marine who was on Peleliu wrote how he passed out from the 113 F weather and woke up to find his buddy dumping pineapple juice in his mouth which he apparently made from his rations. I bought a Fierce Grape flavored energy drink and enjoyed it in the shade.


        • I normally shoot 49.0 grains of IMR-4064 with 150 grain bullets. My other Garand load is 48.0 grains of IMR-4895. Problems with the OP rod are most often caused by heavy charges of slow burning powder such as H4831.

          Your mileage may vary, use at your own risk!


  12. I’ve had an airhawk for the past 9 years. I just chrony tested it and velocity was right around 1000 fps give or take a few. To date it’s my most formidable squirrel gun despite it being only .177. But I am an ambush hunter. I might have a bait tied down so the squirrel has to mess with it enabling me to get close enough to be lethal or I might put out some vodka soaked fruit. Let them get good and drunk. If they do manage to get away from me they at least have a wicked hangover and self-loathing the next day (this does not harm the squirrel physically.)

    • John
      My friends and I used to do the same thing when we would go hunting as teenagers. My one friends mom was a heavy drinker and se had plenty of gin in the house and she would never miss a cup of it here and there. Heck half the time we would get to laughing so much at the squirrels and rabbits being drunk that we would forget all about shooting them.


      • Yeah, that’s part of why they escape. You get to laughing so hard you can’t take the shot. I know some anti-hunter might make me pay for this later. But hunting is what I do. However looks like I’m coming full circle since I lost my hunting area and am now stuck with about 12 feet of indoor range in my apartment which is the longest straight line distance I have. So now I’m looking at target shooting fun guns like the drozd blackbird and saving my hunting guns for finishing shots when I got a groundhog problem. I just nailed a 16 inch groundhog a few days ago. I’m proud of that one.

        • John
          Luckily I live in the heart of Dixie and have all kinds of wood to shoot and hunt in close by. I have a small 15 yard backyard range for plinking and target shooting with my grandkids. And then a friend has given me permission to go hunting on 115 acres of his land whenever I want so it keeps me busy. Hope to get some wild turkey soon.


  13. Hey Buldawg!
    I’m starting another thread here about your new 2240. I still have yet to even handle one of these guns so I want to hear everything! What kinda box did it come in, how’s everything fit? How much louder is it than your P-08? Did you get a stock with it or do you already have one, and how long til the Hi-pac shows up?

      • Matt
        That hi-pac conversion to make the 2240 into a pcp HPA gun has totaly changed the way I look at the 2240’s now after BB’s report he did about them.

        If I was at home I would copy in paste the link for you. Its a pain in the butt to do on my phone.

        • Gunfun
          I will have some left and I have not decided yet what pressure I will be using. it all depends on how it shoots with 2000 psi. I was planning on drilling the rear tube plug and tapping it to accept the adjustable hammer spring from my 2289 if it is thick enough, if not then it will be another trip to my buddies machine shop to make a new rear plug that can be threaded to make the hammer spring adjustable.

          I am just going to do the parts swapping right now and get all the bugs worked out first before I go to the hi-pac conversation, besides I still got to come up with the money for the kit.

          I do feel lucky to have the range so close and that they are hosting the nationals this year. I just got done reading an email from the range director that he said they have target distances from 10 to 100 yards marked off and the range is open to the public any time. he also said they are going to have a new kind of shooting called UKAHFT what ever that is and they are also going to have a long range sniper challenge after the nationals for high powered guns at 100 yard silhouettes
          I am going to go Saturday to check it out and will let you know what its like.


          • buldawg
            After I get my Hatsan and see what the clip area looks like. I could prabably make few of them single shot trays out of some aluminum. I will see about that for sure.

            And that gun range sounds cool. Let me know how that goes.

            • Gunfun
              If you can make the trays that would be great because I would really like to know how the hatsan shoots the metal and poly mag pellets but there is no way to load them one at a time unless you use needle nose pliers or hemostats because the breech area is to narrow to hold it in your fingers and get it in the barrel.

              I am going to go to the range Saturday for sure, maybe sooner because it is open anytime to the public.

              I got to get back on my field bottle issue of filling it to 4500 psi, I am going to take it up to my fire extinguisher buddie and see if he can get it to fill to 4500 without blowing the disc so I will know if it is my gauges or not.

              I am looking forward to that long range sniper event so I got to practice at my 100 yard shooting and sighting. Hope that’s where the hawke scope will help or I may put that 10×40/50mm scope I got for my AR on the hatsan so I can bring the silhouette’s up real close.

              Wednesday it getting closer now .


              • buldawg
                I would definitely be interested in that 100yrd. sniper event. Sounds like fun stuff.

                And yep its getting closer. I sure will be wringing the Hatsan out on some distance shooting when I get it that’s for sure. Can’t wait.

                • Gunfun
                  I can’t wait either and I think I am going to mount my Aim sport 10×40/50mm scope on the hatsan and get it sighted in at their 100 yard range to be ready for the event.

                  The 60C is still holding up so maybe I got it fixed

                  I replaced the spacer in my 68 CI tank last night and put the spring back in with a1/4 inch spacer and a .047 Bellville washer and could just get the bonnet screwed down tight, got it filled up to 2000 psi now and going to see if it will hold the 4500 psi today. One more day till you get your hatsan.

                  let me know how many shots you get per fill.


                  • buldawg
                    Try shooting the 100 yards with your Hawke scope a few shots if you still got it on your Hatsan. I would like to know what you think of it compared to your big scope.

                    Take you a few tools and swap to the bigger scope while your at the range. Maybe they don’t allow that though. If the range ain’t busy though maybe they wont care. Let me know what you think or do.

                    • Gunfun
                      I was going to see how the hawke did at the 100 yards first before I swapped to the bigger aim sport.
                      The sniper match is not until after Oct 4th so I got plenty of time to sight and test for the best pellet. I am heading over there today to check it out and shoot my break barrel some.
                      The range is open to the public every day so I can go thru the week when most people are working and get everything worked out to be ready for the match. Just got to practice, practice, practice.

                      I will let you know later tonight what it is like and what my testing results determine on what scope is best, and what pellet for 100 yards is best.I have to get some JSB jumbo 15.89gr to test also.


                    • Buldawg,
                      Do you have some Crosman pointed to try?I’d be interested in knowing how well they do with that much power. They were quickly becoming a favorite in my 392.

                    • Gunfun
                      I am going to get some of the JSB 16.89 gr to test with for sure because my hatsan liked the 16.36 H&N field targets ok , but I think the JSBs will do better.

                      I checked out the range today and it is an air gun and archery range together. The archery range is fantastic with big straw target every 10 yards out to 100 yards and has a spotter tower also.
                      The air gun range on the other hand has target stands to hold paper targets every 10 yards also out to 100yards and some reactive resettable targets at different ranges, but has only a concrete slab about 15 feet by 40 feet with a metal roof. There are no shooting benches or tables at all so you will have to bring your own table and chairs to do any rest shooting. I will know more this weekend when the club will be there. I was there at about 2:30 today and was the only air gunner there, There was two archers there on the archery range. I can say I think there is a lot to be done to get ready for the nationals in October that’s for sure. It is out in the open and was quite windy today so I shot my break barrel some but the wind was so gusty that it was hard to be accurate with the 177.

                      I will probably get started on my swap this weekend as I have some side work to get done to make the money to buy my hi-pac kit.


    • Reb
      It comes in one of those clear hard plastic shrink to fit type packages, the ones you can never seem to open easily. The fit is good considering the breech is plastic and I was pleasantly surprised that the barrel band I actually metal not plastic. It is quite a bit louder than the P08 and gets about 40 shots per CO2 cartridge, I didn’t count so that’s just a guess as I just got done shooting it and it is quite accurate in my backyard with my old eyes. I actually hit a couple of the bells that are around the outside rim of my backboard. This is the new pistol so no 1399 stock with it, but the one I got off gunbroker does have the stock so I will have two stocks. The one on my 2289 and the one on the gunbroker gun when it gets here, I am still waiting for a invoice to include shipping it to me to pay the guy for it. I have left him 3 emails asking for the total and still no reply. it will be sometime in the middle of next month till I can afford the Hi-pac kit.

      Did you see my post to you about giving you my old spring out of my B3-2 that I don’t need. it ain’t the best but it is not broken.


        • Reb
          The spring measured at 10 inches long and about .750 in diameter. it will work in your gun and should give you around 500 to 550 fps out of the gun.

          Just need to wait for Edith to give us instructions on how to get me your address and I will get it in the mail as soon as I have the info.


  14. Matt61, I have 2 M1Garands. I bought the first one from Harry Moss (a famous gun dealer in N.Y.C. 1950-1970@) in 1962. It had a pre Pearl Harbor date, British proof marks, a red band on the stock and a lightly pitted bore. 2 weeks after I got it , I entered my first high power match (in N.J.)and won a 3rd place medal (GI surplus ball ammo). I shot it a lot with my handloads (180 Sierra MK, 55 grains 4831 powder). I recently replaced its square cut opp rod with a radiused rod, the original never broke.This rifle averaged 2-2.5″ groups at 100 yds. My 2nd Garand came from a gunsmith who had been an armorer in the service. He accurized this rifle and used it in service rifle matches in the 60,s. It will hold 1.75″ groups with the above handload. This load is supposed to be a rod bending load, yet I used it for over 2 decades without any problems, before I learned how bad it is supposed to be for M1 rifles. I never crimped my reloads. For the 1st 5 years I used a Lyman hand tool and only neck sized the cases. Both rifles worked perfectly and the only malfunctions were from dud surplus ball ammo. I hope you enjoy shooting your M1 as much as I have enjoyed shooting mine. Ed

    • Hi Ed. Fascinating, thanks. How would a pre-Pearl Harbor rifle get British proof marks I wonder when even American forces were not fully equipped with the M1 until 1943? You’re right. Clint Fowler told me not to shoot bullets of 180 gr. or higher. But I guess the larger point is how durable the rifle is. I badgered Clint with a lot of detailed questions about the right way to do things, but he brushed them off by saying that there was very little I could do to hurt that rifle. He would go on at length about the fabulous engineering of the Springfield Armory. So maybe I was safe using surplus ammo and the accepted range of 4064.

      I’m already enjoying the rifle. What a work of art. The only thing holding me back is the siren song of airguns, part of which consists of their cheapness and convenience. But I also notice that after shooting firearms, my airgun shooting is slightly worse, never better. I take this to mean that airgunning requires a slightly higher skill level.

      Do you have a history with Zimbabwe?


  15. B.B.,

    I think it’s great that you are going to compete again. Competing has greatly enhanced my love of airguns and gives me one more thing to get excited about every month. I remember asking you a couple of weeks ago if you ever competed these days and you said no. Maybe I helped get you thinking. That doesn’t matter though. All that matters is that you may do it again.

    I guarantee you that you will have a blast, win, lose or draw. Good luck and have fun.


  16. Matt61, The painted red band indicates that the rifle was part of the lend lease program, and it was sent to England after Dunkirk. Its serial # is 238,xxx, it has a locking nut rear sight, and the condition of the bore (and the rust on the steel inside the forward handguard) indicates that it was shot, and not cleaned correctly, before it showed up in Harry Moss,s gun store. A friend of mine bought it. He sold it to me when he removed the cosmoline from the bore and saw the rust (but nor before he ruined the stock by excessive sanding. He removed the painted band and the military markings.) I saw the rifle before he did the job on the stock. This rifke probably had it,s original rear sight replaced by an armorer. I remember reading about the British commandoes in WW2 and the possibility of them using American firearms on some of their raids. If only guns could talk! I have been on 3 African safaris, 89-RSA, 92 &94 Zimbabwae. I bought a ,458 in 95, and was preparing for a 4th trip , when disaster struck. My Daughter announced her engagement, and I could not get her to elope! ! So I had to say good bye to safari #4. But I was lucky enough to go on 3, on a N.Y.C. teachers salary. Ed

  17. Matt61 P.S. I forgot to tell you that I took my wife with me on both trips to Zimbabwae. When I told her that I wanted her to come with me, she replied “isn,t it unusual for a hunter to take his wife on a safari?” I replied, “no it isn,t. What is unusual is for the hunter to bring her back, alive at the end of the trip.” She went anyway. I wish that we lived near BB and Edith. I think that she has a lot in common with Edith, and I would love to hear them trading stories. Ed PPS I have also hunted in Caneder and could have used that name, but Zimbabwae is sooo much easier to spel.

  18. Edith
    I am wondering if it is possible to exchange personal info on this site. I would like to send Reb a piston spring from one of my guns that I have no use for and it would help him fix one of his guns. I need to know who and where to send it and am asking how he would go about providing me with that info so I can send it to him.

    If that is possible here would you please instruct us how to do it or if there is an alternate method let us know what that would be. I would like to help him if it is possible.

    Thanks Buldawg

  19. B.B.,

    I really hope you do get involved with the F.T. matches at your club. Again, I can’t tell you enough how much fun getting into competition has added to my enjoyment of the sport of airguns and the added dimension it has given me to the sport. I would suggest you might use your best pcp in .177 or .20 caliber to start. Nothing like doing well out of the gate to boost the ol’ ego. On the other hand you are pretty darn good with your TX200.

    Out of curiosity, what is your best PCP? I use a Rapid TM1000 in .20 cal. for most events. When I use a springer it’s my Walther LGV Master Ultra. Please do yourself a favor and get started. Plenty of old guys, including me, at my club. By the way, and this is not to brag, just to encourage, I win most events at my club. Don’t forget though, what is your best PCP?


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