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Education / Training Colt Single Action Army BB gun: Part 3

Colt Single Action Army BB gun: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver
The new Colt Single Action Army BB revolver is gorgeous!

This report covers:

• Tin cans?
• On to accuracy
• Umarex BBs
• Daisy BBs
• Crosman Copperhead BBs
• Hornady Black Diamond BBs
• Avanti Precision Ground Shot
• 4.4mm lead balls
• Summary

Tin cans?
Today, we’ll test the accuracy of the new Colt Single Action Army BB revolver. But before we get to that, there was a question from a blog reader named Claude about this revolver penetrating a steel food can. I said it couldn’t, but I secretly promised myself to test it first thing. Well, I was wrong. Steel food cans are thinner today, and this revolver can indeed pass through both sides! I shot the can at about 18 inches.

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver can
The BB went through both sides of the can!

Claude had seen an Umarex ad showing a shooter fanning the revolver and hitting 6 cans in a row at some distance (12-20 feet?). I still find that feat difficult to believe, but since all my fanning was with .45 Colt cartridges, I suppose it’s possible that the BB gun that doesn’t recoil might allow it. Anyway — Claude was right, and I was wrong.

On to accuracy
All shooting today was done from 5 meters. I shot 6 shots at each target, because that’s what the revolver holds. I used a 6 o’clock hold on the bull and noted that the sights are easy to see, even though the rear notch is u-shaped instead of square.

I shot today’s test from a rest. I used the UTG Monopod and I took a photo of the hold, so you could see how it looks.

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver monopod
I moved my off hand away from the monopod, so you could see how I lay my wrist across the rubber strap. I would normally grasp the front of the grip with my other hand.

Umarex BBs
First to be tested were Umarex Precision Steel BBs. The first shot hit the top of the bull, then the next 5 were tightly grouped at the bottom in 0.378 inches. Add in shot No. 1, and the group grows to 1.167 inches.

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver Umarex BB group
Six Umarex BBs in 1.167 inches, but the last 5 are in an incredible 0.378 inches at 5 meters.

Daisy BBs
Daisy Premium Grade BBs were the next to be loaded into the gun. Again, the first shot went to the top of the bull, but this group isn’t as tight as the first one. Six BBs are in 1.30 inches

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver Daisy BB group
Daisy BBs made a more open group. Six went into 1.30 inches at 5 meters.

Crosman Copperhead BBs
The next BBs were 6 Crosman Copperheads. As with the first 2 BBs, these also put shots 1 and 2 at the top of the bull, but then they opened up. The group measures 1.541 inches between centers at 5 meters.

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver Crosman BB group
Six Crosman Copperhead BBs went into 1.541 inches at 5 meters. This was the largest group of the test.

Hornady Black Diamond BBs
Next, I tried a cylinder of those new Hornady Black Diamond BBs. They were the first BB to not put the first shot at the top of the bull. There was some lateral spreading of the group, but it measures 1.13 inches between centers at 5 meters.

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver Hornady BB group
Six Hornady Black Diamond BBs spread out horizontally into this 1.13-inch group.

Avanti Precision Ground Shot
The next BB I tested was the Avanti Precision Ground Shot. These are a little larger than most BBs, and they sometimes shrink groups. In the Colt SAA, 6 of them went into a horizontal group that measures 0.926 inches between centers. While this is a good group, the extra cost of these BBs would not be worth it. I think the Umarex BBs are good enough in this gun.

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver Avanti Shot group
Six Avanti Precision Ground Shot made this horizontal group, which measures 0.926 inches between centers at 5 meters.

4.4mm lead balls
The last projectile I tried was a 4.4mm round lead ball. You can buy them if you search, but prepare to spend a lot more than even the Avanti shot. RWS sells Zimmerstutzen balls that can be used for this, but I bought 30,000 rounds from the Czech Republic many years ago for my Haenel 310 rifle.

Six of these lead balls went into 0.848 inches, which was the smallest 6-shot group of the session. I don’t think the additional accuracy justifies the cost, though.

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver 4mm lead ball group
Six 4.4mm lead balls made this 0.848-inch group, which was the best of the day.

If you like a single-action revolver, get this one! It looks great and shoots great, too. While it isn’t a target gun, it’s more accurate than many other BB pistols. And it’s certainly what you need to roll a can around the yard. A can that you will shoot through — I might add!

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

154 thoughts on “Colt Single Action Army BB gun: Part 3”

  1. While i love the looks of this and for that matter the Umarex M712 i just cant see spending that kind of money on an item that the manufacturer is only willing to put a 90 day warranty on. In my opinion it is worthless as a collectable if it is not made well and to me 90 days screams CHEAP!

    • Hi Mike,
      As a relatively new air gunner , I think many folks will buy this revolver for the cool factor. They can enjoy the action, and just enjoy looking at it. As a newbie, I am faced with the decision every time I buy a new gun, of what I really want to do with it. I am getting a fair collection of paper punchers. Have a 1322, 2240, Beeman P17 and Webley Alecto. The only replica I have at this time is the non blow back Makarov. For BB gun accuracy, that thing still blows me away. This revolver appears to be pretty accurate. Before I would buy this revolver I would buy the blow back P09. Just for the cool factor. Guess it depends on your finances and your interests. If the revolver holds up for the 90 days it probably will be a keeper. Looking at the prices of powder burners, it probably is a good buy.

    • Hi Mike,

      I agree with you. I have a number of the Umarex guns like the SAA, Uzi, PPK, M712, po8 blowback etc. While they are all nice guns in general, the parts tend to be low quality cast versus steel. Unfortunately, the cost of such guns in steel would make it necessary to charge a great deal more money and in the case of some of the guns would even push then close in price to their powder burner cousins. The other issue I have is that for most of the guns at least in my experience spare parts are almost impossible to get. I really can’t fault Umarex as they have to maintain a certain price point in order for it to be worthwhile which means they have to cut corners and the easiest way to do that is in the quality of the metals. The actual fit and finish on most of their guns is really quite good.

      My solution is that I have started working with a local cnc shop and we are creating a line of real steel replacement parts for many of these guns. At this point we have created some replacement parts for the Umarex Uzi bb gun and plan to make parts for others as I discern a viable market that will justify small parts runs of between 100=500 pieces.

      Ping me if you want to know more about it.



  2. B.B,
    That’s good about penetrating the tin can! And I’m glad to see the lead balls proving their worth!Any chance you’d see if they might go completely through both sides? They should carry more energy than the much lighter steel ones.
    I set a restaurant size Tomato can out about 75-80 yds for the Regal.I really didn’t expect it to penetrate one side at that range. It blasted through both sides with authority after hitting the rock I used to weight it down with. apparently it’s got more power than I expected,even way out there after seeing the chrony results. I’ll have to run it across again but it seems like it was around 21fpe.
    It’s just too heavy though! I have to rest it unless I’m way too close. Time for a new toy that gives me freedom from having to rest everything. When the 1st rolls around I’ll be ordering that 2400 as soon as I’ve got the funds in my acct.,as well as co2 and I’m finally gonna try those boxed premier domes too. 6-8 weeks is a long time but maybe I’ll have it by my birthday on April 30th.

    • Reb,
      I think you’ll like the 2400. For velocity the .22 gives excellent power for a non-PCP pistol, especially with the optimal 18 inch barrel. However, it sounds like you might wish to trade some velocity for a shorter and easier-handling barrel. If you’re looking at a .177, the 10 inch Lothar Walther barrel gives outstanding accuracy, especially with the boxed Crosman Premiers you mentioned (the .22 Premiers not so much, in my testing). Most folks get their guns in about 3 weeks, but the one I ordered for a relative just before the Christmas rush arrived in 12 days!

    • Reb,

      I did that test because of the curt answer that I gave Claude who asked if it would penetrate the can. He deserved to be held up for being right, and I needed to be knocked back a peg for all my “knowledge.”

      I suppose the lead ball would also go through the can, but I have so many things to test right now that I might not get to it.


      • hello BB THIS IS SOME WHAT OFF TOPIC BUT i’v asked 3 other places & gotten no reply
        hello BB thx what’s the weather where u r we’re finally getting some rain here just west of austin texas, what about my ? about using gamo shotshells in a bb revolver or an air soft revolver? I need a short gun for shooting rats indoors & I don’t want to use a .22 powder gun
        & the gamo shotgun I have is too long & cumbersome to use quickly & multi shot is also a ++
        email reply is best

        • David,

          I reply here so over 100,000 readers can benefit from the answer. Many will have the same question. Bookmark the spot you ask the question (or mark it as a favorite, if ypu don’t use a Mac) so you can find your way back.

          Shotshells don’t fit in BB guns, so this won’t work. I don’t remember why you want to do this, but if it for killing critters, a BB gun hasn’t got enough power.


    • Siraniko,

      I was sitting. Do you remember the report where I showed how I use the monopod? I used it the same way for this test.


      As for standing, the monopod will work, but you will never be as steady as when sitting. That’s due to human anatomy.


  3. B.B.,

    I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it, but I was thinking you may be able to use a .177 pellet pen with BBs and load them into the cartridges while still in the gun. Just open the loading gate, use the pen to sit a BB in place, seat it with your thumb or finger, rotate the cylinder and repeat. Would this work?

    David H

    • David,
      What type of pen are you speaking of,the one for pellets or is there a pen just for bbs? I hope there is one for bbs because I have used everything from small funnels to trying to use an empty cylinder from a ball point pen. I usually just pick them up one at a time,what a pain. Thanks for any advise. Have a blessed day.

      • Ellicott,

        PA carries three different .177 pellet pens ranging in price from about $7.00 to $20.00. The $20.00 model also has a pellet seater, lanyard, and a spring wound retractable reel, so you can wear the pellet pen around your neck and the reel lets you keep it on and still reach the breech of your gun without taking it off.

        Just search for “.177 pellet pen” on the PA site.

    • Hi David,

      Just an FYI I saw a Youtube video from a gun show from I believe the UK and they mentioned that they had tested a pellet variant of the the Umarex Colt SAA. I haven’t had a chance to followup on it, but based on that what your asking should be doable. I hoping to find out more and determine the differences and track down the necessary parts to be able to add a rifled inner barrel and shot pellets in it.



  4. I’ll admit I have some quality concerns with these guns. About twenty years ago or so I had one of the Crosman versions that held the CO2 underneath the barrel. It leaked air and occasionally dropped BB’s but it was a hell of a lot of fun to practice fast draw with since I could do it in my basement or out in a stand of trees behind our house. Then some idiot stole it and I’ve been longing for another chance to experience those good ole days for a couple decades now. Given that to my knowledge none of these “Peacemaker” airguns has ever been built all that well, this one looks to be the best I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly the most realistic and probably a bottle buster like my old Crosman, yet I doubt it leaks air or drops BB’s the way that one did so I’m not at all worried on those counts.

    My real concerns are first of all with the hammer. The lower portion of the hammer looks awfully thin which makes me wonder if it’s likely to snap with heavy, or rather long term use. My second concern is with the finish. Will the blued model actually be blued like what we’ve been seeing or are we in for an ugly flat black finish? I don’t so much mind that on tactical style guns, real or otherwise but with something like this…you just want that classic look that you could never get with flat black paint. With the nickle plated version, whether it turns out to be nickle or not what I wonder is will it have a mirror finish look or will it be flat silver and end up making the thing look like a kids cap gun? Third and final concern is, how long will these be available and how well will they be stocked. In the past (at least my past) these types of old west plinkers have been hard to come by and when they do show up they aren’t on the market for long. I hate being hesitant to buy these for fear of losing out but between my concerns and my current budget, I have to be hesitant whether I like it or not.

    What I would love to be able to order right now is a matched pair of nickle and a matched pair of blued along with fifty or so extra shells. What I’ll wind up being able to afford is one every three or four months assuming these guns are available that long…reality bites but it is what it is. We all have bills to pay, girlfriends (or boyfriends) to please and dogs to feed…my dog eats before I do lol. I’m really hoping the manufacturer stands behind these and keeps up production long enough for people like me to have a chance at buying them and realizing a long standing dream.

    Sorry for rambling on so long Pilgrims. Ya that was cheesy but given the subject, I figured the Duke deserved a hat tip.

    • AJ,

      Okay, you have said and asked a lot.

      First the finish. This gun is made from pot metal (Zamak) and therefore cannot be blued in the same way as steel. Yes the finish will wear and I haven’t a clue as to how long it will last. All I know is that my test gun is holding up remarkable well. To doesn’t even have a cylinder turning ring yet, which a genuine Colt firearm would most definitely have developed by this point.

      Second, the finish is not flat. It is shiny. Look at the top photo. That was taken without flash and shows the gun as it appears. The photo of me holding the gun on the monopod was taken with flash and is not realistic (true to the color or finish).

      The hammer is strong enough to last a lifetime. It has the same profile as a Colt hammer, and though it isn’t steel, it is plenty strong.

      Your Crosman gun was either an SA-6 or a Hahn BB gun. You mention BBs (the Hahn), but you also call it a Crosman (the SA-6 is a .22), so I don’t know for sure which it was.

      The gun probably did not leak. In those days we had CO2 cartridges that were capped with bottlecaps that leaked badly. Crosman did that to avoid a patent. Today’s cartridges are welded and gas-tight. Always use Pellgunoil on the tip of each new cartridge and your guns shouldn’t leak for a very long time.


      The nickeled single actions are just as shiny as firearms. They look correct.

      As far as how long this gun will be around, I think it’s here for many years. The market response has been overwhelming and Umarex is scrambling to bring out all sorts of variations.


      • Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions/comments, I greatly appreciate it. You cleared up everything I was concerned with and now I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on these Colts and having some fun! Tin cans everywhere should be nervous lol

  5. I still see a very good reason to buy this and other replica BB guns: the cost of shooting. Even if you only buy premium BB’s like those demonstrated here, we talking pennies compared to the cost of shooting a real firearm. And, besides that, I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t live in a place that allows me to shoot a .45 Colt SAA in my backyard. Am I the only one that feel comfortable with this level of accuracy?
    This year, I am seriously planning to add both the Webley and the SAA to my collection. And if possible, the Nagant too!

  6. Hi All. This is for Edith or whoever else might be able to help.

    I recently saw a couple of replica guns referred to in the comments section that I otherwise had no knowledge of. I believe some other folks said the same. My point is that PA should have a search aid on the website that points to all of the replica airguns. Sometimes, that’s all a person wants to look at, and without it–they are close to impossible to find without referral from this blog… and of course this blog can’t review them all. Right now, they are pretty much all Umarex, but who knows? In the future some other manufacturers might contribute more to this category.

    Thanks much.

    • Just go to the PA website and use the menu on the left hand side thin out the heard.
      Select airguns -> handguns -> the CO2 as the power source and all the replicas will be there with very few non replicas.
      Then use the wish list to keep the ones you like.
      All the replicas use CO2 and most of them shoot BB’s except for a few Umarex and one ASG gun if I’m not mistaken.

      Happy shopping 😉


        • Not yet but they’re on my list!
          The 75D and 75 P-07 compact also look great, I’m just not sure if I should get the black or the two tone… I like shiny things 😉


          • J-F, I agree, hard choices stand before us. I like what I have read about the CZ 75 replica bb pistol. I only handled it briefly but I know like the 9mm pistol. The replica is very similar in feel as well as appearance, according to a review I read. As it stands, and my experience is rather limited, the replica of the Colt 1911 that is the Tanfoglio Witness, the Remington RAC and the Colt Commander and are all sold by Pyramydair, is the best feel so far for me. I thing the CZ 75 will also rate an A or A+. I will certainly consider the others, but they will have to wait longer. ~ken

            • If you like the Tanfoglio Witness you’ll probably like this one:
              and this one:
              Even if it doesn’t do anything you can take them apart like the firearm they copy, they have very nice triggers and they’re
              all metal and just feel good in your hand and when you operate the switches/levers/buttons.
              With a very small bit of work the Swiss Arms can be converted to be operated in full auto without losing any of the
              regular operations associated with the gun.

              But I admit the CZ line is talking to me. I’m hesitant between of the CZ or the Luger or Mauser as my next gun,
              oh the blowback Makarov would be nice too! I already have the old non-blowback one but blowback is always nice 😉


    • Reb,

      Edith and I just returned from the SHOT Show, where we searched the aisles (over 12 miles of them!) for replica airguns — among 50 other top priorities. Believe me — Pyramyd AIR is well-aware of how much demand there is for these airguns, and they are doing what it takes to stock them.


    • Rob,

      I’ve emailed some people at Pyramyd AIR about this. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I recall some talk about creating a replica airgun category (or maybe I’m imagining that). I’ll let you know what I find out.


  7. Why do they have to keep bringing cool new guns out all the time?
    I can’t keep up! I just want all of them.
    I think this one will be my next purchase (unless they bring another cool airgun before I can get my hands on this one… The new airguns from SIG Sauer looked very interesting!


    • J-F,

      Join the club! Even if they GAVE me one of each new airgun I wouldn’t have enough time to look at them all!

      Edith and I went to the SIG Sauer booth at SHOT. Their guns are somewhat interesting, but we didn’t see anything earth-shattering. They had no literature for the airguns, and their representatives almost didn’t know why they were in the booth. After we left the booth we received an email telling us that the literature was right next to the airguns, but at SHOT you get one chance and that is it. Once I leave your booth there is very little chance I can return.

      SIG Sauer is behind the power curve when it comes to airguns. They need to get their corporate act together if they want to compete.


    • just for information , i was the guy that asked KWC\Cybergun\Umarex (after having purchased their Taurus replica) to make the Colt 1911 replica

      once they released it to the public , (and having received mines …and be astonished with the finition!!)
      i immediatelly asked all of them in the same time (i have keep all my emails with them) to replicate
      the : Mauser C96 (with short magazine like DURANGO comic book gun’s character) …but they made the longuest mag (co2 cartridge size issue i imagine) and asked for a new colt peamaker replica just like my crosman & hahn revolvers

      I asked them to make a TRUE replica of the Bruce Willis BERETTA 92FS (not a taurus….)

      and…. a replica of the Mateba Unica-6 autorevolver !!!
      (still wondering if they will produce this one…..I can’t wait for this one !!)

      ALL in ALL
      be prepared for a luxure of BBs FULL METAL replica
      ….prepare your wallet lol

  8. Mega Side Bar: B.B. according to ” Rifle”, January, 2015, the sales of ARs has crashed. In the great pankic about ‘assault ‘rifle bans, many bought the AR ,for no other reason than as a ” just in case, an investmeny” with no other reason, use or not. So, thumbing through your ShotGun News on the AirForce Texan and premuin pellets,( wow ! ) there seemed to be many fewer display ads for the AR items.., more AK47, AK74, etc…
    By the way, ‘ Rifle ‘ magazine, which is 6 copies a year, is so far superior to other gun magazines it is a joke. These are the same folks that publish “Handloader” as you know.!
    Thanks, B.B. and Edith..Get some rest ! Jeeez.
    Orcutt ( old Town Orcutt,l named after the first petroleum Geologist..)

    • Pete,

      I am seeing this drop in AR interest as evidenced by increased sales at lower prices in the gun listings I frequent. And you’re right, the AKs are gathering steam. But they aren’t the Russian AKs anymore. They are American-built, machined receiver AKs that try to hold 1 MOA accuracy. And they start at around $1,000. The central European AKs are dropping is price just like the ARs.

      I agree that Rifle and Handloader are both excellent magazines.

      Edith and I both have some sort of cold that has drained our energy this week. We may have gotten it at the SHOT Show or on the flight home, but whatever, it’s really slowing us down!


      • B.B.,

        The Pyramyd AIR in-stock date for the Colt CO2 Peacemakers has moved from mid February to late March. Does that represent a movement in the product launch date, or was PA’s initial February allotment pre-sold out?

        I eagerly await my two SAA’s on order… In the mean time, I’ll just have to put some more rounds through my Webley Mk VI CO2. So far, the Webley has been GREAT fun.


      • Not long ago, a dealer was quoted as saying that you couldn’t give away ARs. As for AKs, I’m trying to negotiate the various trends and seem to be losing out at the moment. I’m banking on the Saigas partly because the restrictive California laws. Now they are in limited supply because of the sanctions, but stocks are in place. After debating, I finally decided to get one, completing the circle on the IZH 61 and what is genuinely a rifle of genius. But then I found out that my supplier has run out of stock, just the other day! Supposedly more are coming but we will see. In the meantime, the importer for Saigas, RWC, is apparently planning to evade the sanctions by manufacturing Saigas in America. Hm.


      • Yes,Matt61, we learn from all gun magazines, i should have said, “Rifle” is about rifles only and its market is for very experenced riflemen..This is NOT a put down, Matt61…This magazine is for us old guys ihat for decades have been using rifles..I am 86 years old..so hence where i speak from.

        So, relax and enoy your youth, it skips by fast as ,if you are very lucky, you will have the joy to experience as some of us lucky ones have in my age..we have all been there and done that before many of your grandfathers were born. Thank you for your comments, Matt61

      • Matt ‘1, i forgot to menton “‘Rifle” is 6 copies a year. I have seen it at Walmart. I am a subscriber. I believe the low introductory price for one year subscription is around $16.00. I also subscribe to Guns and Ammo ( I was an Advertising Manager of Car Craft, Rod and Custom and Custom Cars when Siatos was the first editor and started G&A. Being an Endowment Life Member I also enjoy American Rifleman. I assume you are a member of the NRA also. Guns and Ammo is a fun read and everyone that wants to stay current with the latest it is a must read. At the low sunscription cost, a true bargain ! Anyway, look for “Rifle”, flip through it and since you have never heard of it, you may find it of interest.
        I read magazine to learn, as we all do.

        • Pete
          What years were you working with Car Craft?

          I got box’s and box’s of that magazine and the other ones all stashed away some where.

          I bet you seen a lot of cool stuff come and go over time working there.

          I bet that was a cool job. Was it?

          • Look in your 1958~1960 Car Craft. I forget. I then went ( Ultra Dumb Move, ah, youth..) To form a house advertising agency for Go Kart Mfg ( TM.) in Azusa, California. They went “Under”….Lots more to muse ’bout, but this side bar conversaton is taking up valuable time/Space.. Try me at pfghwest@msn.com
            Thank for your question, old guys soon fade away..Lol.


            • Pete
              I started getting the car related magazines in the late 60’s so I don’t have any from when you were there.

              Darn I was hoping for a autograph on a magazine. 🙂

              And I did order parts for my go karts back then from a go kart company that was probably the company your talking about.

              Man that was a long time ago. And thanks for remaining me about the go karts. That was a good time too. 🙂

  9. Tom,

    Regarding this revolver’s longevity, anyone who gets one (and I’ll be one of them) should buy it as an occasional plinker, not a go-to gun for every single plinking session. And it should be babied every time it is handled.

    I do have a question: I wonder, has the dimple on the transfer bar caused by the firing pin become deeper or no?



  10. In defence of the lead balls, they are showing 10% greater accuracy at 5 yards, I would expect that to widen to 30% at 10 yards, furthermore I bet they are the only ammo that will still penetrate one side of the can at that range. Additionally, they won’t bounce back and blind you, which is always a bonus.
    Given this is a cartridge loader you are not going to me blasting off a squillion shots per sitting, so I think that the lead balls are pretty much all I’d put through it.
    I wonder how hard it would be to remove the barrel insert and put a rifled one in 🙂

    • I was kinda hoping that’s what was happening. Kind of a bummer about it being smoothbore. I like your idea for a fix but if your gonna do it don’t put it off too long or you’ll have to drill the old one out, instead of just pressing it out on a new one.
      Good Luck!

  11. I can well believe that steel cans used to be sturdier judging by the workmanship on my older rifles. Didn’t the late Bob Munden fan his revolvers? He was superhumanly accurate as well as fast, but maybe he was just unique. I’ve heard that fanning revolvers breaks them down, so you are looking at high replacement costs on the road to developing your fanning skill.

    Here’s a question as I pursue my obsession with CZ pistols. They prominently feature rails for attaching flashlights. But how are you supposed to holster a pistol with a flashlight? There is no holster that will fit a pistol with a flashlight and without, so you are looking at a dedicated flashlight for a holster? And what are you supposed to do with this tactically? What you gain in illumination you are going to lose with your quick draw. And this is no small concern with current doctrine of close quarters battle where you are supposed to transition quickly between an assault rifle and pistol. If you have your pistol out to start with, you give up using a rifle. Other than for a photo shoot, I have trouble seeing how you actually use a pistol with a flashlight.


    • Matt,

      Yes, Bob Munden did fan, but just 2 shots and at balloons that are many times larger than cans. And they were always placed at the same location, so his body Engilsh was enough to align him. Kind of like a baseball pitcher aligning his body to through a strike. His movements were all muscle memory — not aimed shots.


  12. Gunfunn1,

    I saw from the previous days blog from you and Kev. talked about a “TX forum”. A quick search only turned some 2011 comments on a sight. Got any specifics on the site? It would be fun to at least check it out.

    Been wanting to ask,..whats your scope and the length? I got mine all the way to the rear, but am thinking of moving it forward 1 stop. Eye relief seems to be “on the edge” of ideal. The 2 rings instead of the 1 piece does give me more adjustment, but not much. Just curious.

    I got the Leapers 3~12X44 ez-tap @ 11.1″ long.

    • Chris, USA
      That was Kev that mentioned the TX forum. I never heard of it or checked it out. You may want to ask him about it.

      And right off the top of my head right now I do not know how long the scope is on my TX.

      I use the Hawke 2.5 to 10 power side parallax varmint scopes with the 1/2 mildot reticle on my guns. I got 6 of the scopes right now.

      And I really never measured or payed attension to what location the scope was mounted at for eye relief. I just know that when I put the gun up to my shoulder with my eyes closed then wrest my cheek on the comb of the stock. When I open my eyes I don’t want to have to move my head any kind of way or the gun any kind of way to be able to see through the scope. If I have to move anything any way that means I am not in my natural shooting position.

      So no I can’t give you a measurement. And very gun and everybody’s result will be different.

        • Gunfunn1,

          I’ll re-check again with that method. I remember reading it before, but had fogotten it.

          Wow,…6 of the same scope. That would make it easy going from gun to gun. Interesting idea.

          • Chris, USA
            I forget exactly how I came about using the Hawke scopes. But I know one of the biggest factors is the 1/2 mildot reticle and I like the Hawke Chairgun program that has that reticle as a choice.

            And they are a nice scope for the price. And what I have also found is that all 6 scopes are the same when I use the side wheel to range find.

            Its just less I have to think about if I know all my scopes are the same. And they work nice. So that’s why I get them.

  13. BB

    My earliest understanding of “plinking”probably comes from Hollywood.It was when a person would throw a can up into the air and a gun handler would shoot it while it was in the air and then keep it in the air by carefully shooting it in the right way.That term was stretched later on to include what you mentioned today.That is, the act of shooting a can and causing it to move along the ground and keeping it moving through careful subsequent shot placement.This use of the term came to me from both Hollywood,and western novels.Since air guns have reached a level of popularity the term is being thrown around a lot in instances where the mentioned gun(often rifles)could scarcely be used for either type of plinking.So what have we stretched the term to mean in this day and age?Is it randomly shooting at different objects?Does it only pertain to shooting metal objects that make a resounding metal on metal noise?

    BB,Seriously…who else am I gonna’ ask?

    Tin Can Man

    • TCM,

      I don’t think the term has such a rich history. I think it’s just one that was developed by shooters to describe informal target shooting of any kind. I think it originated in the 1950s, though I am not sure of that.


  14. BB
    Good morning Sir. I know you mention you fired the Colt from 18 inches and went through the food can,at my normal 16 to 18 feet for bb pistols do you have any idea on it doing the same? i have on on order and can’t wait. I probably will order the U.S Marshal one too when it’s available,hope it’s not priced too high. Thanks for all your knowledge you share on here,it really helps the new guys like me. Have a blessed day.

  15. With the pistol seeming to like to throw 1 round outside of the group, I wonder if one of the cartridges is releasing the bb funny due to a burr or seam near the cartridge mouth.

    I know on some powder burner revolvers, they may have one chamber that is really accurate, and the others are close.

    Since the cartridge holds the bb projectile, I would think it is that, and not the cylinder.

    Now, as it wears, the burr, or what ever is not holding the bb the same as the others, may wear itself in, and start to group with the others.

    Just a thunk..

  16. I don’t see why these should fall apart . The Colt Scout 22s were made of a similar Zamac alloy. I hope they are available soon. Seems like they keep movinga month away. Besides the US MARSHAL version did they show any other variations? I was surprised at what was not shown , including the big surprise you spoke of. Was hoping to see more about the Umarex select fire Beretta 92, maybe a shoulder stock for the 712, a blowback Browning High Power,and an updated Walther PPk. , a Mares leg lever action 92 Winchester. Was surprised at the lack of new replica airguns. Maybe some new additions will trickle out over the year.

  17. I know some countries have a 3 joule power limit on air pistols ,but the US does not ,yet. Would be nice to s ee some of the revolvers ,like this reach their full potential. I have seen some videos of revolvers like the Da Wessons pushed past 500 fps.

  18. My Dad stole one of my testors paintbrushes ans clipped the bristles to redo the inlay on his Ruger Bearcat but it took him a couple evenings to finish, takes a steady hand.

  19. I see the yada is a lot less noticeable on the nickel version, but not quite convinced that the plating would be as high quality as on name brand firearms. And that it may prematurely chip and flake. Any thoughts on this?

  20. After reading All the comments of everyone waiting for thier guns, I am wondering if the delay is being caused buy the strike that has been holding Ships out at see on west coast. I know several of my work suppliers are being affected by this and can’t help wonder if all those Peace Makers are sitting in a cargo Bin on a Boat ?

  21. BB,
    I am still waiting for my Peacemaker to ship,I ordered it as soon as I read your post on it so it should be here soon. My question is this,being a little kid at heart and have always wanted a colt and a western style holster just for kicks,can you suggest a holster for the Peacemaker? I saw one I liked on ebay,is there a style I need to consider for that gun and I hope to be able to get the Marshal’s edition when it comes out too. This is why I bought my 22 lr Henry rifle,a western loving kid at heart. Thanks for any help you can give me. Have a blessed day BB.

  22. Have been looking at SHOT SHOW 2015 videos from Umarex ,but no mention of other barrel lengths for the Peacemaker. If they could put a case colrored finish on the blue version it would be a real winner. Since the air system is in the handle and frame . and since it uses an 1860 grip frame. I could see an 1860 percussion pellet version that loads the pellet from the front of the cylinder and seats them with a rammer like a real percussion pistol .

    • I noticed this today too. It has now gone from Feb to March to April. Does anyone know why?

      B.B., do you have any information? If Umarex wasn’t geared up to manufacture these in a timely manner they should have provided a realistic release date when they announced the product.

  23. Can’t. Wait to get one.To start.Will take one of the US Marshals versions as well.Would like a pr of nickel in the 4 3/4 version, and if they offer a 7 1/2 inch in blue. LIKE THE CENTERFIRE AND RIMFIRE VERSIONS YOU JUSTCANT HAVE ONE.

  24. Does anyone know the accuracy of a real Single Action Army .45 Colt at 10 and 5 meters? Maybe an average of all Colts rather than just one which shoots well or poorly. Also how does the slightly larger 1860 handle affect accuracy and handling compared to the original?

  25. WoooooHooooo! Just got notified that my Colt Peacemaker has shipped! This is exciting because I was notified by telephone just a few days ago that it would be delayed until the end of April! My extra 6 rounds of ammo are on backorder however. Just thought I would let y’all know!

  26. My Peacemaker was shipped FedEx Ground on the 17th, a full week before schedule, and arrived here in the Pacific NW today (the 21st). It is beautiful indeed. I will try to post some initial impressions on tonight’s blog, and some shooting impressions by Tuesday.

  27. My Colt was delivered today on 3/23/2015 and it is BEAUTIFUL! It would fool anyone upon first impression it is so realistic. Feels fantastic in the hand. The only thing that doesn’t feel like a quality Colt is the plastic grips. I hope that the one doesn’t loosen up after it is taken off a number of times to replace the CO2. The hammer doesn’t lay flush, but that is minor. Would be nice if it did though. I have not shot it yet, but I sure am enjoying just looking at it! I will shoot it soon. If it shoots as well as it looks, it will be a real winner! A really awesome gun! I’d love to have one of those US Marshal versions, but I’m sure they have all been sold by now. I’m sure that various models will be offered on down the road as this one is so popular! I will buy more!

  28. Tom,

    I just got mine today….after firing about 4/6 shots it started to leak, I hoped to stop the leaking by shooting it and using oil seeing as it is a brand new gun. But I’m not sure weather it’s working or not yet, the leak seems to be getting smaller and smaller but I’m not sure yet. Any idea’s on how I could possibly fix the leak without having to RMA it? I’ve waited three and a half months for this gun and I really enjoy shooting it…I don’t want to have to wait another three and a half months to get one that might also leak.

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.


    • Klink,

      First try Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of a fresh cartridge. Next try automatic transmission stop leak.

      In a new gun it is possible that a small particle of dirt is on an o-ring or seal. Hopefully the oil will allow the gas to move it along.


    • Klink,

      Well, I do, but I would return this gun for an exchange if I were you. There is something else you can try — Automatic Transmission Stop Leak.


      But why should you have to go through that? There is a faulty seal in that gun and you should get another one that works as it should.


  29. Tom,

    Yeah, I’ve thought about that and I’ve looked at the valve more closely. I found the leak, on this valve there is a seem and an 0-ring inside, that’s the faulty seal. So I’ve contacted Umarex and asked them how much it would cost to get a replacement set of O-rings. The reason I want to do this rather then RMA it is because the nickel version of the SAA is a month out on the in stock date and I am in no mood to wait another month and a half for a replacement. I’ve worked on air guns before and replaced O-rings so I think I can handle this too. Thanks for your help Tom.


  30. Hi folks,
    I just found your page. Great exchange of information! I was one of many that bought a .45 colt Single action Peacemaker through Pyramyd, but after shooting only a couple of co2s, I ended up returning it for a replacement. I loved the gun. It shot very well, very accurate, and seemed to be very stingy with gas. The issues I had was that the cylinder did not seem to want to rotate freely when loading bullets. You had to keep re-cocking the hammer and go to the next chamber. The final straw was when it started jamming when cocking to shoot. It got too frustrating to keep trying to re-cock and shoot. It seemed like there was a cog or thingamajig that kept getting out of place. They said to send it back and they’d order a replacement.

    • Unclemike,

      Welcome to the blog.

      Your gun had a timing issue. The cylinder shouldn’t lock up when the hammer is brought to half-cock. But in the CO2 version, there is a spring-loaded detent that tries to lock the cylinder as you turn it. You cannot spin the cylinder of the BBs gun the way you can the firearm.

      With the next gun be sure you are’t mistaking this semi-lockup with the real one. Because none of them will allow you to spin the cylinder. You have to press the cylinder past the semi-lockup each time you rotate it to load the gun.


  31. what is the action like? how close does the action and trigger compare to the real thing. curious if it would be a cheap alternative to practicing with the real thing.

  32. BB,
    Thanks, yes, it probably had a timing issue, but in my opinion, they need to fix the action where it is smoother. I’m not interested in “spinning” the cylinder, but it should have been able to advance as expected. There’s no reason that my gun should not be able to be loaded and unloaded per the manual. However, I could deal with that issue, but when it would not cock and had to be re-cocked over and over to fire, it was defective for the purpose intended. Practicing a fast-draw was completely out of the question. I’d be a dead gun-slinger!

  33. I was referring to how the trigger feels compared to a colt or colt clone. to make it worth while to practice with, the feel of cocking the hammer and the trigger pull would need to feel similar.

    • I think the gun felt very close to a real SAA .45. The trigger pull is light but not too light. The weight of the gun felt similar. I believe you’d be very happy to practice with it if the action is as smooth as it’s designed to be. Hope that helps. Keep in mind, however, that the hammer does not rest against the frame as in the real McCoy.

  34. I have a SAA 45 and it fill great. I shot Cowboy Action Shooting; with this gun I can set up plastic targets in the back yard and practice there. I did find that the gun shoot a lot to the right using Daisy ammo. I found that you do not need to remove the cartages to load, you can load like you would with a black powder placing the primer on the nipple. I would like to see a better seal on the co2 cartridge so it would not leak when not in use. I have shoot 50 rounds so far and it is fun, don’t need to go to the gun range and pick up brass after a practice shoot and sit at the reloading bench punching out new ammo. I use to shoot about 300 rounds a week and now that I have this new gun that will sure save on money for powder,primers and lead .

  35. I still like to shoot these western style bb guns,and I’m 70 years old. A word about the tin can shooting, I bought a new Hahn 45 co2 bb pistol in 1962 for 15.95 complete with quick draw holster. That bb gun would put a hole threw tin can from like 20 feet. They were very powerful and loud. I bought another old one last year but it needs seals. I’m waiting for walmart to get me the new peacemaker bb gun.

  36. Why does the manual for the revolver specify steel bbs rather than permitting copper or brass?
    When I received my Peacemaker, I only had copper bbs and they seem to shoot fine.

    • Ron,

      Are you talking about copper-plated BBs? If so, those are copper over steel and are considered the same as steel BBs. If you look at this page, you’ll see steel BBs come in different colors and coatings:


      • Thank you all!

        The BBs I am using probably date back to the beginning of the iron age.
        OK, a little hyperbole there. ;O))
        The Copperheads I have are in a little pint carton like we used to get our milk in when going to elementary school. Probably dates back to the late 1980s. It’s likely time to get new ones.

        I will take the recommendations and not use lead balls. There are many lead balls around the house for my flintlock muzzleloaders, but .45, .50, .54 and .58 caliber balls just won’t fit in the Peacemaker, as hard as I try to squeeze them in.

  37. I am interested to know if you will be evaluating the Commemorative John Wayne Colt SSA after the fine job you did on the straight Colt SSA? Also will you do BB or Pellet Version.


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