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Education / Training Beeman Double Barrel air rifle: Part 3

Beeman Double Barrel air rifle: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2

Beeman Double Barrel air rifle
Beeman Double Barrel air rifle.

This report covers:

  • The test
  • The first pellet — Crosman Premier lites
  • Oh, my!
  • The best — Hobbys
  • Let’s consider this
  • Air Arms Falcons
  • Discussion
  • I was wrong — sort of
  • Next

Hold on, kids, because today’s report will be the most exciting one you have read in a long time! Today I start looking at the accuracy of the Beeman Double Barrel air rifle. If you are sharp you caught the fact that I said I am starting testing accuracy today. That means there will be more tests to come! Let’s see how this rifle does!

The test

I shot the rifle off a rest at 10 meters. The first shot, however, was from just 12 feet, because I wanted to know whether both those pellets were really going to hit inside the pellet trap from 10 meters. I don’t need any more pellets in the garage drywall!

I started with Crosman Premier lites, because they did so well in the velocity test. The first thing I want to tell you is that crossbow rear sight really works. It’s hard to see both sights plus the target with my injured right eye, but when the target is lit brightly I can see it fine with my left eye. The first shot grouped two pellets so close together that I took a picture for you.

Beeman Double Barrel air rifle first shot
The first two shots from 12 feet grouped like this. I expect the pellets to rise at 10 meters. This looks safe to me.

The first pellet — Crosman Premier lites

I tried to shoot from my right side, but I found that I could not see both the sights and the bullseye with my injured right eye. So today I would have to learn to shoot left-handed with the artillery hold.

The sights are very sharp and clear! They are target sights, though — not that good for hunting, I think. But they aren’t just a gimmick — they really do work very well!

The first shot from 10 meters put two pellets on paper about even with the bull and off to the left. They are no farther apart than they are from 12 feet, which really surprised me. Maybe we have something here.

I shot 5 times, which is 10 shots. Then I went downrange to change targets. When I got to the target I could only see 8 holes. There was a cluster of 4 pellets in a single hole at the lower right of the group, but it looked like just two pellet holes. No one would ever believe me that group wasn’t just 8 shots. Heck — I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t just shot it. So I went back and shot two more pellets. This is where it gets really interesting!

Back downrange to the target and guess what? That hole at the lower right of the group was now slightly bigger. One pellet from the 6th shot went into that hole and the other landed very close. There are a total of 5 pellets in that hole!

Beeman Double Barrel air rifle Premier group
Here are 12 Crosman Premiers from 10 meters with open sights and me shooting left-handed. It measures 1.961-inches between centers for 12 shots. There are a total of 5 pellets in that little hole the arrow is pointing at, and that group measures 0.257-inches between centers!

Oh, my!

Well, what do you think about that? I was shocked to see that target. Can this rifle actually shoot? Just wait — the best is yet to come.

The best — Hobbys

Next I thought I would try some RWS Hobbys. These do surprisingly well in some air rifles. With the first shot I saw what I had expected to see from this rifle. The two pellets were separated by more than 2.5-inches. But as I continued to shoot I could see both holes growing slightly larger — especially the bottom one. In the end there were 10 Hobbys in 2.975-inches between centers, with the larger group of 5 measuring 0.951-inches between centers and the smaller group of 5 measuring 0.267-inches between centers.

Beeman Double Barrel air rifle Hobby group
Ten RWS Hobby pellets made two distinct groups that measure a total of 2.975-inches between centers. The larger group of 5 measures 0.951-inches between centers and the smaller group measures 0.267-inches.

Let’s consider this

The Premier group is vague because the pellets shot to the same place sometimes and not at other times. But this Hobby pellet gives us two distinct groups to evaluate. And, the smaller of the two is just 0.267-inches between centers. That isn’t just good; it’s phenomenal! Especially when you consider that I am shooting left-handed with the artillery hold I have never tried the artillery hold  on my left side before today.

Is the Double Barrel rifle accurate? I think this group proves that it wants to be. However, there are two separate groups — we can’t lose sight of that. And I am only shooting at 10 meters.

I was going to stop at this point, but with these results I wanted to see what one more pellet could do. After all, ten pellet holes is only 5 shots with this airgun. I’m not tired yet.

Air Arms Falcons


Falcon pellets from Air Arms often do well, so I picked them for the final test. Once again there were two separate groups, but this time the separation wasn’t as great. the total group measures 2.287-inches between centers. As with the Hobbys, the higher group is bigger than the lower one. The larger group of 5 measures 1.245-inches between centers, while the smaller measures 0.619-inches between centers.

Beeman Double Barrel air rifle Falcon group
Ten Falcon pellets made two distinct groups that measure a total of 2.287-inches between centers. The larger group of 5 measures 1.245-inches between centers and the smaller group measures 0.619-inches.


There are several things to consider. Do we want to find a pellet for this rifle that groups both barrels together, like the Premier lites sort of did? Or are we more interested in the pellets that group the best from one barrel — which would be the Hobbys in this test? I think there is an answer to this puzzle.

This test demonstrates that whatever Chinese factory is making this unusual air rifle (is it Village number two, as my buddy Mac used to say?) can make a good barrel. That means it would be real nice if we could turn off each barrel separately and just shoot one at a time. If we could do that and get results like these, this rifle would wind up being a best buy! And that is despite the horrible heavy trigger with its long creepy pull.

I was wrong — sort of

I thought today’s test was going to be a bust. I would laugh at the results and advise you to stay away from a novelty airgun like this. But I was wrong — sort of. And we know that there are models of this rifle that allow just a single pellet from either barrel to be fired.

Yes, the rifle does shoot to two different places. Yes, there probably are some pellets that will group together, but their groups will be very large. I will continue to look at that, but I don’t think that is what anyone really wants.

Here is what is good about today’s test. We learned that this company can make an accurate spring air rifle. If we can get that down to just a single pellet per shot, the rifle has good power and nice shooting characteristics. And the open sights, while admittedly unique, do work very well.


I plan to mount an optical sight for the next test. I’m thinking a good dot sight, rather than a scope.

I will also try some different pellets, though I think I’ll try these three again, as well. I think this test is getting interesting.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

81 thoughts on “Beeman Double Barrel air rifle: Part 3”

  1. Very nice, one barrel is a shooter for sure.

    My question is, if you can “turn off” one barrel on some models, does more volume of air go out the 1 un plugged barrel?
    And if so, how detrimental to accuracy could that be compared to the accuracy shown at this given volume we have with 2 barrels?

    What I see coming is a modification to the 2 shot only double barrel gun.
    One where using sets crews, you can regulate the position of one barrel in relation to the other to adjust the point of aim closer to the other.
    I have seen it on some muzzleloading double rifles, it might work here..

  2. I can imagine an aluminum block with a lock screw located between the two barrels that can be slid along their length to regulate the point of impact especially for different distances..

  3. It seems everyone is thinking the same thing. Some way must be provided to adjust at least one of the barrels so as to have both POI’s to be coincidental. I believe I would still want the option of selecting either barrel rather than both barrels constantly, but even that would be acceptable if the barrels were adjustable. After all, the primary function of this air rifle is to occasionally amuse friends by killing feral soda cans and collect dust in the closet back corner.

  4. BB,

    You have not provided us with a good close up shot of the front sight assembly. From what pictures I have seen, it looks as though the front sight clamps to the two barrels with two screws tightening the assembly located underneath the lower barrel, one on each tab.

    If that is indeed the case, I see some possibilities for adjusting the barrels, either with shimming or with the addition of some set screws. What is the front sight assembly material? Can you provide us with a good close up shot of the front sight in your next blurb on this novelty?

  5. B.B.

    I guess you could shoot round nose pellets from one barrel and wadcutters from the other to figure out which barrel is shooting where .

    After finding out which barrel is the better shooter, You could fill the other barrel with JB Weld and see if the better barrel will still shoot (full power).

    Then when done, throw in dumpster .


    • Twotalon,

      I like your thinking.

      The truth of the matter is I would really like someone to give me one of these things so I could conduct various experiments and modifications and if I mess it up more than it is naturally, I will not feel in the least bit bad about tossing it in the dumpster.

    • My suggestion would be to pack cleaning pellets in one barrel to determine which one is the better barrel.
      Having said that, I am wondering why I would need a double barrel Springer.Perhaps if I were a hunter and needed to put meat on the table I might consider it but even if that were the case I would insist in having both shots hitting a 1 inch kill zone at 20 yds.That can come in handy shooting off hand.


  6. Normally, when I see something like this I just say “what ever, each to their own” and say no more.

    I can’t see a practical use for a double barrel air rifle. Even if the POI was consistent with the pitch between the barrels and both groups were close to the same size, what advantage is there over two pellets over one?

    If the barrel was selectable and two different calibers were offered that might be useful.

    Seems that the rifle has some accuracy potential. IMHO, the manufacturer should forget the gimmicks, save the weight of an extra barrel and invest the costs in a better trigger.

    Just my nickel (we don’t have cents in Canada any more)


    Just read TwoTalons remarks… fill with JB weld, then throw in dumpster LOL!

    • Vana2,

      I can see I’m going to have to write something about double rifles for this blog. So many readers seem interested, yet almost nothing about them is understood.

      I have a double rifle I am working to regulate (to get both barrels firing reasonably close to each other at a given distance). Maybe when I have some success with that I will write a report or two.


  7. Hi folks…

    I have to agree with most people. What is this thing good for? Is this a bad rifle or a bad shotgun? Maybe it’s for people who’ve seen it all and are just intrigued by the novelty. It’s cool because it “can be done” 🙂

    BB, when you replied to my messages yesterday, the e-mail showed your user name as “admin”. I think it used to show your nickname. “admin” is probably ok for actual admin duties like removing offensive posts but for regular conversations, your nick should be shown (especially since there are probably more admins).


    • Stephan,

      “What is this thing good for?”

      Obviously you need to do the following, at least once — it is guaranteed to make you giggle. Take an unopened can of diet soda (diet has thinner syrup and more CO2 than regular), shake it vigorously, put it on a concrete block or tree stump, and blast it with an air rifle. The 4th of July all over again!


    • Stephan,

      The whole concept for this air rifle is that over the years we have repeatedly shown the Chinese how stupid we are. Someone in marketing at Wang Po Industries made a bet with the CEO that we would buy it. So they built it and sent it over here and sure enough, we are buying it.

  8. Hi B.B.
    This is interesting reading, but I have that feeling in the back of my head that says that we will now go down the same path as shaving razors. 3 Barrels are next, then maybe 4, and if you ever say the John Wayne version of the Alamo, Richard Widmark had a rifle with something like 10 barrels. Actually, 10 barrels might make a good shotgun by default. 🙂

    I am still excited about the Benjamin Maximus, I am hoping they bundle it with a pump as a package deal in the future.


  9. I don’t get it: what’s the point in shooting multiple barrels simultaneously? It seems likes an expedient means of burning through one’s pellet stash. If, however and to BB’s point, the barrels could be shut off and only one fired at a time, then I’d see value.

  10. BB—EAA imports (or did import) double barrel Baikal rifles. 30-06 and 45-70 calibers . the left barrel is fixed, and the right barrel can be regulated with a screw . There is a Beeman double that allows you to select the barrel that you want to shoot. Each barrel has it own rear sight (2 rear sights !). Ed

  11. BB,
    You might consider shooting a heavier pellet in the barrel that shoots high than in the other barrel. I think that might shrink the overall group size.

    David Enoch

    • David,

      Just thinking out loud. Would the heavier pellet create more back pressure, thereby forcing the lighter pellet to accelerate more, causing it to rise and collide with the dropping heavier pellet? The collision is not likely though because the lighter pellet would clear the muzzle sooner than the heavier pellet. Of course this is also assuming that the top barrel is the one shooting high and the bottom barrel is shooting low.

      • Quote from B.B. to GF1 in part one of this report

        “Oh, no! You think the pellet RISES? Do I need to cover trajectories again?

        All pellets DRIOP the moment they leave the barrel. Slower (heavier) pellets drop faster than lighter ones.


          • GF1,

            Compared to level ground/earth, they do rise. I think that is where some people get their “wires crossed”,… like when they see an illustration of what happens when using sights or a scope.

            • Chris USA
              And if the barrel is pointed up for a long distance shot. The pellet will go higher than the tip of the barrel leaves it.

              It depends on the angle the barrel is pointed at. Yes the pellet will fly out of the barrel parallel to it and fall. But if pointed up at a angle the pellet will be above the tip of the barrel then fall.

              • GF1,

                Just came back in from modding the shooting bench. Tuff to describe, other than to say that it is based off of 2 wood saw horses. Lets just say the top is much more solid. Oh yea,… threw some Thompson’s on it as well. I think I sent you a picture,.. way back.

                Also, did check into that “shower chair” at Aldi’s. (for outdoor shooting chair) They had one left. Looks like it would be good, but for 25 I passed. If it is still there this weekend when I go shopping and it is reduced, it will probably be coming home. Heck, Wally’s may sell the same thing.

                I did look too to see if Wally’s had this Beeman Double Barrel. They did not,… yet.

            • Or any version of it that is built by Wang Po Industries.

              Other than the novelty of it, the idea itself is not really very useful no matter how well made it might be. You have to cock it each shot, so where is the advantage of two barrels?

              • Wang Po? Oh yeah think they made the RWS 34 clone I bought that was supposed to be just as good as the real thing from Germany. Then I got a real one and after shooting the 34P for one day the clone residents in my version of the “air gun dumpster” a shelf in the far corner of the basement next to the air handler for my heatpump.


                • David,

                  On several occasions I have considered one of those and also one of their Weihrauch clones. Then I remember, wait a minute, that is Wang Po Industries. When have they ever done it right?

                  I did give in recently and purchased Mohammed Manufacturing’s version of an English air rifle, the Webley Tomahawk. Their machine shop quality control leaves a lot to be desired. It also has a harsh firing cycle. It does have a real nice looking walnut stock that shoulders nicely and the Quatro trigger is surprisingly decent.

                  I think with a little tuning this thing might end up as a decent shooter. If not, I bought it at a low enough price that I could still sell it to someone and not feel bad about it.

  12. I say appreciate it for what it is. Buy it for that alone. A novelty?,… for sure. It is wood stocked, makes good power, BB verified that the sights work well and it has good design lines.

    You could spend the same and end up with a whole lot less, and,… it won’t be unique.

    You can not argue with the price point either.

    (BB,.. next test, get the sights dialed in and make it a little more clear as to what bull you were aiming at)

  13. B.B.,

    Two things: First, have you tried to shoot righty but with a 45 or 90 degree adapter for the optics, a la the mount Gary Barnes made for Edith?

    Second, what you have here is really two different airguns of the same model, so perhaps you should determine which specific pellet each barrel is most accurate with. If that means the top barrel like Hobbys and the bottom one like CPLs, then maybe the thing to do is to shoot it that way, with two different pellets — if the two groups end up close to each other.


  14. The more I read about this gun. The more I’m getting convinced that maybe 2 barrels that can’t be adjusted to help get poi close together at some distance is kind of useless.

    From the comments it seems that people are saying that extra barrel is a add on that’s not really needed. I kind of feel that way too.

    I think the versions that can select the barrel you want to fire is ok. But I believe both barrels are the same caliber. I had a over under .22 rimfire and .410 when I was a kid. Whatever barrel I wanted to shoot had its own trigger. The gun was sighted for the .22 rimfire and the shot gun was sighted by the front sight post in a sense. It was more like point and fire with the shot gun. But that gun was useful in different situations.

    Maybe since we are calling this gun a novelty. Maybe they should of made one barrel in .177 and the other barrel in .22 that can shoot a pellet or a shot shell like the Gamo shot gun. Or maybe even if both barrels had shot shells and fired at the same time. Probably not very effective power wise on the shot shells but maybe more useful that way. Just thinking out loud ya know.

    And I guess no choice on reply email notifications now. And I see my screen size is back to normal. No spell check yet though. I’m sure that’s still known about too. Or is it not going to be available anymore.

    • GF1,

      They do make a version with a .177 and a .22 barrel with a selectable transfer port that allows you to shoot one or the other. I would still want to regulate at least one of the barrels, but I seriously doubt that even if it was provided with that option that this air rifle would rise above the level of novelty.

      Like I told Twotalon above, I would really like to have someone give me one so I would not feel bad about tinkering with it and possibly screwing it up.

      • RR
        I knew they made one with the selector but I thought both barrels are the same caliber.

        Now if one barrel is .177 and one is .22 caliber and I can fire one chosen barrel as desired. Then that additional barrel is worthwhile.

        • GF1, (.25 M-rod)

          Just back in. 96 shots, 12 eight shot groups. As usual, I mixed it up a bit. 70 yds., 25.39’s.

          I did the RWS chamber oil. 3 drops down the top and both sides,.. 9 total. I did not hit the bottom due to the transfer port. That group by the way had (7 of 8 @ 5/8″). I did not expect that it would do that well, since the silicone oil effect would wear off after a few shots. I actually expected the few shots to go high due to the reduced resistance, as has been my experience in the past.

          Did the groups get any better overall? Tuff to say. The sub-groups did seem to, at least on a few groups.

          5 of 8 @ 5/16″
          5 of 8 @ 7/16″.

          Just an update,…. Chris (how did you say it?,….. back to the “mines” and keep “digging”?) 😉

          • Chris USA
            Actually that’s what you said about searching for the treasure. I worded it a little differently. But yep.

            And the main blast of oil happens on the first few shots. But there is a film of oil that stays in the rifling grooves. As you shoot it kind of distributes it down the barrel. So it’s in the barrel longer than you think. All I know is it tightens my guns groups up when I do it and for a long time. I say about 1500 or so shots is about right before I do a few drops again. Maybe closer to 2000 shots. I just watch my guns groups. If they get bigger and it’s been a lot of shots since the last time I oiled the barrel then I do the oil drops at that time.

  15. B.B.
    Very interesting report! Thanks.
    Would it make any sense to use a heavier pellet in the top barrel and a lighter pellet in the bottom barrel.
    Do you know if the barrels are the same?
    Does this mean that you need to find the magic pellet for each barrel?
    So many more variables in this test…..


      • B.B.,

        Above the eternal question has again been asked. So, if a spinning projectile leaves a gun barrel, does it for a time climb above the muzzle, or does it immediately begin to fall to Earth, succumbing to gravity?

        Back to double-barreled rifles, when I briefly had a boat with two outboards, they had to be geared so that the props rotated counter to each other. One of the two outboards had to be special ordered and that delayed my boat being finished for an extra week or two. I wonder, if a rifle such as this had opposite rifling twists, might that . . . oh, never mind. ;^)


        • All projectiles if fired at level in relation to the ground will start falling upon leaving the muzzle of the barrel. If the barrel is tilted upward even ever so slightly the projectile will for some time climb above the muzzle (height determined by the relation of the angular tilt of the barrel to the ground) before starting to fall causing it to create a trajectory that is described as a parabolic arch.

  16. There are interesting results to be sure, but this rifle seems to a case of trying to whisper the loudest. There are good open sights so that you can shoot groups that are a minimum of two inches across at any distance. If one barrel is better than the other, so what? Will it always be the same barrel? If you go beyond a certain distance your two groups will overlap so it won’t matter. If you’re trying to shoot one barrel, it means that you’re lugging around a useless barrel for the opportunity to shoot the other one. Surely, there are single barrel rifles that can do better. I only wish that the skills and workmanship in this gun were used for a better design.

    On a related note, after much thought, I’ve decided that the Marauder remains my favorite pcp over the Maximus. I would think that anyone investing a pcp wants accuracy, not the opportunity to attach hoses. So, if you’re going to make that kind of commitment, you may as well get something that is good in every respect including the trigger. I guess I’m not feeling very adventurous.


  17. H&n baracuda pellets grouped the closest together in another test of the Dual. If the two barrels would stay close together say from 10 to 25 yards, then I think it would make a good pesting gun for a farm or Barn because you’re guaranteed at least one hit. Might be pretty handy in a survival situation also but only if they were consistently grouped together at those ranges.

  18. I am still trying to figure out the intended purpose of this thing. We already have lots and lots of springers, ranging from pretty good to pretty bad. Now we have this example.

    Seems the most popular idea of what to do with it is to block off one of the barrels, to make it, in effect, a single-barrel gun like all the rest. The only advantage I can see to doing this would be to use the blocked barrel to add rigidity to the remaining barrel.

    If the barrels could be adjusted to produce a common point of impact, it could result in a bigger hole in the target. This would result in a bigger wound channel in a game animal. But the barrels cannot be independently adjusted.

    If there is a practical application for this thing, I’d sure like to know it.


  19. B.B.
    Thanks for the report.
    When I read your first report on the Beeman Double Barrel I was so intrigued I had to buy one.
    Mine shot inconsistent, And the bottom barrel shot to the left. I also noticed the bottom barrel had a bad spot on the crown and the barrels had a small amount of movement in them when I took the front sight off.
    I recrowned the barrels and put a shim between the two barrels to keep them tight in the barrel housing. Now it shoots as consistent as any $140 airgun that I have shot.
    I also turned the screw behind the trigger all the way out for a much lighter trigger pull and adjusted the small screw in front of the trigger to make a longer first stage. The second stage is still way too long but manageable.
    I’ve tried only 6 different pellets in it so far, The cheapest ones, Beeman Coated wad cutters and Beeman Coated Hollow Points shoot the best in mine. Each barrel shoots 1″ groups at 20yds. The groups are about 2″ apart.
    I love tinkering and testing as much as shooting. I can see weeks of entertainment from this gun. Well worth the $140 in my opinion. ($150 actually, I got the 10 for $10 deal).
    According to the other responses that I have read I guess I’m the Oddball, Because I am willing to give it a chance. I love this air gun.

  20. B.B.,

    I would be interested to know your opinion of any future collector’s value. I suppose that might come down to how many were made,.. and,… how many might sell. Still, it would be interesting to have you weigh in on the subject matter in your next installment. Just an idea.


  21. Well I have made up my mind about this Springer. This gun is not for a serious airgunner. At least not in the conventional sense. This gun is just going to “lure” certain people who have considered (or maybe not) getting their first pellet gun or maybe wanting to add another that is way different. Young or old, 1 gun or 25, target shooters, hunters and plinkers. we’re all talking about this gun. Lets face it for $140 your choices are limited. You can’t even by a 39x. Its pretty much a cheap magnum Springer. (Can get some cool co2 guns i spose 🙂 ) Some so bad that will slap you around like Moe, Larry, or Curly. Atleast this one looks pretty good. Distinguished from others in the class especially with the sights. And the weight of that second barrel may be helping the shot cycle? B.B. says they are pretty solid so that probably cuts down on vibration a bit?

    They’ll sell a few. Not that I’m gung ho for Wang po. Lol I had to. Maybe a few folks will fall down the rabbit hole and get serious about air guns, realizing the fun they really are!

  22. Maxi and zippy’s most hamfisted adventure!

    My slavia zvp pistol finally made it today. It looks like the Diana pistol I love but can’t afford. I can also shoot it left handed. Sorry Winchester 353. I got it out checked it over and checked the breech seal. Leather, just what I expected. Kinda flat but well oiled. I loaded a pellet and shot it. My “ear chrony” isn’t super calibrated but it zipped outta there pretty good. That’s when I felt it. It felt like doing a one handed chin up. OK not that bad but it was no Diana either. I got it sighted in and learned to control the trigger. I was rolling cans and spinning them on my picnic table 12-14yds away. (8ft table) I was excited with the simplicity looks and performance. So cool!

    The wife came out and asked if that was the gun I had got in the mail in the HUGE box… I said no… I went back in and grabbed the maximus and shot it offhand shredding a can at 25 yds. I need a soup can because that soda can barely moves when hit. I had to shoot for the rims to spin them. Suddenly that heavy trigger wasn’t so bad. I just gotta get that creep out.

    I would love a Gen 1 mrod trigger. I just don’t know where to get one. I looked at Alliance hobby and they offer a disco trigger. I found a sear some where else several days ago but didn’t bookmark the page. I would rather have a true 2stage. I don’t really like the idea of the 3 screw mod.

    • PH,

      Glad to hear that you are keeping the Maximus. You might be getting the “3 screw mod” confused with a Marauder trigger that has 3 adjustment screws for: pull weight, 1st. and 2nd..

      • Chris USA

        It is my understanding that the screws are drilled and tapped yourself. The main bad points are. Drilling straight and the fact that when the trigger “feels good” you will have very little sear engagement. Could be unsafe as I understand it.

        • The holes for two of the three screws are already there behind the trigger. At the minimum installing the two screws there will control overtravel. The sear adjustment is made by the third screw in front of the trigger guard. I agree with you there that it decreases in sear engagement to a minimum.

          Other modification to consider is swapping out the coil spring behind the trigger with a weaker one such as from a ballpoint pen.

    • PH
      Go on the Crosman website. Go to diagrams and manual. Find any caliber first generation Marauder diagram and get the trigger assembly part number. Then call Crosman and give them the part number. They should be able to get you fixed up.

  23. BB
    Anything in the manufacturer’s literature about what the double barrel is for? Usually advertisements push hard that their new gizmo is the best ever for gafusing framastats or whatever. It seems really unusual to sell something and let the consumer figure out what to do with it.

  24. Such a strange idea… nice that it seems to shoot at all though. I would imagine that if you want to send more lead downrange a larger caliber rifle would be a better idea. I can’t figure out any elegant way that a double selectable barrel gun in two calibers could be made usable with regards to varying POI between the barrels and the various pellets they could be fed and I can’t see any point in a double selectable barrel rifle if each used the same spring-piston as it would need to be re cocked between shots anyways. I could almost see the utility of a double selectable barrel PCP for a quick second shot but then all the same POI regulation problems that affect a double rifle would come into play.

  25. This gun is proving what I thought from the beginning. It is a complete novelty, useless gun. What difference does it make if one barrel can shoot groups .257″ in diameter if the other group hits 2.5″ away!?! If I’m shooting a a squirrel do I aim for the head and just assume I’m wasting a second pellet? There is no use for this gun. Why is on the market and why is it even being reviewed?

  26. The bottom line with this is…why?, what is the point in the stupid thing?
    If it had a natty rotating transfer port section and two calibres, then yes, might be a bit of fun, but this has no use whatsoever, you can zero for the tighter of the groups and merrily throw the other pellet somewhere else…whoopdedoo, and, frankly, none too safe in essence either, I wonder if blocking one of the transfer ports might make something usable?

  27. I suspect this is a marketing proof of concept. It is odd but I suspect there will be more practical variants if there is any interest at all. It really seems that someone was rushing R&D to get a product out. I’ll bet there will be a select fire or a follow up shot version in the future.

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    Get FREE shipping on qualifying orders! Any order $150+ with a shipping address in the contiguous US will receive the option for free ground shipping on items sold & shipped by Pyramyd AIR during checkout. Certain restrictions apply.

    Free shipping may not be combined with a coupon unless stated otherwise.

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  • Shipping Time Frame

    We work hard to get all orders placed by 12 pm EST out the door within 24 hours on weekdays because we know how excited you are to receive your order. Weekends and holiday shipping times will vary.

    During busy holidays, we step our efforts to ship all orders as fast as possible, but you may experience an additional 1-2 day delay before your order ships. This may also happen if you change your order during processing.

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  • Shipping Restrictions

    It's important to know that due to state and local laws, there are certain restrictions for various products. It's up to you to research and comply with the laws in your state, county, and city. If you live in a state or city where air guns are treated as firearms you may be able to take advantage of our FFL special program.

    U.S. federal law requires that all airsoft guns are sold with a 1/4-inch blaze orange muzzle or an orange flash hider to avoid the guns being mistaken for firearms.

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  • Expert Service and Repair

    Get the most out of your equipment when you work with the expert technicians at Pyramyd AIR. With over 25 years of combined experience, we offer a range of comprehensive in-house services tailored to kickstart your next adventure.

    If you're picking up a new air gun, our team can test and tune the equipment before it leaves the warehouse. We can even set up an optic or other equipment so you can get out shooting without the hassle. For bowhunters, our certified master bow technicians provide services such as assembly, optics zeroing, and full equipment setup, which can maximize the potential of your purchase.

    By leveraging our expertise and precision, we ensure that your equipment is finely tuned to meet your specific needs and get you ready for your outdoor pursuits. So look out for our services when shopping for something new, and let our experts help you get the most from your outdoor adventures.

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  • Warranty Info

    Shop and purchase with confidence knowing that all of our air guns (except airsoft) are protected by a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product page.

    A warranty is provided by each manufacturer to ensure that your product is free of defect in both materials and workmanship.

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  • Exchanges / Refunds

    Didn't get what you wanted or have a problem? We understand that sometimes things aren't right and our team is serious about resolving these issues quickly. We can often help you fix small to medium issues over the phone or email.

    If you need to return an item please read our return policy.

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Get FREE shipping on qualifying orders! Any order $150+ with a shipping address in the contiguous US will receive the option for free ground shipping on items sold & shipped by Pyramyd AIR during checkout. Certain restrictions apply.

Free shipping may not be combined with a coupon unless stated otherwise.

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