by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Beeman R8
My Beeman R8 Tyrolean is an accurate pellet rifle that I enjoy shooting

Part 1

This report covers:

  • RWS Superpoints
  • Vogel pellets
  • Air Arms Falcon pellets
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

Today I move back to 25 yards and we see how these three pellet shapes do. I shot 10-shot groups from my Beeman R8 Tyrolean off a sandbag rest at 25 yards. The scope setting was not changed for today’s shooting from where it was for the 10-meter test.

RWS Superpoints

You may recall that RWS Superpoints were the pellets that surprised me the most in the first test. They gave the tightest group. Today 10 Superpoints went into 0.464-inches at 25 yards. That’s larger than their 10-meter group, but it’s still impressive. I am changing my opinion of pointed pellets — at least in this rifle.

Superpoint group
Ten RWS Superpoints went into 0.464-inches at 10 meters. The point of impact shifted up as expected, and also went to the right a little.

Vogle wadcutters

Next up were the Vogel target pellets. These I expected to begin spreading out. At 10 meters they grouped 10 in 0.379-inches between centers. At 25 yards the group measured 0.472. That’s much tighter than I expected. However 25 yards is about the limit at which wadcutters hold together. At 50 yards I expect to see a group that’s perhaps two inches or larger.

Vogel group
Ten Vogel wadcutter pellets made this 0.472-inch group at 25 yards.

Air Arms Falcon pellets

Air Arms Falcon pellets are the ones I was most excited to see at 25 yards. In the past these pellets have been extremely accurate in this R8. This time 10 of them went into a group that measures 0.509-inches between centers — the largest of the test again. Ah — but this time 8 of the 10 pellets are in 0.286-inches. That is about the group I expected for 10 shots with this pellet from this rifle.

Falcon group
Ten Falcon pellets went into a group measuring 0.509-inches between centers — the largest of the session. Eight of those pellets are in 0.286-inches, which is closer to what I expected the entire group to be.

I watched as shots number three and seven flew apart from the main group. The hold for those shots was perfect, so I cannot say I did anything to send them astray. The other 8 shots show what the rifle can do — and even wants to do with this pellet.


Once again the Superpoints gave me the tightest group. They are becoming something of an embarrassment, because they fly in the face of what I have been saying about pointed pellets for so long. They were an afterthought when I began, but I’m glad I included them in this test.

The wadcutters are holding their own with the Superpoints at 25 yards. I expected to see them start to spread, although I’ve seen wadcutters do well at 25 yards a few times in the past. But beyond 25 yards they have never held together in my experience. The test at 50 yards will be an interesting one!

I think the Falcon group shows part of what I had expected to see at 10 meters. The tight 8-shot group shows my past experience with this pellet in this rifle. The 2 stray shots are not what I have experienced. I might need to clean the barrel, though I won’t do anything until this test is completed.


This test was really just an excuse to get me shooting my R8 again, but look at all I have learned! I am really anticipating that 50-yard test!