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Education / Training SHOT Show 2018: Part 6

SHOT Show 2018: Part 6

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

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This report covers:

  • Traffic was down
  • Sig
  • Sig magazines
  • Hatsan
  • Crosman
  • Umarex USA
  • ASG
  • Conclusion

Today I will give you the final report on the 2018 SHOT Show. Did I save the best for last? That’s for you to decide.

Traffic was down

Every SHOT Show is larger than the previous one, but not this year. I would estimate attendance was down by 10-20 thousand, based on how open the aisles were on the first 2 days. Some booth holders lamented about it, but all of the ones I talked to who actually write business at the show (take orders for the year) told me business was up. I think the tire-kickers stayed home and only the serious buyers came. Let’s get started!


The new Sig breakbarrel is a landmark air rifle, but it wasn’t all that I saw in their booth. The next exciting thing was the new Sig Super Target single stroke pneumatic target pistol! When I pumped it I was surprised by how easy it is! This may be a target air pistol that many women and older children can cock. That is a landmark achievement, because I had been holding out for the Daisy 499 to be made into a pistol for the same purpose. If a Daisy 747 single stroke pistol takes 20 lbs. to pump, this pistol takes 10 or less. I was told that the velocity is around the 300+ f.p.s. mark, which is in the Daisy ballpark. The trigger is very nice and I can’t wait to test one!

Sig Super Target
Sig Super Target single stroke pneumatic. The grip is modeled after the Sig P210.

Okay, Sig Sauer won the Army contract for the M17 pistol that replaces the M9. Things are all Christmas and My Little Pony at Sig — to say the least. I won’t go into all the advantages the M17 offers over the M9, but the Army was right to pick it. And Sig is celebrating that fact with their offering of the P320MHS (Modular Handgun System) air pistol. It’s a P320 that the M17 is based on and, as you can see, it comes apart like the firearm. Gonna have to test one of these, too.

Sig P320MHS
Sig P2320MHS is very similar to the Army’s new M17 sidearm.

Now, Sig’s Ed Schultz assured me there is such a thing as a Sig geek. He was referring to the new X-Five pistol the company has come out with. When I went to Gun Broker I saw that he was telling the truth — there ARE Sig geeks! I thought I was unique, with my unhealthy attraction to the incredibly pricy P210 pistol, but no — there are a host of geeks who favor different Sig handguns. And the X-Five is their latest fix!

The X-Five is a P226 that the Sig folks have customized for individual buyers who wanted many racegun features. Apparently they were doing so much of that business they decided to build the model from the ground up. And now there will be an X-Five pellet pistol with full blowback! My work is never done!

Sig X-Five
The new Sig X-Five will fill a lot of Sig lover’s gun cases. Note the 20-round mag.

Sig magazines

Sig has changed their air pistol magazine from 30-shot to 20-shot to be more realistic. Several of their hi-cap firearms get that many shots on a mag, and they wanted to keep it the same for the airguns. Some people were surprised to discover that when the change was made last year, so I’m telling you now — expect 20 shots, not 30.


I overlooked that 1911 pistol from Hatsan, and I wanted to show it to you. Someone mentioned yesterday that it looks the same as the 1911 from ASG, and I have to agree. It’s a nice pellet pistol at a good price, but the controls are mostly for show. That keeps the price down, so if you are just interested in shooting I imagine that’s going to be important.

Hatsan 1911
Hatsan’s 1911 offers good value in a pellet gun.

Hatsan 1911 mag
The mag has two circular clips that hold 6 per side, for a total of 12. When it’s empty the entire rotating clip assembly comes out.


Boy — am I surprised you let me get this far without reporting on the new DPMS SBR full auto subgun from Crosman! I was given specific instructions to ask whether this airgun that has blowback has a metal shell. Well, it doesn’t. It is glass-impregnated Nylon — the sort of stuff they make firearms and other rugged things from.

Crosman DPMS
The DPMS Full Auto is a select-fire CO2 BB gun that has realistic features and even disassembles like an AR! The cyclic rate is 1,200 round per minute. Shades of the MG42!

Crosman DPMS broken
Jay from Crosman broke open the DPMS for me. It’s cool, plus you can clear a jam.

The DPMS is select fire, so both full and semiautomatic. I’m going to have to try this one with the new Dust Devils!

Umarex USA

The Steel Strike from Umarex USA is a burst-fire fun BB gun. It features semiauto fire or 6-round bursts in full auto. Runs on two 12-gram CO2 cartridges in the stock. Has a 900-shot BB reservoir and looks like a lot of fast-action fun.

Umarex Steel Strike
Umarex Steel Strike.


There was one more thing I saw at ASG, but it wasn’t an airgun. It was an airsoft gun. The CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 is a subgun that ASG has running on high pressure air. It’s loaded with electronic technology that monitors the health of the gun and simulates real operations. I saw a cutaway in the ASG booth and was impressed.

CZ Scorpion Evo
ASG/s CZ Scorpion EVO 3-A1 is a realistic subgun that is loaded with electronics and runs on high pressure air. It’s airsoft, but the coolness quotient is tugging at me!


This year’s SHOT Show was better organized and run than others I have attended. The lack of tire-kickers who take up the time of the booth workers certainly contributed to the success. As a result, I saw more of the show and still broke free to write my blogs and answer email.

This year will be a challenge for me to review all the exciting new products. I know — it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Oh, well!

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

48 thoughts on “SHOT Show 2018: Part 6”

  1. BB
    I really like the X5. I mean really. And I do like that it’s 20 shots instead of the 30. What I wonder is how fast it really is. I don’t mean velocity. I mean getting shots off and how fast the mag can be changed while on a action course. Sounds like good stuff to me.

    And the Crosman DPMS looks very interesting. I like these guns that resemble the firearm version. And wow 1200 rounds per minute. And yep I think the dust devil’s would be cool in this gun. To bad Pyramyd AIR don’t send out some DPMS for some readers or customers to try out. You know to report on. 😉

    And yes you definitely need to test and give some more details on the EVO 3A1. I still got a spot down inside for the airsoft guns. I had a few that I got in the mix with my air gunning and did enjoy them thoroughly. But hpa. Yep that’s cool stuff along with the electronic technology. For sure interested in it.

    Exciting stuff happening in the air gun world for sure now days. But got to ask. Shot show is for firearms as well as accessories. Did you see anything interesting in those areas?

  2. B.B.,

    Nice report. Lot’s of new stuff for the pistol, bb and air soft shooters. You did mention a shooting table and glasses, both of which you bought, if I recall. Like GF1, accessories, targets and gadgetry are of interest too. New pellets? New pellet designs? Etc..

    Glad to hear sales were up despite the attendance being down. That means that the new products are being embraced with enthusiasm and backed by dollars. I always love seeing the new ideas and innovations.

    Good Day to you and to all,…. Chris

      • GF1,

        This is one of the reasons I like to go to the GTA Fun Shoot. Most everybody will let you shoot their airguns, so you get to try out a large selection without having to buy them.

          • GF1,

            I myself find I do not have that problem. Most airguns I would just like to satisfy my curiosity about. I get excited when the new ones come out, but I know I will not get one of them. I never did get a Discovery or a Marauder or a Katana or a Maximus and I probably will not get a Fortitude, although I may end up with one of those because of my grandson. We’ll see.

              • GF1

                You really should go back and watch the video reviews on the Gauntlet. There was one video with B.B. included where the group was discussing the attributes and testing the accuracy. All of the video reviews were positive and none could fault the accuracy. The only cons were some quality issues with the tank and trigger. Some thought the bolt was a little rough but said that it smoothed up after a 100 or so shots. The Gauntlet is a bit too long and too heavy for my needs and looks more like it would be better as a bench rifle. I am looking forward to your posts about it though and what your opinions are regarding the quality of the build.

              • GF1,

                LOL! I am afraid I do not have time to dance with ugly women anymore, no matter how well they can cook.

                Now the Fortitude is kinda cute. If she can cook I just might have to try and find a place for here at RidgeRunner’s Home For Wayward Airguns. Of course a couple of other tenants will have to leave before that can happen.

                  • GF1,

                    LOL! Well, there is this one girl named Diana that is stacked. She wears a 46E. With a little bit of TIAT she turned into a real smooth talker.

                    There is also this pile of parts that one day will be a special dark little beauty by the name of Talon SS. She will have 12 inch .22 and 18 inch .25 stiletto heels. Very likely she will end up as a flat top side cocker with a long, slim derriere.

                    Then there is this long, slim redhead that is always right on the Edge. I haven’t fooled around with her much lately, but I do think about her a lot. She could probably teach my grandson a thing or two, so she might not be moving out quite yet. We’ll see.

  3. Good to hear the shooting business is booming despite a drop in attendance. There’s been a general decline in hunting and fishing license sales nationwide for some time. I attended the annual ICAST fishing show in 2017 and it seemed packed, with certain market segments like kayaking really growing.

    Liking the new crop of military pistols and glad they don’t just shoot BBs. Though the new black gun BB hoses are looking pretty good too!

  4. I believe traffic is down because of politics dealing with the NRA and bump stocks. I’m not sure how SHOT show ties into this, but there are several youtube channels that I follow that are not attending the SHOT show this year in protest.

  5. Those sigs are cool I use to drive for a trucking company that hauled for Springfield to shot show. I never got to go but the guy that did attended the show and then hauled their stuff back. Someday I’ll make it there the new products help to keep younger shooters interested and adults alike I have a youngster on the 3rd airgun working on safety to move up to a powder burner . But I hope the airguns stick also

  6. Helimech ,

    The main reason for Shot being down is the small shops who usually attend. Sales are down and allot of stores are making it on used guns and gunsmithing. The whole firearms industry is in a slump . Online ammunition sales have also hurt small shops who could make it up on ammo sales. NSSF is doing a better job of keeping out suitcasers also and policing the passes better. Which is only fair to People in the trade with limited time at the event to get things done. I work part time for a small gun shop and collectible guns and repairs are the breadwinners now.

    • Gene,

      Interesting. Like everyone I have read that firearm sales in the U.S. have had a down year in 2017 after so many growth years. But every bubble eventually bursts, usually to be gradually replaced by a strong recovery.


  7. B.B.,

    Am I correct that the Scorpion EVO 3-A1 is tethered to an HPA bottle? If so, that would be a throwback for an airgun, slightly ironic given the sci-fi profile of the actual CZ firearm. Of course That might be made into a BB version by ASG, too. I wonder if the HPA factor will make it ultra-high powered a la the tethered, long-barreled IZH Blackbirds folks have modded to shoot 5.1 steel BBs over 1000 fps.


  8. I see that American Tactical has the Nova Freedom on their web site for $379 but no availability. Waiting for someone to test it to see if this is my vehicle to the darkside.

  9. B.B.,

    Thanks for your great reports on the show. I did not plan on any new purchases this year but three items look like may have to change my mind.

    1. The Dragonfly looks like it could be a nice easy to pump gun with a floating barrel and scope mount. I will be watching this one.

    2. The Fortitude will be very hard to resist. It sounds like Crosman did listen and have made a very good all around PCP. I will be getting one of these. Looks like a lot of fun with a small bug buster scope.

    3. Even though I have a large 4,500 psi cabin fiber tank. I may want to get a compressor. One that runs on 12 volts may be an option I haven’t decided that yet but the prices are sure going down.

    Also been thinking about a target pistol so dang, so much for my no buying plan.


      • GF1,

        Yep I plan to leave the Fortitude completely stock. I do have a mod addiction though.

        If it is that close to being available Tyler must already have his meat hooks on one.


        • Don
          I to have that same addiction. But I have been getting better. I haven’t layed a screw driver or wrench to my QB79 or HW30s yet. They are still bone stock.

          But I do seriously plan on getting the Fortitude in .177 caliber. And I am afraid it will be getting a different trigger. You do know that a gen1 Marauder trigger will bolt right in place on a Maximus and Discovery. I had a gen1 Marauder trigger on one of the Discovery’s I had. They say you need a spacer that is sold aftermarket but I had no problems without the spacer. And you won’t have a trigger gaurd. I actually took a black cabinet handle and used the wood screws that came with the handle to attach it. You would never know the difference unless you looked hard enough.

  10. In the pictures of the DPMS Full Auto, the ejection port appears to be open. Is that correct? Does the DPMS Full Auto ejection port cover open?

    A opening ejection port cover on the DPMS Full Auto would be a significant step forward in accuracy of reproduction. Most other replicas of AR style rifles like the Sig Sauer MCX / MPX and Winchester MP4 have ejection port covers molded into the frame.

  11. B.B.
    Thanks for your great reporting. I am like many others here with a liking for all things Sig. I see that many items showen at the show are 3 or more months away from being in stock. That is just time to decide on the next must have.

      • Yeah! That’s good news. Maybe we can get some reviews on it before spring. I am wondering with the advertised 90 shots on a fill, if the fps would be quite low. I wouldn’t want to see the Fortitude sacrifice the fps too much for an extended shot count. I would be fine with a 20-30 shot count. I want to see the ft/lbs
        of energy be in the ballpark with the other entry level PCPs at about 25. The new Hatsan Flash is advertised to be 38 ft/lbs. That’s pretty stout for a .22. They didn’t say what the shot count would be though.

        • Geo
          Why would you think that velocity would be low just because it gets 90 shots per fill?

          That’s what a regulator does for you. Did you read yesterday’s blog and comments? Go back and read it all then let me know if you still think it will loose velocity with the regulator.

          • GF1
            Yes, I read yesterday’s blog and the several posts regarding regulators, hammer springs, and valves. From what I understood from the posts, there is kind of an inverse relationship between the fps and shot counts. I do understand that the regulator will give very consistent fps over the shot string but that the pressure to the valve is at a lower pressure resulting in a little slower speed. If I have that wrong, please enlighten me.

            • Geo
              Yep but you can tune the velocity up. That would be more spring pressure more stroke and more transfer port opening.

              And yes you can loose shot count. But your still should get alot more shots than without the regulator.

              But I was basing my question on what you said about the Fortitude and shot count and what it seemed like you were say was that you thought it’s velocity would be low.

              And my Maximus with the regulator and tune I have is getting about 50 fps less than it was unregulated. But I’m getting about 69 shots per fill verses 25 shots unregulated. So if I want to get my 50 for back it wouldn’t take much to make it happen. And I bet I would only loose about 9 shots per fill. So 60 shots per fill is still better than 25.

              And matter of fact the Fortitude is getting 800 fps in .22 caliber they say. My only concern with Crosmans claim of 90 shots per fill is that not all of the shots will be usable. That’s like my Maximus right now. It will actually get about 80 shots per fill. But the last 11 shots are dropping on poi and velocity.

              So basically I guess it’s the way I read response. Maybe this explanation helps?

              • Yes, what are saying makes sense to me. And I believe that when the velocity starts dropping off and the POI changes, those shots should not be included in the shot count. The Fortitude is going to be a 3000psi fill too so I am wondering if it will still be hand pump friendly.

                • Geo
                  Right that should not be included as the shot count.

                  And hand pumping to 3000 psi really ain’t that bad. For one thing the Fortitude doesn’t have a real big air resivoir. Now take a Marauder rifle. It has a bigger air resivoir.

                  It’s not so bad going to the higher fill pressure as far as amount of force needed. But when you have a bigger resivoir then it takes more pumps to get to the higher pressure. And again not bad. When I hand pump I would pump about 20 times and then stop and let the pump have a few minutes cool down and I got a little break.

                  So to me. Not that big of a deal. But it sure is nice hooking up to a compressor and hit the button and just set back and let the pump do the work. 🙂

  12. BB
    Glad to see your brain did not turn into mush and you remembered to check out the DPMS SBR receiver material.
    If I was the one you were referring to asking the question all I can say is this, “You can call me Bob, you can call me Rob Bob, you can call me Bob M ….. But ya doesn’t hasta call me BOY !” Whish I could remember that comedians name, Ah yes! Ray J Johnson Jr.
    I’m assuming you entered the word in error, perhaps not. Perhaps a little mush? But you are two days older than I so I can live with it! 🙂

    At least there appears to be a metal what? Insert, chassis, internal receiver or trigger assembly. Actually I almost forgot about it being distracted by the Hellboy. There’s that word again.

    I was somewhat disappointed with the plastic M11A1 ( M12 ) and purchased a metal GBB Airsoft version that is no longer produced and it has about the same 1200 round cyclic rate and it’s insanely fast. What a rush ! The word zipper comes to mind.
    Appreciate the follow through …. and that impregnated Nylon is perfectly acceptable if that’s what is used for the MTR77, and I think those Dust Devils will revolutionize the airgun industry, especially plinking when lots of BBs are being fired. Thanks for the show coverage.
    Bob M

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