by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

CZ75 Shadow 2
ASG’s CZ 75 Shadow 2 airsoft pistol.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • The BB trap
  • The goal
  • Sight in and first group
  • The test
  • Target 2
  • Shot count
  • Target 3
  • Adjusted the sights again for target 4
  • Evaluation
  • Summary

Today we look at the accuracy of the ASG CZ 75 Shadow 2 airsoft pistol I’m testing. This test was different for me because the first thing I had to do was construct a trap to stop and catch the 6mm plastic BBs. They bounce out of the regular steel pellet trap that I normally use, so something else had to be done.

The BB trap

I settled on an empty 20 lb. cat litter box. I cut a 5-inch by 5-inch hole in the front side so the BBs would pass through the paper target, then I taped the targets to the front of the box with the hole under the bull. These boxes are so tough that the BBs only dented the inside back. I left the targets taped to the box and just taped new targets over them, so they built up. That made a good front stop for the BBs, to keep them inside the box. As a result, only 4-5 BBs out of 50 or so escaped the box.

The goal

Shooting airsoft is different than pellets and BBs. You don’t typically shoot at bullseye targets the way I will in today’s test. You either shoot at people if you are skirmishing or you shoot at cardboard IPSC targets that have been scaled down for the sport that is now known as Action Air — the airsoft version of IPSC.

CZ75 Shadow 2 IPSC target
The Action Air IPSC target is scaled down from the firearm target.

My shooting for this test will be at 10 meters, which is 33 feet. Most Action Air targets are positioned less than 20 feet away (distances vary and are not rigidly controlled), and about half of them are closer than 15 feet. So, what I am doing today goes far beyond the level of accuracy needed to compete in a match. And, bear in mind, the pistol I’m testing is set up for the production class. That pretty much means you shoot it as it comes from the box, like I am today. There are custom guns that have thousands spent on them to make them shoot even better, but I think what you are about to see will surprise many of you.

Sight in and first group

I shot the first shot from 10 feet offhand and scored a 10, so the sights were pretty close. Sight-in was over.

I began the test using a center hold that action shooters would use instead of a 6-o’clock hold used by target shooters. So, when I backed up to 10 meters I continued with the center hold. A center hold (where the top of the front sight is even with the top of the rear sight and bisects the bullseye) is less precise because it’s easy to be off on elevation by a quarter-inch either way and not notice it. But for today it would do.

The test

I shot off a sandbag rest, holding the pistol in both hands with the bottom of the magazine resting against the bag. For sight in and for all groups until I say different I am shooting ASG 0.25-gram Open Blaster biodegradeable BBs.

The first target turned out to be one of the better groups of the day, with 10 shots in 2.073-inches. That sounds bad, but it looks good if you know anything about pistol shooting.

This is the first target I shot and the only target I measured. The hole in the 10 was the single sighter from 10 feet. The group below it is 10 shots in 2.073-inches at 10 meters with a center hold. As you can see, the impact is slightly low and left.

Target 2

I adjusted the rear sight up and right for the second group. And this time I shot at a Shoot-N-C bull. I photographed this target and all subsequent targets as they sat on the trap. The gas ran out around shot number 6 while shooting this target, allowing the BBs to drop.

CZ75 Shadow 2 target 2
This bull measures about 3-inches in diameter, so this group is about 2-3/4 to 3-inches across. First shots were high and then the gas ran out and they dropped lower.

Shot count

After this target I changed the CO2 cartridge. The next target was fired with a fresh one. Between the velocity test and today I had fired about 60 shots before getting to the end of the first cartridge, so that’s the shot count.

Target 3

At this point I put on my reading glasses to see the front sight with more clarity. The next group tells the story, however, I also switched BBs.

I’m still holding in the center of the target. But I switched to Tsunami BBs from Specialized Distribution. They are the only other 0.25-gram BB I currently have. This might actually be the best group of the day, as it appears to be 10 shots in less than 2 inches.

CZ75 Shadow 2 target 3
No measurements taken, but this group appears to be 10 shots in less than 2-inches. It helps to see the front sight clearly.

Adjusted the sights again for target 4

After this target I adjusted the rear sight even more to the right and up a number of clicks, because I wanted to use a 6-o’clock hold. That should give me greater precision. This one was shot with Tsunami BBs, too.

No measurements, but look how nicely centered the group is. The bull on this target is 3-inches in diameter, so this group is about 2-3/4-inches across.

CZ75 Shadow 2 target 4
A nicely centered group of 10 Tsunami BBs is about 2—3/4inches across.


Going into this test I thought the pistol would do well and it did, though I have seen smaller 10-meter groups from other airsoft guns. None has a better trigger, though.

The trigger is so nice I wish I had it on a firearm. The single action pull has a lot of travel but zero creep.

There were no failures to feed in either this test or in Part 2. This pistol has been 100 percent reliable thus far. If a fellow owned a Shadow II, he would want one of these to accompany it.

The blowback is unique. Because of how the CZ 75 Shadow II is designed, the line of the barrel is very close to the hand that holds the gun. So the recoil is quite low in the firearm. That carries over to the airsoft gun as well. You feel a pulse but no flipping of the hand, which is essential for fast followup shots.


So far I like this pistol, and I’m not finished testing it. I plan to get other 0.25-gram BBs and also to test it with other weight ammo. I know it’s not cheap, but good things seldom are. If a guy is looking for a practice pistol to go with his defense sidearm, this one would be a good choice.