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SIG Sauer MCX CO2 Rifle + Scope, Flat Dark Earth

3.511 reviews
SIG Sauer MCX.

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  • SIG Sauer MCX Rifle
  • Uses an 88- or 90-gram CO2 cartridge
  • Semiauto
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • 30rd Roto Belt pellet magazine
  • Synthetic stock
  • Metal housing
  • Weaver/Picatinny optics rail
  • Removable tactical foregrip
  • Manual safety
  • Life-tested with 15,000 shots
  • Includes 1-4x24 scope with mil-dot reticle and fast-focus ring and mount
  • Available to US customers exclusively

.177 caliber velocities Our tech department provided this shot string, which was done with 5.25 grain match ballistic alloy pellets:

Shot 1: 428.11 fps Shot 2: 513.51 fps Shot 3: 493.59 fps Shot 4: 489.98 fps Shot 5: 499.75 fps Shot 6: 492.83 fps Shot 7: 497.49 fps Shot 8: 497.08 fps Shot 9: 474.27 fps High: 513.51 Low: 428.11 Average: 487.40 fps

youTube video
youTube video
youTube video

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Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity700 fps
Barrel Length17.7"
Overall Length34.7"
Shot Capacity30
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Body TypeRifle

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Average Customer Review

3.5 (11 reviews)

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4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By Brian from USA on 2018-04-19
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5.01 rating

Things I liked: It's a lot of fun to shoot and I was surprised by it's accuracy. Around 15 to 20 yards this is a great rifle for shooting cans and plinking. Looks and feels like the real deal. The fun factor is high especially if you get the Air venture 13 cu-in tank and stock. It's around a 100 bucks but you never have to pay for air again, but you do have to have a compressor. I didn't have the opportunity to use it on this rifle, see below comments. I also have the MCX with the smaller barrel. It's basically the same rifle. Using the Air Venturi tank is much easier on the seals,because your not going to experience that severe temperature change like with CO2. You can also shoot a lot faster because regular air doesn't experience that severe temperature drop. I get about 300 shots with the tank and you can also detach the tank without loosing your air. Save it and shoot it later. I would definitely recommend this rifle. Sig makes a great product and they excellent customer service and tec

Things I would have changed: Make the stock larger so that the Air Venturi 13 cu-in tank, and adaptor, can fit inside of it.

What others should know: I purchased this rifle 18 months ago. I had shot about 1500 rounds and encountered no problems. Just recently though, the seals started to leak and I was only getting 3mags per CO2 cartridge. Prior to that I could shoot 7 mags per cartridge. I never put any oil on the CO2 cartridge as suggested by some buyers in the reviews. I talked with a Pyramyd Air tech and they suggested using some Pell oil on the CO2 to prevent this. They also stated that they don't perform any maintenance or work on Sig Sauer products. They did give me a contact number to Sig. I called Sig and explained the situation and they sent me an RMA number and paid for return shipping and stated that if they couldn't fix it they would replace it. That's was about a week ago and I will update this review when I get the rifle back

3.0 3.0

2.0 2.0

3.0 3.0

By gary from USA on 2017-06-28
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Was this review helpful?
5.01 rating

Things I liked: The gun looks cool, semi auto can be fun for sure! (for short bursts of time). I ordered this one, but I was shipped an all black one with no optic kind of a bummer I decided to just keep the black one, and I already had a scope. pyramid refunded the difference in price. I regret the purchase of an extra mag for $29 but it does come with 3 belts, it takes some time to load and seat 4 belts, 120 pellets. I regret it though because that put me more in the hole on this gun. I am going to have to buy another better co2 gun to justify the PY-A-7466 hpa (1100 psi outlet 3000 psi fill) I bought for $99 this is better than co2 though I hat co2 to be honest very erratic, shoot fast it gets cold and down, down goes the velocity. I hope I can find super cheap pellets that will work fair in this gun it eats pellets, and it's a shame to waste money on good pellets for this gun. I know this is the things I like part other than looks there isn't a lot buy a crosman 1077 instead 12 rounds doesn't jam

Things I would have changed: The price is a bit high I think the gun is kind of gimmicky in my opinion. The trigger is funky it feels like it has this goofy first stage where it is actuating the mechanism that moves the pellet belt then a kinda stop then fire the first shot is the worst for some reason it feels hard to pull through that chunky first part of the pull its actually difficult at times to know when its going to fire at times not all the time. It sucks when you get it in a good groove and get 10-15 shots off in a row then it jams you fix the jam reinstall the mag and it is funky for the first couple shots the trigger I mean. I am hoping the jamming will maybe be better with different pellets time will tell. My review is somewhat critical the gun can be fun at times (short times) but it is no target rifle by any means even running it on is a toy gun that should cost about $100-140, it amazes me in 1988 I bought a Sheridan silver streak made by Sheridan not Crossman for $100 & this cost $229

What others should know: It is fun to shoot if you can get through a mag without a jam or 6, and yes I am using the tool to push the pellets all the way in to seat them, ive even gone over them 2-3 times to make sure they are seated, at times you pull the trigger and it will not move, and the mag is stuck in the well because the pellet is partially pushed forward into the breech so then the mag has to be pulled very hard to get it out and when it comes out you see the pellet head is all deformed because it was stuck partially in the breech. I am using hpa with the PY-A-7466 tank and that is cool for an extra $99 the good thing is I can use it for other rifles so far I have used the HN lead free 5.56 pellets they shoot ok but not great rws superdome was worse. I just ordered some jsb match pellets to try on this and my more serious rifles. I actually kind of regret spending the money on this gun if all you want to do is shred some tin cans from 15 yards then this is the gun for you. The forgrip sucks also


3.0 3.0

2.0 2.0

2.0 2.0

By scottywotty from USA on 2016-08-18
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Was this review helpful?
4.01 rating

Things I liked: This is a sturdy, well made air rifle that looks great. The 1-4x24 scope has nice clear optics and works well with this rifle.

Things I would have changed: Make it lighter. Give it a better trigger. Better accuracy and a little more power would be nice.

What others should know: This is just an all around average air rifle. It's ok for plinking, and that's about it. It's not powerful enough, or accurate enough for hunting. And the trigger is heavy with too much travel. My Hammerli 850 AirMagnum out performs this rifle in every way. It's lighter, more powerful, more accurate, and it has a better trigger. If you're in the market for a CO2 rifle that takes the 88/90 gram cartridges, the Hammerli 850 AirMagnum is a much better choice.


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  • Dmitry from USA asked:

    Hey guys. I just purchased mcx with the scope. Not from pyramid, i got an opportunity for an amazing offer. So i went ahead thinking that i don't have much to loose...expet for co2 price (i collect bb guns, mostly full metall replica pistols). I literally have over a 1000 12 gr cartridges....i thought that i was pretty much set for zombie apocalypse lol. Anyway, at 1st i thought to get an adopter from 88/90 gr to 12 gr. Then i thought that it wasn't practical (shooting about half a mag before changing i saw this cool set for 13 cu in tank. Does Anyone has any experience with that? I just got a few questions. 1st and most important - do i really need a tank with PSI regulator? 2nd- the buttstock---how comfortable is it. Im still deciding between it and coil remote where.i can carry a tank in a back pack....but then again- is it that safe. Im not trying to blow myself in half or get airborne lol. Please, if u have any suggestions, let me know. Thanks Pyramid and everyone else

    • Tyler from USA:

      1) Yes. The gun is not made to handle higher pressures. 2) Buttstock is okay, but increases the length of pull to a point that may be uncomfortable for some shooters. Can always shoot without it. 3) A remote set up with the proper parts would be fine. Though you'd need to drill a hole for the hose to come through the buttstock.

  • Ronald from USA asked:

    What mechanism cycles the belt after each shot ?

    • Tyler from USA:

      There's an internal part that cycles it.

  • Park from USA asked:

    My fellow gunners, so Pyranyd tested this cool looking piece several times and the most they got out of it was 513fps, yet they advertise this as having a max velocity of 750fps, which they never even came close to!! I have written Pyramyd a couple of times about this snd they never responded, so what are your thoughts on this???

    • Tyler from USA:

      These guns are tested with alloy pellets and that is where the 700 fps max velocity mark comes from. The testing I have seen has been done with lead pellets, so of course the guns shoot slower.

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Item Description

SIG-A-MCX177SCD [PY-3722-7150]
30rd Roto Belt mag, semiauto, 1-4x24 scope with mil-dot reticle and fast-focus ring and mount.

Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity700 fps

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