Date: 18/9/2020 13:53

Air Pistols

An air pistol is a type of airgun that resembles a firearm pistol and uses compressed air to propel a pellet or BB. They get their power in a variety of ways, including spring and gas pistons, CO2, and pump pneumatics. People use them to plink cans, hunt small game, shoot at targets, or compete in matches. Here's an overview of how various popular types of powerplants work:

Single-stroke pneumatics require one stroke of the lever to charge and cock them before shooting. One pump can achieve extremely high velocities at the cost of being slightly harder to pump than a multi-pump pneumatic. Pistols in this category include entry-level plinkers all the way up to 10-meter competition air pistols.

Multi-pump pneumatics have a cocking lever that lets you choose the power of your shots based on the number of pumps. More pumps mean more pressure and velocity, but be sure not to go over the recommended number.

A CO2 air gun pistol delivers an exciting shooting experience without the high costs of traditional ammunition. Most use a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge, and they can feature semi-auto shots and realistic blowback action. Most of these pistols are multi-shot pistols and revolvers that use magazines and BB/pellet cartridges.

King of the pistols, precharged pneumatics (PCPs) feature an air tank that must be filled with a high-pressure compressor, hand pump, or carbon fiber tank. The advantages are enormous! With large onboard reservoirs, you can fire shot after shot before needing to top off. PCP pistols make impressive hunting and target practice pistols, as well as some of the best competition pistols in the market.

With top brands available at affordable prices, finding the right air pistol for your needs has never been easier. No matter what type of shooting you plan to do, we have something sure to fit the bill, so shop at Pyramyd Air today.

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