Date: 17/6/2019 22:4

Shop for High Quality Air Pistols

Do you love the challenge of an air pistol? Here at Pyramyd Air, we have everything you need to become an air pistol pro in no time! We feature a wide selection of pistols of every persuasion including spring and gas piston, CO2, single-stroke pneumatics, multi-pump pneumatics, and powerful PCP pistols. Whether you're looking for a great can plinker, a hunting pistol, or a match-grade competition pistol, you can find it here with these high-quality solutions from the top brands in the industry.

There are several types of operation or modes when looking at air pistols. Here are a few of the most popular types we offer:

Single-Stroke Pneumatics

Just like the name lets on, single-stroke pneumatics require you to cock them only once to shoot. One pump can achieve extremely high velocities at the cost of being slightly harder to pump than a multi-pump pneumatic. Pistols in this category include entry-level plinkers all the way up to 10-meter competition pistols.

Multi-Pump Pneumatics

Multi-pump pneumatics function like a multi-pump air rifle, with a cocking lever that lets you choose the power of your shots. More pumps mean more pressure and velocity but be sure not to go over the recommended pumps! These pistols can be used for plinking, target shooting, and even small game hunting.

* CO2

Many CO2 pistols deliver an exciting shooting experience without the high costs of traditional ammunition. Most use a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge to power semi-auto shots and realistic blowback action. Most CO2 pistols are multi-shot pistols and revolvers that use magazines and BB/Pellet cartridges.


King of the pistols, PCPs feature an air tank that must be filled with a high-pressure compressor, handpump or carbon fiber tank. The advantages are enormous! With large onboard reservoirs, you can fire shot after shot before needing to top off. PCP pistols make impressive hunting and target practice pistols, as well as some of the best competition pistols in the market.

We offer a diverse inventory of air pistols featuring all of the abovementioned types to meet your needs. With top brands available at affordable prices, finding the right air pistol for your needs has never been easier. Whether looking for plinking or small game hunting capabilities, we have something sure to fit the bill. If you have any questions regarding any of these products, please contact us for further assistance. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you!

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