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Accessories .22-caliber Lightweight Disco Double: Part 6

.22-caliber Lightweight Disco Double: Part 6

by Tom Gaylord, a.k.a. B.B. Pelletier

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Disco Double new stock
The Lightweight Disco Double in its new stock looks striking!

This is a second look at the Disco Double at 50 yards. On this day at the range, the wind was quiet, so it was a good day to test.

I didn’t do anything to the rifle before this test because I didn’t have any time to stop long enough to clean the bore. So, it went uncleaned. I may have promised to do certain things before the next test, but all I actually did when the time came was grab the rifle and go back to the range.

I used the same black single sandbag you saw in the Daisy model 8 test earlier this week. The Disco Double perfectly fits the long groove of that bag and feels more secure than if it was in a conventional rifle rest.

Beeman Kodiaks
The first group was made with 10 Beeman Kodiak pellets, and they were on target since I’d already zeroed this rifle at 50 yards for the earlier test. They initially stayed together, and I thought the rifle might have turned the corner. They then began to fly farther and farther apart. In the end, 10 pellets went into 1.837 inches — hardly a group worth mentioning. When I checked back to the previous test, though, I noted that this same pellet had made a group that was 2.458 inches at 50 yards; so as bad as it is, this was an improvement.

Disco Double Beeman Kodiak target
Ten Beeman Kodiaks went into 1.837 inches at 50 yards.

Okay, that wasn’t the brilliant opening I was anticipating. Even though the same pellet beat the last group by half an inch, it didn’t seem like the time to gloat. Next up were the JSB Exact Jumbo RS pellets — the most accurate pellets in the first 50-yard test.

The first group was another teaser. It looked small through the scope. It wasn’t until I measured it that I found out it went over an inch. Ten RS pellets went into 1.317 inches at 50 yards. That’s smaller than the smallest group from the previous test. There, 10 RS pellets went into 1.3418 inches at 50 yards. This group is similar, but it’s not crushingly better by any means.

Disco Double JSB E$xact RS target 1
Ten JSB Exact RS pellets went into 1.317 inches at 50 yards.

I now have 2 groups — each of which is better than the same pellet in the previous test. One is significantly better; the other is only better by a whisker. What does that mean? Rather than try to answer that question, I decided to shoot another group. Surely, this one would be conclusive!

The next 10 RS pellets went into a 1.773-inch group. That was the hands-down worst group of both days of testing for this pellet. On the same day, shooting under the same conditions with the best pellet, I got both the best and worst groups this rifle had fired to date.

Disco Double JSB Exact RS target 2
Ten JSB Exact RS pellets went into 1.773 inches at 50 yards.

I’m sure someone can make sense out of these results — but I’m not that person! After 2 days of testing at 50 yards, I had not proven anything except that I can’t make this air rifle shoot — yet!

I considered shooting some more groups; but after looking at these results, I thought this wasn’t the day. Sometimes, the bear gets you!

Future strategy
I think what I’ll do is drag the Disco Double to the range every time I go and try to shoot different pellets each time. Maybe then I’ll stumble across the magic pellet that turns this rifle into a shooter. After testing similar rifles, I’m convinced this gun can shoot — I just haven’t yet discovered how.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

49 thoughts on “.22-caliber Lightweight Disco Double: Part 6”

  1. It’s OK BB. Usually, I go through my entire collection of pellets before I settle on a particular one for a particular airgun. I have tried fourteen different pellets in my BSA so far. I tried about ten different pellets before I settled on the one for the CFX I had. Why do people change the barrels on these things?

  2. I would like to know how H&N ftt work in this gun, PA appears to be out right now but they list Beeman field target special as an alternate. Have you ever used this pellet? I’ll have to keep an eye out for them locally. 50 yards would be stretching it with any of my guns, definitely not 1″.

    • Reb

      FTS and FTT are different sizes. So it is not quite as simple as trying just one type. P.A. carries FTS in 5.50 , FTT in 5.53 , 5.54 , and 5.55 . That’s provided that the particular tins really are that size . Does not always happen.
      I was shooting 5.50 FTS in two springers with good results while they were on the fat side. They were really 5.56 . When I ordered more, they really were 5.50 and did not shoot worth a hoot. FTT 5.53 ended up being a good substitute. You need to check the fit to the bore. Some bores are pretty loose and need some of the fattest pellets you can find.


  3. BB,I guess there is a reason for everything but I to will have a day for some unknown reason the target Gods are not on my side? Most of the time I can shoot a fair one inch pattern at a given distance with my Mrod.Then perhaps a week later for reasons I don’t understand,the one inch will have some fliers?the temp.the wind,the humidity will be about the same? I really believe some times its got allot to do with concentration or mind set.I can tell you for a fact on my personal behave that if I have just a tiny bit of doubt about the accuracy or just one negative thought before I pull that trigger,my shot pattern tends to get a little sloppy.That’s just me.I have to have 100% confidence or it don’t come together.I have noticed when my low confidence factor is haunting me,I seem to ‘jerk’ the trigger instead of that easy pull.So just speaking form some of those little weird moments one my behave for whats its worth there ya go.And last,could just be a dirty barrel.

  4. I tried some of the .22 Gamo round balls that came with the 3120 that I’m still working on.Wow!I’ll be stocking up on them.I’ll also be buying a bag of the chilled shot just to see!

    • Reb

      If the shot fits snug enough, you might be O.K. . If it don’t work out, you can always reload 12 gauge shells with it . It should do in moderate size critters pretty good at close range.

      I tried mixing #4 shot and .25 buckshot in a muzzle loading shotgun one time (squirrel hunting) . Did not pattern worth crap, but was very good for defoliating trees.


      • We use #1&#2 in the Feltmans. Big difference. I also remember running out of lead shot and having to use steel.Very scary! The velocity went through the roof and accuracy @ 6’was everything you would expect. I kept my hand on the air chuck while ducking behind the reloads when we used them.

      • We used #1&#2 in the Feltmans. Big difference. I also remember running out of lead shot and having to use steel.Very scary! The velocity went through the roof and accuracy @ 6’was everything you would expect. I kept my hand on the air chuck while ducking behind the reloads when we used them.

  5. BB, I have been were you are more often than I would like to admit. I have a Remington 504 that should be a tack driver. It fits me perfect, the trigger is great, it is just the right weight and the bolt is smooth as warm butter. I have put everything from Eley Tenex to Winchester Wildcats through it. Everytime it starts to show a sign of excellence something goes wrong and the group falls apart. 5 years and 50 different brands of ammo and I am still hopeful. And then there are the guns that have scratchy triggers, miss feed on a regular basis, are too long and too heavy and shoot almost anything I put in them accurately. No rhyme or reason but it will break my heart if I cant get the 504 to shoot well.

  6. BB, back when I was doing a re-crown on that Benjamin Nitro which I blogged here:


    Duskwright told me to try that rifle without the plastic endcap which holds the sight. I had to remove it anyway inorder to re-crown that barrel but there was no improvement. The plastic end on the Disco here might only be held on with an Allen grub screw. Just a thought if that cap is throwing things off.

    Fred DPRoNJ

  7. Fellow airguners,fell my pain.I was expecting to receive my 24 inch 25 cal.Airforce barrel this week from P.Air.But they did not get there shipment in as expected so nether will I.Not there fault and I think I will live until I receive it and as far as I know the world is still turning,isn’t it?

  8. After very careful analysis of your targets, the problem becomes painfully obvious. What’s the one thing that’s consistent about the targets?
    You’ve obviously worn out your 1962 mojo.
    It’s the dime

  9. As the search continues for the right pellet, maybe that’s a problem in its own right. The old Disco was not so pellet sensitive, right? The new hassle doesn’t sound worth the extra air capacity.


  10. Hi BB,
    Trying to find the right pellet can be so time consuming, especially when you are under the gun, so to speak.
    A couple of things that you may or may not have already tried. Check the tightness of the three set screws on each barrel band. They might not be tight. Try shifting the location of the front barrel band by a few inches, or possibly removing it altogether. Unfortunately, it all takes more time.

  11. B.B.
    You said that it was a calm day but you did not mention whether it was cold. The last time you noted that the best performance-25 yds was on a warm day and the worst performance-50 yds was on a cold day; So try the following:-
    Buy Edith a new hair dryer then ask her “pretty please” to borrow the old one and take it to the range with you. If the day is cold then put the dryer on hot and run it up and down the barrel and reservoirs on either side at least four times.
    If that doesn’t work then shelve further testing till summer.


  12. So I was finally ready to shell out for the Octane and…… out of stock. So I ordered the Benji NP limited edition, I like the bull barrel and I don’t think it has a sound “thingy” so that’s good, says 1000 fps in .22 so pretty close ti the octane, I did want to try the reverse piston but I’ve had two other crosman nitros and they were great, no sense riskin a deviation from what you already know and love. I believe its just a new fangled variation of the trail np right? Comes with a mil-dot 3×9 so that’s cool. In total I saved 15 bucks from the same order with the Octane, ten for ten and a tin. Anybody have this model? Any tips? Been shootin the duct seal trap I made per instruction de la B.B., if you guys haven’t built one of these yet it is the best pellet trap ever!

    • RDNA
      I had the regular NP in .177 and .25 cal. And I just got that Stoeger X20 with the supressor in .177 cal.

      Still the same old thing. That vibrating kick.
      I still like the smooth PCP’s.

      And I have a similar pellet trap that I made..

      • I said trail, but I think it says nps on it, what’s the difference from the trail, np, nps etc..? That’s what I like about the springers, can feel the power, kick is good in my book as long as its smooth. About the trap, this things great, I can get rid of the ugly mess of a box that I usually had to stick a book in to keep the bouncers in, then Id have paper circles everywhere I had to clean up. Now I got a nice neat square box that’s quiet no mess and I can see it lasting till the kids learn to shoot.

          • Well I just ordered late this afternoon so haven’t tried it yet, and haven’t ever had a mil-dot, always duplex. I’ve always wanted to try mil-dot because I like to zero for the top point in trajectory and then know my holdovers as opposed to lettin the pellet fly .5″ under than .5″ over than under again. I feel I can be more precise knowing its climbing to the crosshairs and not the acceptable killzone zero type. Knowing your holdover on a duplex can be tough but I really get to know the trajects of my guns. A mil-dot will give me reference points Im always having to mentally fabricate for a duplex. Can’t wait, its like Im 10 years old on December 23!

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