by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

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Black Ops Junior Sniper
Black Ops Junior Sniper combo

This report covers:

  • Informative
  • Scope
  • Sight-in
  • Premier lite pellets first
  • Pumping is easy
  • Pellets difficult to load
  • H&N Baracuda Match pellets with 4.53mm heads
  • Final thoughts


This will be our final look at the Black Ops Junior Sniper air rifle combo. Today, I’ll mount the scope and shoot the rifle from 25 yards. I thought this report would just be about the rifle and scope; but, in fact, I learned 2 other very important lessons. So, today’s blog will be informative. There are also two short instructional videos.


The scope that comes with this combo is the cheapest kind of optical sight you can buy. It’s a 4x scope with a very skinny tube — less than .75 inches. The rings come already attached, so all I had to do was clamp them to the top of the rifle, and the job was done. That said, I had no idea if the scope would even be on the paper at 25 yards.

I couldn’t adjust the eyepiece to the point that the reticle lines were in focus. So, everything you’re about to see was from me guessing where the horizontal crosshair was located. The vertical line was sharper, and I think that will show up as we go.


I always sight in a smallbore airgun at 12 feet to make sure I’m on the paper back to 25 yards. Holding on the center of the bull, the pellet stuck the same bull I was aiming at on its 9 o’clock edge. That means the pellet is shooting slightly to the left and way too high when I back up to 25 yards. At 12 feet, I want the pellet to strike the paper as far below the aim point as the scope is above the bore. I had no idea how much or little the scope’s adjustments would move things, so I cranked the vertical adjustment knob down about 3 complete turns. I also adjusted the scope to the right about half a turn.

At 25 yards, the first shot hit the target 3 inches above the point of aim and well-centered on the bull, so I cranked the vertical adjustment down some more. In all, it took 4 additional shots before I was sighted in.

Premier lite pellets first

When I tested the rifle with pellets at 10 meters, 2 pellets stood out. The first of them were Crosman Premier lites; and since I’d already sorted them by head size, I shot those that have a 4.54mm head. I used 6 pump stroke per shot. Ten pellets went into 1.254 inches. Given how blurry the crosshairs were, I felt that was pretty good. I was glad they all went into the pellet trap!

Black Ops Junior Sniper Premier lite target
Ten Crosman Premier lite pellets (yes, there really are 10 pellets in this group) are in this 1.254-inch group. Given how blurry the scope reticle was, I think this is great! This was the best 25-yard group of the day.

Pumping is easy

When a scope is mounted on a multi-pump, it sometimes becomes difficult to pump because you can’t grab the rifle where you need to. That isn’t the case with the Black Ops. I could hold it on the stock just behind the pistol grip and pump the rifle as easily as before the scope was mounted.

Pellets difficult to load

As I was shooting the first target and struggling with loading the pellets, I remembered a gift that blog reader Jerry gave me at the Findlay airgun show this year. It was a pair of tweezers with an angled tip. I went to my office and got them for the next target. At first, I had to learn how best to use them, but that took only about 5 shots. After that, I was loading pellets with tweezers as fast as I could load them in a regular breech with my hands. These tweezers work so well that I made a short video to show you.

H&N Baracuda Match pellets with 4.53mm heads

The next pellet I shot was the other one that did well at 10 meters — the H&N Baracuda Match with 4.53mm heads. H&N no longer makes this pellet with this head size, so I linked you to the same pellets with 4.52mm heads. That’s as close as I can get. And, because these pellets are much heavier, I did shoot them with 7 pump strokes instead of 6.

This string was where I learned another important thing, and it slapped me right in the face like a clown with a wet codfish. I was shooting a good group with this pellet — very close to the same size as the Premier group until shot 9. The rifle sounded weaker on that shot, and the pellet took noticeably longer to get to the target. And, I could see the hole in the target paper below the bull I’d been hitting. The pellet had dropped lower on the target.

I thought I must have miscounted the pump strokes, so I was careful to put in 7 strokes for the next shot. But that one sounded even weaker, took longer to get downrange and hit the paper about 3 inches below the last shot! Was the rifle broken?

Then, I remembered that this is a multi-pump, and multi-pumps need to be oiled. I never had one quit so suddenly, but I got the Crosman Pellgunoil and oiled the pump head. And, guess what? The next 2 shots came back up on the paper like shot 9 and were clearly going faster again. The first 8 shots went into 0.993 inches.

Black Ops Junior Sniper Baracuda Target 1

The first 8 H&N Baracuda Match pellets landed on the bull, but shot 9 took a dive and shot 10 was really low. I oiled the pump head and look where shots 11 and 12 hit. The first 8 shots measure 0.993 inches between centers.

I had to know if oiling the gun brought it fully back, so I shot another 10 Baracuda Match pellets at a second target. The first 6 pellets hit below the bull, then the shots climbed back into the center of the bull. Oil was all that was needed. No sense measuring this group because the point on impact was constantly changing.

Black Ops Junior Sniper Baracuda target 2

A second target shot with the same Baracuda Match pellets. The group started out low and gradually climbed back into the bull.

I feel that oiling the pump head is important enough that I made a short video to show you where and how to oil it. All multi-pumps are pretty much the same when it comes to this, so the video has a broad application.

Final thoughts

The Black Ops Junior Sniper combo turned out to be a surprise. The rifle was accurate, and the power was okay. I don’t care for the trigger, which is too heavy, and I really dislike the pump handle that tries to look like an M16 magazine. The scope is useless, but the open sights work fine.

The rifle is easy to pump and cock; but when loading pellets one at a time, the large BB hole in the rear of the loading trough is a danger. Pellets can drop in. By using tweezers, you can precisely control where the pellet goes.

All things considered, I believe the Black Ops Junior Sniper is a worthwhile multi-pump that sells at a nice price.