by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Colt Peacemaker
The new Colt Peacemaker is also available with ivory grips.

Part 1

This report covers:

  • Loading the gun
  • The test
  • Air Venturi Steel BBs
  • H&N Smart Shot lead BBs
  • Plastic BBs
  • JSB Exact RS
  • Why accuracy before velocity?
  • Evaluation so far

It’s been a month since we first looked at the Colt Peacemaker BB revolver with the 7.5-inch barrel. In that time I thought about how I should test it for you. I think today’s test will be different and even exciting, because I am doing accuracy before velocity. I’ll tell you why as we go.

Loading the gun

We know this revolver accepts a 12-gram CO2 cartridge in the oversized grip. The grip is that of a Colt 1860 Army cap and ball revolver instead of a Single Action Army cartridge revolver, and is about one half-inch longer. It looks right on the gun, though, and feels fine. The wrench for the CO2 piercing pin is permanently attached in the left grip panel so it’s always at hand and installing the first cartridge went quick and easy.

The BBs are loaded into the rear of the 6 cartridges that are then inserted into the cylinder. Since this is a single action revolver the cylinder does not swing out to the side. It stays in place and must be loaded one cartridge at a time through the loading gate on the right side of the receiver. The BBs went in easily into the plastic chambers at the base of each cartridge.

The test

I shot off a UTG Monopod rest at 5 meters. I was seated and the barrel was rested on the monopod. The sights on this gun are silver from the nickel plating. As such, they are a little hard to see — especially the front sight blade. But I squinted and sharpened the image as best I could. I used a 6 o’clock hold, and, just to let you know — I’m back to being anal about shooting again.

Air Venturi Steel BBs

First up were Air Venturi Steel BBs. Since there were many other things to test, I let them represent all steel BBs in this test. Six of them went into a 1.514-inch group at 5 meters. The group was centered on the bull and also centered on the aim point. I think soda cans at 25 feet will have no chance!

Colt Peacemaker Air Venturi Steel BB target
Six Air Venturi Steel BBs went into 1.514-inches at 5 meters.

H&N Smart Shot lead BBs

I tried H&N Smart Shot lead BBs next, because I knew you readers would want to know about them. They didn’t do as well as I hoped. Six went into a group that measures 2.506-inches between centers at 5 meters. It’s the largest group of the test. They did hit the target with authority, but I don’t think they are worth considering for this BB pistol.

Colt Peacemaker Smart Shot BB target
Six H&N Smart Shot lead BBs went into 2.506-inches at 5 meters.

Plastic BBs

Remember these? They came packaged with the ASG X9 Classic BB pistol. They didn’t work at all in that gun, but given how this revolver feeds BBs from the cartridges, I thought I’d give them a try. When I fired the first shot I didn’t hear it hit the target, so I walked down to see where it went. To my complete surprise, it was in the black 9-ring, at 2:30!

Six plastic BBs went into 1.416 inches, which was the second-SMALLEST group of this test, and the smallest group of  BBs! I thought these would be lucky to even hit the target at 5 meters, but as you can see, the group is well-centered. I only have a limited number of these, so let’s not go overboard with things to test, but I think it might be worth finding a supplier.

Colt Peacemaker plastic BB target
Six plastic BBs went into 1.416-inches at 5 meters.

JSB Exact RS

Okay, that’s a lot of testing. But there is always something else, isn’t there? With these SAA BB revolvers the question is — will they shoot pellets, too? So, the last test I conducted was with JSB Exact RS pellets. I chose them because they are lightweight and they are not too large. Also they are pure lead, which should allow their larger diameter to pass through the bore more easily.

Well, they gave me the best group of the test, and the one shot that went to the side seemed to be due to a slight flinch. Look at how tight 5 pf them are! Six are in 1.313-inches and 5 of them are in just 0.483-inches! This is something worth exploring if you own this BB gun!

Colt Peacemaker JSB RS pellet target
Six JSB Exact RS pellets went into 1.313-inches at 5 meters, and 5 of them are in 0.483-inches.

Why accuracy before velocity?

Why did I depart from the regular test today? Well, there are two very good reasons. First, I thought if by chance the plastic BBs did group well — which they did — we would want to know how fast they shot in this revolver.

The other reason is very technical. I simply forgot that I hadn’t tested velocity until today’s accuracy test was already complete and the pictures were taken! What the heck. I then made up the first reason that sounds very practical when you think about it.

Evaluation so far

This BB revolver has a lot going for it. It’s accurate, fun to shoot and it’s very tolerant of different ammo. It feels great in the hand, too. If you are a dime-store cowboy I recommend trying one of these out.

I will do velocity next, and I’ll try not to make you wait so long.