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PCP Kral Puncher Pro B W PCP rifle: Part 1

Kral Puncher Pro B W PCP rifle: Part 1

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Kral Puncher Pro
Kral Puncher Pro PCP. The test rifle’s walnut stock is not as blonde as this one.

This report covers:

  • I am impressed
  • Kral and I go back
  • Comparison
  • Adjustable power
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Manual
  • Dual scope base
  • Magazines
  • Fills with a probe
  • Word on the street
  • Summary

Today I’m starting a test of the new Kral Arms Puncher Pro PCP rifle. This one is serial number 161101 6372, and is in .22 caliber. It also comes in .177 and soon in .25. It has a walnut stock that fits me almost like a glove! The woodwork is dynamite! The one hangup I have is an edge that doesn’t fit at the thumbrest, and if I owned this rifle I would sculpt away some of the wood there.

I am impressed

To quote the 18th century British seaman — I’m impressed! Kral has written on the receiver the fill pressure as 200 bar or 2900 psi. This is the first time I have seen an airgun company get it right! They usually write 200 bar/3000 psi, which is just like calling a BB a 4.5mm projectile, when it’s 4.3mm all day long.

Kral and I go back

I’ve tested other Kral airguns in the past. They were breakbarrel springers and were crudely made. And, they fired when the safety was taken off, so I was asked to destroy them. There is a new crop of Kral spring guns at Pyramyd AIR, but it will take some time before the bad taste leaves. Their PCPs, on the other hand, are a different proposition. Now that I have one (several, actually) in hand and can examine them closely, I can see why Pyramyd AIR is so excited. The workmanship appears top-drawer, leaving me to wonder if Kral perhaps has two different factories.

Okay, the Kral Puncher Pro is a 12-shot (.22) repeater that retails for $550. Let’s see — are there any other repeating PCPs that sell for about the same money? Hmmm!


Yes, there will be comparisons made between the Kral Puncher Pro and the Benjamin Marauder. And I guess I will be making some of them. It’s hard not to; the Marauder has been the standard for so long. So, let me get started.

The rifle I’m testing is a .22 caliber. It has a slender Turkish walnut stock (there’s a difference) with a finger groove on either side of the forearm. Nobody else offers Turkish walnut on a basic rifle. The bottom of the forearm is deeply stippled, with the logo and name of the rifle in high relief. The pistol grip has a deep thumb groove that feels wonderful to me. The woodwork is flawless. On a premium European PCP, this stock would add at least $200 to the price.

Kral Puncher Pro bottom of stock
The bottom of the forearm is deeply stippled.

The rifle weighs 8.6 lbs. Overall length is 41.3-inches, which isn’t long for a full rifle. The barrel is 22.8-inches long. The length of pull is 13-3/4-inches. The action is a bolt and the magazine is spring-loaded to advance to the next pellet (there’s a similarity).

Kral Puncher Pro magazine
Now, where have we seen a magazine like this before?

Adjustable power

A knob on the right side of the receiver allows the shooter to adjust power. The knob on the test rifle is hard to turn and doesn’t have detents. There are power markings on the left side of the receiver. I will test several settings in the velocity test.

Kral Puncher Pro power adjuster
On the left side of the receiver the power adjuster shows the level selected.

Adjustable trigger

The trigger is 2-stage and adjustable. After reading the manual I have no clue exactly what adjusts, but I will look into it for you.


Speaking of the manual, it’s written in broken English, but it’s also very comprehensive and even thoughtful. For instance, they tell you what pellet was used to test velocity of the .177 version. They also include several pages of an illustrated parts breakdown that hobbyists will enjoy.

Kral Puncher Pro test target
It’s nice to get a test sheet like this. It’s serialized to this rifle! The values given to each pellet hit are from ISSF 10-meter rifle competition.

And they sent a test report with the manual that is serial-numbered to this rifle. It has a graphic (not a picture) of the test target and 6 shots with the velocities. It shows 6 shots in a 4mm center-to-center group at 10 meters. That’s pretty good news, I think.

Brass female screw threads in the forearm are there for a bipod. I will try to find out what fits.

Dual scope base

Of course the rifle needs some kind of optical sight (a scope), so the top of the receiver is dovetailed. But on this rifle there are dovetails for both 11mm and Weaver scope ring bases. Either one will fit. The receiver is divided for the magazine that sits proud, so 2-piece rings are a must.

Kral Puncher Pro scope base
The scope base includes both 11mm and Weaver dovetails.


The rifle comes with two 12-shot magazines and a single-shot tray! Those things are options with most PCPs.

Fills with a probe

On the negative side, the rifle fills with a probe. A probe is quick, but if it is proprietary like this one, you need to change your fill hose each time you fill. I wish companies would just standardize on the Foster fitting that is so fast and easy to use!

Word on the street

So far the Kral PCPs are getting great ratings. Pyramyd AIR can’t keep them in stock, and when you consider the huge price differential between this rifle and the top end European airguns that offer equivalent features, the reason should be clear. The .22 caliber gun appears to be the one to get. So for once I’m testing a rifle the public wants.


I see a lot to like in this rifle, and if the reviews of the Kral PCPs are any indication, it’s a good one. This will be an interesting test.

52 thoughts on “Kral Puncher Pro B W PCP rifle: Part 1”

  1. “To quote the 18th century British seaman — I’m impressed!”

    That is a nice, obscure joke. After reading Dudley Pope’s Ramage series I “get it” but many won’t.

      • Ha….impressed……boy, a long time has passed since I took all those history courses in college.
        I retired in January of this year.
        After watching me shoot my pellet guns in the basement for the first 2 months, my wife decided to ‘impress’ me with activities that she felt were more productive.

          • Matt,

            Momma feels that my rifles are too heavy. She does not enjoy joining in the fun when I go downstairs to shoot them.

            She does seem to enjoy having someone repaint rooms and replace kitchen counter tops.

            I still get to shoot in the evenings, but only after my arms are tired and shaky.


            • I just learned today from my 13 year old grandson that he has never conjugated a verb or diagrammed a complex sentence. And he can’t write in cursive which means means he probably can’t read the ” Declaration of Independence ” or the “Emancipation Proclaimation” in their original form. Cryin’ damn shame !!!

      • So it turns out that lots of people “got it”… they just jumped out of the pub’s side window as the gang came in the front door and guarded the back, and remain… unimpressed.

  2. B.B,

    Wow. I am impressed as well. It (almost) make me wish that I did not have the .25 M-rod. I am glad you are testing the .22 which will be nicer for a 50 yd. (+?) test.

    Please define ( “several, actually” ). While not likely, it would be nice to see this one get put on the “fast track” with 2 or even 3 articles in one week. Looking forward to more.


      • B.B.,

        Nothing like being set up proper. The way it should be! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what the new boy’s on the block can do. Since “they” do listen to you,.. all I have to say is ambi. cheek please #1. Second would be cocking/bolt flip capability. The rest I can overlook. That goes for all maker’s.

  3. BB,

    It is indeed sounding quite impressive. I for one think it is a very attractive air rifle, most especially in this price range. If it will shoot there will be a lot of other companies scrambling to catch up.

    At the 2009 Roanoke show you had two Kral copies of the Gamo CFX. One had a wood stock and the other synthetic. I looked at them and was not impressed with the quality of their work. It seems Kral has come a long way since then. Perhaps you should consider testing one of their new break barrels. This one in particular has my attention.


    If the quality is there and they have figured out how to make a trigger, this company is going to set the airgun world on it’s ear.

  4. RR,

    I agree on the looks. At the fps ratings, it looks like it could be a thumper,… and I do not mean that in a good way.

    On todays featured item,… no ambi. 🙁 Hatsan is pretty aggressive with lots of innovations. It looks like the Turkish makers are getting into the game in a real way.

  5. Looks like an interesting rifle and I am pleasantly surprised that it come with two magazines and a single shot loader.

    Wish that the magazines were simple like the ones for the HW100 with no moving parts. I can reload the 14-shot Weihrauch magazine in 30 seconds where it takes me a couple of minutes (and considerable fumbling) to load the FX 11-shot magazine.

    IMHO, simple is better. Will be watching for the next part.


    • Hank,

      I’m with you. K.I.S.S.

      That is a right nice looking stock. I would have to strip it, reshape the fore stock a bit to suit me and then stain it a little darker, but that is all personal taste. If this girl can cook, she just might get invited on a date.

      • Doc,

        This was my poor attempt at satirical humor. You may recall that the original Rogue was Crosman’s first attempt at a big bore PCP. It did not do so well.

        Now they are reusing the name on something that is nothing more than a Trail in a better stock. I will admit that if I did not have a 1906 BSA and a Diana 46E and a Webley Tomahawk, I might be interested in it, especially since I am pretty sure I can fix the trigger.

        Who knows? For some reason I have interest in that Kral sproinger. Maybe one day I will end up with a Crosman.

  6. I too would like to see the Kral Arms N-07 BB AR, wood tested, also Benjamin Rogue NP2 SBD Air rifle, I have also went with lesser PCP Rifles for better pricing, that I can compare to the Kral Puncher and Break barrels, except for the woodwork on the Kral? I thought at one time in my life I would always buy American? That change along time ago after living in Europa! May I mention for the Old Sailor RR? Heartland Militaria Show, June 24th-25th 2017, Chickasha, Oklahoma, sponsored by retired CPO USN! Semper Fi!

  7. Good. The Kral line is certainly nice to look at, and I was wondering how they perform.

    FrankBpc, thanks for your kinds words. As a matter of fact, my new shooting student is a complex case. He is a nice kid and smart but, for that reason, something of an underachiever because he thinks he has everything figured out. I tried to introduce him to the Isosceles Triangle stance for handguns because it is the simplest, but he ignored it and went with a version of the modern Weaver stance with one arm straight and the other bent. That’s okay except that his right rear leg was crossed over behind his left front leg, and I couldn’t get him to change. He also was casual about the safety rules and didn’t seem to see the point of them. I’m fine with experimentation, but I will have to get him to understand that this is not airsoft, which he is coming from.

    In other news, I think I may have figured out my slump in knife sharpening. As I move the blade up and down my sharpening stone at right angles to the edge, there has always been some lateral movement along the edge. Over time, this has increased until I think I was mostly moving the knife along the edge and getting less contact. I changed up and got better results with my last effort, so I may be on a comeback.


    • Matt61,

      I was going to congratulate you on the new teacher/student scenario. After reading your above post, I wonder. I am afraid I would have a very short fuse. 1 time, a reminder. 2 times, a second reminder (and) that strike 3 means your out. 3 times,… and your out. Period. End of story. Bye. Come back in a year.

      You are after all,.. playing with the “real” deal. My 2 cents.

    • Matt…..I would humbly suggest that you turn one blade into a pass/fail test to provide you with vital feedback
      on your technique.Trust me on this….take the blade you are willing to “wager” with and remove the cutting edge.Yes……I said remove it.Draw it over a cup or plate edge (ZERO PRESSURE) until it will not cut paper.
      Then begin the progression of stones,preferrably in one setting……this way you will know for certain that the bevel is set to your stroke and style.This is just plain good fun to do from time to time…..:)

  8. BB
    This is all you need for the fill probe. Then you can use it with your Foster female quick disconnect on your fill devices hose.

    I’m positive this has been brought up in the past with different guns that use probes.


    • Here is a example of the web page. You would click on PCP Hookup. That shows you all the fill devices and correct adapters to use for this gun.

      Customer reviews
      Q & A: 11 answered questions
      PCP Hookup <– click on this on the webpage

      • BB
        Here is one example that’s on the guns webpage if you have a Benjamin buddy bottle if you click on “PCP Hookup”. The buddy bottle comes up and the buddy bottle. The fitting screws right on the male threads on the probe.

        Here let’s see if this works.
        PCP Hookup
        To fill your PCP gun:
        1.Pick a source of air shown at right
        2.If an adapter is needed, one will be shown
        3.Add both to your cart to get hooked up
        Kral Arms Puncher Pro PCP Air Rifle with 1/8″ BSPP connector (2M)
        Tank fill calculator
        Air Venturi Scuba Tank, 80 cu ft, Aluminum, Deluxe Valve, 3,000 psi, Black
        Benjamin Carbon Fiber Tank, 90 cu in, Gauge, Hose w/Female Quick-Disconnect
        Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Air Tank & Fill Station, 4500 PSI, 90 Cu In
        Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Charging Station, 4500 psi, 98 cu ft
        Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Tank, 4500 PSI, 74 Cu Ft
        AirForce PCP Hand Pump, for AirForce Rifles, Incl. Hose + Adapter, Pumps up to 3600 psi
        Benjamin Hand Pump, Fits Crosman & Benjamin PCP Guns
        Hill Pump MK4, Up to 4000 PSI
        Air Venturi G6 Hand Pump, 4500 PSI
        ShoeBox Compressor Freedom F10 ShoeBox Electric Air Compressor, Max 4500 PSI
        Nardi USA Atlantic P Air Compressor, Electric, 4500 PSI/300 Bar
        Air Venturi Air Compressor, Electric, 4500 PSI/310 Bar
        Air Venturi Air Compressor
        4500 PSI/310 Bar
        1-year limited warranty

        This is what’s on the guns webpage. If this link works you should be able to click on one of those fill devices and it will show you the correct fitting to attach to the probe that comes with the gun. Again it’s on the Pyramid Air webpage for the gun your reviewing.

          • BB
            I’m posting this now. I have a lot going on too. But I want you to see this just incase we forget.

            Here is a report you did some time back. Look at the second picture down and you will see the propriotory fill probe attached to a a pump line by the end fitting nut.


            Now I’m going to post a link of the propriotory fill probe for the Kral.

            Now here is the fitting that would screw on the end of the probe for the Kral.

            So after you would screw the fitting on the probe. You would insert the probe in the gun as normal and hook your Foster quick disconnect fitting to the fitting you screwed on the probe.

            Kind of like this.

            Hope I did better this time.

  9. I was looking at how to lubricate a Webley Tempest pistol and it said to oil the rubber seal that shows when the pistol is cocked. Is that silicone chamber oil or the Webley Oil they recommend that I have no idea what it is? Should I use the silicone chamber oil on this gun at all? Where would I put it?
    Would it hurt the pistol to lubricate the linkage with lithium grease with moly graphite?

  10. B.B.,

    I am unimpressed. Right-handed only. The Marauder and Gauntlet are ambidextrous. The Punchers in stock at Pyramyd AIR are righty only, so I assume they make a lefty one every now and then, but I wonder if like Air Arms they charge more for left-handed ones.

    Just from the photos I’ve seen so far, Turkish walnut looks like alder, kinda plain-grain.


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