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Education / Training Umarex Synergis repeating underlever combo: Part 3

Umarex Synergis repeating underlever combo: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Umarex Synergis underlever repeating gas piston rifle.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • Mount the scope
  • The test
  • Sight-in
  • Discussion
  • Next group
  • RWS Superdome
  • Air Arms Falcons
  • Last group
  • Second discussion
  • Summary

Today we begin testing the Umarex Synergis for accuracy. There’s been a lot of interest in this budget underlever repeater and today we find out if it’s worth consideration. Up to this point the rifle has tested out very well.

Mount the scope

The 3-9X40 scope comes in a separate package, with the rings separate in another box inside the scope box. The Synergis has a Picatinney rail on top of the spring tube, so it’s quick and easy to attach the rings. They have two-screws per cap so there is no trick to tightening them. Just do it gradually all around.

I always shim the rear ring when I’m testing a new airgun, to offset any drooping problems. As things turned out that was unnecessary for the Synergis, but it doesn’t hurt, either. Mounting the scope took 10-15 minutes.

The test

I shot all my targets for this test off a bench at 10 meters. I used the artillery hold which I will describe as we go. I shot differing number of pellets at each target, so I will also address that as we go.

Usually I have no clue as to what pellet might work in a gun, but you may remember that Umarex included a tin of JSB Exact 8.44-grain domed pellets with the rifle. So I sighted-in with them and also shot the first group. But actually I shot a group that was unintentional during the sight-in.


The first sight-in shot was from 12 feet away and landed in the center of the target at which it was shot. That doesn’t happen often, but I accepted it and went back to 10 meters for shot number two. For shot two I aimed at the target below the first one, but the pellet went into the same hole as the first shot. It’s a little higher and a little more to the left, but it did cut the first hole. By that reckoning the shots have to come down 2-5/8 inches and also go more to the right. I just screwed the elevation adjustment down several turns, because at 10 meters the adjustments don’t move the pellets very far. I also put in some adjustment to the right.

Shot number three hit an inch too high and 3/4-inches too far to the left. So more adjustments and shot number 4 landed inside the black bull. It’s not centered, but I don’t need it to be. So I finished shooting the rest of the 12 shots in the magazine as the scope was now adjusted and was surprised by what I saw through the spotting scope. Seven shots are in a tight 0.246-inch group with the eighth shot opening the group to 0.536-inches at 10 meters. I wasn’t planning on calling this a group but it’s so good that I had to show you. Apparently the Synergis can shoot!

Synergis sight-in
This wasn’t supposed to be a group, but 8 sight-in shots at 10 meters went into 0.536-inches between centers, with 7 in 0.246-inches.


Now you need to know some things. First, the scope has fixed parallax that is not adjusted for 10 meters, so I shot this entire test on 4 power and the bull was still a little blurry. I wore my normal vision glasses to shoot. I hope the image will clear up at 25 yards.

Next I will tell you and also remind myself that I shot the sight-in group above with an artillery hold where the heel of my off hand touches the trigger guard. That hold isn’t comfortable because the rifle is extremely muzzle heavy, but as you can see, it does work.

The trigger is absolutely delightful! It still feels very light and breaks suddenly enough that I was able to do good work with it.

The firing cycle is quick and relatively smooth. It does have a quick jolt, but it doesn’t slap your face or anything like that.

Next group

The next group was 12 shots (I had forgotten that the magazine holds 12 and not 10) of the same JSB pellets. I rested the rifle on my off hand out by the cocking slot where the rifle was better balanced and steadier. Twelve pellets went into a group that measures 0.56-inches between centers. I want you to know that I didn’t try to settle down before each shot like I discussed with the Stoeger S4000E last week. I just shot. Because the Synergis is a repeater you can shoot pretty fast. I wasn’t racing the clock, but I was moving right along.

Synergis first JSB group
The Synergis put 12 JSB Exact pellets in 0.56-inches at 10 meters.

After seeing this group I was naturally excited. I wanted to try a couple other pellets, though it seemed like the JSBs Umarex sent me were clearly the best.

RWS Superdome

I tried just 5 RWS Superdomes to see if they were worth further exploration. I continued with the artillery hold by holding my off hand under the cocking slot. This group was very open and measured 1.021-inches between centers. Superdomes are out for the Synergis.

Synergis Superdome group
At 10 meters the Synergis put 5 Superdomes into 1.021-inches. This is not the pellet for this rifle.

Air Arms Falcons

The other pellet I tried was the FFalcon from Air Arms. This is a pellet that’s also made b y JSB, so it should be good, but the test results were a little unclear. Four of the five pellets landed in a 0.525-inch group at 10 meters, but the fifth shot opened it to 0.945-inches.

Synergis Falcon group
Five Falcon pellets made a 0.945-inch group at 10 meters. Four of them are in 0.525-inches.

I think if I had tried I could have gotten Falcons to shoot better than that, but I really wanted to get back to the JSB Exacts that I knew were good.

Last group

This last group was shot with my off hand under the cocking slot. This time, and only this time, I relaxed and closed my eyes before taking the shot. Then I adjusted the hold until the crosshairs stayed on the target after relaxing. This time 10 JSB Exact pellets made a group measuring 0.479-inches between centers. It’s the smallest group of this test, though the first group of 12 shots looks smaller.

Synergis second JSB group
The Synergis put 10 JSB pellets into 0.498-inches at 10 meters.

Second discussion

I think that by both holding my off hand back by the triggerguard and also relaxing between every shot I can get the groups even better. I plan to move back to 25 yards next time because I want to see if the scope that comes with the rifle clears up.


There you go — the Umarex Synergis is accurate and not that sensitive to hold. The trigger remained light and easy to use and the scope is quite nice, though not clear at 10 meters. The magazine works great but I find myself counting the shots rather than working with the visual cues on the magazine.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

58 thoughts on “Umarex Synergis repeating underlever combo: Part 3”

  1. B.B.

    Proof reading: DISCUSSION: Last line-“but it doesn’t slap your fact or “.
    I keep my facts in my head, so maybe this is Texas slang, otherwise, I believe you meant face?

    Why would Umarex put a scope that does not parallax down to 10 yards on this rifle?
    Yes, $$$, but Umarex should know better. Shame on them!
    If it does OK at 25 yards with the bundled scope, how about putting the Meopeta on it. Just to see what it can really do?



        • Don,

          Meopta isn’t sure. They believe it will hold up to a springer, so I plan to test it on the ASP20. Now, that is a smooth springer to be sure, but it is the kind of a spring gun that would take a fine scope like this one. When I test it I will be the owner because I am now buying it. So this one is on me!

          I sure hope Meopta is right! 🙂


          • B.B.,

            Well,… Meopta should be sure! They can afford to blow/ruin a $550-750 scope more than you can! If it can’t do a “thumper”,… then they should promote it for PCP’s only. I am very surprised that they have not done that testing/rating yet.

            UTG’s are rated for a .50 cal. powder burner,…. are they not?


              • B.B.,

                Thank you. I am aware of that from past discussions. Really!,… I do pay attention,… minus yesterday’s comment,… 😉

                So,… UTG’s holding up to a .50 cal. powder burner is really?,.. a?,… non-point? Good for bragging rights,… but not really applicable?

                Either way,…. I hope you do not ruin a scope ( you now own ) that left you “glowing”. I want one!!!! And again,…. I think that Meopta should put their scope on the nastiest springer out there and report back. I am sure that you might have a recommendation or two for a “punisher”.,…. eh? 😉


                • Chris,

                  Leapers is the only company I know that has built impact tests to test their scopes hundreds of thousand of times. When they learned in 1998 that airguns broke scopes they got very interested and started designing special scopes that don’t break.


                  • B.B.,

                    Well,… Leaper’s has my (utmost) respect for that! X10! I own several.

                    Clarification (picture/view/crisp) aside,… all air gun scope maker’s should be as responsible.


                    • Chris,
                      I bought a Diana RWS 34P in 2013 which was bundled with a Hawke 3-9x50AO HD Sport scope, which at that time was a $189 value. That model is no longer available. There must have been too many warranty claims when used on springers because now they have a disclaimer stating not for use on springers exceeding 12 fpe. Mine has held up well so far on the Dana RWS 34 though.

                    • I have 2 Hawke scopes that are close to 8 years old now that have been on magnum springers to pcp’s and are still working fine to this day.

                      Also have had several UTG Leaper scopes and no issues either. But then again the Leapers aren’t as old as the Hawke scopes either.

                      Time Will Tell

    • Yogi,

      You said it yourself. $$$. When Umarex ordered the Synergis from Wang Po Industries, part of the order was a bundled scope and rings. I know it seems strange but they had no concern about the quality of the scope, only the profit margin.

      Well, Wang Po Industries is concerned about that also. I am certain there was a bloodyknockdowndragout fight concerning specifications, quality control, etc. when it came to producing the Synergis. The difference in the cost of production versus the price paid per unit is a relatively fixed value. As the optics are usually not specified, Wang Po Industries uses the cheapest scopes they can.

      Do you really think that all the people involved in these transactions actually use this product?

        • Yogi,

          For the most part I agree. If the marketeers and bean counters are in direct control of design, manufacture, acquisition, etc. of a product, there is a very good chance I do not want that product. I do understand the necessity of a profit margin, but only if you are providing the expected level of quality.

          Ditch the cheap scope, we likely will.

  2. B.B.,

    Housekeeping first: The firing cycle is quick and relatively smooth. It does have a quick jolt, but it doesn’t slap your fact (face) or anything like that.

    Although it might slap your facts! RELAXATION is all it is cracked up to be.

    This rifle deserves an EFR scope.

    My apologies to Yogi! I was called away to do something and hit send before I read his post when I got back to my tablet.

    Nice shooting Tom!


  3. Let’s hope other Synergis shoot as well.

    Since the JSB pellets got included with this gun it’s making me think this particular gun was hand picked and tested just for BB. Maybe even the trigger.

    Would like to see if other guns end up shooting like this one. And the gun needs shot at 25 yards at the least if not farther. It seems like they are trying for a budget priced feild target gun. If they are then it needs to be able to shoot out at 50 yards. Why take the time to do 10 yards anyway.

    • GF1,

      Your fear of the ability and possibly the quality of future Synergis air rifles may be well founded. My personal experience of when an air rifle company has someone else making their air rifles makes me very leery of purchasing it.

      My Webley (Hatsan) Tomahawk has several serious quality control issues. Nothing I cannot work around, but at the retail price these were being sold for I would have immediately returned it without even shooting it (that bad). As it is I paid $30 for a BNIB Webley (Hatsan) Tomahawk. At that price I can either live with the issues or fix them if necessary.

      It does sound like someone has been doing a little cherry picking, does it not?

  4. B.B.,

    Holding my breath for the 25 yard testing. Hopefully it is not too hold fussy and you can keep most of all 12 in 1/2″ at 25. Maybe try those longer/heavier .177 JSB’s that GF1 likes,… 10. something grains. By all means,.. ditch the scope for at least a UTG if it is at all suspect. I dislike 2 screw per cap rings,… especially on a springer.

    Good Day to you and to all,……….. Chris

    • Chris
      The JSB 10.34 grain pellets definitely would be a good pellet to try. My left hand Tx 200 and the laminate stock HW30s both love them. Both guns have turned out to be real nice shooter’s.

        • Michael
          I am left handed but I shoot right handed.

          I shoot the left hand Tx 200 right handed. I got the left hand Tx for a good price. It had a little nick on the bluing up by the dovetail. But I guess big enough to be seen. Plus it’s got a pretty grained walnut stock. I couldn’t pass it up. And I blued the nick and you can’t even tell it’s there. And happy it shoots really nice.

          But yes left handed. But right eye dominant and right hand shooter.

              • So we are a variety of righty-this but lefty-that. All the more reason for air gun makers to go ambidextrous with their designs. The number of lefties who are left-eye dominant plus righties who are left-eye dominant must be a sizable minority.


                • Michael
                  I like that there are distinct left hand or right hand guns. For sure makes the left hand guns more unique.

                  But I believe ambidextrous will sell more guns. And that’s by no means a bad thing. That also helps a gun resale easier. The distinct left hand gun starts narrowing the field of buyers or right hand at that if your left handed.

                  That’s kind of why I have been bringing up that the left hand Tx has been working fine for my right hand shooting. So what I’m saying is the left hand shooters out there shouldn’t be discouraged to get a distinct right hand gun. I say try it. You might just like it.

              • Gunfun1,

                How does the ridge on top of the lefty TX200’s comb feel to you when you shoot it? I remember reading somewhere of a field-target shooter who shoots a righty TX left-handed and grew to prefer that ridge to the lefty TX in forming a repeatable cheek-weld.


          • Chris,

            That makes three different combinations for the three of us. I am left-handed and left-eye dominant. Therefore, I shoot long guns lefty. With hand air guns, I find I am equally inept with either hand! ;^)


  5. BB

    Your most tantalizing groups were spoiled by 1 flier. Maybe this doesn’t happen after the scope issue is dealt with. But if 1 or 2 fliers spoil nice clusters at 25 yards I will be keenly interested in what you think causes the fliers. I have a Chinese rifle that can really shoot 8 or 9 shots out of 10 and it is a CO2, not a springer!


  6. B.B.
    This one looks like it will be fun to compare to my R10. Plus, I have not been too ” ate up yet?”
    So, now the real cost of ownership would include a scope too. And the Chrono, plus more ammo.
    I must wait to see what my share of the Kaiser bill will be for the ambulance ride I needed yesterday
    to learn about my first Kidney stone. Excruciating pain from a 3mm stone.

    • 1stblue
      I was going to ask in the past but just never did.

      Does your blog user name have anything to do with the St.Louis Blues hockey team? You from St.Louis? I’m sorta close by. About 20 miles away now. Wouldn’t that be ate up if we live around the same area. 🙂 And that would be ate up in a good way. 😉

      And bummer about the kidney stones.

      • Well Gunfun,
        I hope the picture of the Bandit went thru at least. It appears I cant get the desktop and smartphone synced. There’s an airgun show in October, I think its in N.Carolina. To far to drive this time, being
        in shadeless N. California like I am. Maybe my brother inlaw will buy my house, and let me out of here.
        The Sharks choked this year, loosing one player is all it took.
        My ex wife gave me the 1stblue handle. Sounded better than Groovy Cadillac Rob I guess.

    • 1stblue,

      I have felt your pain back in 1980. I passed my stone while flying an approach into an airfield overseas. My Urologist at the National Naval Medical Center (now the new Walter Reed) recommend a small squeeze of fresh lemon juice in every glass of water. It has worked for almost 40 years keeping me stone free.


      • Shootski,

        I had an ex-wife that could grow them the size of a marble within a month,… repeatedly. In short,… there is 4 types, all with unique things to avoid. Lithotripsy to shatter them into smaller pieces was the treatment. A far as an acid/vinegar source,… I am a huge hot sauce fan which generally has some vinegar in it. Ever hear of “shrub” drinks? They are apparently vinegar based and generally homemade. Never tried them myself.


        • Chris USA,

          mine was composed of calcium oxalate which apparently is wat 75% or so are made up of. Some lucky folks have other compounds form their stones. I passed mine spontaneously but back in those days the Lithotripsy didn’t exist as an approved treatment. Basket retrievals and open kidney surgery were the options beyond just paying them. A few times during the landing approach I was tempted to just do a Barrelroll into the Agean Sea. SHRUBS look like an interesting drink but the 1/2 cup sugar gives me pause I may need to explore Agave as a sweetening substitute.


          • Shootski,

            I hope to never find out about kidney stones. With you on the sugar. That is one reason I stay away from baked goods for the most part. Any recipe that starts with 4 cups of sugar and 4 sticks of butter,…. I want nothing to do with! I will skip the desert and go for a second Brat every time,… as an example.


  7. B.B.,

    I never said anything about lemonade!
    Actually I like the stuff too!
    I particularly like it as a drink called a Radler that I got introduced to while XC skiing in the Alps: 1/2 Limonade (bottled soft drink) und halb Bier.


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