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CZ P-09 Duty CO2 Pistol

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CZ P-09 Duty.

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If you use pellets, the manufacturer suggests that you use only wadcutters.

  • CZ P-09 Duty pistol
  • Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • 16rd removable pellet and BB magazine (stick mag with 8rd rotary mag on each end and accepts either lead pellets or steel BBs)
  • Blowback
  • Rifled barrel
  • Looks like the firearm
  • Fixed sights (2 whited dots on rear sight, 1 white dot on front sight)
  • Manual safety
  • Weaver accessory rail
  • Threaded muzzle

The manufacturer states this gun delivers 492 fps. Our tech department tested it with 5.1-grain pellets and got 412 fps max velocity. Steel BBs delivered a max velocity of 390 fps.

The CZ P-09 firearm has grown in favor, and so it's only logical that they'd clone a CO2 pistol for more fun on your home range. This pistol is highly detailed and almost indistinguishable from the firearm it copies. Use it for maintaining firearm proficiency or just having a great time picking off tin cans, making holes in paper targets, blowing the tops off dandelion puffs and more. Use wadcutter lead pellets or steel BBs.

Steel BBs can ricochet. The shooter and everyone in the shooting area should wear safety glasses when a gun is being handled (even if it's unloaded). Remember to remove all pets from the area, as rebounding ammo can hit them, too. Never shoot steel BBs at hard objects (including metal targets) or water, as that increases the chance of ricochet.
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Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity412 fpsMeasured with 5.1-gr. ammo
Muzzle Energy1.68 ft/lbsMeasured with 5.1-gr. ammo
Barrel Length3.8"
Overall Length8.2"
Shot Capacity16
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFixed
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Trigger ActionDouble-Action only
Body TypePistol
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
Weight1.6 lbs

other products by ASG > CZ, ASG

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4.0 (17 reviews)

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1.0 1.0

1.0 1.0

By Michael from USA on 2018-11-04
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Things I liked: The feel in the hand is nice, and it is pretty accurate out to 25 feet. The blow-back is crisp because with the CO2 and pellets installed it is still about one pound lighter than the actual firearm. There's little weight to keep the muzzle down, so it bounces quite a bit.

Things I would have changed: The trigger is slightly heavy and very creepy in DA. In SA it is slightly better but not great for SA. If it were slightly heavier, it would feel less like a toy and more like a firearm. The thing I would change, however, is the second thing other airgunners should know, below.

What others should know: First, it much prefers hard Crosman pellets over H&N and RWS pellets, which are unusable in mine. Crosmans stay tight in the magazines but the others all slip backwards and jam the pistol. Now the real problem: This pistol CANNOT BE USED AS A TRAINER for the real firearm because the SAFETY OPERATES IN REVERSE. It is easy to remove the stupid extra button on the safety, but regardless the pistol goes on Safe by pushing the safety lever DOWN! To take it off Safe, the shooter must flick the safety lever UP! UP for FIRE? DOWN for SAFE?


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

By David S. from USA on 2018-06-22
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5.01 rating

Things I liked: A nearly perfect replica of the 9x19 firearm. Only notable difference is slightly longer protrusion of the magazine from the grip and lack of ambidextrous safety. Even the co2 compartment cover is metal weighted for realistic feel. Slide locks back when empty and barrel and fit and finish is what you would expect from CZ high quality. Slide is tight with no rattles and co2 cover has push button release. This is a great feature over the sliding covers that loosen over time. FPS is on par with specs and sights are highly visible. One of the best values in a BB semi-auto!

Things I would have changed: Absolutely Nothing.

What others should know: Make sure to be responsible where you display in public as this gun looks like the real deal. Pyramid Air is second to none!

4.0 4.0

3.0 3.0

3.0 3.0

By Michael from USA on 2016-08-09
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3.01 rating

Things I liked: When it's just lying there the gun looks quite cool. It's comfy in the hand, and I LOVE the fact that you don't see the little Co2 tab poking out the bottom of the grip like some other guns. In fact, I think ASG was quite clever in the way they hid it. It shoots well, no jams at all using a variety of crosman pellets (no wadcutters though) and even some RWS Hypermax so you shouldn't run into any difficulties if you stick to basic pellets. The gun is large, much bigger than the CZ 75 P-07 and the full size rail allowed easy installation of a laser sight - accuracy problem solved.

Things I would have changed: Ditch the molded, suggestion of an ejection port and supply the gun with an ejection port akin to the CZ 75 P-07. The molded fake port just cheapens the entire gun. Increase the weight! This gun is way too light to take seriously. While it's sturdy enough, I can't help but equate the feel of it to guns half it's cost. The new blowback S&W M&P 40 has a poly frame and a metal slide and it comes awfully close to the real deal. I wish this did. Perhaps a better slide might help? I'd like to see something like the magazine used on the Beretta CX4 Storm, where the mag employs a 30 round belt instead of an 8x2 rotary mag. I feel like those 8x2 mags turn this semi auto pistol into something far too similar to a plain old revolver. If BB guns can have 20+ round mags why can't these guns have at least a 16 round mag that doesn't need switching half way through? And lastly, a functional slide catch.

What others should know: This gun is LIGHT - like plastic squirt gun light.For as cool as it looks and as powerful as it is I can't shake the feeling that I'm holding a toy. Take your time replacing the backstrap once you insert the Co2. I find that if I rush, it's difficult to get the plastic to snap into place and I can see easily breaking it. It's a decent gun, though if I'm honest, I think it's price point is about $20 too high. It should be right about where the Sig 250 is as I feel these guns are very nearly the same in terms of usable controls (the only thing that works is the safety, everything else is useless).


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  • Adam from USA asked:

    So I just ordered this. Would any owners please recommend a few pellet weights/brands for this pistols fixed sights and rifled barrel? I figure for the obvious wad cutters or perhaps rounds but any feedback would on ammo would be much appreciated as I currently own zero .177 pellets and would prefer to go through as little as possible to find what mine likes when it gets here.

    • Joseph from USA asked:

      Is the slide metal.

      • Alan from USA:


    • Jommar from USA asked:

      Is this a full metal?

      • Alan from USA:

        The slide is metal the bottom frame is synthetic. Great gun too.

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    Item Description

    ASG-17537 [PY-3438-6606]
    CZ P-09 Duty 16rd pellet & BB CO2 pistol
    390 fps w/5.1-gr. steel BBs
    412 fps w/5.1-gr. pellets
    Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
    Max Velocity412 fpsMeasured with 5.1-gr. ammo
    Muzzle Energy1.68 ft/lbsMeasured with 5.1-gr. ammo

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