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    By Mike from USA on 2015-12-09
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    Things I liked: Accurate after installing a strong 1 piece scope mount.

    Things I would have changed: Get rid of umbrella looking "sound supressor". They are useless on spring or gas piston air rifles. The noise comes from the mechanics of the gun not the expanding air. On spring or gas pistons compression is occurring the same time while the pellet travels down the barrel. They only work on PCPs and pumpers, where there is a very sudden expansion of air that makes the noise. Also, the length of pull on trigger is less to be desired. One can get used to it though.

    What others should know: Get a solid one piece scope mount that has wide scope rings. Otherwise you will most likely have scope creep. Don't buy it thinking its going to be any quieter then any other springer or air ram with similar power.