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Umarex SA10 BB/Pellet CO2 Pistol Magazine, 24rds

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Umarex SA10 BB/Pellet

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  • Umarex SA10 replacement magazine
  • Comes with 3, 8 round rotary clips
  • Load up .177 BBs or Pellets


Replace your shots quickly with the Umarex SA10 BB/Pellet Pistol Magazine.  Each magazine holds 24 rounds in 3 (8 shot) rotary clips.  Reload a new rotary clip into the magazine after 8 shots fired.  Each magazine also holds the CO2 cartridge.  

Although pictured with 4 rotary clips, each magazine only comes with 3 working rotary magazines.  Although package may include the plastic dummy rotary, it will not function to the same standards.

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Item Code: UX-2252114 [PY-A-7788]

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Caliber.177" (4.5mm)
Weight.177" (4.5mm)

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3.0 3.0

3.0 3.0

By Sylvan from USA on 2018-08-17
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5.01 rating

Things I liked: Well executed concept as an all in one magazine holds the CO2 cartridge as well as the 8 shot revolving magazines. Easy enough to use.

Things I would have changed: The magazine unit is robust, the 8 shot rotating magazines are the weak link in this system, and if one shoots a lot these will have to be replaced the metal ratchets are not sturdy enough and the hand (pawl) that rotates them in the pistol needs to have better engagement (or) be more positive. i have had several skips not revolving or revolving too much. some pellets will jam in this pistol and the magazine unit will be difficult to remove. no pointed pellets, no loose pellet skirts, pellet selection is critical, not too tight or too loose the pellet has to be just right diameter.


2.0 2.0

1.0 1.0

By Paul from USA on 2018-05-20
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5.01 rating

Things I liked: I like having a spare magazine, and the fact that the power source is in the magazine. A single CO2 cartridge is about right for the 24 or 32* rounds this magazine can hold, so it's about right for swapping ammo and power source at the same time. As a previous reviewer has noted, having the gas seal in the magazine makes a seal failure less of an issue than if it is built into the weapon. * The magazine has room for 4 of the rotary clips, but it is shipped for some reasons with only 3 metal clips plus one plastic "place-holder" one. The plastic clip will operate, but I wouldn't want to rely on it.

Things I would have changed: I would ship each magazine with 4 actual clips, and I'd make the clips themselves available for purchase, not only complete magazines. But the BIG thing I would change, and my reason for a 2-star rating, is that the little 8-shot clips FALL OUT VERY EASILY, both from the "chamber" position and from the 3 slots where spares can be stored. This is such a problem that I no longer even bother to store spares in the clip. I keep them in a convenient pocket and only load them into the chamber position when the previous clip is depleted. That's a minor annoyance, but the fact that even the clip in the chamber position falls out so easily is virtually a fatal flaw. In trying to insert a fresh magazine, I have to make sure that the clip never even approaches horizontal, and if I hold it upside-down, falling out is basically guaranteed. What king of clip-loaded pistol is that??? I don't know, maybe I got a flawed item, but the problem is exactly the same on the original magazine and the spare.


5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

By ROBERT from USA on 2018-04-30
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Things I liked: That this particular pistol has the CO2 cartridge housed in the clip and not the pistol itself. I have had several CO2 pistols that the seals have failed, leaking the CO2 and have had to replace the pistols, at least this way I only have to replace the clip and not the pistol.

Things I would have changed: Make the seals longer lasting. Although I like that the CO2 cartridge is housed in the clip, I bought the SA10 pistol back in January have still had to replace a cartridge clip within 3 months, which is longer than some of the other pistols I've had in the past, but it still only lasted 3 months even with proper care. Seals should last longer than 3 months or at least be replaceable without having to buy a whole new clip or pistol.

What others should know: As of yet I have had one cartridge clip seal fail within 3 months and one that is still holding up. Since day one I have followed manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and care and have alternated clips with every CO2 cartridge replacement. I don't know how long the second clip seal will hold out but I am comparing it to the new one to see if there is anything I can do to lengthen the endurance time. Updates as they present themselves.


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  • CHAO from Canada asked:

    Can I order ROTARY CLIPS only?

    • Mark from USA:

      No We only have the complete replacement clips.

  • CHRIS from Greece asked:

    i have a crosman pdm9b and my magazine is exactly as this magazine of sa10 but my rotary clips have broken.

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