Date: 15/1/2021 15:54

CO2 Air Rifles

A CO2 air rifle shoots BBs or pellets (and some shoot either) using a CO2 cartridge as a power source. These guns typically use one or two 12-gram powerlet cartridges, or sometimes the larger 88-gram cartridge, and are remarkably consistent in warmer temperatures as long as the cartridge still contains some liquid CO2. These rifles make a great choice for backyard plinking, shooting at targets, and at the higher end, small-game hunting. For a reasonable price, they offer hours of shooting fun without needing an external source of high-pressure air or tedious pumping or cocking.

The two main categories for classifying these rifles are models that shoot BBs vs. models that shoot pellets. A CO2 pellet rifle will generally be more accurate and powerful than a BB version because of the accuracy gained when the barrel's rifling spins the pellet, which doesn't happen with BBs. A BB gun CO2 rifle, by contrast, tends to be slightly cheaper than a pellet version, even though it usually doesn't actually have a rifled barrel. In addition, BBs are much cheaper than pellets, so you can shoot more often for less money.

The type of rifle you should get depends on what you're looking for. We offer guns that replicate current or historical firearms, giving you the chance to connect with the past or practice with a gun with the same operation and feel of a real firearm. You can also find rifles with semi- and full-auto features, realistic blowback, and more. No matter if you want the most realistic shooting experience possible, or just want a fun way to plink cans and pepper paper targets--CO2 rifles are a great place to start. If you're looking for a cost-effective rifle that's easy to maintain and also a thrill to shoot---you'll find it at Pyramyd Air.

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