by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1 – Under $25
Part 2 – $50 and under

Here’s a link to Pyramyd Air’s official Gift Guide.

Lets get right to it. These are gifts that airgunners might like. Use the links to go to the pages where the items can be ordered.

Beeman 1024 takedown rifle, scope and rings in case A plastic air rifle with a lot of value for plinking.
Crosman 1077 Can’t do better than this!
Scoped 1077
1077 with AirSource adapter This one runs on either 88-gram AirSource cartridges or 12-gram conventional CO2 cartridges.
Crosman 2100
Scoped Crosman 2100
Crosman 2250 Another classic.
Crosman 2260 The CO2 father of the Benjamin Discovery.
Crosman 760 XLS A 760 with a wood stock.
Crosman NightStalker kit 12-shot semiautomatic. Special deal! Only a little more than the gun by itself; but it includes the gun, an 88-gram AirSource CO2 tank and 250 pellets.
Crosman Phantom 1000
Crosman Quest 1000
Crosman Storm XT scoped rifle
Daisy 22SG Get them while they last!
Daisy 880S pump with scope
Daisy 840 single-stroke with scope
Daisy 953 single-stroke The most desirable single-stroke for informal target shooting and plinking.
Gamo Delta Youth-sized breakbarrel spring-piston rifle.
Gamo Delta with scope
Gamo Recon Last year’s best-selling spring-piston combo.
Hammerli 490 Best youth spring-piston rifle in this price range.
Norica Young A few remaining new-old-stock youth rifles from the 1990s.
Remington AirMaster 77 One of the most popular multi-pump rifles in this price range.
Winchester 1000B An unassuming breakbarrel spring-piston rifle that keeps soldiering on.

Beeman 2008
Beeman 2008 with pellet trap Everything you need to shoot except safety glasses.
Beretta PX4 Storm Both BBs and pellets.
Crosman 1088
Crosman 1377 A classic multi-pump pistol!
Crosman 2240 The best CO2 pistol on the market.
Crosman C11 Tactical A tricked-out BB pistol.
Crosman C21
Crosman PRO77
Crosman T4
Crosman T4 kit Everything needed to shoot!
Daisy 008
Daisy 008 kit Everything needed to shoot.
Daisy Powerline 5501 A BB gun with blowback action.
Daisy Powerline 617X Both pellets and BBs.
Gamo P23 Both BBs and pellets.
Gamo P23 with laser Both BBs and pellets.
Gamo PT-80
Gamo PX-107
Gamo V3
SIG Sauer SP2022
Walther CP Sport
Walther CP 99 Compact Realistic BB pistol.
Walther CP 99 Compact with laser
Walther PPK/S A real value BB pistol with blowback action.
Walther PPK/S with pink grips

Airsoft guns
The following gun operates on CO2, so be sure to get some 12-gram cartridges.
Crosman Air Mag M50
The following guns operate on green gas. It appears that Pyramyd Air no longer sells green gas, so pick up a 1000ml can at Wal-Mart in the sporting goods department.
KWC Colt National Match 1911
Colt Python

Spring-piston airsoft guns
Black Eagle M6 short version A sniper rifle for under $100!
Smith & Wesson 1911
TSD SD700 Another sniper rifle.
TSD SD700 wood stock
UTG Master Sniper This sniper rifle tested very well.

Automatic electric guns (AEG)
Crosman Pulse R72
Crosman NightProwler camo

Clear airsoft guns
Crosman R70
Crosman NightProwler
Crosman Pulse R72
Daisy Airstrike ASAX1
Walther G22 Special Operations

Other stuff
CenterPoint 3-9×40 scope
CenterPoint 4-16×40 scope
BSA pistol scope The only pistol scopes at Pyramyd Air.
BSA 3-12×50 scope
Leapers 3-9×40 mil-dot scope with illumination
Leapers 3-9×50 scope with mil-dot and illumination
Leapers 4-16×50 scope with mil-dot
Leapers 4x Bug Buster scope Focuses down to 9 feet!
Leapers Bug Buster II 6x scope
Alpha Chrony chronograph Every airgunner needs this.
Chrony chronograph printer Prints the results and provides a 16-foot separation from the chronograph. Perfect accessory for the chronograph.
AirForce LS-1 laser Fits an 11mm dovtail.
Plano double-gun scoped rifle case Every airgunner needs another big case.
Radians Maximus 29 electronic earmuffs They amplify normal sounds and stop loud impulses. Every shooter needs them but won’t buy it for themselves.
Beeman DLX leather sandbags Another accessory no airgunner will buy, yet they all need these.