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Education / Training Airgunner’s Christmas Gift Guide – Part 3Gifts $100 and under

Airgunner’s Christmas Gift Guide – Part 3Gifts $100 and under

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1 – Under $25
Part 2 – $50 and under

Here’s a link to Pyramyd Air’s official Gift Guide.

Lets get right to it. These are gifts that airgunners might like. Use the links to go to the pages where the items can be ordered.

Beeman 1024 takedown rifle, scope and rings in case A plastic air rifle with a lot of value for plinking.
Crosman 1077 Can’t do better than this!
Scoped 1077
1077 with AirSource adapter This one runs on either 88-gram AirSource cartridges or 12-gram conventional CO2 cartridges.
Crosman 2100
Scoped Crosman 2100
Crosman 2250 Another classic.
Crosman 2260 The CO2 father of the Benjamin Discovery.
Crosman 760 XLS A 760 with a wood stock.
Crosman NightStalker kit 12-shot semiautomatic. Special deal! Only a little more than the gun by itself; but it includes the gun, an 88-gram AirSource CO2 tank and 250 pellets.
Crosman Phantom 1000
Crosman Quest 1000
Crosman Storm XT scoped rifle
Daisy 22SG Get them while they last!
Daisy 880S pump with scope
Daisy 840 single-stroke with scope
Daisy 953 single-stroke The most desirable single-stroke for informal target shooting and plinking.
Gamo Delta Youth-sized breakbarrel spring-piston rifle.
Gamo Delta with scope
Gamo Recon Last year’s best-selling spring-piston combo.
Hammerli 490 Best youth spring-piston rifle in this price range.
Norica Young A few remaining new-old-stock youth rifles from the 1990s.
Remington AirMaster 77 One of the most popular multi-pump rifles in this price range.
Winchester 1000B An unassuming breakbarrel spring-piston rifle that keeps soldiering on.

Beeman 2008
Beeman 2008 with pellet trap Everything you need to shoot except safety glasses.
Beretta PX4 Storm Both BBs and pellets.
Crosman 1088
Crosman 1377 A classic multi-pump pistol!
Crosman 2240 The best CO2 pistol on the market.
Crosman C11 Tactical A tricked-out BB pistol.
Crosman C21
Crosman PRO77
Crosman T4
Crosman T4 kit Everything needed to shoot!
Daisy 008
Daisy 008 kit Everything needed to shoot.
Daisy Powerline 5501 A BB gun with blowback action.
Daisy Powerline 617X Both pellets and BBs.
Gamo P23 Both BBs and pellets.
Gamo P23 with laser Both BBs and pellets.
Gamo PT-80
Gamo PX-107
Gamo V3
SIG Sauer SP2022
Walther CP Sport
Walther CP 99 Compact Realistic BB pistol.
Walther CP 99 Compact with laser
Walther PPK/S A real value BB pistol with blowback action.
Walther PPK/S with pink grips

Airsoft guns
The following gun operates on CO2, so be sure to get some 12-gram cartridges.
Crosman Air Mag M50
The following guns operate on green gas. It appears that Pyramyd AIR no longer sells green gas, so pick up a 1000ml can at Wal-Mart in the sporting goods department.
KWC Colt National Match 1911
Colt Python

Spring-piston airsoft guns
Black Eagle M6 short version A sniper rifle for under $100!
Smith & Wesson 1911
TSD SD700 Another sniper rifle.
TSD SD700 wood stock
UTG Master Sniper This sniper rifle tested very well.

Automatic electric guns (AEG)
Crosman Pulse R72
Crosman NightProwler camo

Clear airsoft guns
Crosman R70
Crosman NightProwler
Crosman Pulse R72
Daisy Airstrike ASAX1
Walther G22 Special Operations

Other stuff
CenterPoint 3-9×40 scope
CenterPoint 4-16×40 scope
BSA pistol scope The only pistol scopes at Pyramyd AIR.
BSA 3-12×50 scope
Leapers 3-9×40 mil-dot scope with illumination
Leapers 3-9×50 scope with mil-dot and illumination
Leapers 4-16×50 scope with mil-dot
Leapers 4x Bug Buster scope Focuses down to 9 feet!
Leapers Bug Buster II 6x scope
Alpha Chrony chronograph Every airgunner needs this.
Chrony chronograph printer Prints the results and provides a 16-foot separation from the chronograph. Perfect accessory for the chronograph.
AirForce LS-1 laser Fits an 11mm dovtail.
Plano double-gun scoped rifle case Every airgunner needs another big case.
Radians Maximus 29 electronic earmuffs They amplify normal sounds and stop loud impulses. Every shooter needs them but won’t buy it for themselves.
Beeman DLX leather sandbags Another accessory no airgunner will buy, yet they all need these.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

77 thoughts on “Airgunner’s Christmas Gift Guide – Part 3Gifts $100 and under”

  1. I was interested in the Norica Young rifle, but when I looked up the specs on PyramidAir it quoted the trigger weight at 10 lbs. Is this accurate or is this a typo.

    Best Regards,

  2. Sixto,

    That number is correct. When these rifles became available, Pyramyd AIR techs tested all the specs like the trigger pull.

    That kind of pull is common in the world of youth rifles. It does wear in to a lighter pull, but when new, that is what it is.


  3. Hello B.B.,

    Sorry to be off-subject for a moment, but I just received a wonderful gift…a Hy-Score 802 Repeater in the box. However, it does not have an instruction sheet. Can you direct me to a URL where I can download a copy?



  4. They make a 760 with a wood stock. Why not the 2100?

    I really like my 2100 but would appreciate a wood stock. It is such a nice little gun. I'm sure that if the elves could add a nicer stock & forearm there would be a lot of good boys and girls very happy on Christmas morning.

  5. BB, I have a question about the Mendoza peep (reciever sights) that Pyramyd sells. Would this sight work with the existing front sight that is on the standard wood stocked, .22 cal, Diana mod 34? I wish to replace the existing rear sight on this gun. Or would I need a higher front sight? I use this rifle for hunting and informal targets at ranges that run from 10 to 40 yards. Thanks in advance for any help/advice. Robert

  6. You may remember that I said I was ordering a 2260 after ShootThePigeons noted the new one had a leaf rear sight on the barrel, BB. I got the plastic-breeched one (with the clean barrel) I wanted yesterday.

    I shot it on my basement range with an assortment of pellets. The Crow-Magnums, Kodiaks, and H+N Match pellets in Beeman tins I have didn’t really impress me, so I tried the Benjamin pellets. I put five into a nickel-sized group then started hurrying my shots and they started striking lower and lower on the paper as the rifle cooled off.

    The target was pretty well shot up at this point so I replaced it, moved the rear sight to the left to move the POI, and shot another group with the Benjis to verify my sight setting. Then I tried the RWS Hobbys.

    They impressed me.

    I called three out of the group, but the other seven went into a group that I could handily cover with a dime. While I have shot dime-sized groups with other rifles (namely the Mendoza RM-200 I bought on your recommendation) I had to put the dime on the target just *so* to cover the group. Not with this one. I would have hit that dime squarely with all seven shots in the group and nicked it with one of the three I called.

    The rear peep sight was an added bonus. I had forgotten just how much they sharpened up the sight picture. I was easily able to see the pellet holes in the target through the sight from 30 feet, which I can’t do when I am wearing my reading glasses (which I need to see the front sight clearly). This rifle is still a candidate for a steel breech, but it will be more for the purpose of mounting a micrometer peep sight than for any other reason.

    As far as the rifle itself, I was surprised at how gracile it is. I have the Walther Falcon Hunter edition that I lifted my monicker from, the Mendoza RM-200, and the Hammerli 490 Express, and they are all bulkier than this little Crosman. The length of pull could stand to be a little longer, maybe 1/2″ or 3/4″, and I need more room between the trigger and the pistol grip, but other than that it is a reasonably good fit. As a point of comparison, I think the Mendoza is almost long enough while the Walther is right at the edge of being too long.

    To bring this on topic:
    1) Crosman 2260 $79.85
    2) Benjamin Discovery pellets $7.99
    3) RWS Hobby pellets $10.59

    Total comes to $98.43 plus shipping. A 5-pack of CO2 cartridges adds $3.99 to the price, but that pushes it just past the $100 limit that is the subject of today’s post.


  7. Well, it was over $100, but I spent an hour last night playing with the CP99 that arrived yesterday.
    Very pleased. I’m amazed at how well the thing is constructed. There really is something to be said for stuff that is not made in China (well at least 98% of it).
    Much louder than I expected. That was the one ‘drawback’ of the PPK. Okay…other than the accurace. The PPK has that amazing blowback recoil coupled with a mild ‘phffft’ when the trigger goes off.
    The CP99 sounds close to a .22.
    Within no time I was getting 1.5″ groups at 25 feet (as opposed to 4-5″ with the PPK. As well it is obvious that the pellet is hitting with much more authority.
    I will still use the PPK for a lot of basement plinking…it is just so much fun. But outdoors where I like to shoot at longer ranges I’ll be taking the PPK.
    As well I have to rave a bit about my Slavia 630. This past weekend we (me and the boys) went shooting and took some little plastic balls from some sort of toy they grew out of long ago. Small spheres that measure 3.5 inches.
    At a measured 30yd, with the 630’s standard open sights and a windless day I could hit the things 3 out o4 times. Not bad I figure for an under 500fps gun.
    It seems the Czech’s really make nice barrels.
    CowboyStar Dad

  8. B.B.

    I like the scopes on your list, in this case, the China made product is top notch for the money. And when they screw up, they stand behind them… And for the first 30 days, PA is there, with a refund, or replacement… Out of the 40 or so I’ve bought from the 3-9x32AO to 8-32x56AO, only two had to be sent back, one to PA, and one to Leapers. I do wish they still had the Centerpoint 3-9x40AO that didn’t need the allen to adjust.. I got three of them early, and can’t get them anymore. The 6-24x50AO is very good buy and is real nice on a PCP… the cool thing on a PCP is you don’t have to lock down the allen, since their is no recoil..

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  9. It seems you hit a certain price point and the Chinese stuff is pretty good.
    Last year I wanted to buy some audio equipment…nothing really extravagent but I wanted good sound in a small space. I most listen to FM so didn’t need all the electronic do-dads so popular these days.
    After reading a lot of reviews I settled on this table radio/cd combo http://www.tivoliaudio.com
    Great stuff…designed by Henry Koss who invented the bass-reflex speaker. Walnut cabinets, excellent sound and reasonable price ($500 for the combo).
    I was surprised as hell when I found on the back ‘made in China’.
    At the same time I have a roomful of broken junk (with a capital J)…all sporting the ‘made in China’ kiss of death.
    Just an observation.
    CowboyStar Dad

  10. B.B.

    I’m interested in the Radians Maximus 29 electronic earmuffs. I tried some regular muffs with my Ruger .270 and they kind of got in the way, and felt awkward, so I went back to foam ear plugs.. Does anyone else have a problem with clearance when shooting a rifle? Are these earmuffs meant mostly for pistols? Or do I just need to get use to them? The foam plugs do the job, but I can’t hear people talk… This seems like a great product if it works.. and can be worn with comfort.


  11. B.B.

    Nice to see that a lot of my stuff is on the list, but I knew it was good already thanks to your recommendations.

    I think I’m going to use statistics to learn about statistics regarding the reliability of three shot groups. How about this. Will ten 3 shot groups have a greater standard deviation than ten 30 shot groups? I’m guessing that the answer is yes.

    WFH, the Crosman 2260 is on B.B.’s list of best buys under $100. Nice to see some details. How long do you let the rifle warm up between shots which is my one gripe about CO2 guns?

    Cowboystar Dad, the CP99S that I use is on the loud side too. However, there is a solution. If you can find a muzzle-break to fit your gun, taping the holes shut will create a genuine silencer. It’s very quiet even in a closed room, and you will really feel like James Bond. I suspect that the muzzle-break for the Walther Night Hawk which includes the Walther CP99S might fit, but you would want to check first.

    Wayne, I wonder if electric ear muffs are necessary to hear while protecting your hearing. I was determined to get maximum protection for the firearms range, so I got a pair of plain Beretta ear muffs and put them on over cotton balls in the ears. I managed fine even with two people shooting handguns so close to me that I was buffeted by the shock wave. So, I was very surprised to still be able to hear conversations.


  12. Wayne,

    Regarding ear muff clearance, I’ve had only one problem that was with the IZH 61 before I figured out how to lengthen the stock. Since then it has worked flawlessly with a wide range of rifles and cheekpads including the B30 with its high comb Monte Carlo stock.


  13. BB,
    I watched the video that comes with the AirForce Talon SS I just bought. What’s described in the barrel removal/exchange section is outdated since the new TSS has four screws, not two, that hold barrel bushings together. By the way, that DVD is great!


  14. Matt61,

    I think I read that the ambient temperature will cause about a 2 fps change in velocity for a CO2 rifle.

    With the RWS 850 I would shoot all 8 shots as quickly as possible and not notice a significant change in POI.

    I am not a huge CO2 fan, but I think they are an ok diversion that has the lowest human effort requirement, (not including a PCP with a Divers tank)

    One of the benefits of the 850 I thought I would like was the ability to use the large 88 gram cylinders. It turned out to be false economy. I felt as if I needed to make a commitment to using the whole cylinder – about 150-160 shots.

    From what I have read so far, the QB-78 (which looks very similar to the Crosman 2260) can use just one of the 12 gram cylinders, by loading one empty and one full. Maybe 30 shots?

    Since they are both single shots, I can’t believe you would need to wait between loading, aiming, and firing for anything to warm back up.


  15. Matt,

    RE: ten 3 shot vs ten 30 shot groups

    Yes, the three shot group should show more variation. But that is only part of the information.

    Let’s look at this another way. You’re willing to make 300 shots. If you make the shots in 3 shot groups, then you get a hundred groups. Even though the standard deviation form an individual value will be larger, the standard deviation of the mean will most likely be smaller.

    the standard deviation of the mean is the standard deviation of an individual value divided by the square root of the number of measurements. So if you shot one hundred 3 grout groups thirty times, it gives you a measure of how the average itself for the hundred 3 groups would vary.

    In 300 shots are you likely to make a couple of wild shots? With a hundred groups instead of 10, now you have enough data to be able to throw a handful of data values away as being anomalous.

    This notion can be easily tested in a spreadsheet in one dimension. The true two dimensional version is a bit more difficult to do, but would yield similar results. The difference would be in the confidence intervals.


  16. BB,
    Will a beeman ported muzzle brake .568in fit a crosman storm xt? I’m contemplating the advantages.

    I shot my shadow express today in the basement. 1st shot; loud as #$@ and a 3ft cloud of grease. 2nd shot; 2ft cloud of grease loud as the first. I was trying out some gamo master point for the first time. The only thing I did prior to this was clean the barrel with Q-tips. Then I took it outside and shot 50 daisy WC out of it. The first shot was loud with the same amount of smoke. 2nd shot had no smoke and was more quiet. It seems It only shoots smoothly on a dirty barrel. The accuracy went out the window in the last 5. the barrel was so dirty, it had streaks where the pellets scraped.
    Shadow express dude

  17. WFH,

    That’s been my experience with the
    entire series of Crosman 22XX CO2 guns. Do you have one of the pistols yet? They’re addicting. At those prices it’s easy to have 3 or 4.


  18. B.B.

    Wow, those Dillon electronic earmuffs are expensive! $135 seems like a lot… I’m not sure they could be worth it.. the foam plugs are just fine, except for conversations from a distance, up close I can still talk with people… I guess the safety factor of hearing people asking for a cold fire is important, but usually hand signals are in order anyway..

    Any more input on this subject would be great… I hope they hold up well..

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  19. After the first group I was taking a minute or so between shots, what with followthrough and pellet loading and whatnot. My basement is about 50 degrees so I was having to let the rifle warm back up before I shot. Part of the reason it was taking me so long between shots is I was deliberating over whether the rifle was warm yet. It gets a mite airish in the basement this time of year.


  20. Matt, that should be “After the first group that fell apart because the rifle got cold”. That was after I put five Discos into a nickel then got excited and started shooting faster.


  21. B.B. thanks for the input on statistics. Herb, I was hoping to hear from you on this question. I think I understand, and anyway, I’m gratified that more shots will help the data converge to the Truth.

    Volvo, how interesting about the 850. With maximum rate of fire on the Crosman 1077, the barrel gets ice-cold, and I had assumed that for anything beyond my 20ft. shooting distance that accuracy was out the window. A session at the 25 yard range where I got impatient seemed to confirm this although maybe my shooting was the culprit. I’ll be interested to see how the QB78 consumes CO2. My understanding is that 2 powerlets produces the same number of shots as one for a Crosman 2260. WFH, you’re a man of patience. One minute between shots would be more than I can handle.


  22. WFG,

    The 2 fps is per degree, so if 65 is the std, then about 30 fps slower at 50 degrees ?

    Do you have a Chrony? I would like to see the results of quick shooting.

    That is a tad chilly.

    your report makes me want to shoot my new CO2 rifle : )


  23. Matt61,

    I would guess that with a 1077 semi-auto the shots are taken much quicker than with a bolt.

    Filling the next 8 pellets in the mag was a natural break for things to warm up.


  24. Wayne, I would guess that if you’re comfortable in shirtsleeves then the rifle should be too. Then again, I have lived in places where shirtsleeve weather ran the gamut from 40 degrees to 80.

    BB says they are about done at 50 and the cartridges themselves say don’t heat them above 120, so I guess that would be about the limits. I am wanting to take mine out this coming summer and see how they behave with reasonable temperatures.


  25. I am actually looking to get into the zone, Matt. Once I get there I want to stay there, so it is easy to maintain the same shot break speed that got me there. The other night I was firing six shots a minute with my Mendoza, and that was as satisfying as one per was with the 2260.


  26. BB,
    I’ve been kicking around the idea of a 953 for my 10M barn shooter, since it is SSP and thus temperature tolerant. I read your blog on it, as well as the PA reviews. Just using it for 10M, do you think it will keep me happy for a while (several months)? I’m guessing the trigger needs work and the sights need upgrading, but it has that “too good to be true” quality about it in general that makes me nervous. Any feedback appreciated.

  27. BG_Farmer,

    I guess I would lump the Daisy 953 in with the 717 pistol, as buys that are too good to be true. It is accurate and does what it claims, which is a lot these days.

    How it will fare in the barn in the winter I don’t know.

    As for the trigger, I’d say you’re right. As for the sights, give them a chance before you replace them.

    You know, it’s kind of like the Benjamin Discovery. When we developed the gun we knew it would end up with a 2260 barrel on it, but in the end that’s not bad at all. And so, I think, it will be with the 953.


  28. Bg-farmer,

    When I go barn hunting I always aim for the “broadside” and try to stand no more than ten meters away also. One shot, one barn is the motto.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.


  29. BB, not trying to nitpick, but I AM a cheapskate…

    The $84 Delta Combo

    looks to be a combination of the $64 Delta


    and $10 scope:


    Why would anyone pay $20 to get a $10 scope? It ain’t even mounted!
    I guess having both in the same box saves time wrapping presents, maybe that’s it…

  30. B.B.

    So the ones that PA has are the same size as the Dillon muffs, it’s the regular ones that are larger..

    $90 less my dealers discount is more in line.. I’ll try them on my next order..

    On the perfect temp for CO2 shooting and storage.. I’m hearing 65 to 70… so that’s great for my personal indoor range in winter, and outdoors in summer for the sight-in/fun range unless it’s really hot, like over 90 degrees..

    That’s workable, so my next issue is the disposable tanks… Is there a refillable solution? Or just recycle?

    It sounds like the fun factor is worth all this, the price point is certainly there.. I don’t know why I’m cautious to go down this CO2 path.. Probably because I’m so spoiled at higher price points and it’s hard to go back.. But that’s not good for the Rifle Range, that’s just me… so I have to change my thinking, Don’t I?

    Don’t worry B.B., I still want to taste them with our trade, I’m just thinking on the Rifle Range scale…

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  31. BB,
    Thanks. You know I like to tinker; it sounds something to try.

    I got bored, so now I shoot at the gable end from 10M. When somebody is just starting out, what you’re doing is fine:).

  32. Vince and all

    The set also includes:
    * Two tins of Match .177 pellets
    * FREE (??) Video shooting game included! (Play this fun-packed shooting game to test your skills.)

    The scope to which Vince linked is also a BSA scope not a Gamo. Scopes probably of similar quality through.

    The “package” is something that Gamo boxed as a set since it is being sold by other dealers too. PyramidAir detailed all the items included carefully. Some bundle deals are better than others.


  33. Herb,

    Thank you for pointing that out. You beat me to it.


    Yes, 65 to 70 is perfect for CO2. Storage doesn’t matter that much – as long as it’s not in a hot car in the summertime.

    You dispose of the tanks. Refills put you into the bulk-fill situation and AirSource saves you from that.

    And yes to the earmuff question. The electronic ones are smaller than the passive ones. Being partially deaf, I love wearing mine, because I can hear so much better.


  34. WFH,

    Yes, I’ve noticed that taking the same amount of time between shots helps more than I would have thought. I guess that anything that can be standardized and made repeatable improves shooting.

    BG_Farmer, everything I’ve read about the Daisy 953 says that it’s a great deal. I would get one myself if I didn’t have the IZH 61 which is close enough that I can’t justify another purchase.


  35. Bg –farmer and Derrick,

    FX Whisper finally shipped today, I hope it is as fine a barn shooting machine as I have envisioned. I would guess at least from the inside, I will not be able to miss. : )

    On another note, I saw a Discovery for sale in the classifieds that looked like the picture on the box. Gorgeous walnut with a medium stain, instead of dark antique stain that was on mine.

    If I had not just sold the Disco a week ago would have been tempted. The other issue I had was the breech area was not quite long enough to load a pellet. Wasn’t too bad until I put my mandatory scope on it, after that I fumbled with like the hooks on a ___after one too many ___


  36. You guys are all very intense..

    First, Pro-Ear 33DB NRR standard earmuff, $30.00 Simply the best. (yes, they get in your way sometimes, but I work around it). I don't think the electronic jobs can save your ears over the long-haul – not from the specs they advertise.
    What is an Anthony Moderator / barrel weight and where do I get one?
    I see you are inexplicably infatuated with your AA, but it does not seem it has nearly the speed & power the AR6 or the Infinity, (can I not increase pellet weight until I get the 1000FPS that I am looking for?).
    I'll wait to see what B.B. thinks of the Infinity accuracy – I though B.B. said the AA was only so-so accuracy-wise.
    For not much more that one AA, might I not get both a higher-power, flatter shooting, quicker killing, longer-range hunter, and a quick-repeating, high shot-count, shorter-range plinker/target shooter? (these being one Infinity and one Renegade).

    And for those who still question why – I live in the surburbs, neighbors 100ft to the left and the right, but about 300 clear yards, (and lots of groundhog holes), to the rear. Seems perfect for higher-power air rifle.

    I talk to my neighbors, they haven't has a problem yet.

    Still waiting to hear more from B.B.

    best regards,


  37. Jane,
    Anthony = talontunes.com

    IMHO, any AAS410 owner should be infatuated, but its not inexplicable. Quality of build, adjustable power, quiet report, accuracy, ergonomics, etc… add up to a feature set second to none. Unless you absolutely need more than 30ft-lbs, I can’t imagine how you could be disappointed owning it.

  38. Jane,

    I'm just asking if good hunting accuracy is all you need.. in both guns.

    3" groups at 50 yards is fine for backyard groundhog plinking. And you might find only a few pellets can give you that…
    At least that's what I found with my Evanix AR6 without a power adjuster. I got 3" groups at 50 yards at best with the 28 gr Eungins, and the pellets were all sideways in the paper.. And my favorite pellet in .22 cal for high power accuracy, the 21.gr Kodiak, that group 1/2" to 1" on good days in the Condor, Air Arms S410, 310 or FX Timberwolf, were all over the place with the AR6 power..

    This is just my experience, I too want to hear from B.B. on this issue, and see how the newest Korean fairs on accuracy over 1,000fps.

    Jane, I love Korean guns as a great hunting PCP. In your situation, they will be perfect, they're really great for the money, your right there! And this one even more so!! With two guns two people can sit there and plink groundhogs.. if that's all you need and you don't need a higher level of accuracy for field target or something, the two Korean hunters will be perfect!

    It's just that some PCPs come powerful enough to kill a groundhog, QUITE and super accurate out of the box, and some don't.

    We can all hardly wait to hear from B.B. how the Career Infinity by Shinsung does at the different power levels for accuracy with the different pellets. And if you can fit in a few rounds at 75 yards, B.B., that could be where a gun like this really shines… or not..

    My AAS410 .22 cal can make 10 shot, 3" groups of 21gr Kodiaks, at 960fps, from 75 yards in a bench rest… the best it's done on a windless day was 1-1/2" on the 10 shot mag.
    I would love to hear that this new Korean gun at just over half the price, could do the same, I like to save money too, even if it's loud as a rim fire out of the box.


  39. Wayne,
    Air Arms must be a large organization to have planted you in Oregon. I’m starting to suspect there may be an AA agent near me also — maybe living in one of those new houses across the creek gorge…thought they just liked building stuff with nail guns, but its probably an S410:). Perhaps they will join me for some barn hunting. It only takes 7fpe to stop a barn in its tracks, so that should gives them 4000 shots or so on a full fill.

    Hope the Whisper is next day air.

  40. A wise person wrote me this:

    On my desk is a 52-page legal appeal from a convicted felon who got 21 years for making a silencer and installing it on a Sam Yang 909S, then selling the rifle to somebody and shipping it by mail. He is asking for my help to appeal his conviction. And he sent it to me from prison.

    The point is, the FBI and BATF&E reads the blog all the time to get leads on who is making silencers. They may not act on every lead, but they are building files.

    Here is something else to read:


  41. B.B.,

    Your “Gifts for Under..” series is very helpful, as I have wanted to purchase some airsoft guns for my boy and I had no idea what to get. Thanxalot.

    I want to mount a Leapers 6-24×56 on a Whiscombe 80 that will be arriving soon, and would like to know what mounts you suggest (and what size)?

    – Dr. G.

  42. BG-Farmer,

    I thought barns were on the endangered list….

    Air Arms is a large organization and has planted many of us though out the world… It’s a plot to drain America of disposable cash before China gets it all…

    But not to worry, our raised bed company is bringing some of it back in from the Aussies.. full circle, don’t cha kno…


  43. About that Delta combo…

    BB, when you tested the Gamo Recon, you described the scope that came with it: “This really is a cheap little scope that doesn’t belong on a rifle as potentially nice as the Recon. This is a $5 scope at best”. And you were right. And remember that the 4×20 scope that comes on the Recon is BETTER than the one that comes with the Delta – THAT one is only a 4×15. The poor qualities you noted on the Recon’s scope will likely be worse on this one.

    I don’t know which factory makes that super-cheap line of scopes (both the 4×15 and the 4×20), but the exact same ones are sold under a zillion different brand names – including Gamo, Daisy, BSA, Crosman, Tasco, Barska, NcStar, and Konus, and usually for under $10. They are junk no matter whose name gets slapped on them.

    I know why Gamo sells it as a package. That way they can use an almost worthless scope to give this deal some extra ‘panache’ and profit margin. My only suggestion is that perhaps this combo doesn’t belong on a ‘recommended’ list, pellets and video game notwithstanding.

  44. Annon,

    Although the blog no doubt greatly helps the profit margin of any web related business, (that is a big part of why I’m here, to learn about blogging and how blogs relate to retail websites for our raised garden bed products soon to come blog)..

    But PA or any business knows or should know, that you have to let people be honest about how their guns (products) preform, they will some where else anyway, so just face it and do your best to be honest.. and put out the best product possible… because with the internet, the cream will rise…. so to speak.
    And, the blog won’t get anybody to partake. That’s the lesson I’m getting here anyway.

    So, I politely disagree with your comment, I’ve been free to say what I think about air guns, and I feel the advice has been honest and unbiased, and FREE!! I’ve been guided to some very nice rifles, that I’m very happy with. If once out of how many products something is missed, that is resold at such a low price point..

    Vince is right to point it out, but your comment is a very low blow with the other guys back turned..

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  45. TO: Anonymous At December 03, 2008 8:58 PM

    RE: blog is essentially an infomercial

    Yes, PA pays for blog. Yes there are some minimal proprieties involved. Nobody has hidden that fact.

    But Tom devotes hours to this hobby, and my perception is that I benefit from Tom’s connections and experience. I’ve gotten to the age where customer service and value add do mean something.

    My I should be more of a conspiracy theory type guy, but I just can’t image that PA gave Tom a list of products to push, nor that they “approved” Tom’s list before he published it. He put the work into the list to be nice to us.

    I want to deal with a company who is trying to provide customer service, not just give me a bare bones price with no service. You want the best price? Go to WalMart. Ask the yahoos there about air guns. Ask them about the new gun that Benjamin is bringing out.

    The point has been made. The kit isn’t much of a “deal.” But a 12 year old who gets a gun with pellets and a scope so he can shoot it on Christmas day is going to be a happy kid indeed. I remember a past Christmas day long ago with my Dad driving around town looking for batteries. That was the first time I realized how hard my Dad was trying to please me. If I didn’t know much about guns having a package would be great since I could be reasonably sure that everything would work together.

    I used to think that I was the only one smart enough to figure these sort of hidden agendas out too. But didn’t you ever learn you catch more flies with honey than vinegar?

    So, let’s appreciate the effort that Tom put into this blog for us and not take cheap shots at him.


  46. Anonymous,

    Didn’t you ever watch the Christmas Story? – When Ralphie gets his secret decoder ring the message is “drink more Ovaltine”.

    Since PA sponsors this blog, I would expect they would hope it should impact sales in a positive manner.


  47. Let’s just ignore those kind of comments…….. It’s just pure logic… If the blog’s name is PYRAMYD AIR REPORT… eeeehhh, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that they somehow benefit from Tom’s posts… Even I have made some decision based on what he (and other people too) thinks… And as Wayne said… I do not regret it!! Pyramyd AIR benefited from my purchase, but I benefited even more!! In fact, has anyone ever visited any other blogs sponsored by P.A. competition?? (I won’t say names… LOL)… They are empty!! You only see the post, and that’s it… probably two or three comments… The dynamic in this blog is unique… So lets keep it that way and “ignore the ignorants”… 🙂

    P.S.: Anxious to see the UNLIMITED PRICE list…

  48. Much as I like the S410, I have to admit that Jane has a point. The energy of the Career Infinity is almost double that of the S410, and all of the Korean rifles are deadly accurate. I seem to recall B.B. saying that one model–not the Infinity–was shooting as well as his accurized Ruger.

    My only point of disagreement is that the S410, from all I’ve read, has unsurpassed accuracy although I don’t know that it would be significantly greater than the Korean rifles.

    As to the noise factor, if the neighbors don’t mind and good hearing protection is adequate, there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

    I guess all depends on the remainder of the report.


  49. Vince,

    Perhaps you are reading too much into my Gift Guide. It is NOT a “recommended” list. It is simply a list of items in the price category.

    My recommended list is much smaller. In fact, I am very careful not to recommend anything until I’m sure it will please nearly everyone.

    But a lot of that is based on taste, and my taste isn’t the same as yours. So I put together a list of guns that people can point others to, if they happen to like them. That’s what the Gift Guide is.

    I wouldn’t put a known turkey on the list, but I would also not impose my judgement on any airgun to label it a turkey. It would have to have a demonstrated flaw, like the Webley Typhoon.


  50. Herb,

    I have to comment on your comment about what goes on here. Yes, this blog is a lot like an infomercial. But you are right about what I will and won’t write. And you also got it right about Pyramyd AIR.

    Yes, they sometimes (once a month or less) ask me to make mention of something. But they never tell me how to evaluate something. In fact, they have asked me to be brutally frank about what I review.

    Remember the Webley Patriot from Turkey? I’m referring to the Hatsan. They sent it to me a year before anyone knew Webley was going to make it the Patriot. When I evaluated it I told them it was a no-go, and you notice they don’t even bother to stock it anymore. They didn’t even bother sending me one that was labeled Patriot, because after they looked at it they decided they wouldn’t carry it.

    I won’t bash a product simply because it doesn’t conform to my own tastes. That’s far too limiting. I try to keep an open mind and just tell you what I see and let you make up your own mind about it. I think performance speaks for itself, so I try to show as much of it as I can.

    Anyway, Herb, I wanted to say thank you, because from what you wrote, I can see you understand what I’m trying to do here.


  51. David,

    If Pyramyd AIR carried a digital scale I would have been happy to list it. In fact, you raise a good point. If they can find a scale that isn’t too expensive, it might be a product they want to add to their inventory.


  52. What is the problem? Anyone with common sense would know that PA MUST benefit from their blog. But, they benefit more for who and what they have become, and that is A company with A world wide reputation as A good, honest, reliable company with excellent service.

    B.B’s reputation and honesty are unquestionable as far as I am concerned. I’ll bet B.B doen’t take $#!@ from anyone, even those that he has A good relationship with. B.B IS his own man.

    I,ve read many of you guys and gals give high praise to PA for any number of reasons. And PA benefits from that praise.

    How many of us have benefited from things B.B has reported on, answered A question about, tested A product or heard about? All of us probably! I know I have, and from the thanks and praise some have given on this blog to B.B, I know most of you have to.

    B.B I know that your list was just that, A list. Your recommended list IS very small, even when you add in all the recommendations that people have asked you for over the two years I have been reading this blog.

    B.B. even though its just A general price range list, I’ll bet there are more than A few items you would highly recommend 😉

    BobC NJ

  53. Huh??
    How does this quote from today…

    “Remember the Webley Patriot from Turkey? I’m referring to the Hatsan. They sent it to me a year before anyone knew Webley was going to make it the Patriot. When I evaluated it I told them it was a no-go, and you notice they don’t even bother to stock it anymore. They didn’t even bother sending me one that was labeled Patriot, because after they looked at it they decided they wouldn’t carry it.”

    …correlate to the general tone in these two blog reviews…



    …and in this subsequent defense of the Turkish patriot…


    …and the summary comment in this blog….

    “How good is the Turkish Patriot?
    I failed to mention in the first report that the converted rifle was made in Turkey. I see on the forums that there are some discussion about whether or not these rifles are as good as the British-made Patriots. I’ve tested both, and the Turkish rifles are NOT made as well as the British-made Patriots. They’re made BETTER! The internal dimensions (where it counts) are held to tighter tolerances inside the powerplant. That said, I can’t see any difference in accuracy between a British-made Patriot and a Turkish-made Patriot. The British rifles had a better polish on the exterior metal, plus the scope-arresting cross grooves were cut deeper. That’s about the extent of the differences.”

    I must be reading a different blog than the rest of you.

    Go ahead, read the links, and then jump all over me

  54. Turkish Patriot,

    I thought someone might bring this up.

    You have missed my subsequent posts (they may have been comments) in which I discovered that the “Turkish” Patriot I tested was actually made in the UK and only assembled in Turkey.

    What is being sold as the Webley Patriot today is the Hatsan 135 – a rebadge only. It’s a completely different design than the Patriot. It is NOT the rifle I tested and IS NOT the rifle I was referring to in the second mention you quoted. I didn’t know that when I wrote that report, and I don’t go back and erase mistakes like that..

    I’m writing this blog in real time, and always discovering stuff I didn’t know before. That causes things like this to happen.

    I am not offended by your discovery. There are plenty more in the blog if you want to look for them. At one point I had to apologize for telling everyone that Pellgunoil was synthetic, which, until the time I found out it wasn’t, I thought it was

    So there is lots of stuff to find, if that’s what turns your crank. I decided years ago that the only way I can write is the way I do. That’s going to put me at risk of being wrong from time to time.


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