by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1 – Under $25
Part 2 – $50 and under
Part 3 – Under $100

Here’s a link to Pyramyd Air’s official Gift Guide.

First, I’d like to thank all of you who wished me well with my kidney stones. My wife is heavy into alternative medicine, so as soon as I complained about a backache she started her diagnosis. In the past, I’ve had a chronic bad back, so I tend to ignore back pain. This has been going on for over a month, so there was a lot to remove.

She started me on a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil taken three times a day. The morning I complained on the blog was the start of the third day, and the treatment had started to work. That evening I started passing stones and parts of stone without pain. The next morning my back pain was reduced by 90 percent and life was almost back to normal.

Several of you also sent me other natural cures and I tried them all. After all, they are just food, so the worst that can happen is nothing changes. At any rate, life is getting back to normal for this 61-year-old, and I wanted to thank you all for your concern.

Today, I am doing the final installment of my Christmas Gift Guide. Like the first three, not everything on this list is a personal favorite of mine, so I will indicate when something really is a favorite. These things cost more money, and I’m going to insert a little more opinion with them.

TX200 Mark III This one is a personal favorite of mine and I know that anyone who gets one will be very satisfied. Before anyone asks, I’m not recommending the Hunting Carbine or the Pro-Sport, although I know people who are very happy with both guns.
Air Arms S410 sidelever This rifle is loved by so many shooters, including Wacky Wayne, the high priest of the 410.
Air Arms S200 Again not a favorite of mine, but so many airgunners love this rifle that I have to list it.
AirForce Condor A personal favorite of mine, this powerful precharged rifle has a style that some love and some do not.
AirForce Talon SS Another personal favorite. Get an optional spare 24″ .22 cal. barrel and you have a second rifle that’s two-thirds the power of a Condor.
RWS Diana 460 Magnum If you want a magnum spring rifle, this is about the best one I know of. Because it’s an underlever, it isn’t as hold-sensitive as a breakbarrel. The power is great for a springer.
RWS Diana 350 Magnum If you want a magnum spring rifle that’s a breakbarrel, this is the best one in its power class, in my opinion.
RWS Diana 34 Panther A personal favorite of mine for an entry-level spring rifle.
Gamo Whisper with Air Venturi gas spring Here is another favorite of mine, but only in .177 caliber.
Beeman HW77 carbine A personal favorite of mine, the HW77 ruled the world before the TX200 came along.
Beeman R7 A perfect plinker. Get it in .177 and never let it go.
Beeman R1 Another time-proven favorite. I would put this rifle ahead of the RWS Diana 350 Magnum in all ways, except the RWS is more powerful. I like this one in .22 caliber.
Beeman R9 I’m including the R9 because I must be the only person on the planet who doesn’t like it. A very popular spring rifle with the same power as the R1 in a smaller package.
Benjamin 392 A proven classic pneumatic air rifle. The 397 is just as great in .177 caliber.
Benjamin Discovery You KNOW I like this rifle! It has everything I want in an entry-level PCP. Either caliber is good; get it with the pump unless you know the reason to do otherwise.
Crosman 2250XE
Daisy 853 A great little target rifle at a decent price.
Daisy 499 World’s most accurate BB gun. I own one and highly recommend it.
Evanix Renegade rifle A refined AR-6. Very usable.
Beeman FWB 700 If you can afford it, one of the two best 10-meter rifles in the world.
Mendoza RM200 Best low-priced spring rifle available today. I like .22 but get either caliber.
Beeman P1 Top spring pistol.
Benjamin HB17
Benjamin HB22
Benjamin EB22
Beretta 92FS
Colt 1911
Crosman 2300S The Crosman 2300S is a good one, too.
Evanix Renegade pistol
FWB P44 target pistol
Gamo Compact pistol
IZH 46M target pistol
IZH Drozd pistol
Desert Eagle pistol Super accuracy and blowback action.
RWS Diana 5G Magnum pistol
S&W 586 revolver
Walther CP88 pistol
Walther CP99

Taurus Raging Bull revolver
TSD Luger pistol
Walther P38 pistol
WE M92 pistol
Shadow Ops Type 96 sniper rifle
Echo 1 M249 machine gun
Echo 1 designated sniper rifle
UTG M4 An AEG built in the U.S.A.!
Thompson M1A1
Marui G36C Powerful upgrade!

Leapers 8-32×56
Leapers 4-16×56 scope
Hawke 6-24×50 scope
Hawke 4-16×50 scope