by Tom Gaylord, The Godfather of Airguns™
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

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1077 rifle
Crosman’s 1077 RepeatAir is a classic.

This report covers:

• Crosman Premier Lite pellets
• Air Arms Falcon pellets
• Ran out of gas
• JSB Exact RS pellets
• RWS Superdome pellets
• Final evaluation

Today, I’ll back up to 25 yards and see what the Crosman 1077 CO2 rifle can do at that distance. I used a vintage Tasco Pro Point dot sight because, when I mounted the Tech Force 90 dot sight, it was angled too far to the right. So, the shots landed too far left. The Tasco was similarly skewed, but it wasn’t as pronounced, and I was able to adjust the impact point back to where I wanted it.

Crosman Premier Lite pellets
The first pellet up was the Crosman Premier lite domed pellet. Even after sight adjustments, it was still shooting too far to the left and was off the target paper. Ten shots made a group about 2 inches between centers, but I didn’t measure it. That’s just a guess. Premier lites are out for the 1077 at 25 yards.

Air Arms Falcon pellets
The next pellet I tried was the Air Arms Falcon that did so well at 10 meters. They landed in the bull a little below center, but I noticed they seemed to be going slower on every shot. The group was visibly strung out vertically.

Ran out of gas
I have had the 88-gram CO2 cartridge in the rifle for several years and shot it hundred times, so it was running out of gas. When I removed it, it didn’t have much gas remaining. A new cartridge was installed and the gun was back up to snuff.

I shot another 10 Falcon pellets. This time, the impact point was 3 inches above where it had been before the gas cartridge was changed and 1 inch to the left. But this group was very telling. Ten went into 1.391 inches, but 9 of those are in 0.803 inches — and there’s a cluster of 7 that are in 0.384 inches. This is phenomenal 25-yard accuracy for a rifle in this price range!

1077 rifle Falcon target 25 yards
Pretty good shooting for 25 yards. Ten Falcons are in 1.391 inches, but 7 are in just 0.384 inches.

This should answer the question of whether or not you can shoot well with a dot sight. Remember that this is a repeating air rifle, and I’m shooting out of a 12-shot clip. These pellets are being blown into the breech and are still capable of fine accuracy.

JSB Exact RS pellets
I didn’t want to shoot wadcutters because 25 yards is about where their accuracy fails, so I called up a couple pellets not yet tried. The first was the light JSB Exact RS. I adjusted the sight to strike the target lower, and these pellets hit about 2 inches below the center of the bull. They were also over to the right, but I did not adjust for that.

Ten RS pellets went into 1.585 inches, and 9 of them are in 1.071 inches. This time, there’s no smaller group within the large group, so I think the RS pellets aren’t as accurate as Falcons in my 1077.

1077 rifle JSB RS target 25 yards
Ten JSB Exact RS pellets in 1.585 inches at 25 yards, with 9 in 1.071 inches. Not quite as good as the Falcons.

RWS Superdome pellets
For the final pellet, I selected the RWS Superdome that often turns in remarkable results. I adjusted the dot sight up and to the right, and these pellets landed in the bullseye. Ten Superdomes went into 1.684 inches. As you can see, the group is fairly open. Nothing to make me think Superdomes might do better than this.

1077 rifle RWS Superdome target 25 yards
Ten RWS Superdome pellets in 1.684 inches at 25 yards.

Of course, I haven’t tested the 1077 with a lot of pellets that usually do well. There might be something even better than Falcons. But I think I’ve shown how well the rifle can shoot when fed pellets it likes.

Final evaluation
The Crosman 1077 is a tremendous value in a repeating air rifle. It’s rugged, accurate and needs nothing more than pellets and CO2 to get the job done. If you’ve been wondering whether or not this is a good buy, read this test to decide. I’ll never get rid of mine!