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Education / Training TAC-4.5 BB gun: Part 3

TAC-4.5 BB gun: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2

TAC 4.5 BB gun
The TAC-4.5 from ASG is a 21-shot BB repeater.

This report covers:

    • Accuracy day
    • Air Venturi zinc BBs
    • Daisy BBs
    • ASG Blaster BBs
    • Air Venturi copper BBs
    • The 2015 Texas Airgun Show
    • Door prize
    • Big bore match
    • Raffle prizes
    • Action pistol competition
    • A firearm show — too
    • Reception

Accuracy day

Today we learn whether the TAC-4.5 BB gun from ASG can shoot. We already know it is quiet, has a nice trigger and is very conservative with gas. Accuracy is the cherry on the sundae. The distance was 5 meters.

Air Venturi zinc BBs

The first BB tested was an Air Venturi silver (zinc-plated) BB. Seven of them went into an incredible 0.727 inches at 5 meters. The other 3 BBs opened the group to 1.877 inches. I think those 3 shots were caused by aiming errors, because the front sight has an red fiberoptic bead that is larger than the entire bull on a 10-meter rifle target.

TAC 4.5 BB gun Air Venturi BBs
Ten Air Venturi silver BBs went into 1.877 inches at 5 meters, but 7 of them went into just 0.727 inches.

I shot the gun off an MTM shooting bench, using the bipod that came with the gun. If that hadn’t been as stable as I liked I would also have shot it off a UTG Monopod. But the bipod that’s packed with the gun is very stable.

Daisy BBs

Daisy Premium Grade BBs were loaded next. Ten went into 1.486 inches. These BBs were the most variable in size in Part 2 when I measured them, but they did okay on paper.

TAC 4.5 BB gun Daisy BBs
Ten Daisy BBs went into 1.486 inches at 5 meters.

ASG Blaster BBs

Next in line were ASG’s own Blaster steel BBs. Ten of them went into 1.716 inches, but one of them was a flier. Nine are in a tight 1.025 inches. As I said before, that front bead is so large that I’m sure there was a large error from aiming.

TAC 4.5 BB gun Blaster BBs
Ten ASG Blaster BBs went into 1.716 inches inches at 5 meters, but 9 of them are 1.025 inches.

Air Venturi copper BBs

The last BB I tried was the copper-plated Air Venturi BB. Ten of these went into 1.582 inches at 5 meters. I though they would be the best, when in fact they were in the middle of the accuracy scale.

TAC 4.5 BB gun Air Venturi copper BBs
Ten Air Venturi copper-plated BBs went into 1.582 inches inches at 5 meters.

Overall evaluation

I think the ASG TAC-4.5 is a fine BB gun. It’s quiet, gets great gas mileage and has a good trigger. Accuracy isn’t stellar, but I think that’s more on the front sight than on the overall gun. If you like quiet BB guns, this one is for you.

The 2015 Texas Airgun Show

Just a reminder that the Texas Airgun show is coming up fast. Edith asked me to go through with the show regardless of what happened, so of course I will do it for her.

Door prize

This year’s door prize will be a Condor SS, generously donated by AirForce Airguns. Everyone who pays admission to the show will have an equal chance to win this fine sporting PCP that AirForce will accessorize with a scope, rings and perhaps a bipod. That’s a lot to win for the price of admission! And, if our estimates are correct, there should only be 500-600 people attending the show (about 400 came last year), so your chances of winning are very good. The competitors in the big bore airgun match (LASSO) will get admission to the show and a chance at the door prize included included in their $20 match entry fee.

Big bore match

Speaking of the LASSO big bore match, it’s back, after 3 years hiatus. There are 2 classes — varmint (under .40 caliber)  and big game (.40 caliber and larger) and they will compete on a course that extends out to 250 yards. The targets are challenging and realistic for hunters.

For the grand prize Crosman Corporation has generously donated the very .357 Bulldog rifle that I tested for this blog and also wrote up in the color issue of Shotgun News that’s currently on the newsstands. Not only will the scoped rifle be awarded, it will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by me that proves it was used for the feature magazine article. The winner will also get a copy of the color issue of Shotgun News that contains that article. And Crosman has included two boxes of their Benjamin Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets. This is a very important grand prize!

Raffle prizes

In addition to the door prize there will also be several raffle prizes — drawn throughout the show. Among them are a .357 Carnivore QE big bore rifle from Hatsan USA, a Diana RWS model 34 from RWS USA, a Legends P.08 Blowback pistol from Umarex USA, an Airburst MegaBOOM Supersonic Target System with pump from MegaBOOM and several smaller prizes from Umarex USA. Pyramyd AIR has not yet announced the airgun they will donate (my fault, not theirs), but I expect it to be another very desirable airgun. And there are other dealers attending who may still donate to the raffle drawings.

Action pistol competition

MegaBOOM and Umarex USA are also hosting an action pistol match that’s open to the general public. Just pay the nominal entry fee and the guns and ammo will be supplied. The targets are all MegaBOOM action targets and the MegaBOOM company has said there will be a nice cash prize for the winner. All proceeds for the match will be donated to the Parker County Sportsman Club that hosts the airgun show.

A firearm show — too

One special thing about this show is that firearms are permitted as well as airguns. You have to be a Texas resident to buy and sell firearms, and all federal and state regulations apply. I also know that a famous maker of automatic knives will have a table and will be selling some fantastic creations. Automatic knives are now legal in the state of Texas.

Last year we had several tables with firearms and people who just attended also brought them to the show. This year I expect a lot more firearms because the members of the Parker County Sportsman Club that is hosting the show saw the huge turnout we had at last year’s show. And the crowd came to stay all day and had lots of money in their pockets. So if you are a Texas resident, don’t miss this chance to attend a dynamic gun show!


The evening before the show we will host a reception at the Texas Star Ranch and Retreat. It’s located along the road that runs from the hotel to the gun club, so show-goers will be able to find it quite easily. The reception starts at 6 p.m. and run to 8 p.m., during which we will film a special segment of the Round Table for the American Airgunner show. We are going to try to get some audience participation into this one. Light refreshments will be available, but have your dinner either before you come or after.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

89 thoughts on “TAC-4.5 BB gun: Part 3”

  1. May the Lord continue to grant you strength during this difficult period in your life. I’m sure she is smiling down upon you for carrying on as she requested.

  2. BB
    Our prayers are with you and hopefully providing the strength you have shown Edith by continuing on in this most difficult time for you.
    She is with you and smiling at your side as she always did so know that and let her give you the strength you deserve for carrying on as she requested you do.

    GOD Bless you both.


  3. BB,

    As BD said,…continued prayers for all strength needed.

    Thank you for today’s report. In a way, it help’s to bring a small amount of normalacy back to our (your friends and readers) lives as well.

    Since today’s report is a BB rifle, I wanted to personaly (thank you) for (your) encouragement to get the Avanti Champion 499. Despite,.. P.A. always having them on back-order and when they come in, they go quick. How quick?……On a Sunday, 8 appeared in stock. On Monday, after work, I called in a P.A. order,….they were gone. Determined not to be left out again,..I placed a back-order. Tuesday came and I had a voice mail that 1 order had been cacelled and that my 499 was being shipped asap. That’s good service.

    Since getting it,.. it has been a joy. (Everything you said it would be). Kept within arms reach, I often pick it up it and do a quick 10 group at my indoor 24′ target. The bulls on my homemade targets went from 6 per page, to 12,…about 2″ apart. The peep/globe sights are addictive ! If you remember, being able to see through them was one of my biggest concerns. (No problem,…as you said).

    So,…..Thank You,….Chris

      • JimM,

        I can recommend it. It cocks easy, 1 click at the end with a smooth return. The safety stays off, which is nice. The peep is plastic, but well made. Very positive clicks. I sighted it in in just 3 two shot groups. Most groups are within the .5 to .75 range with only 1 or 2 bb’s outside of that. That’s at 24′ and rested. BB got much better. I do shoot the Avanti Precision Ground Shot in it. It will punch through heavy graph paper w/ duct tape on the back, mounted to a corrigated cardbord box backer just fine. Only about 100 shots through it.

        It’s supposed to be “THE” most accurate bb gun. It’s priced right. The peep/globe is fun.

        You can’t really go wrong.

  4. Tom,
    I’m so sorry for your loss. Although I’ve never met either of you, just through your writing I can tell that Edith and you were great people. Edith will be missed, but never forgotten. Be strong, we’re all here for you.


  5. Tom, I am truly shocked by the news of your loss. I did a little bit of online study on Guillain Barre, as I’m sure others here have done too, and I expected Edith to recover. I just met you and Edith earlier this year at SHOT and Edith and I recently exchanged email about our mutual interest in learning about slingshots. Though it in no way compares to what you are experiencing, I feel like I have lost a new friend. I was very much looking forward to comparing slingshot notes with her.

    All my best to you during this difficult time and my sincerest hope is that you will be well.


  6. BB,

    I’m amazed that you still find time to write the blog. But as you said, maybe it helps maintain some “normality”.

    Anyway, I have permission to translate this great guide for disassembling the FWB300:


    Would that be something you would like to publish as a guest blog?


      • B.B.

        Maybe you could do a blog on writing Guest blogs.

        A couple of questions…

        Do you have a template for what fonts, sizes, margins etc. that you could share that should help getting things started?

        What format do you prefer? .doc .docx .rtf .txt?

        What size and resolution of pictures works best?

        How long can the blog be?

        I’m fairly comfortable writing documents, drawing sketches and editing images and would be willing to work with others who want to write a Guest blog but don’t have access to the editing software.

        Just a thought.


    • CptKlotz,

      Glad that you have permission to translate the FWB300 guide! That would be much appreciated Stephan!

      My 300SU has seen about 1000 pellets since it’s tune-up so I figure in another 1500-2000 it will settled in and be ready for some molly grease as it is sounding a bit dry (this is really just an excuse to disassemble it to look at the inner workings 🙂 ) – a winter project. The guide will be a great help.


  7. Tom, thanks for the update on the TX show and LASSO.

    The show advertisement says “Smallbore & big bore ranges” and “Airgun & firearm ranges”.

    Do you happen to have this info?
    – Other than Range C for LASSO, which ranges will be open to big bore airguns just for shooting (not competition)? For example, will Range B (100 yd) be open to airguns?
    – What hours will those ranges be open to airguns?
    – Is there a cost for use of those ranges?
    – Do non-members have to be accompanied by a member?

    Thanks again for any info.

    • Tedd,

      Very good questions.

      Range A (25 and 50 yards) is exclusively open to airguns all day. No fee is required. The club will have their Range Safety Officers (orange hats) present on the range to control things. They are all the accompaniment the public shooters require.

      Range C (250 yards) is open to the big bore match exclusively until 2 p.m. Same safety requirements are in place. The entry fee is the only fee that has to be paid, but you must compete in the match to shoot on this range. The public cannot just shoot their airguns on range C.

      To shoot on the 100-yard range (range B) there are no provisions in place. For that range and any other club range besides A and C, a shooter needs to be accompanied by a club member.


  8. BB
    There is no part 1 or 2 linked to today’s report.

    I want to go back and quick reference and see if you tryed rapid firing the gun in the velocity tests. I thought maybe that with the way they designed the gun with its amazing shot count that it might not freeze up like some other Co2 guns and slow up as much.

    I’ll go back and check. But just letting you know about the links.

      • BB
        Thanks for fixing.

        And I did go back and look to see if you tested the velocity rapid fire. I don’t see it anywhere in part 2.

        Do you think from what you have shot it so far if it will slow up much rapid firing the gun.

        That’s one of my main reasons I like the semi-auto Co2 guns and the bb guns that have the full auto burst settings.

        Do you think the gun your reviewing today would be a good rapid fire can killer out to 15 to 20 yards. The velocity you tested it at seems like it would be good enough if will maintain.

        • GF1,

          I didn’t test the gun rapid-fire because I noticed it lost velocity even when I waited 10 seconds between shots. It will probably stabilize at some lower velocity.

          I do think this is an excellent can-killer out to 20 yards.In fact, it would be perfect for the Rocket Shot Target System.


          • BB
            Ah yes the Rocket Can launcher.

            Maybe the Tak 4.5 would be one of those guns to practice reflex shooting holding the gun at your waist.

            That would be fun using it on the Rocket launcher for sure. And I can still see the smile when somebody I know said “got it” on a video they did when they hit the can shooting the Rocket launcher. 🙂

  9. Hi B.B.

    I’m humbled by your strength of mind & dedication to your work at a time when most would be numb & blank with sorry & emptiness at such a terrible loss. I’m sure Ms. Edith is by your side Sir giving you the strength & encouragement with the Lord’s grace. God Bless you both & thank you for carrying on the Blog. I helps me keep my sanity in this cruel & confusing world.


      • >I promised Edith I would carry on.

        Edith was a very smart lady. I know she cared about us and the blog, but she also knew what would be best for you, Tom!

      • B.B.

        I can’t even begin to understand the terrible turmoil in you as I’m a bachelor, but I tried to put myself in your place & it terrified me. That’s why I admire your strength & courage. I wouldn’t be able to endure it. Its good that you have the Blog to keep you occupied & take your mind off. Thanks for still trying to give us your much looked forward to articles in spite of all your pain. God Bless you.


  10. I’ve heard of “tactical forward, spring assist, switchboard and butterfly knives” and know about the “centrifugal force clause, but never an automatic knife
    are you saying anything goes now?

    • Reb,

      Automatic knives are switchblades. Automatic is the formal class. That is needed for legal reasons, so that there can be other knives that open quickly, “Open Assist” but do not fall into the automatiic category.


      • I’ve got knife I’ve been sitting on because just about anyway you grab it centrifugal force is all that’s necessary for full deployment The clip was missing when I found it at the water’s edge of one of my fishing holes.
        If it’s legal now I’ll have to get a clip on it and start carrying it so Thanks for the heads up!


      • BB
        Is that meaning the formerly illegal Nazi SS switchblade is now legal in Texas or is it still considered illegal since it automatically extends and retracts with the push of a button.

        I have always wanted one of those and just knowing that it might be possible to purchase one in Texas would be good to know .


        • I did buy a knife named “Black Magic” that the blade came from the front of the handle but it rode on tracks that covered the whole blade, otherwise it was a nice knife.

          • Reb
            Do you know what knife I am talking about in the Nazi SS switchblade as it is the one they used for assignations in stealth by walking up beside a person and placing the retracted knife against their body and press a button and the blade extends with sufficient force to penetrate the body then another push of the button and it retracts back in the handle as they walk away with no one the wiser as to just what happened.

            That’s what I want and they have been illegal here in the US for decades so was just curious if they could be bought in Texas now.


        • So long as it’s not double edged or overlength it doesn’t sound like there’s much they can say about it.
          I believe butterfly knives are classified as a fixed blade here and that’s what keeps the usable ones illegal.I went to jail one night for 3 double edged throwing knives and a 14″Bowie, straight outta my campsite

          • Reb
            Yea here in Alabama the only illegal knife for personnel carry is a bowie knife with a blade of over 12 inches long I believe as it has been awhile since I checked the laws but as long as it is fully concealable in a pocket any length or configuration is legal. So it only really pertains to open carry and yet we are a open carry state as far as firearms are concerned so why carry a blade in the open when you can carry a gun instead, Go figure stupid politicians is all I can say.


          • Reb
            The Nazi switchblade is double edged so that may be a factor in its legality but it is not a issue here in Alabama as I stated before only a fixed blade of more than 12 inches is illegal for open carry but not for possession .


            • I just watched a video of one a guy has and it had a stilleto blade but not necessarily doulde edged so long as the top side of the blade is dull it should be legal but I’ll have to do checking. I’m sure it will be put to the test before long.

              • Reb
                I am going to do some research as well because I do know the Nazi stilettos had a sharp double edge blade so it would penetrate very fast and effortlessly.


                • BD76,

                  Many years ago, in Ohio, I got a switchblade “kit”. It assembled easy and had a quality fit and finish. The blade was low quality steel as you might expect,…but hey,…it worked great. Long gone now,…I think I sold it. 🙁 Classic look, function and length.

                  • Chris, USA
                    I also bought a copy of the Stiletto as well years ago and still have it somewhere but it lacked the spring power that a true Stiletto has so that is why I want a real one as a personnel carry weapon since it does not take good hand/finger mobility to get open fast in a attack type scenario. I do carry concealed as well but all situations do not warrant a gun to diffuse easy and quickly.


              • Reb
                I have seen the side open one as well and those are called a switchblades as compared to a Stilletto that does not open from the side by spring pressure but come straight out the handle.

                Yea all knifes had to stay at home or at least not be seen when at school as I had one in my pocket all the time as I went to junior high school by boat since I could not ride the bus due to my homes location in relation to the school. I used that knife most every day off school grounds when in the boat for one reason or another and is one of those little freedoms are youth have lost in this country today.


                • I have carried a knife everyday since kindergarten for 45 years.
                  It’s a shame kids are instructed the never ever carry knives. My work crew is often found nibbling open fertilizer and seed bags with their fingernails or teeth. We are becoming less civilized instead of safer.
                  Auto knives are legal in my state now as well as concealed carry w/o permit!

                  • Mr Rob
                    We are very much alike as I to have always carried a knife as early as 1st grade and was hunting with a 12 ga shotgun by myself at 8 year old with my fathers permission as I bought the gun with my chore/ lawn mowing money from my grandfathers sporting goods shop in 1964 and was accompanied by my best friends as well with their own shotguns or rifles and with their parents permission.

                    It is the dumbing down of America that we see happening before our eyes and if it is not stopped in this next election then this country as we know it is doomed for failure.

                    I myself am 100% behind Donald Trump for president as he is just what we need in charge of this country now with the bull in the china shop mentality to clean house and start fresh.
                    Most do not realize he is using his own money to campaign so he is not beholden to anyone but the people of this country and will give in to no special interest groups or big labor unions that have all the others in their pockets.


                • Buldawg76,

                  So true,…me as well,..minus the boat. I am not sure really understand what has changed. I am not really sure I want to. Way back in the day, pocket knives were something that you hold in your pocket,…ready for anything that may come your way throughout your day. Never,..ever,…were they ever considered to harm anyone. Rather,..something as a “bragging right” out on the playground, (“top secret” of coarse),.. and after school while walking home. And of coarse, the inevatable trading. That was economics “101”…you got, I want, let’s make a deal.

                  Yea,….times have changed,….(no comment required). In reality, it’s better off the way it is untill something else changes. And hey,..let’s be real,…it ain’t just about pocket knives.


                  • Chris, USA ‘
                    The pocket knife I carried was given to me by my grandfather as a cherished gift that was the world to me so it was going to be with me wherever I went and still have it to this day as it was given to him by his father. And yes you are exactly right as it was not only bragging rights on the play ground but a sign of maturity and responsibility to have for the time it was needed and never ever thought of as a weapon or threat to someone else.

                    It is indeed a much different world today and we are the only ones that can truly make the changes needed to get back to our roots or at least as close as it ever will be possible to do so and the pocket knife is just the tip of the iceberg.

                    There is still hope we just have to stand as one against the evil among us and the good will triumph as always. Donald trump for president.


                • BD,
                  Do a search for angel blade knives,you’ll find lots of nice options.
                  I’ve had a few of these forward or front opening knives and I like them but,,
                  they usually have weak springs for PD use.Of course we know that springs can be upgraded :>)

                  • JTin AL
                    It appears you are a good ole boy as well and live here in Dixie I presume by your handle. I to live in Dixie and while I was nor born her I am in my home at last as to me there is no other place I would rather live but right here in Dixie.

                    I will check into the Angel blade knives as you are right springs are easily changed as long as it will extend and retract just like a true SS Stiletto as I truly am not concerned much anymore with laws concerning guns, knives or whatever weapon I chose to carry as in this day and age it is all just a matter of survival of the fittest and any advantage I can give my self over a person with the only goal of to hurt or harm me for their gain will be dealt with to the fullest extent I am capable of giving back to them regardless of the consequences of my actions.

                    My parents raised me to believe the only fair fight is the one you walk away from so while I do not want to harm anyone for any reason at the same time I will fight with whatever I have at hand and fight with one goal and that is to win at all costs Period.

                    I carry a knife , a stinger and gun with me at all times so anyone who choses to attack me will have more than they bargained for in a very angry package as I am furious as to the direction this country is heading and that anger will be unleashed on the person that choses to think they will relieve me of my possessions .


                    • BD,
                      We are agreed on all the above.
                      I’m definitely an Alabama boy,even though I haven’t lived here my whole
                      life I’m back in my home town now.Some say I don’t qualify as a Southerner
                      since I don’t drink coffee or beer and I love to read hehehe.
                      I live west of Huntsville and I am within spittin’ distance of Bankhead National
                      Forest.I can see the border of the forestland from my front porch :>).
                      There are several of us on the blog,I’ve been a member on here for several years but don’t post much.There’s a nice fella over in Huntsville that used to post a lot but I haven’t seen anything from him lately.

                      As far as the angel blade knives that’s not a brand name or anything it’s just a search term that has given me the best results when I go lookin for that type of knife.I hope it helps ya find what ya want.Good luck with that new savage and I sure hope that M8 is a sweet shooter for you and the other fellas that are gettin them.I’m kinda jealous since my airgun buyin has been put on hold.

                  • JTinAL
                    Yep agreed as well as I did not grow up here either and was a military brat and only moved here (Oxford AL ) in 93 after the blizzard and like you drink very little beer ( a twelve pack in 6 months ) and most definitely no coffee for me as well.

                    I live within spittin distance of the Talladega National forest and right at the base of MT Cheaha so very much in common and used to work and test bikes on the super speedway for Harley at the Talladega test Facility from 98 to 09 when they moved it all to Arizona. I do not read much unless its gun, car or bike related but shoot every chance I get and shoot in the MT Cheaha Air gun field target Club ( MCAFT in the green forum on the AAFTA website ) ) in Heflin , AL and would love to have you come down and shoot with us some time. We usually shoot the first Saturday of each month ( this Saturday is our August match ) so maybe you could work it into a weekend trip and you will have a place to stay in the form of a couch or air mattress so let me know if you are interested.

                    Good to know on the knives.


                    • That’s a very generous invitation and I definitely appreciate it.
                      I will have to respectfully decline as I don’t leave town very often
                      anymore and rarely have the desire to.
                      I’m really just a plinker and haven’t developed a taste or an airgun for FT yet
                      even with events as close as by as Huntsville (Not sure if they still have them)
                      and just across the border in TN.

                      Even though I enjoy almost anything that launches a projectile I’ve never been serious enough to put the time and effort in to get good and I don’t have much of a competitive nature.The only things I’ve really put any effort into are self defense and hunting.I’m the same about bikes.I love to ride but never put the effort in to be more than a joy rider on or off road.The last few years I’ve developed an intense interest in scooters,I guess it’s my lazy nature but I like them for the same reasons I prefer an auto trans in a car or pickup.I understand the reasons and need for manual gears but after 18+ years as an over the road trucker I just got bored with shifting lol.

                  • JTinAL
                    I understand completely as I was much the same way for the last couple of years since my health went south and had been waiting for SSD to get approved and could not afford to travel and enjoy my new found hobby since major work on cars and bikes are no longer possible I turned to air guns to satisfy the need/urge to keep my hands and mind busy all the time to keep my sanity on this crazy time we live in now.

                    I did not originally get back into air guns to shoot FT but just kind of stumbled on it as we held the nationals last year at our clubs range and I heard about it and went to watch and was hooked.
                    I started with a 40 dollar break barrel spring gun and was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of one of the club shooters and was offered a deal I could not refuse and we have become good friends since that time. I have been able to improve my shooting with every match and I am only in competition with myself to improve my score with each match I shoot and so far have been successful at doing so.

                    I can understand after years on the road it is time to grow roots and stay close to home so no worries here but if you are ever down this way let me know and we can at least get together for a short visit.


                    • A visit and maybe a fun shoot sounds good.
                      I’ll definitely keep you in mind and thanks for the invite 🙂

              • Reb
                Yea I am going to try to make it but the wife’s knee issue is still not resolved so we need to get that fixed before we travel any distance as if she is in pain its not going to happen .


                • I understand!
                  My riding time is about one hour in the Honda I’ll be coming in. But I should see you there if you do.
                  I started to make reservations earlier but decided to consult the driver first gotta get it done soon or pay full price.

                  • Reb
                    Yea I am running out of time as well and the wife’s doc appointment is for Aug 14 so wont know anything until then but may make reservations as I can always cancel if it is not going to work out.


                    • Glad to hear you’re getting a second chance to enjoy your gun! And that’s Where my Regal seems most at home as well but in .177.
                      What I like so much about the aluminum beverage cans is that you get to drain them first and if you hit em low with enough power they bounce. 🙂

                    • I’ve got a wisdom tooth coming out on the 28th so I don’t know how good I’ll be feeling eitherGood luck and have a safe trip if you come!

    • Reb, because you have shown an interest in my Titan fix I want to tell you that I backed up to 35 yards and the pellet is still going completely through the water filled bottle. Not exactly scientific but I do keep the basics the same. I fill the bottle to the top and screw the lid on. I may be mistaken but I don’t want the water to have any place to go except out the hole(s) made by the pellet. The best part may be that both the Titan and I were doing better than I expected at 35 yards. ~ken

      • Glad to hear you’re getting a second chance to enjoy your gun! And that’s Where my Regal seems most at home as well but in .177.
        What I like so much about the aluminum beverage cans is that you get to drain them first and if you hit em low with enough power they bounce. 🙂

  11. I would have thought that accuracy was more the substance of the sundae rather than the cherry. But the rifle does seem to perform, and I always like to see how gun shoot at my distance of 5 yards. 🙂

    Perhaps I missed something. What could stand in the way of the Texas airgun show that sounds like a great time?

    Just returned from my trip where I completed another chapter in the Saiga/AK experiment. My Dad said that the gun was “brutish” because it was ugly, unbalanced, and because he couldn’t shoot well with it. On the other hand, a 78 year old ex-Force Recon Marine and Vietnam Vet said that he loved the rifle. He put 10 rounds into an inch at 50 yards and 5 into 3 inches at 100 yards while struggling with vision problems. I wasn’t far behind with 5 shots into an inch at 50 yards and 5 into 3.5 inches at 100 yards, so I’m making progress.


      • BB

        Very cool. I have heard varying accounts of the bug-a-salts effectiveness and wondered what your take would be.

        You probably already know this, but it has been reported that table salt is not necessarily the best ammo for this gun. Poppy seeds appear to be the projectiles of choice. I would also be interested to see how kosher salt, rock salt or ice-cream sprinkles would fare as well.

        Perhaps a head to head contest with the bug-a-salt pitted against the bug blaster would be informative?


        C’mon…you know you want to.

      • B.B.,

        The funniest part is that (You) would pick that. That is awesome ! 🙂

        You are truely willing “to go where no other airgun writer has gone before” !

        Needless to say, you can take some real EXTREME liberties with your writing and review.

        Perhaps slicing a tomatoe, shooting the slices and eating them,………the commentary would follow something like this…….

        …..at the (extreme range) of 24″, the Bug-A-Salt showed good (projectile distribution). Taste test showed that coarse ground pepper would have added more balance to the overall particle dispurtion as well as bring more (focus) to the sweetness of the tomatoe. While I could not get readings on my chrony, I would estimate it at 5 fps. All in all, I can recommend the Bug-A-Salt for your next BBQ with your airgunning buddies,….hide the salt and pepper shakers…….this baby is going to shake things up !

        Awwwwe,…you get the idea…..have some “fun” with that one ! 😉


  12. Reb
    I do not like tooth issues like wisdom teeth that need pulling and was fortunate enough to get all mine out as a kid so they are not there to cause issues today. Hope it goes well and you are over most of the pain by the show start and will let you know if we can make it.

    if you were referring to my 25 marauder build I have not gotten all the parts yet and actually just found out the WAR parts were just shipped today when they were paid for on the 17th so a little miffed at that but as long as they get here its all that matters. So its still in the shooting condition just in stock form and not in the hyper power form yet.

    But did get my M8 today and its all BB said it is and more as it is so easy to cock and I have not put a scope on it yet but was still able to barrel sight and hit feral cans at 20 yards with it repeatedly.


    • I was wishing luck on the wife’s well being for the trip. I also wish you luck on your B-rod project and anything else you got going on.
      The M-8 was on my shopping list last spring but I wanted to be sure it had the 2 bladed trigger because my nephew’s new deer rifle has one the Savage accutriggers on it.
      it’s still in my cart as well as a 2240, some pellets and other stuff.
      Any plans for sights on it yet?

      • Reb
        My M8 is patiently waiting for me to get home from work tonight. It arrived while I was at work already.
        I ordered mine and I think Buldawg orders his the same day.

        I’m going to mount one of my Hawke scopes on it when I get home.

        Buldawg already gave me some details about his. But I’m not going to spill the bean’s about how mine is. I’m waiting to say anything about mine until I see how BB’s M8 does.

        But I will say is from what Buldawg has told me I do believe it will be able to take the Bronco’s place and I’ll leave it at that.

          • BB
            You know I will after BB gives the main details first.

            I said I was going to get one but wait for BB’s review. But I just felt like I should get one now. Didn’t want to miss out like I did with the Bronco.

            But I will wait to say what I think my particular gun is like when BB covers his gun first.

      • Reb
        Yes the M8 does have the two bladed trigger and is very easy to cock at like maybe 20 pounds effort so you should have no issue cocking it and it is just slightly over 90 degrees of travel to cock it. The trigger is not adjustable as far as I can see but it has a nice first stage pull on the one half of the trigger and then maybe a pound and a half pull on the second stage with just a slight creep that I believe will get better with use.
        It is all BB has said it is and more in my book as it would truly be an all day shooter and it already has a Hammers 3x9x40 AO scope on it and the recoils is practically non existent so no shoulder bruising either.

        I also just bought a Savage A17 semi auto 17 HMR rifle at bass pro shops this weekend as they were having their NRA weekend sale and since I was in Birmingham for my right eye surgery we stopped by on the way home and with the 10 % off for the NRA sale plus me applying for a credit card it gave me another 10% off of everything I bought so the 399.99 A17 only cost me 320 buck plus a brick of 22lr and a brick of 17HMR A17 specific ammo and some pellets and other items I saved 120 bucks total and while the savage accutrigger is very nice with a super light first stage pull with a light 1/2 pound second stage pull with a very creep free crisp release I am going to have to get used to the very narrow center first stage trigger it has as I like the M8s double side by side trigger setup much better.


  13. B.B.,

    I have not gone back to see if you covered this when you talked about shooting pellets out of the Colt Peacemaker, but I believe head size is something to be concerned about. Right after you first wrote that addendum, I loaded some Crosman “Competition Wadcutter Premium Grade” pellets (inexpensive tin can of 250 from a big box sporting goods store) and fired a couple dozen through my Peacemaker with no problems. Yesterday I was in the mood for some plinking, so loaded RWS Hobbys in my “trusty six-shooter” — only to have several misfires. The first couple of shots were fine, but then the next two never made it out of the cartridge. I inserted a fresh CO2 cartridge, as the one in there had been installed about a week ago — but not fired. That wasn’t it. The same thing happened again, with the first shot not clearing the cartridge, and the second sticking in the barrel. I emptied all the cartridges, and “dry fired”, with the pellet then clearing the barrel. I didn’t have time to use the PelletGage on any of those RWS Hobbys yet, but am assuming that has to be the issue, since I didn’t have that problem with the Crosmans.

    Jim M.

  14. BB
    I am in need of your help. I just purchased the Air Venturi M8 you are reviewing and it came with no owners manual and PA customer service said it is the same gun as a Bronco so I downloaded the owners manual for the Bronco and was trying to find a schematic for it as well but they do not have one listed for it and went to my trusty French source for schematics for most every air gun ever made but they do not list Air venturi as a manufacture so I assume they are like Beeman or RWS and just an importer/rebrander.

    Is there a Mendoza equivalent to the Bronco or M8 that I could use for a schematic of the M8 for future reference and part usage.


      • BB
        Just to let you know I am very pleased with my M8 and it is all you have stated it to be so far in your review of it and more. It has a very calm firing cycle almost to the point of no recoil at all and at first had just a very little spring twang but after about 50 CP heavies thru it the twang is all but gone. The double two stage trigger is a first for me and I will say I like it a lot and just hope with time it will lighten up in the second stage pull with it wearing in or I may give it some help with polishing to smooth it out. ( Question is there a spring that can be changed to lighten the second stage pull since there is no adjustment for it or is it just polish and let it wear in to become happy )

        It is a much better looking gun than I expected and is quite accurate with just a quick rough sight in this morning at 20 yards to about am inch size groups as I just wanted to shoot it more before the final sight in for smaller groups. So very happy I bought one before they are gone as well since I missed the Broncos as it is indeed am all day shooter and I believe it will be one my grandkids and whole family will enjoy for years to come.


  15. BB…

    Have been reading your blogs for quite some time, but created a userid just to say how sorry I am to hear of the passing of your lovely wife. You will be in my thoughts and prayers…


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