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Education / Training Kral Puncher Pro B W PCP rifle: Part 4

Kral Puncher Pro B W PCP rifle: Part 4

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Kral Puncher Pro
Kral Puncher Pro PCP. The test rifle’s walnut stock is not as blonde as this one.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

This report covers:

  • First test
  • Wind
  • Third test
  • RWS Superdome
  • JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy
  • Adjust the scope
  • JSB Exact Jumbo
  • H&N Baracuda Match 5.53mm heads
  • Evaluation
  • Next

You have waited patiently for this 50-yard accuracy report since the middle of May. I have had the rifle to the range several times, and today I’ll tell you what happened.

First test

The first time I went out, I couldn’t get the rifle to group with any pellet. No matter what I did with the power level, the pellets went all over the place. The groups were 5 to 7 inches. After seeing what the rifle could do at 25 yards with the same pellets, I knew something was wrong, and I thought I knew what it was.

I removed the muzzle cap and found the problem. The cap has a bright line down the inside. Pellets have been scraping the inside of the cap before they leave the muzzle.

Kral Puncher muzzle cap
Pellets have been scraping the inside of the Kral muzzle cap before they leave the muzzle.


The next time I was out at the 50-yard range, the wind was gusting to 20 miles per hour. I shot several groups with the muzzle cap removed, but they didn’t do any better than 2 inches. I didn’t want to report that because of the wind, so a third test was required.

Third test

Last Friday was the third and final test for the Kral Puncher Pro pcp rifle. The wind was as close to zero as it gets. I shot with the rifle rested on a sandbag. So, the conditions were perfect.

I shot at full power because this was a 50-yard test. I knew the rifle likes to be filled to 2900 psi (exactly 200 bar) and that is where it was filled. The muzzle cap was off the rifle and the report was a little louder, but not by much.

RWS Superdome

Ten RWS Superdomes went into a group that measured 5.263-inches between centers. This was clearly not the right pellet for 50 yards. At 25 yards 10 of the same pellet had gone into 0.615-inches, which made this group all the more surprising. I won’t bother to show a picture of it.

JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy

Next to be tried were 10 JSB Exact Jumbo Heavys. They landed just below the bull I was aiming at in a 1.436-inch group. This was more like it, though not as tight as I had hoped.

Kral Puncher Jumbo Heavy group 1
Ten JSB Exact Jumbo Heavys went into 1.436-inches at 50 yards.

Adjust the scope

At 25 yards the Kral had put 10 into 0.728-inches, so again I was surprised by the lack of accuracy at 50 yards. However, I adjusted the scope to hit higher and tried a second group of Jumbo Heavys. This group measures 2.284-inches between centers. This group is very vertical which led me to believe the rifle needed to be filled.

Kral Puncher JSB Jumbo Heavy group 2
The second group of 10 JSB Exact Jumbo Heavys went into 2.284-inches at 50 yards.

This was going the wrong way, so I decided to try a different pellet. When I checked the onboard pressure gauge it told me the rifle still had 2500 psi, which is the middle of the charge, so I shot one more group. This one was with a different pellet.

JSB Exact Jumbo

In the 25-yard test the JSB Exact Jumbo pellet had been the most accurate, putting 10 into 0.492-inches. I felt that should translate to less than an inch at 50 yards, so I tried it. The rifle was still shooting on high power and was in the middle of a fill.

Ten pellets went into 0.944-inches. Hurrah! The rifle is accurate, after all.

Kral Puncher JSB Jumbo group 1
Ten JSB Exact Jumbo pellets went into this 0.944-inch group at 50 yards.

I now filled the rifle, since 40 shots had been fired on high power. I dialed the power back just a little and tried the JSB Jumbos again. This time the group was lower and more open. Ten pellets went into 1.919-inches at 50 yards. That’s going the wrong way again, so I decided to try a different pellet

Kral Puncher JSB Jumbo group 2
Ten JSB Exact Jumbo pellets made this 1.919-inch group at 50 yards on a full fill of the rifle.

H&N Baracuda Match 5.53mm heads

Leaving the power where it was (just under max) and the scope as it was adjusted, I shot 10 H&N Baracuda Match with 5.53mm heads at 50 yards. Ten went into 2.633-inches at 50 yards. Another pellets that’s not for this Kral.

Kral Puncher Baracuda group
Ten H&N Baracuda Match pellets with 5.53mm heads made this 2.633-inch group at 50 yards. There is one at the edge of the paper on the left.


I am not impressed with this Kral Puncher Pro. It does handle air well, and the walnut stock is very attractive. However, the trigger is too heavy and I had to do too much to get one good group at 50 yards.

There may be something wrong with this particular rifle, because the 50-yard groups are so different from those shot at 25 yards. I did find that the muzzle cap was touching pellets as they left the barrel; maybe some of the baffles are, too.


I’m not giving up on Kral PCPs, because they do offer a lot of value at a low price. I have a bullpup to test next. It’s called the Puncher Breaker (where do they come up with these names?) that’s also in .22.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

49 thoughts on “Kral Puncher Pro B W PCP rifle: Part 4”

  1. B.B.,

    Is there an article lurking in there regarding factors affecting accuracy of pellets between 25 yards and farther (+50 yards)? Besides the obvious external factors of wind, humidity and lighting. What can one do to prepare one’s gun for shooting at far distances?


    • Siraniko,

      My gun experience has been, either they will or they won’t. Pellet selection is important, but you can see what you thought might happen at 50, did not pan out. I shoot the M-rod to 100 frequently. 2 1/2″ is my best I can do on a consistent basis. Having plenty of power, (fps), is key in my opinion which will help with stability. GF1’s M-rod out shot mine, but his was tuned to make another 100 fps, which I think helped. That said, I think that fpe at target is key as well. Grain, fps and fpe.

      As for pellets,.. in my opinion, the best ones at 25 are the best at 50 and out, even though that did not prove to be the case in today’s report. It goes without saying that any mistakes made by the shooter will be greatly amplified at further ranges, a non-issue with B.B. behind the trigger.

      At any rate, interesting report. I had hoped for better.

    • Siraniko,

      I don’t think it’s an article. I don’t see this happen that often and I think it’s just this one rifle and not all of them. Somewhere else inside the shroud the pellet must be touching, but it is slight and doesn’t affect the accuracy until after 25 yards. That’s my guess.


  2. (Manly!) electric razor users allowed here? 😉

    I agree, seems like something is going on with this gun…some groups not bad at 50 but others way too big. And nope, you can’t just look at a 10 yard group and multiply to figure what it will do at 20 or 50. There’s a lot of potential variables, and I’ve even seen reports of a pellet grouping tighter at 20 yards than at 10. Sure keeps things “interesting,” if that’s the right word!

      • I’d say leave the airgun home unless you’ll be out “in the sticks”. If you do hunt iguanas they must be killed humanely (SPCA requirement and a gun does qualify) and disposed of properly. I’m not sure if a hunting license would be required for taking exotics as they are not regulated (no size or bag limit).

        • Yes I was looking at the fla game web site. It seems like the greenies are farther south than Orlando. I was also thinking about helping eradicate cane toads but didn’t seem like they are concentrated near Orlando either. Thanks for your advice. Doesn’t seem worth the hassle.

        • Are you a bee keeper? I have taken an apiary class at Purdue, and am interested in getting a hive next year. What’s your take on colony collapse is it varoa mites or pesticides? Have you had any run ins with Africanized bees?

          • Actually my “handle” comes from something unrelated to bees. Fortunately I’ve had no dealings with the Africanized sort. I have run into a few beekeepers and they all tell me it’s mites.

  3. BB,

    Two questions. Why would pellets all of a sudden be hitting the muzzle cap and probably a baffle when they did not do so before?

    Did you try a 25 yard group for comparison to the previous 25 yard groups?



  4. Hello B.B!

    Off Topic: TX Air Gun Show — Who is going?

    I am driving down from KC, and looking forward to being there for the second year in a row. I know Rick Ward, the “Urban Airgunner” is going to be there, as well as Jerry Cupples of the PelletGage. If you are there, please say “hello”. I’m hard to see — 6’5″, 250 lbs. — but just look for the goofy guy pestering Tom about everything air gun under the sun, and that’ll be me!

    Jim M.

  5. BB—-If you shot a few pellets into water, or a box filled with foam pellets, you could examine them to see if they were being damaged by the cap ( or baffles ). A pellet recovery system might be a usefull tool that would help in finding out why some pellets are more accurate than other pellets in many air guns. Pushing a pellet through the barrel with a rod ( slugging ) would also work, but only in some guns . ——Ed

  6. BB,

    I missed out on the Diana yesterday. I was down near Columbia, SC at my brother-in-law’s burning out my retinas. Pretty awesome sight.

    RidgeRunner’s Home For Wayward Airguns is offering free room and board until Labor Day if you think the Diana would mind staying awhile.

  7. I am sorry you are having that much trouble and I still wish you could try a Puncher Mega. The trigger on mine easily adjusted to one pound and the accuracy with several pellets at 50 yards is an inch or less. It will stay under two inches at 100 yards. If anyone reading this lives in the Amarillo area I would be happy to take you out to the range and let you shoot the gun . This would let you see if you like the Krals or not.

    • BB
      Ok I think you knew this question was going to happen.

      So if you were a customer and bought this gun from a company like Pyramyd AIR or other companies. Not to pin point Pyramyd AIR. Would you send it back saying what your exsperiancing to them and send it back. Would you try another or go a different way?

        • BB
          Ok wasn’t trying to put you down n the spot either. But I’m willing to say other people could be thinking the same question.

          I know your always pressed for time. But it would be nice if you could get your hands on another to see how it does.

          Kind of a shame. They are nice looking guns.

                    • TT
                      Not me. I had clippers before.

                      They do tend to throw the pellet in the same direction.

                      But plain and simple accurate is and accurate is not.

                      Those clipping groups is a is not however you look at it. One thing I don’t want to think about is going to happen with a $500+ gun.

                      Sorry but the odds don’t add up if you know what I mean. Especially for that kind of money.

                  • GF

                    OK. So not a FWB .

                    By the way….took out another starling with the FWB a few days ago, and two more starlings and a red squeerul a week or so before that with an R7 . Next victim will get the S500.


                    • TT
                      Right. Definitely not a FWB. Only if that Kral had a clue.

                      I remember that 500. Was wondering if you got it out anymore after the FWB. The FWB was a 800 wasn’t it?

                    • GF

                      The R7s are about as light as the 30s . Lots of fun .
                      That 800 is FAT and short . No idea if it is nearly the same as a 300 .
                      I don’t use the hand riser if that’s what it’s called . Still a heavy weight. .


                  • GF

                    I still shoot the 500 . A lot more punch . It’s the superlite carbine . Nice for hunting .
                    The FWB is a thick, heavy chunk . It’s the Basic field target 800 . Puts holes right where the crosshairs are .


                    • TT
                      I know where your coming from.

                      I shoot stupid good 10 shot group’s with my FWB 300s. And not group but multiple good 10 shot groups at 50 yards. And it does the same thing every shot. First to last.

                      I wish it was as light as my HW30s. I just might trim this stock down I have now. It’s not the good stock Buldawg got when he got it from me. So not as much regret I’d I mess it up. But haven’t yet so well

    • Looking forward to your review on the Puncher Breaker. I have seen a few videos on it ,especially the one Steve did on his AE&A channel. God willing and my heart holds out a little longer that gun will be my next gun after the first of the year.

  8. Interesting article as usual, B.B. I, too, wonder whether the clipping might have begun partway into your test.

    I’ve only experienced clipping in one instance. In this case, pellets were touching the end cap about 20% of the time. The cool thing was that this stood out glaringly on chronograph strings. I’m talking a “traditional” PCP velocity curve at 600-odd fps, only punctuated by intermittent shots in the 200’s through 400’s. I was able to convince myself that only these shots were contacting the end cap.

    It might be “fun” in your copious spare time to see if this rifle’s clipping now shows in chronograph data.

    PS, in my own example, the clipping was a symptom and not a cause. Alignment of my barrel/shroud/baffles/endcap was good, and the barrel itself was not so good. At least inasmuch as a kneejerk barrel replacement completely ended the clipping and tightened what had been shotgun groups.


  9. BB,

    I’ve come to believe, after reading it in many of your blogs and in frequent comments, that I was thinking too simply when I expected a group at one distance to ONLY double in size at twice the distance. That leaves me wondering why you would be disappointed in the group you got with the Jumbo Heavy pellet since it is actually less( though only by a small margin) than double the 25 yard group. Have I misunderstood your position on this or is this a special case?

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