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ASG CZ 75 P-07 Duty BB pistol with blowback: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

ASG CZ 75 P-07 BB pistol
ASG CZ 75 P-07 Duty BB pistol with blowback.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • The test
  • ASG Blaster BBs
  • Trigger blade is curved
  • Smart Shot BBs
  • Hornady Black Diamond BBs
  • Sight adjustment
  • Dust Devils
  • Summary

Today is accuracy day for the ASG CZ 75 P-07 Duty BB pistol, and I think you will be surprised. I know I was.

The test

I shot this BB pistol from 5 meters off a UTG Monopod rest. I started out badly, getting such a large 10-shot group with ASG Blaster BBs that I frankly did not believe it. I noticed on the last couple of shots that I wasn’t concentrating on the front sight and I thought that might be the reason for the poor showing. I decided to give ASG BBs a second chance.

ASG Blaster BBs

I’m so glad I did try a second group, because I shot much better this time and also I learned what caused the problem. It wasn’t the sight like I thought, though that was a part of it. This time the CZ75 P-07 Duty put 10 BBs in 1.455-inches. The group is well-centered but low on the target. That means the pistol is sighted to shoot to the aim point, because I was using a 6 o’clock hold.

ASG CZ 75 P-07 ASG Blaster target
Once I settled down and concentrated on the front sight blade, the P-07 delivered. Ten ASG Blaster BBs went into 1.455-inches at 5 meters.

Trigger blade is curved

The next time I shot I concentrated on the front sight and the gun shot well. But the trigger blade is very curved and, as the pull gets harder at the end of the trigger travel, the trigger blade becomes uncomfortable. To counter that I had to press with the tip of my trigger finger instead of the crease at the first knuckle that felt more natural. If you have large hands or even just long fingers this may affect you, as well.

Smart Shot BBs

For the next target I fired 10 Air Venturi Smart Shot BBs. These lead BBs do not bounce off hard targets, which makes them safer to shoot. However, in the CZ75 P-07 they didn’t do very well. I know I was holding right for the best possible results, but they landed in a wide 2.841-inch group.

ASG CZ 75 P-07 Smart Shot targett
Smart Shot BBs do not group well in this BB pistol. Ten are in 2.841-inches.

Notice, also, that they grouped a lot lower than the first group. I’m sure that is caused by the lower velocity, and I’ll show you why I’m sure in a bit.

I said at the beginning of the report that this BB pistol did surprisingly well today. What was I talking about? Well, the next target, as it turns out.

Hornady Black Diamond BBs

The next BB I tried was the Hornady Black Diamond BB. I have to tell you — these BBs seem to do best most of the time. I have seen them do poorly in a couple BB guns, so I will always test other BBs as well, but these Black Diamonds are fast becoming my go-to BB.

Ten Black Diamonds made a 0.897-inch group. I could see the large hole growing as I shot. Boy — is that a comforting feeling!

Unfortunately Black Diamonds grouped to the right of the aim point. The rear sight has to be adjusted to the left to compensate for this.

ASG CZ 75 P-07 Black Diamond target
Now, that’s a group! Ten Hornady Black Diamond BBs went into 0.897-inches at 5 meters!

Sight adjustment

After today’s test was over I did move the rear sight to the left far enough to zero for Black Diamonds. Now I have a BB pistol that will drill them every time!

Dust Devils

The last BB I tested (and before I adjusted the rear sight) was the Air Venturi Dust Devil. Remember I said I would prove how I know the Smart Shot BBs hit the target low because they weigh more? Well, Dust Devils are the lightest in the test and they struck the target higher than the rest. I think that’s pretty convincing proof.

Dust Devils grouped 10 in 2.08-inches at 5 meters. The group is well-centered on the bull, but not the tightest. It’s okay for rolling soda cans and larger targets but not for anything much smaller.

ASG CZ 75 P-07 Dust Devil target
Dust Devils are not for the P-07. Ten are in 2.08-inches at 5 meters.


I have ripped straight through this report and tried to put my comments at the spot they belonged. Today’s test was a big surprise, because that kind of accuracy (the Black Diamonds) isn’t common.

The CZ75 P-07 Duty is a very realistic BB pistol that can shoot surprisingly well with the right BBs. If I owned the firearm I would have to have this BB pistol to go with it.

33 thoughts on “ASG CZ 75 P-07 Duty BB pistol with blowback: Part 3”

  1. B.B.,

    That Hornady Black Diamond group is very nice indeed.

    I commented before that if I owned one of these, I would see if a machinist could fashion a straight-bladed trigger for it. But I do like the large guard. Of course, if the trigger were straight, there might be even more finger room.

    I have come to like the straight front trigger guard. Was that to allow shooters to wrap an off-hand finger or two across it to reduce muzzle rise? I’ve observed that technique in a few online videos, but I have also read that one should not do that. (Obviously revolvers should be fired with no part of the hand near the front end of the cylinder.)


    • Michael,

      I agree on the flat and verticle trigger. I wonder if an interchangable trigger/part is available from one of the other ASG products
      The accessory rail in front of that flat front trigger guard is the reason for the move to that shape more so than any proper two handed grip hold. Any hold that I can come up with might likely interfere with the trigger finger in real world shooting.


  2. BB
    Well I guess you had to know this was coming after yesterday’s report. Especially after I seen the Hornady group.

    Just for the heck of it do a 10 and maybe even a 15 yard group if the 10 yard group holds tight with the Hornady’s.

    If you don’t ok. And that is a nice group though for a bb shoot’n pistol.

      • BB
        I kind of wonder if maybe people are still following previous blogs that are going good. You know kind of like how soap operas keep the story flowing. I don’t know. Just a thought. But it does seem that when we get technical reports happening that people do get interested. And maybe not completely technical. But subjects that have questions about what could happen. Interesting thoughts seem to come up in replys. It does catch my attention when that happens.

        And no not a whole blog. Just another part of this one. When I see accuracy. I always think to myself I want to know where it falls off for that gun so I can shoot in the guns usable distance. That’s why I always ask to stretch a gun out wh n your reporting on it. It’s what I do. I like to know how far a shot I can take and what size target and still hit what I’m aiming at.

        • Hi B.B., it may not be so much a lack of interest as a lack of sleep, haha!
          I usually stay up past midnight just to read your blog,
          but last night I was just too tired. @_@
          However, I see what Gunfun1 is saying here: this gun displayed surprising accuracy for a BB pistol.
          Hence, it would be interesting to see if, say for example, it could hit a soda can most times at 15 yards.
          My .177 Tempest can, but it has a rifled barrel. If this gun could hold about a 3″ group at 15 yards that would be impressive; actually, it would be nice if it could hold that sub-inch group at even twice the distance (10 meters, 33 feet). *shrugs* Just my 2 cents.
          Overall, it was a very good report; it’s nice to see someone making a firearm replica that does justice as a training device. Thank you!

          • Dave
            Thanks. That’s what I mean exactly. If it can do 12 oz cans at 15 yards it would be a great replica pistol to practice with.

            Guess I don’t know how to make my comments get on paper like I mean.

            But I always wonder how far a gun can stretch when I see accuracy that stands out from the others tryed.

            And not only training with this gun. It will make for a great plinker if it can stretch out farther.

            I keep thinking about my Colt Python with the rifled barrel. It’s a shooter too. Granted with pellets. But it’s also one I won’t get rid of. Very nice plinking gun out at extended distances. For what it is.

            What I’m after is I want this gun BB is testing today to be a bb pistol that stretches out more than normal for a bb shooter.

      • BB,

        I have quite a few repeating and single shot BB guns and the first question that I try to answer for each one is, “What is the smallest target I can hit at X distance.” I don’t shoot at anything at 5 meters so I start my testing 10 or 12 yards and with good results there, I move to 15 and 20 (the maximum yardage in my backyard). I like shooting reactive targets and have a large assortment of things like tin cans in many different sizes, empty shot shells in different gauges. Wafers of wood cut from tree limbs of varying diameters, as well as plastic bowling pins of different scales and a homemade dueling tree. I want to shoot at all this stuff at as long of a range as the gun will allow. If a gun can’t do that at a reasonable distance beyond 5 yards I’m probably not going to buy it. So, I agree with GF1 on this, I’d like to see or at least hear of the results you get with this gun at further ranges. A comment before a future report along the lines of ” For those who were interested, the CZ 75 P-07 put 10 Black Diamonds into 2.5″ and 6″ at 10 and 15 yards, respectively.” would do for me.


          • “…and I already have enough holes in the wall around here.”

            Thanks for the reminder B.B.!
            I bought some spackle last night; now I need to cover those pellet holes at the back wall of the closet behind my traps…hopefully before my wife notices them! =)~

      • B.B.,

        I am sure that the people that are into bb pistols are greatly appreciative. Plus, you have introduced the whole “trainer” aspect. The more of those guns that come out and the more people that correlate to fire arm training,… the more important these replicas will become. As usual,… you are on the cutting edge of bringing something of need/interest to the forefront.

        As with other things (in the past),… it make take awhile for the idea to gel.


      • B.B.,

        Sometimes some of us just get to the blog late. Heck, sometimes I’ve gone weeks and weeks before I could catch up. That sub-1” group really got me interested. I need to try those in my 1911 model B.B. pistol. Good review. Thanks!


  3. BB,

    11 yards will answer my questions nicely. I can do a meaningful extrapolation to longer distances with that info. Please don’t shoot up your house and thank you.

    The PA site describes the sights as “fixed” on this gun. Does the rear one drift? What is your impression of the white-outlined rear notch and white dot front sight now that you have fired the gun for accuracy?



  4. B.B.

    I have a question about another BB pistol. I don’t known if Umarex introduced it at Shot Show this year, but I found it at Umarex.com in their New Products list.

    The pistol is a blowback BB version of the H&K USP. The Umarex sight says it is out of stock with no indication of when it will be in stock.

    Do you know anything about this new pistol and when it may be available? Will you possibly be reviewing one in the future?

  5. Speaking for myself, I don’t care much for guns with limited range and accuracy. When I shoot my pellet pistols, it’s generally with a scope or a red dot at 20 to 25 to 30 yards. I think there’s a lot of others on this blog with my accuracy fetish. given the interest in trying to shoot BBS through a PCP. Just my two cents worth.

    • Brent, I hear you; you are in line with Colonel Townsend Whelen and his famous quote, “Only accurate rifles are interesting” (Reportedly, he could score 6 hits in 10 seconds on a man-sized target at 200 yards with an open-sighted Springfield 1903…impressive), also extending it to pistols, which is cool, of course.

      I have a heavily-modified Crosman 1322 with a 12″ barrel, steel breech, and target sights that is more accurate than many of my firearm pistols; and I love it (as a gift from my wife, I’d better, hahaha!).
      But there are times when an airgun of lesser accuracy can be of use.
      Our company was working on a bomb-eradicating drone for the Army, and the theater commander said that any civilian contractor who deployed to help test it across the pond could “carry any weapon they like and get as much ammo as they want and not have to account for any of it.”
      I signed up right away. =>

      Then I read the fine print, and found out that “any weapon” means “any weapon…as long as it is a standard Army-issued M9, with which you must qualify before you deploy.” (failure to qualify means ‘no gun for you’)

      So, I went and bought an airsoft copy of the Beretta M9 that, while no target gun, allowed me to shoot scaled down targets at backyard ranges (there’s thousands of green BBs out there in that yard =>).
      Had the mission gone through, I would have also bought an actual M9 and practiced with it to ensure I would be able to qualify (even though I would have to leave my personal M9 at home).

      The mission got scrubbed (man, that was sad!), but I passed that airsoft trainer on to my friend’s son, who used it to become proficient enough with a pistol that he qualified to be a deputy sheriff in his county.
      So, these guns with limited range and accuracy do have their place, mostly as firearms stand-in trainers.
      Peace & Blessings to you,

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